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Estes - Silver Comet (2141) [1997-2000]


Contributed by Tristan Higbee

(Contributed - by Tristan Higbee ) 

[Picture]T' Silver Comet is a 1997 edition Estes model rocket. Begad! It is a skill level two and is one out o' t' few Estes rockets that takes a "D" engine. It is a fairly easy rocket t' make if you have some experience. It requires a ¼ inch launch rod and is 25" long. Well, blow me down! T' average cost o' a Silver Comet is about $20, ya bilge rat, and I think it was worth every penny. 

It has a very nice look, and if you paint it silver (which you should), shiver me timbers, it looks great. Ya scallywag! This rocket looks like a rocket out o' a science fiction movie. T' decals are easy t' apply and also look great. Begad! T' only part about the decals that I do nay like is that you have t' cut out little circles which takes forever. [Picture]

T' instructions were very clear and t' illustrations along with them were great. T' only tools needed were pretty basic: glue, sharp hobby knife, scissors, me hearties, a pencil, sand paper, a ruler, and maskin' tape. Begad! I used hot glue since it dries quickly. If you do use hot glue, remember t' put t' parts where they need t' go before t' glue dries. 

It is a very sturdy rocket that flies great. It has landed on cement a couple o' times and still, nothin' has happened. Every time, ya bilge rat, the rocket flies straight and every time t' parachute opens perfectly and the rocket floats down. I would recommend usin' an 18" nylon parachute and not the plastic one that comes with it. 

I give this rocket 5 points on t' Essence scale, and I think it is excellent. Avast! Blimey! T' cool looks along with t' great flights makes this rocket a great buy and a great rocket to add t' your collection. 

