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Today's Featured Review

Scratch - Lil' Ivan Upscale (Scratch)


Contributed by John Bergsmith

Uscale Lil' IvanBrief:
The Lil' Ivan was originally a kit from Centuri, but now produced by Semroc. For whatever reason it's been a favorite of mine and I wanted a larger version. This version upscales to a BT-80 for a scaling factor of 1.61 for a design using a 24mm motor mount.

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Today's Featured Flyer

Buzz Nau

AKA: Eagle3

Location: Michigan - USA

Certification Level: L3 NAR

Club Memberships: JMRC

Favorite Rockets: Estes SkyDart, THOY Falcon, Centuri Scram-Jet


I've been flying rockets since 1970. Did a lot of competition in the '90's. Now I'm enjoying sport and HPR flying with JMRC.

Favorite Quote:

"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology" - Carl Sagan

Personal Home Page:

Club Home Page:

Facebook Page: Http://www

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Estes Centuri Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 0$9.94About 4 Days
Histiocytosis Association

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Today's Featured Photo

NEFAR Launches

November 2014 Launch

Chris's Spudnik Cato!

Photo by Roger Smith

Today's Featured Video

Model Space Shuttle With Firing Rockets

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Today in Rocketry History

On This Date in History

1984-02-07 - First Untethered Spacewalk
The first untethered spacewalk was made by astronaut Bruce McCandless from the space shuttle Challenger during mission STS-41B.

Featured Rocketry Blog Posts

Model Rocket Building: Estes Yellow Jacket #2008 Carded Downscale, Part 1, Parts
On the last cruise I worked on a new carded downscale. This time it's the Estes Yellow Jacket, Kit #2008, available from 1989 - 1998. Originally a BT-50 based model, it had a great fin design and decals. The downscale will be made around a BT-5 tube and uses 13mm engines. No painting except for the nose cone. You'll need the Quark style long nose cone from the BT-5 plastic nose cone package, BT-5 tubing just over 7" long, 1/8" launch lug, some cereal box cardboard, engine block, Kevlar, elastic shock cord and a streamer. The fin and body tube skins are available on a free PDF. Email me at ...
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Odd'l Rockets: An Odd'l Parachute Endorsement!
A post from TRF: From Jerry - "I love using my well used/broken in 18" JonRocket parachute. There are no more memory fold lines. It's very soft and fluffy. Even the shroud lines are super soft from all the talc and not hard and whiskery. I have had dozens of flights with this chute and it just gets better like a well worn hat or shoes." Hi Jerry, That's good to hear! I designed those parachutes for JonRocket and BMS. They are also used in RSR amd Odd'l Rockets kits. My goal was to produce the best LPR parachute out there. The chute material is 1.5 mil thick, a bit thicker than most kit ...
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Model Rocket Building: Estes Lynx, Kit #7233, Build Part 1, Parts
This is one of the two newer "T" engine builder's kits, The Lynx. The Lynx is brother to the other new mini engine kit, The Scorpion. I picked the Lynx over the Scorpion simply because I liked the design better. All the parts are of high quality. One of the BT-5 Intake Tubes was a little out of round. Not a problem, you only use half the tube on the cut intake. These are the small cooling vanes that go around the outside rear of the engine mount tube. These are tiny! I'll have to fill and prime them before gluing on the tube. Sure you don't have to do this, but filling ...
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Model Rocket Building: Transporting Bigger Rockets
While I deal with smaller, low power models, occasionally I have to transport something BIG. I bought one of these neck rings if I ever needed to take a nap in my car. I've found a second use for it. A few years ago I had to take an Apogee Saturn V to the UPS Store to weigh in for estimated shipping charges. My home scale was too small. The ring was placed around the body to lessen the chance of it rolling and protect the white body from the seat belts in the backseat of my car. It fit the 5 1/2" diameter body very well. This ring has also been used for 4" diameter models. Two rings (one at ...
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Model Rocket Building: Estes Mercury Redstone #1921 Build, Part 1 Parts
That's a LONG ST-20 tube at 19.5"! Yes, I'm calling it a Centuri ST-20 tube. I like the single long tube instead of two pieces with a coupler. The Centuri kit had an ejection baffle at the two piece tube joint. This model is based on and uses the capsule and tower molds from the old Centuri kit. The capsule has great detail. The fins are laminated balsa like the Centuri version. The engine mount is for 18mm engines with the only recommended engine a C6-3. I've seen one fly with a C6-3. With only a 200' altitude it seems under powered. I'll probably make it a 24mm mount and fly ...
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