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Arcas Sounding Rocket Desk Art Wood Model Free Ship New

Gee, it looks just like Dave Reddell's HV ARCAS! Those artists in the Phillipines are amazing!

End Time:2019-06-14T09:21:24.000Z
Time Remaining:About 20 Days
Buy It Now:$249.88
Item Number:120183798980

This magnificent and Museum-Quality crafted Arcas Sounding Rocket WOOD MODEL is finely handmade from kiln-dried Wood Mahogany and skillfully hand-painted by gifted artists.

It is 11.0" in Length, weighing 0.44 pounds, and a package weight of about 2.20 pounds.

The picture shown in this listing is part of a set of photos we are using as reference for the production of the models. Each model comes with a wooden stand.

Direct from our highly gifted Craftsmen & Artists, Each model is Individually Sculptured and Painted by hand, Not Mass-produced and there is No Reserve!

For more information, or to bid on this item, please visit eBay.

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