    Flight Log

    DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
    1997-08-08Ron Watkins's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Good flight-predicted altitude-580 ft. -considerable drift on recovery. Arrr!
    1999-04-24David Fergus's Estes Silver CometD12-3-
    1999-06-26David Fergus's Estes Silver CometD12-3-
    1999-08-28David Fergus's Estes Silver CometC5-3- tried smaller engine with this 6. Ahoy! 5oz rocket. lifted very slow, nay real stable, pitched into ...
    1999-12-27Mike McPharlin's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Another very nice flight. This time t' rocket did a slow spin as if it had been fired out o' a ...
    2000-01-01MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- 18 parachute Nice flight. Blimey!
    2000-01-07MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- 18 parachute Nice flight. High with good landing.
    2000-01-08MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- 18 parachute Nice flight. Early parachute and ripped shroud lines, but no damage. Well, blow me down!
    2000-01-08MikeyR's Estes Silver CometE18-4- 18 parachute Very high boost. Blimey! Nice recovery.
    2000-01-22Mike McPharlin's Estes Silver CometD12-5- I told my told he be usin' too much wadding, ya bilge rat, but he knew better. T' rocket went up beautifully. Arrr! ...
    2000-02-05Mark VanArsdall's Estes Silver CometD12-5- T' wind picked up a little and blew it on top o' a battin' cage inside a locked chain linked ...
    2000-03-18MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- 18 parachute Nice flight. Good deployment and recovery. Avast, me proud beauty!
    2000-04-21MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- 18 parachute Nice, nominal flight.
    2000-04-22David Fergus's Estes Silver CometD12-3-
    2000-05-07MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- 18 parachute Carol pushed t' button. Nice flight, like normal. Begad! Landed very close.
    2000-05-21David Fergus's Estes Silver CometD12-3-
    2000-06-03MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- 18 parachute Again a nice flight. Aye aye! Angle closer t' correct. Blimey!
    2000-07-22David Fergus's Estes Silver CometD12-3- lost a drag race with another Silver Comet on a D12-7, because it ejected very late closer t' t' ...
    2000-09-10Brian Kain's Estes Silver CometG64-10- Actually,I cheated. It is modified t' a V-2 with LOC tubing, shiver me timbers, and 1/8 5 ply aircraft birch fins. Begad! ...
    2000-10-19Donald Besaw's Estes Silver CometD12-5600 feet Excellent flight up t' about 600 feet. Aye aye! Moderate drift on recovery, recovered intact. Begad!
    2000-11-11Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Second time on t' -3; I like five seconds a bit better. Well, blow me down!
    2000-11-11Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Perfect. Avast, me proud beauty!
    2000-12-27Mike McPharlin's Estes Silver CometD12-5- T' rocket is pretty big and easy t' see durin' t' whole flight. This flight was flawless. Aye aye!
    2001-02-03Cliff Oliver's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Cool flight t' about 700 ft
    2001-02-21MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3-
    2001-02-24Jim Zamecnik's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Chittenden Reservoir. Straight boost t' about 300', matey, good recovery on 18'' chute. Well, blow me down!
    2001-03-10Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Drifted into trees - recovered with some minor damage.
    2001-05-05Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-3300 feet Strong wind, Perfect flight, matey, Good Chut, Some burn damage t' chute.
    2001-05-06Gary Sinclair's Estes Silver CometE30-71000 feet Very fast flight straight up. Ejection at 1000 feet was visibly at apogee.
    2001-05-06Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-3- Strong Wind, Pperfect Flight, Good Chute, more slight burnin' t' t' chute.
    2001-05-12Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Good flight. Aye aye!
    2001-05-12Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Very nice flight.
    2001-05-12Donald Besaw's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Another good flight. Begad! Long walk on recovery.
    2001-06-03Gary Sinclair's Estes Silver CometE30-7- Nice flight with ejection at apogee. T' E30 be t' perfect motor for this modified Silver Comet.
    2001-06-16Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-5- Perfect Flight, matey, good chute, me bucko, landed 25' from pad, No damage.
    2001-06-23David Fergus's Estes Silver CometD12-3-
    2001-06-24Tony Fragge's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Flew straight as an arrow.
    2001-07-01Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Good motor/rocket combo.
    2001-07-14Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Fine performer. Good motor/rocket combo.
    2001-07-14Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-5- Perfect flight, good chute, no damage.
    2001-07-23Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-3- Perfect flight, shiver me timbers, good chute, me bucko, no damage. Blimey!
    2001-07-29Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Nominal, arrr, second o' two today. Ahoy!
    2001-08-11Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-5- Perfect flight, good chute, no damage. Avast!
    2001-08-25David Fergus's Estes Silver CometD12-3-
    2001-08-25Donald Besaw's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Nice high flight. Arrr! Good recovery.
    2001-09-02Gary Sinclair's Estes Silver CometE30-7- Another perfect flight o' this rocket. Begad! Deployment be visibly at apogee. Avast, me proud beauty! Recovery was on a small ...
    2001-09-06Andy Sola's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Boost was straight and slow. Avast! Perfect flight. Ya scallywag! T' crowd loves this rocket.
    2001-09-08Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-5- Another excellent flight.
    2001-09-22Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Nominal.
