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Today's Featured Review

Clone - Challenger II (Scratch)


Construction Rating:
Flight Rating:
Overall Rating:

Contributed by Bill Eichelberger


The Estes Challenger II is another in the line of rockets that uses the fin can that originated with the Enerjet 1340 and is currently available molded in yellow as part of the Estes Eliminator.  The Challenger II is a fairly versatile rocket that can be built to fly on motors from 18mm to 29mm depending on the size of your field.  My field is B6-4 Field, and since they don't make a 29mm B engine, I went with the 18mm mount.


  • BT-56 body tube (18.0")
  • BT-56 fin can (Estes Eliminator kit)
  • PNC-56A nose cone (Estes Eliminator kit)
  • 18mm engine mount (forgotten BT-55 Estes kit)
  • 24" Kevlar shock cord
  • 24" sewing elastic shock cord
  • Medium snap swivels (2)
  • 18" parachute


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Today's Featured Flyer

mohamed kaka

AKA: moadka

Certification Level: PhD fluid Mechmics

Favorite Rockets: SAM



Name:                          Mohamed Kaka



E mail :



Date &Place of birth 01.06.1968


Work Experience:


Search Scientific Studies and Research Center .

 Fluid Mechanical Department

 -Unmanned Aircraft design

  SSRC Experimental aerodynamic

 -Research aircraft design 

 - Aerodynamic test

 -Analysis aerodynamic tests

  Research of Local design

 Numerical study of flow around spheres and their key forces 


 2009 PhD   of Science, Beihang University, China

 2003 Master of Science, Beihang University, China

 Aerodynamic Testing and engineering computation for wing-body

 1995 Diploma of Aeronautic Engineering,

 “Unmanned aircraft design Algorithms “

 1992 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

  ‘’optimization design of sedan car”

 Publications Journals

 1- “Longitudinal Aerodynamic Characteristics of the Novel Wing-Body”

      Computer aided drafting, design and manufacturing, vol.17 no.2 2007

2-  Numerical study of sphere drag coefficient and double spheres drag“computer aided drafting, design and manufacturing, vol. 19 no.1 2009…….. Numerical study of flow around multi-spheres

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Estes Star Trek Enterprise Rocket Model Kit IOBgwspokane 3$10.50About 1 Day
Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest
Cox Rocket Launch Padcarsnik66 0$0.99About 1 Day
Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.
SEMROC XES-K9 SPACEMAN FLYING MODEL ROCKET KIT, OOP, USA, uses Estes enginesjeffyjeep 0$14.95About 8 Days
Wounded Warrior Project
SEMROC KS-2 APOLLO CAPSULE MODEL ROCKET KIT, 1/70 SCALE, OOP, uses Estes enjeffyjeep 1$19.95About 8 Days
Wounded Warrior Project

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Today's Featured Photo

NEFAR Launches

November 2014 Launch

Aerial Shot of Launch at Bunnell Blast 2014

Photo by Roger Smith

Today's Featured Video

Rocketry - Estes Historic Document - 1961

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Today in Rocketry History

On This Date in History

1958-01-31 - First US Satellite in Orbit
Explorer 1 became America's first satellite on January 31, 1958.

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Dremel 4000-6/50 120-Volt Variable-Speed Rotary Kit$269.58$139.0048.44%
Estes Recovery Wadding$7.99$4.1847.68%
Quest Aerospace Viper Model Rocket Value Pack (12)$99.99$53.7046.29%
Badger Air-Brush Company Minitaire Color Paint Set with Color Coat/Paint Retarder$271.40$151.0044.36%
Scientific Explorer's Meteor Rocket Science Kit$21.99$13.0940.47%
Estes 302267 18 inches Parachute$7.99$4.9038.67%
Quest Aerospace Starhawk Model Rocket Value Pack (25)$159.99$99.2937.94%
Testors Promotional Enamel Paint Set$13.00$8.0737.92%
Estes Ventris$64.99$41.8735.57%

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