On Sunday, high-school seniors Sanzio Angeli, of Clover Hill High School, and Dylan Whitesel, of Midlothian High School succeeded in breaking the world's record by launching almost 4000 model rockets at one time. In the process, they collected $20,000 to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

For more information, and videos, please see Rocket4TheCure – New World’s Record As Teens Launch Almost 4000 Rockets at Once

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Rocketry Plans and Instructions

Model Rocket News1940 Exploratory Planetary Cargo ...FuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
Model Rocket News204 EvaderSportYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
Estes Design Book260 Space BoosterScaleJimZ Rocket Plans
Art Applewhite Rockets29mm Priority Stealth RocketSaucerArt Applewhite Rockets
EstesAero-FinFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesAerobee HiScaleJimZ Rocket Plans
 NARTSAEROBEE-150AScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsAN-5 SpiderFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsApache ArrowScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsArgus IIFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 Estes Design BookAries IIMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Estes Design BookArrow CSportJimZ Rocket Plans
NARTSASPScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesASPScaleJimZ Rocket Plans
NARTSASP-IVScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Saturn PressAstrobee 500ScaleRocketry Online
 NARTSASTROBEE-1500ScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 NARTSASTROBEE-250 and 350ScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
Saturn PressAstron StarlightSportRocketry Online
Saturn PressAstron X-RaySportRocketry Online
 EstesAugie IIMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsAurora IIFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsAurora IIFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesBatGliderJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsBi-Wing 'A' Boost-GliderGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Art Applewhite RocketsBic StiC (Pen) RocketOdd-RocArt Applewhite Rockets
 Model Rocket NewsBig BerthaSportJimZ Rocket Plans
EstesBig Blue Bird Zero (Upscale)SportEagle 3's Nest
 Model Rocket NewsBlack KnightFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsBlack KnightSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsBlue AngelGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsBlue LightningSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Apogee ComponentsBolaero-ZFuturisticApogee Components
Model Rocket NewsBuchanan BusterOdd-RocJimZ Rocket Plans
Model Rocket NewsBug-A-ByePayloadJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsBumble BeeSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsCamroc CarrierPayloadJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsChallengerMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Art Applewhite RocketsCincoPaper SaucerArt Applewhite Rockets
 EstesClipperSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsCloud BusterSportJimZ Rocket Plans
Model Rocket NewsThe CobraClusterJimZ Rocket Plans
 Estes Design BookCommuterFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsCOMSAT FourOdd-RocYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Art Applewhite RocketsConePaper SaucerArt Applewhite Rockets
 Model Rocket NewsConstrictorFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 SemrocCyber IIIMulti-StageNinfinger Productions
 Jonathan MillsCycloneHelicopterMaple Seed Science
 Saturn PressD Region TomahawkScaleRocketry Online
 Apogee ComponentsDartFuturisticApogee Components
Model Rocket NewsDART Parasite GliderGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Apogee ComponentsDC-SAMFuturisticApogee Components
 EstesDeaconMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Art Applewhite RocketsDelta Flying SaucerPaper SaucerArt Applewhite Rockets
 ShroxDelta Wing GliderGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 NAR Competition PlansDelta ZetaGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsDirty Bird IIISportJimZ Rocket Plans
 NARTSDisaster 17-B ValkyrieGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Estes Design BookDouble TroubleMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Estes Design BookEagleGliderJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsEclipseMulti-StageYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Cognis AerospaceEenie MeenieSportYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsEffort IIISportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsEquinoxFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 EagleWorksF-52 TharkFuturisticEagle 3's Nest
 Model Rocket NewsFalconScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
EstesFlip-FlapFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsFlying JennyGliderJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsFlying StovepipeGliderJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesFlying WhyPayloadJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsFlying Why (Original Design)Odd-RocYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsFlying Why (Redesigned)Odd-RocYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Apogee ComponentsFoam Nose Cone Cutting ToolToolsApogee Components
 Model Rocket NewsFornaxFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesGammaSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsGanymede 274FuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 NARTSGerman V-2ScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsGigantiroc 2-ASportJimZ Rocket Plans
 NAR Competition PlansGnatGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Cognis AerospaceGoddard-1SportYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
NAR Competition PlansGroundhog 16GliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 NARTSGrumpy Dog IIMulti-StageYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsHarpoonScaleJimZ Rocket Plans
 Apogee ComponentsHelios Solar ProbeFuturisticApogee Components
 Estes Design BookHi-GPayloadJimZ Rocket Plans
 NARTSHidden WonderOdd-RocYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
Apogee ComponentsHX-10 GliderGliderApogee Components
 Model Rocket NewsIntruderFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsJaguar JGD-2ClusterJimZ Rocket Plans
 Apogee ComponentsJavelinFuturisticApogee Components
 NAR Competition PlansJet-FreakGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsKamikaze BakaScaleJimZ Rocket Plans
 NAR Competition PlansLanceContestYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 NAR Competition PlansLazy BirdContestYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesLi'l AugieMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Estes Design BookLi'l TinkerSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsLittle Beth X-2Multi-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsLittle StingerContestYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Cognis AerospaceLLV 201FuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsLoadlifter 1-APayloadJimZ Rocket Plans
Model Rocket NewsLong John SilverSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 NAR Competition PlansLonghorn-16GliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Saturn PressLRD-D-3FuturisticRocketry Online
