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Today's Featured Review

Estes - Nike Smoke (009704) [2012-]

Diameter:3.0000 inches
Skill Level:5

Construction Rating:
Flight Rating:
Overall Rating:

Contributed by Mike Caplinger


The Nike-Smoke sounding rocket flew hundreds of times in the 1960s, used to measure high-altitude winds by ground photography of its smoke trail.  It has also become one of the most popular subjects in model rocketry history -- the first kit I know of was the Centuri 1.6" version introduced in 1969.  With kits covering the size range from tiny Micromaxx to high-power full scale, almost everyone has at least one of these rockets with its distinctive long conical nose in their fleet.  Part of their Pro Series II mid-power product line, this kit is Estes' entry into the Nike-Smoke family.  It's a 1:5.5 scale version, 42" long and 3" in diameter with a 29mm motor mount.  The plastic fins are molded with the classic Nike hexagonal airfoil, making an accurate scale appearance a snap. 


The kit contains a blow-molded Nike-Smoke nose cone, four molded plastic Nike-style fins (in two halves each), a body tube, a 29mm motor mount tube, three 1/4" plywood centering rings, an elastic shock cord with large Estes tri-fold mount, and a 24" nylon parachute.  The kit also includes an Estes plastic screw-on motor retainer and plastic launch lugs with integral standoffs (for a 1/4" rod) and the required "UNITED STATES" waterslide decals.

Note that the body tube is thinner and slightly smaller in diameter than standard LOC 3" tubing, so the nose cone is not interchangable.


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Today's Featured Flyer

Les Bradshaw

AKA: Les

Location: Johnson City, NY

Certification Level: L1 NAR

Favorite Rockets: Explorer Aquarius


I did rockets when I was a kid.  Dropped out when I went off to college.  Got back into it when my kids did some through a science program and scouts.  That was back in 1998.  They lost interest, but I didn't.  I now have over 100 built rockets and over 200 kits waiting.  Got my L1, working on my L2.  I've been paying forward to scouts, 4H, CAP, and a local science foundation - even got on TV for it!  I've done a few reviews and even won a few contests here.  Glad I got back into it.

Favorite Quote:

Are you done yet?


And 42 is the answer to the question.

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Give Kids The World
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Astronauts Memorial Foundation
ESTES 2401 SOLAR FLARE 2-STAGE FLYING MODEL ROCKET, SKILL LEVEL 2, BUILT,unflownjeffyjeep 1$49.95About 5 Days
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The Planetary Society
Estes MIRV Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 0$0.99About 6 Days
X PRIZE Foundation
Estes Hornet Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 0$0.99About 5 Days
X PRIZE Foundation
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Quest Aerospace Astra III Model Rocket Value Pack (25)shopjonrocket 5$14.90About 1 Day
Make-A-Wish America
Estes Mega Mosquito Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 3$2.84About 16 Hours
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Red River Rocketry Red Star Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 4$6.09About 1 Day
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FlisKits Rose-A-Roc Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 5$6.50About 2 Days
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Estes D-Region Tomahawk Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 12$6.54About 2 Days
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MPC Vostok Plastic Model Kitshopjonrocket 5$11.05About 2 Days
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SEMROC #KV-33 LASER-X FLYING MODEL ROCKET KIT, OOP, MINT, uses Estes eng, USAjeffyjeep 0$29.95About 5 Days
Wounded Warrior Project
SEMROC #KV-86 SPRITE FLYING MODEL ROCKET KIT, OOP, MINT, uses Estes eng, USAjeffyjeep 1$19.95About 5 Days
Wounded Warrior Project
Estes Alpha III Launch Setshopjonrocket 0$0.99About 6 Days
Give Kids The World

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Today's Featured Photo

NEFAR Launches

May 2013 Launch

Mega Der Red Max Lift-Off

Photo by Roger Smith

Today's Featured Video

Rocketry - Estes Historic Document - 1961

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Model Rocket Building: Quest Aurora Build, Part 1, Parts
This catalog page is from the 1992 Quest Catalog. The Aurora was Quest kit #3002, a parasite boost glider. The model is 15" tall built around a sturdy 25mm Quest body tube. The face card description says: "The boost glider is modeled after the new, top-secret successor to the SR-71 spy plane. Glider jettisons booster at 500 feet and glides back to earth while booster returns via 12 inch parachute." I bought this one a few months back at the Orlando Hobby Spot store. They have a very limited rocketry selection but occasionally you can find an interesting older kit. The kit was marked ...
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