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Today's Featured Review

North Coast Rocketry - SR-99 HyperSwift (Kit) [2012-]

Manufacturer:North Coast Rocketry
Diameter:2.6400 inches
Length:37.0000 inches

Construction Rating:
Flight Rating:
Overall Rating:

Contributed by Robert A. Morstadt


The SR-99 is a futuristic vision of a high altitude manned air-breathing and rocket vehicle.  It is a single stage rocket that uses either 29 mm F or G motors with parachute recovery.  This is a North Coast Rocketry kit designed by Matt Steele.  I have built this kit stock with just one modification using a parachute protector.  Some builders on the internet have enhanced the looks with customized paint jobs.  The decal sheet has a lot of detail, so that the model looks good even without customization. 


The kit comes with an 8-page detailed instruction booklet with many photos describing the step-by-step construction.  The length is 37" with a 2.64" diameter.  The Vehicle Data Sheet lists the weight without motor as 15.8 oz.  The second page of the instructions lists the components as follows:

  • Nose Cone
  • Body Tube
  • Motor Tube
  • Fin Set (3 pcs)
  • Decal
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Alignment Guide (3pcs)
  • Forward Centering Ring
  • Aft/Mid Centering Ring
  • Launch Lugs (2)
  • Cable
  • Loop Sleeve Connectors (2)
  • Kevlar Line
  • Elastic Line
  • Wood Strip
  • 36" Parachute (Std kits only, my kit did not have a parachute and so I had to buy it separately)

All the wood parts are laser-cut modeling wood and are quite strong. At first glance as shown in the photo below it may look like the kit has a lot of parts, but three of the parts are for the fin guide, so there is really not that many parts.


Read the rest of the review ...

Today's Featured Flyer

Paul Raducha

Location: Rhode Island

Certification Level:

Club Memberships: NAR


The Rhode Island Model Rocket Association (RIMRA) is a model rocket club and a sanctioned section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR # 755).  Founded in 2013 the club looking to bring rocketeers together from all of the Southeastern New England area. 

The Rhode Island Model Rocket Association (RiMRA) is a club composed of model rocket enthusiasts living throughout the southeast New England area and beyond.  Members range in age and skill level from novice to very experienced. Club members come from all walks of life to share their common love and excitement for amateur rocketry.

The mission of RiMRA is to provide a safe venue for launching amateur rockets and bring together people interested in amateur rocketry - whether they are new to the hobby or long time enthusiast.  RiMRA promotes amateur rocketry as a tool for teaching engineering, mathematics & the physical sciences.

Outreach events are designed to encourage students to become involved with science and engineering through hands on experience with model rocketry. Groups from the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) work with RiMRA members to prepare for their competitions.


The RiMRA is sanctioned by the National Association of Rocketry. Sport flying, competitive events and high-powered rocketry are all part of the RIMRA schedule.


Safety is managed through a range safety protocol. Experienced rocketeers are always available to assist novice fliers.


Our Launch site is adjacent the to University of Rhode Island Campus, with launches held monthly on second Saturday, with Sunday reserved as a rain date.  Launches are open to anyone who wants to build and fly model rockets. We are a low-power and high-power club and can fly any rocket to 1,500 feet.  Anything over 1,500 feet to 3,000 feet requires clearance from TF Green’s tower who has final right of refusal. The public is always welcome to come and observe.


If you are Interested in in RiMRA please visit us at to obtain additional information and join.


Personal Home Page:

Club Home Page:

Feed URL:

Facebook Page:

Google+ Page:

Visit Paul Raducha's

Visit the Who's Who directory.

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Today's Featured Photo

NEFAR Launches

July 2013 Launch

Steve's Big Red on an I175

Photo by Roger Smith

Today's Featured Video

2008-11-08 NEFAR Mega Cereal Bowl

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Today in Rocketry History

15100 Days Ago

1973-05-14 - Skylab I Launched

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