On Sunday, high-school seniors Sanzio Angeli, of Clover Hill High School, and Dylan Whitesel, of Midlothian High School succeeded in breaking the world's record by launching almost 4000 model rockets at one time. In the process, they collected $20,000 to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

For more information, and videos, please see Rocket4TheCure – New World’s Record As Teens Launch Almost 4000 Rockets at Once

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Dual Deployment for High Power Model Rockets Part 2

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Published:2010-01-04 21:50:15

Dual Deployment allows you to retrieve your rocket closer to the launch pad by ejecting two different size parachutes from the rocket. This is done with a special altimeter. How do you mount the altimeter into the model rocket? How do you connect the ejection charges to the electronics? These are questions that are answered in this video. This is a continuation from Part 1 at: . Part 3 of this series is located at:

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