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Today's Featured Review

Scratch - SR-71 Blackbird (Scratch)


Contributed by Scott Turnbull

Revell SR-71 Blackbird PMC


This describes a semi-successful plastic model conversion of a small Revell SR-71 Blackbird kit. A 13mm motor mount was added to the kit.


This was undertaken as part of the EMRR 2006 Rocketry Challenge. It represents my first attempt at PMC.

I chose the kit for its classic styling, potential for stable rocket powered flight, and apparent ease of conversion. Various flying rocket versions of this plane have been available over the years. A ready to fly starter set is currently on store shelves. The challenge of rolling my own, albeit a smaller version, drew me to this one.

Upon opening the kit I found it to be a very simple build, consisting mostly of an upper an lower fuselage/wing combination. A narrow channel ran from nose to tail along the central body, narrowing at each end.

Revell SR-71 Blackbird PMC While an 18mm would offer more thrust to power a heavy kit, the restrictions of the airframe barely lent itself to a 13mm mount. I determined that a Gnome body tube was a nearly custom fit for the main body channel. Even that small tube didn't fit inside the kit as shipped.

I used a heat gun to soften the airframe and press it around a length of copper pipe. This stretched the central core of the ship until the Gnome tube could be sandwiched between the two halves. I also heated and deformed the Gnome nose cone to fit it into the nose of the SR-71.

Once the rough heat molding of the airframe was done, I used a razor saw to slice the SR-71 nose off. This would be glued around the Gnome nose cone to provide a press fit into the Gnome tube inside the rear airframe.

I used Gorilla Glue to bond the Gnome tube to the upper airframe. I used Testors liquid model cement to glue the airframe together around the body tube. Once the airframe was assembled, some additional spot heating with the heat gun was used to fine tune the fit.

Revell SR-71 Blackbird PMC An elastic shock cord was fitted to the Gnome tube prior to sealing it within the SR-71. To help increase stability, I packed the nose cone with BBs and plastic model cement.

The final assembly consisted of using Testors liquid plastic cement to glue on the tail fins and engine details. A second launch lug from a Gnome kit was separated from it's ring and glued to the bottom of the SR-71 near its center of gravity.

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Today's Featured Flyer

Chris Anderson

Location: Dayton, OH

Certification Level: L1 NAR

Club Memberships: NAR, TORC703

Club Home Page:

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eBay Charity Auctions

Estes Cosmic Interceptor Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 8$11.50About 42 Minutes
Histiocytosis Association
SEMROC #KV-21 STARLIGHT FLYING MODEL ROCKET, BUILT, uses Estes 18MM enginesjeffyjeep 0$49.95About 4 Days
Wounded Warrior Project
ESTES GERMAN A4/ V2 FLYING MODEL ROCKET, BUILT, 1:24 SCALE, uses 24MM enginejeffyjeep 0$79.95About 4 Days
Wounded Warrior Project
Estes Alien Invader Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 9$7.00About 2 Days
Histiocytosis Association
Estes MINI MAX Decal Sheet! Uncut, Excellent Condition!maxmph 0$7.00About 2 Days
Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.
Estes Ricochet Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 1$0.99About 5 Days
Histiocytosis Association
Estes Asteroid Hunter Model Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 1$8.54About 5 Days
Histiocytosis Association
SkyPyrates Rocketry NSL 2015 Commemorative Sky Wolf Rocket Kitshopjonrocket 4$11.50About 5 Days
Histiocytosis Association

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Today's Featured Photo

TTRA Launches

June 2013 Launch

Tom's Little Lunar Express

Photo by Roger Smith

Today's Featured Video

2-13-11 Bruce's F 36 Smokey Sam Heads For China

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Dremel 4000-6/50 120-Volt Variable-Speed Rotary Kit$269.58$124.3553.87%
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Estes Chuter 2 Model Rocket Kit$19.99$10.6946.52%
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Estes Partizon$69.99$40.1942.58%
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