Super Slow Motion Model Rocket Blastoff

The blastoff of a model rocket in super slow motion. Optional Extra Tags: Funny model rocket fail filming estes rockets sickest crash coolest disaster epic rocketry exploding explosion german shepherd dog vs model rocket best estes model rocket hits a car not good shit happens it happens accident diet coke and mentos explosion fireworks hit camera meteor strike doom oops funny failblog greatest fail camera gets hit camera gets destroyed destroyed model rocket launch gone bad model rocket launch goes terribly wrong model rocket explosion explodes flaming model rocket night launch freddiew rocket jump video response estes rocket engines C6-5 model rocket with onboard camera captures crash and explosion crash and burn fail blog best fails of 2011 freddiew battlefield 3 co-op modern warfare 3 gameplay multiplayer modern warfare 4 trailer epic plane rocket crash rocket hits airplane

Author HarmlessKittyWithUzi
Duration 23 seconds
Rating Good

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