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Today's Featured Review

Estes - Gauchito (Kit)

Diameter:1.0000 inches
Length:8.6000 inches
Skill Level:1

Contributed by Brian Ray

(MODS) Estes GauchitoBrief:
This modification was my own personal response to what I had seen as an all-too-common statement on model rocket forums: add nose weight. It seemed to me that no matter the situation, the clarion call was for more and more nose weight. "Hey, I painted this rocket blue instead of yellow." "You better add some nose weight." While not usually a kit builder, I found this kit on clearance and decided to prove my point (to myself, of course).

The build was straightforward once I created the centering rings. I did so in MS Publisher after having measured the inside diameter of the body tube. I printed the rings and glued them to cereal-box-weight cardboard. Engine retention is friction fit. The other significant modification was using a streamer instead of the parachute--I knew it was going high and I didn't want it floating away.

I opted to change the finish slightly as well. Having lived in Brazil for a few years, I couldn't bear to put the Argentine flag on anything. I printed my own Brazil flag decal, painted the fins Brazil's colors, and renamed it the Vaqueiro (Portuguese for 'cowboy').

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Today's Featured Flyer

Rudolf B��a�¼ejewski

Location: Portland

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 Model Rocket Mixed Engines and Parts Lotst.vincentdepaulofappleton ---St. Vincent de Paul of Appleton100.0%

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Today's Featured Photo

Hobby Rockets Featured in Movies and TV Shows

The New Leave It to Beaver

Rocket Used in "The New Leave It to Beaver"

An episode of "The New Leave It To Beaver" portrayed children getting into trouble with fireworks.  A model rocket with modified engines was used to simulate the fireworks. This is the rocket used in the filming of the show.

Photo by Roger Smith

Today's Featured Video

RC Model Space Shuttle Launch

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Today in Rocketry History

17100 Days Ago

1969-12-31 - Scale Saturn V Launched Inside Houston Astrodome
The Apollo-NASA Section of the National Association of Rocketry launched a scale Saturn V model rocket during half-time of the 1969 Bluebonnet Bowl inside Houston's Astrodome. Viewed by 50,000 inside the stadium, and by millions more on national TV, the rocket used a special D motor provided by Estes.

Featured Rocketry Blog Posts Blog: Don Sahlin - Muppet Designer and Rocketry Hobbyist
After briefly working as a puppeteer and builder for The Howdy Doody Show then working on stop-motion films (including projects with George Pal), Don Sahlin began working with Jim Henson in 1962. Henson hired Sahlin to create a Muppet of a dog character, Rowlf, for Purina Dog Chow commercials. Rowlf when onto become the singer’s side-kick during the four-year run of The Jimmy Dean TV show. Sahlin became Jim Henson’s primary designer and builder. Henson credited Sahlin with creating the distinctive Muppet “look.” In addition to working on the Muppets, Sahlin ...
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Rocket N00b: When the World Met Big Bertha
Long ago, Estes Industries published a newsletter called Model Rocket News . This was long before I got into the hobby. This kept model rocketeers (mostly children in those days, though a lot of the information was very sophisticated, involving advanced mathematics and physics) up to date on the latest developments in rocketry, presented ideas for science fair projects, and allowed young rocketeers to present tips, feedback and ideas to both Estes and other rocket kids around the country. You can find issues in PDF form around the Internet (though I think a complete collection ...
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Model Rocket Building: Simple Dual Deploy for LPR and MPR Rockets?
Soon to be released from Jolly Logic - THE CHUTE RELEASE "Chute Release is designed to be extremely easy to use. As a first step, you attach the tether to one of the parachute shroud lines (so that you don’t lose your Chute Release). Then, you gather the bottom of your parachute together and wrap the (rubber) band around it and snap the pin into the other side of chute release. That holds your parachute closed until you want it to open. Then you use the buttons to set an altitude. You can pack your chute however you like after that, including rolling it up." So as I understand it - ...
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Rocket N00b: Igniter Tip - Q2G2s Keep Falling Out?
In May, I went to launch some rockets with Chad. I took along several I'd built but never flown before. It was breezy, and I lost a few. Against my better judgment, I put the Quest Quadrunner on the launch pad. This beauty of a rocket from Quest Aerospace is a four-motor cluster capable of pretty high altitudes for a model rocket. It took me a long time and some heartache to build, but in the end it turned out really beautiful. I installed four standard EC6-7 motors in the rocket. But clusters are tricky. The trick is getting all the motors to ignite at once. Estes motors ...
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Rocket Dungeon: Estes MIRV Review
I didn't anticipate writing a post on this kit but now am even more fascinated with it. I hope to fly it this coming weekend and will fill in a flight report shortly thereafter. Overview This is a four stage rocket! Others may contest this fact but it has one booster and three parallel- staged sustainers. 3 + 1 = 4. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The components are interesting for Estes. It has a plastic manifold to direct the blow-through from the booster to the three sustainers and the body sections are made from white foam. The foam dings easily but makes for a quick build and a ...
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