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Today's Featured Review

Modification - Goony Target Drone (Modification)


Construction Rating:
Flight Rating:
Overall Rating:

Contributed by Steve Lindeman


Lucky or unlucky? For those of you that have followed my Goonyness  this was Baby Bertha kit bash #13. As such I wanted to play it a little safer with this one so I choose a simpler design. Again this is not a kit review of the original Estes Advanced Target Drone (Kit #1913) [1983-1985].

Advanced Target Drone 

It is yet another of my many kit bashes. All fin patterns and decals came from

The major difference being that mine is a Goony version of the Advanced Target Drone and as such is built with a BT-60 tube instead of a BT-50 tube that was used in the original.

Goony Target Drone 


As stated this is once again another kit bash so the main components are as follows.

From Baby Bertha kit:

  • 1- BT-60 Body Tube
  • 1- PNC-60 Nose Cone
  • 1- Launch Lug
  • 1- Engine Hook
  • 1- Shock Cord
  • 1- Assembled 12" Parachute (transparent orange plastic)
  • 1- Mylar Retainer
  • 1- Green Engine Block
  • 1- Blue Engine Mount Tube
  • 1- Centering Ring Card

From My Personal Stock:

  • 1- Sheet Printer Paper (for printing out new decals and covering balsa)
  • 1- Cereal Box Panel (for making the scoops)
  • 1/4 oz. Modeling Clay (for nose weight)

Decals from the Baby Bertha were discarded and balsa wood was gone over with HobbyLite filler to fill in all laser cuts. After a light sanding to smooth things out all balsa was sprayed with 3M Spray Adhesive and covered with left over printer paper after decals were printed out. New patterns were then drawn for all parts on the wood and cut out using an Exacto knife and hobby saw. 

Read the rest of the review ...

Today's Featured Flyer

Wilfred Ashley McIsaac


Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Certification Level: 0

Club Memberships: Tripoli

Favorite Rockets: Atlas


 Wilfred Ashley McIsaac was born on May 27th, 1973, in Sydney, Nova Scotia; located on the Island of Cape Breton off the east coast of Canada. He now resides in Kingston, Ontario which is situated three hours east of Toronto, Canada’s largest city.
McIsaac launched his first rocket on Christmas Day 1996 at the age of 23 using the EstesVenus Probe model rocket. The launch vehicle reached 180 feet in altitude before landing safely after a 15 second flight. The rocketeer launched his first high powered rocket on June 29th, 1997, named the Arreaux (Aerotech). The flight reached over 2000 feet and was recovered safely downrange along with it’s delicate cargo, an uncooked grocery store egg. Two more successful Arreaux launches took place in 1997. Incidentally, McIsaac would not launch another high powered rocket until 13 years later, in 2010.

A2-R13 High Powered Rocket Honours Avro Arrow And Canadian Armed Forces

Wilfred Ashley McIsaac returned to the launch pad in November 2010 with his modified Arreaux high powered rocket now named the A2-R13. He organized a unique ceremony in Picton, Ontario on Remembrance Day (2010) which honoured the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, both past and present, as well as paying tribute to the employees of the famous Avro Arrow program from the 1950’s.
Following a short speech at a retired CFB military base and airfield, McIsaac launched his A2-R13 rocket carrying twelve poppies wrapped in a miniature Canadian flag and a uncooked grocery store egg. The contents were protected inside the rocket's payload bay located near the center of the launch vehicle. A small crowd watched as the rocket reached over 3000 feet in altitude before returning safely to the ground under a parachute. This may be the only November 11th commemoration in Canada’s history that included a rocket launch for this special occasion.

McIsaac Launches Canadian Rocket Mail With Gerhard Zucker 1936 Postage Stamps

On October 31st, 2011; Wilfred Ashley McIsaac launched an ARCAS scale rocket from a former World War II relief airfield in eastern Ontario near The Thousand Islands. Onboard the rocket were seven letters containing Gerhard Zucker 1936 ‘First Canadian Rocket-Flight’ postage. Prior to this flight no rocket in Canadian history had ever delivered mail using official Canadian rocket mail postage stamps which was later recovered safely. This according to the latest addition of the Air Mails Of Canada And Newfoundland catalogue. The covers were later cancelled at the nearest Post Office in the small town of Gananoque.

Three more rocketmail flights were performed by McIsaac and his rockets in 2012 including the launch of an Astrobee D scale rocket on May 11th, an Astrobee D III rocket on June 29th, and finally the Astrobee D IV launch on November 6th to close out the program. In all 31 covers including the entire collection of Gerhard Zucker ‘First Canadian Rocket-Flight’ postage stamps were flown. The Astrobee D III and the Astrobee D IV were based on the original Aerotech Astrobee D rocket and were designed by McIsaac himself.
The covers were sent to a stamp dealer on the west coast of the United States named Gemada Stamps where they were sold on Ebay. When the rocket mail program concluded, $200.00 was donated, on behalf of the launches, to the Arthritis Research Foundation in Toronto, Canada.

Petition To Help Save The Canadian Air & Space Museum Was Onboard ARCAS Rocket

An online video petition to help save the Canadian Air & Space Museum in Downsview Park, Toronto was also onboard the October 31st, 2011 ARCAS high powered rocket launch. The petition included a short cover letter along with comments and user names from those who participated. The appeal along with fifty electronic signatures (user names) and comments was then sent to the museum along with a $50.00 donation from McIsaac. This did not however prevent the museum from closing its doors. The uniqueness of the online video petition has received nearly 1000 views on Youtube while captivating peoples interest from around the world. This may be the only petition or protest in Canada’s history to be launched in a rocket.

Favorite Quote:

"Some people are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them."  

Personal Home Page:

Club Home Page:

Visit Wilfred Ashley McIsaac's

Visit the Who's Who directory.

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Estes Guardian Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 0$0.99About 2 Days
Histiocytosis Association
Estes US Army Rocket Starter Set Flying Model Rocket Model 1825 NIP 524rescuedtreasures 1$9.99About 8 Hours
Kalamazoo Gospel Mission
Estes Cosmic Interceptor Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 1$8.54About 4 Days
Histiocytosis Association
Estes Laser Lance Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 0$0.99About 3 Days
Histiocytosis Association
SEMROC #KV-21 STARLIGHT FLYING MODEL ROCKET, BUILT, uses Estes 18MM enginesjeffyjeep 0$49.95About 8 Days
Wounded Warrior Project
ESTES GERMAN A4/ V2 FLYING MODEL ROCKET, BUILT, 1:24 SCALE, uses 24MM enginejeffyjeep 0$79.95About 8 Days
Wounded Warrior Project

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Today's Featured Photo

TTRA Launches

January 2013 Launch


Photo by Roger Smith

Today's Featured Video

Flight of the AstroBlaster

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