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Aerobee 150 (RTV-N-8) Rocksim Design File

Comments: This model represents the short-body Aerobee 150, which had a true length of 241.8". The scale body tube is 9.09" long. Carl @ SEMROC has agreed to add the correct-length 5.3" ogive to the Series-8 nose cone list. The original BARCLONE model was a semi-scale representation derived from the earlier semi-scale MMI vrsion, and thus had many incorrect dimensions. This model is much more true to scale. It also requires no additional ballast for stability. As with the other Aerobee-Hi models, this only represents the upper stage of a two-stage vehicle.

Designer: C. P. McGraw -- BARCLONE

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To use the design file above, you need a copy of Rocksim, a rocket design and simulation program.

CG: 9.8972 inches from front
CP: 12.3238 inches from front
Margin: 2.67 Overstable

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