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Today's Featured Review

Public Missiles - Endeavour (Kit)

Manufacturer:Public Missiles
Diameter:3.9000 inches

Construction Rating:
Flight Rating:
Overall Rating:

Contributed by Gene Wolski


4" Quantum tube version of the PML Endeavour configured for dual deployment.


PML Endeavour Kit (Quantum Tube version)


  • PML 54mm motor tube (17")
  • PML centering ring (4" to 54mm)
  • PML 4" bulkhead plates and coupler bulkhead plates (2 each)
  • LOC stiffy tube coupler
  • Rail buttons
  • 1/4" All-thread (two 12" pieces)
  • G-10 altimeter sled
  • Misc hardware (u-bolts, quick links)
  • CDI eyebolt (for the nose cone)
  • Ejection Charge Holders (two from Blastcap Rocketry)
  • Aeropack 54mm retainer


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Today's Featured Flyer

Jeffrey Warner

AKA: Whamiam

Location: Raleigh, NC

Club Memberships: NAR

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Today's Featured Photo

NEFAR Launches

March 2013 Launch

E9 Blown Nozzle

Photo by Roger Smith

Today's Featured Video

Steve Eve SaturnV

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Model Rocket Building: Quest X-15 Build, Part 1 Parts
Quest Aerospace is offering an X-15 kit parts pack HERE X-15 Parts Pack includes the following parts: 2014-1010 X-15 Instructions 2014-1030 X-15 Decal 20222 X-15 Nose Cone 33030 X-15 Balsa Big Sheet 33051 X-15 Balsa Strakes To the right are all the parts needed for the complete build: To build the complete model you'll need to add: 12" or 15" Parachute 2" Launch Lug 135 lb. Kevlar Elastic shock Cord Engine Hook BT-20/35mm Centering Rings .25 oz. Clay Weight Engine Block Motor Mount Tube 35mm Quest tube, 11" or 13" Right now the complete kit is OOP. The parts pack listed above is whats ...
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Model Rocket Building: MPC Vostok Build, Part 1 Parts
Round 2 has brought back the MPC Vostok and Titan IIIC plastic models HERE . The re-release kit doesn't include any parts for flight. EDIT: The larger flight fins are included. The two piece molded launch lugs are still on the molded pieces. This build is the older version from the 1970s where you could "Build To Fly" or Build To Display". I'll try to include all information needed for the flying conversion. You should be able to fit a 20mm (or BT-20 tube with a shim) in the hollow middle plastic section. The AVI folks sent this one to me. I've had it in storage for over 35 years. The ...
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Model Rocket Building: Estes Prices Going Up April 1
Uh-Oh! Estes retail prices are going up on April 1, 2014 Here's a few examples: 1261 Baby Bertha $13.99 2264 12" Parachute $ 3.99 1225 Alpha $16.99 2265 15" Parachute $ 4.29 3217 Vagabond $23.99 2267 18" Parachute $ 4.99 3221 QCC Explorer $22.99 2271 24" Parachute $ 5.49 Estes parachute prices in 2010 were ridiculous! That year the retail price for a 12" parachute was $8.29 Three years ago, Estes brought out the new retro print parachutes. The prices were reasonable. In 2011 the retail price for a new retro print 12" parachute was $1.39 You wanna try ...
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Model Rocket Building: Pigasus Kit Now Available!
Here's one that took too long to get produced! The Odd'l Rockets PIGASUS kit is now available from HERE Kit Features: Parachute Recovery Decals and Printed Wings and Goggles Windswept Ears and Balsa Razorback! When Pig's Fly! EDIT: The initial six kits at NARCON sold the first day. The second litter of five kits listed at on March 17 sold out within hours. More are on the way - I hope! Anyone have a line on ST-18 tubes?
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Estes D-Region Tomahawk Model Rocket Kit$39.99$19.2551.86%
Badger Air-Brush Company Minitaire Color Paint Set with Color Coat/Paint Retarder$271.40$145.9246.23%
J-B Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy (10 oz.)$19.60$10.7645.10%
50 Model Rocket Projects for the Evil Genius (Book)$30.00$17.8140.63%
Quest Courier Model Rocket Value Pack (25)$375.00$226.3839.63%
SkyRocket HoverBlade$24.99$15.4438.22%
Estes Eliminator Model Rocket Kit$29.99$19.4235.25%

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