 Cognis AerospaceMagic WandTube-Ring FinYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsMakoTube-Ring FinYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsMark-IVSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesMars SnooperFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
Apogee ComponentsMaxima 1/2A-AGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesMcKibbin's SpecialFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsMercury Surveyor<FuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Art Applewhite RocketsMicro Maxx Super Roc SixPaper SportArt Applewhite Rockets
 Art Applewhite RocketsMicroMaxx QubitsPaper SaucerArt Applewhite Rockets
Chris MichielssenMini Big BerthaPaper SportWayne Hill's Rocketry Blog
 Model Rocket NewsMini-FinlessTube-Ring FinYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesMini-XMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesMitosisSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesMMSV-IIMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsMoonnik-IOdd-RocJimZ Rocket Plans
Saturn PressMy First RocketSportRocketry Online
 FlisKitsNebulaPaper SportFlisKits
 Model Rocket NewsNewfoundland Space TankerFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Apogee ComponentsNike-HerculesScaleApogee Components
 Bob HarringtonNike-X (13mm)Paper ScaleUltimate Paper Rocket Guide
 Model Rocket NewsNimbusFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 Apogee ComponentsOberthFuturisticApogee Components
 EstesOmegaSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 EagleWorksOmega Centauri ProbeFuturisticEagle 3's Nest
 Estes Design BookOrange BulletSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsOrbital Transport LaboratoryFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesOrion IIMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Apogee ComponentsOrion Luxury ShuttleFuturisticApogee Components
 Peter GalindezPaper TigerPaper SportNAR Technical Services
 Clive DavisPapernatorPaper SportFlisKits
 Model Rocket NewsPatna Mark-1FuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesPatna Mark-1PayloadJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesPee WeeMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
Model Rocket NewsPencil RocketSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Chris MichielssenPIGLET-SUSOdd-RocModel Rocket Building Blog
Art Applewhite RocketsPopsicle Stick MonocopterMonocopterArt Applewhite Rockets
 Estes Design BookPredicta-ISportJimZ Rocket Plans
 EagleWorksPulsar IIFuturisticEagle 3's Nest
 Art Applewhite RocketsPyramidPaper SaucerArt Applewhite Rockets
 Lawrence BerciniPyramidPaper SaucerASTRE
 Art Applewhite RocketsQubitPaper SaucerArt Applewhite Rockets
 Model Rocket NewsRavenGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesRavenGliderJimZ Rocket Plans
Model Rocket NewsRear-Ejection SprintSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsRenegadeSportYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesRobinGliderJimZ Rocket Plans
 Bob HarringtonSatellite Interceptor (13mm)Paper FuturisticUltimate Paper Rocket Guide
 Saturn PressSaturn IScaleRocketry Online
 Saturn PressSaturn IVScaleRocketry Online
 EstesSaturnianFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
Estes Design BookScorpionGliderJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesScott-BMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Apogee ComponentsSea SnakeSportApogee Components
 Model Rocket NewsSidewinderScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsSidewinder IIMulti-StageYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsSilver StreakFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Cognis AerospaceSiriusFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
Art Applewhite RocketsSix Rocket (13mm)Paper SportArt Applewhite Rockets
Estes Design BookSky Bird IISportJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesSky HighMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsSky HookSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesSky Slash IIGliderJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsSkydiverFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Estes Design BookSkyLanceSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsSkylarkFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 EstesSly BoltSportJimZ Rocket Plans
Apogee ComponentsSnipetFuturisticApogee Components
 Cognis AerospaceSouthern CrossMulti-StageYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsSpace FreighterSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 NASASpace Shuttle GliderPaper GliderNASA
 Model Rocket NewsSpace Shuttle JPZ-3GliderJimZ Rocket Plans
 Estes Design BookSpace TwinsGliderJimZ Rocket Plans
Bob HarringtonSpacemasterPaper FuturisticUltimate Paper Rocket Guide
 Tony VincentSpeed QueenPaper SportNAR Technical Services
 Model Rocket NewsSpider T.E.V.FuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsSpirit of BethpageFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesSputnik-TooOdd-RocJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsStar CruiserFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
EstesStarship ExcaliburFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 Art Applewhite RocketsStealthPaper SaucerArt Applewhite Rockets
 EstesStiltfinFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
Apogee ComponentsStonebreaker AXFuturisticApogee Components
 Model Rocket NewsStratosFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 NAR Competition PlansSylphGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 NAR Competition PlansTally's SwanGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
Model Rocket NewsTAOMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsTartarScaleJimZ Rocket Plans
 NARTSTERRAPINScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsThe EagleTube-Ring FinYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsThe ForcePayloadYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
Cognis AerospaceThe GnatSportYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsThree Stage Ring RocketOdd-RocJimZ Rocket Plans
EstesTiger SharkMulti-StageJimZ Rocket Plans
 Model Rocket NewsTop SecretFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Model Rocket NewsTop SecretFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
EagleWorksTraviaFuturisticEagle 3's Nest
 Apogee ComponentsTriTipSportApogee Components
 Art Applewhite RocketsTurbo StealthPaper SaucerArt Applewhite Rockets
 Apogee ComponentsTwoNerMulti-StageApogee Components
 American RocketeerUni-BirdMulti-StageYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 NAR Competition PlansUrchinGliderYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 NARTSVERONIQUEScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 EstesVertexSportJimZ Rocket Plans
 NARTSVIKING #7ScaleYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Apogee ComponentsVipoxFuturisticApogee Components
Saturn PressVostokScaleRocketry Online
 EstesWhee IIFuturisticJimZ Rocket Plans
 NARTSWhispering EagleMulti-StageYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Apogee ComponentsXF-45FuturisticApogee Components
 Model Rocket NewsZebraSportYe Olde Rocket Shoppe
 Estes Design BookZetaPayloadJimZ Rocket Plans
 Saturn PressZubenelgenubiSportRocketry Online
 Saturn PressZvezdotchka Anti-Carrot MissileOdd-RocRocketry Online
 Cognis AerospaceZweistik RepulsorFuturisticYe Olde Rocket Shoppe

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