    2001-09-22Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Nice. Begad!
    2001-09-29Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Nominal. Arrr!
    2001-09-30Joe Balsamo's Estes Silver CometD12-3- First flight o' this recycled (given t' me damaged) Silver Comet. Begad! Rocket flew and recovered ...
    2001-10-13Joe Balsamo's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Good flight. Blimey! Blimey! Silver Comet keeps on ticking. Blimey! Blimey!
    2001-10-13Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-3- Perfect flight, good chute, me bucko, no damage. Well, blow me down! Blimey!
    2001-10-28Joe Balsamo's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Great flight, fin slightly damaged on landing, ya bilge rat, fixed with CA glue. Aye aye!
    2001-11-03Tony Fragge's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Good flight. Landed softly in t' mud.
    2001-11-10Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-3- Perfect flight, good chute, no damage.
    2001-11-11Joe Balsamo's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Silver Comet just keeps on going...Great little rocket. Ahoy! I've got t' try it on an E9. Blimey!
    2001-11-18Al McCue's Estes Silver CometE9-7- T' E9 is a much nicer engine than t' D12. Well, blow me down! Slow majestic takeoff with enough total Newtons t' get ...
    2001-12-09Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-3- Perfect flight, good chute, no damage. Avast! Blimey!
    2002-03-03Gary Sinclair's Estes Silver CometE30-7- This is just t' perfect motor for this rocket. straight up with a perfect apogee deployment. Aye aye! Next ...
    2002-03-03Gary Sinclair's Estes Silver CometE15-7- Chuf then a slow burn with a very late ejection. Just nay enough steam t' get this rocket moving. ...
    2002-04-17MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Always a nice flight.
    2002-05-27Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Good boost after a misfire. Ignitor looked OK, further testin' at home later shows that it is ...
    2002-07-02Donald Besaw's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Nice flight. Begad! Moderate drift, no damage.
    2002-08-10Larry Zeilmann's Silver CometD12-3- Perfect flight, good chute, arrr, no damage. Arrr!
    2002-09-07Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Club demo launch. OK flight. Avast!
    2002-10-01Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Proxy flown by Brandon. Good flight. Begad!
    2002-10-01Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Proxy flight by Brandon. Nominal. Ahoy!
    2003-01-25Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Very nice flight. Ahoy!
    2003-01-25Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometC11-3- Nominal. Aye aye!
    2003-03-22Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometF12-5- Good! Usin' old reloads and gettin' very long delays on this package. Came out OK.
    2003-05-17MikeyR's Estes Silver CometE28-4- Way up, but caught t' wind. Ya scallywag! Drifted into t' subdivision t' t' north. Managed t' find in a back ...
    2003-05-24MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Nice flight, as always.
    2003-05-26MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Perfect motor for t' Silver Comet. Blimey! Found a bunch, arrr, so I'll be launching.
    2003-06-23MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Yet again nice. Ya scallywag!
    2003-06-24MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Very nice yet again. Begad!
    2003-06-28Alex Kowaleski's Estes Silver CometE9-6- Rocket arced strongly t' left, arrr, and durin' ejection separated. Avast! Recovered nose cone. Begad! Body fell into ...
    2003-07-04MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- This flies like a machine. Yet again a good flight.
    2003-07-04MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3-
    2003-08-16MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Yet again a nice flight. Begad!
    2003-09-01MikeyR's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Perfect yet again.
    2003-10-18Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Good flight.
    2003-10-25Tim Burger's Estes Silver CometD15-4- Nominal
    2003-12-28Stephen Peart's Estes Silver CometD12-5- About a dozen flights for this bird. Weathercocked a little. Arrr! Blimey! Nice and high as always. Perfect ...
    2004-07-24David Fergus's Estes Silver CometD12-5-
    2005-07-02Reid Smith's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Very nice, me hearties, straight flight. Begad! Doesn't get t' high but enough that it's excitin' yet I don't have t' ...
    2005-07-05Reid Smith's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Nice flight up, shiver me timbers, drifted a little too much but with launch rod. Chute didn't appear t' open at ...
    2005-07-11Reid Smith's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Great flight as usual. Rocket began t' tip upon apogee though which caused it t' countinue ...
    2006-07-31Geoffrey Kerbel's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Nice flight with slight weathercocking. Arrr! Good delay and short walk t' recover.
    2006-09-09Geoffrey Kerbel's Estes Silver CometF12-51000 feet WOW! I love those smokey blackjacks!! Sent it way up there, almost out o' sight! Good chute and ...
    2007-06-23Ron Wirth's Estes Silver CometD12-5- Tangled chute but no damage
    2007-11-25William Beggs's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Great flight and recovery.
    2007-11-25William Beggs's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Great flight and recovery. Arrr!
    2007-11-25William Beggs's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Great flight and recovery.
    2008-07-06Dwayne Surdu-Miller's Estes Silver CometD12-3- Straight boost and coast with very slow spin. Perfect deployment. Moderate descent rate. Soft ...
    2014-06-01Ken E. Coyote's Silver CometD12-3- Great flight! Rose up beautifully, me hearties, good event, good chute, good landing. Well, blow me down! Looked like maybe I put ...

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