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Today's Featured Review

Estes - StrikeFighter


Construction Rating:
Flight Rating:
Overall Rating:

Contributed by Dick Stafford

I built this kit in the late 1980's. This model really looks cool and, despite the number of parts, was not terribly difficult to put together. It is a futuristic space fighter reminiscent of something from Star Wars or maybe Battlestar Galactica.

Old Instructions Graphic

Rocket PicConstruction:
The Strikefighter sports a unique nosecone that gives the appearance of a ramjet engine. The body tube is BT-55 and the fins are die-cut balsa. There are two main fins set 180 degrees from one another. On the tip of each wing is a complex nacelle. I say they are complex only because of the number of parts that went into them. They have a section of BT-5 centered in a BT-50 outer tube by six balsa vanes. The BT-5 tubes have simulated weapons mounted in the front. These were built-up from a small dowel, a section of launch lug, and numerous cardboard components. Three stabilizers are mounted on each nacelle, one as an extension of the main wing and two at an angle slightly greater than +/-45 degrees.

The model is painted solid white, except for the laser cannons that are silver. Trim includes a simulated scoop mounted near the rear, a clear cockpit, cardboard fairings mounted over the structural fin fillets, and a whole bunch of decals. A decal was even provided for the tip of the nosecone to look like turbine blades.

Construction Rating: 5

The recommended engines include the B4-4, B6-4, and C6-3. Since I built this as a display model for my son, it only flew once on a B6-4.

The recovery system included a rubber shock cord and a plastic chute. There was plenty of room to pack these in the BT-55 body tube. The flight was successful except for a few scrapes where the nosecone evidently rebounded into the body tube. If and when I fly it again I will replace the rubber shock cord with light Kevlar line.

Flight Rating: 4

This was a really great looking kit that was relatively easy to build. If you can glue a fin on straight then you could build this one.

Overall Rating: 4

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Dale Marshall

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ROCK Launches

June 2013 Launch


Photo by Roger Smith

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Winter Nationals 2005

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