High School Seniors Sanzio Angeli, of Clover Hill High School, and Dylan Whitesel, of Midlothian High School, hope to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer research and break a world record at the same time. They are combining their love for model rocketry with community citizenship to create "Rocket4theCure." Sanzio and Dylan are selling model rockets for $10 each to be launched simultaneously, hoping to launch 4,000 rockets, which would shatter the standing record, all while raising money for The Central Virginia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen.

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Performance Rocketry - G3


Manufacturer: Performance Rocketry
Product Type: Kit


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DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2009-12-05 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3J210-04410 feet Great 4-sec burn on the motor; main deploy at 500 feet.
2009-12-05Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3J295-156882 feet No sign of main deploy and rocket was lost for 3 hours; it was eventually found 1+ mile out. Came ...
2010-01-02 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3J250-153624 feet Again, altimeter appears to have deployed main at apogee. Chute tangled badly and rocket came in ...
2010-01-02 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3CESK454-177431 feet Main deployed at apogee (possible altimeter problem) and rocket drifted 1+ mile south; fortunately ...
2010-03-06 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3J250-123620 feet First successful flight with the Raven altimeter firmware.
2010-03-06 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3J135-ALTIM5183 feet Nice long-burn WL motor. Didn't get tracker signal after landing; turned out the antenna was ...
2010-06-12 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3CESK160-ALTIM9025 feet Launched accidentally by the LCO as we were waiting for a high-altitude waiver. Lost sight of it ...
2010-11-06 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3K400-08304 feet Nice flight toward the end of the day. Carried GPS logger for testing.
2011-11-05Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3J2104133 feet GPS tracker test flight. Worked well, though I had the rocket visually through the whole flight.
2012-01-07 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3J2956672 feet GPS tracker flight test; worked well.
2012-01-28Mike Hall's Lil Miss 6 grain 54mm research motor12008 feet BigRedBee gps onboard. Recoverd safely one mile away.
2012-04-07 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G39870 feet Very nice flight.
2012-04-07 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3L935800 feet Motor CATOed and entire booster destroyed.
2012-05-19Mike Hall's Lil Miss CTI - L-730 CL12912 feet Straight boost, rocket recovered about 1.5 miles from launch site. The G-3 rocket is the best 54mm ...
2012-10-06 Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3K3607611 feet very nice flight of rebuilt G3; GPS worked perfectly.
2012-10-06Mike Caplinger's Performance Rocketry G3L935- shredded at max-Q; looks like the rebuild wasn't up to the L935.

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