High School Seniors Sanzio Angeli, of Clover Hill High School, and Dylan Whitesel, of Midlothian High School, hope to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer research and break a world record at the same time. They are combining their love for model rocketry with community citizenship to create "Rocket4theCure." Sanzio and Dylan are selling model rockets for $10 each to be launched simultaneously, hoping to launch 4,000 rockets, which would shatter the standing record, all while raising money for The Central Virginia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen.

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FlisKits - Midnight Express (Plan)


Manufacturer: FlisKits
Product Type: Plan


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DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2003-03-02Chan Stevens's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- (first flight), 20+other flights notched over the years up to C6-5
2003-03-15EMRR's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Seemed like it ejected early. It was fairly stable and a good flight.
2003-03-15EMRR's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-4- Seemed quite a bit early on ejection, but it was pretty high up to see. Recovered without issue.
2003-03-24EMRR's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-4- With a tight, slight spiraling wiggle it ascended fast and high. Tracking did seem to show an arc ...
2003-04-20EMRR's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-6- The B6-6 is a good match for this rocket. Lost the nose cone upon ejection.
2003-05-03Surdu-Miller Dwayne's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Beautiful straight boost, and impressive height on an A8-3. Came down a bit fast on the r ...
2003-06-21Lance Alligood's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- The most impressive flight of the day! This little bugger *ZIPS* into the sky with super height on ...
2004-01-24Kyle Hancock's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Great flight. Kicked engine.
2004-03-14Kyle Hancock's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3-
2004-03-27Chris Guidry's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-4- Very nice flight. Great performance!
2004-04-24Kyle Hancock's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-2-
2004-05-31Kyle Hancock's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3-
2004-06-20Kyle Hancock's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3-
2004-08-24Andy Turits's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-4- Swift take off.Light wobble that slowed with altitude.Out of sight.Gone?Streamer sighted 50 yds ...
2004-10-17Kyle Hancock's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Wind test
2005-02-05Kyle Hancock's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Streamer hung on mount, blew BT apart.
2005-02-19Robert Davis's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-4- Nice flight on this motor to around 700'. Streamer brought it down with no damage at all. Had to ...
2005-03-19Robert Davis's FlisKits Midnight ExpressC6-3- Very fast lift-off. Unable to track it's flight and never saw it eject, though I thought I heard ...
2005-05-15Mitchell Small's FlisKits Midnight ExpressC6-5- Pretty much disappeared on launch. Saw ejection puff and followed streamer descent. Hard landing ...
2005-05-15Mitchell Small's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-4- Spectacular height, maybe optimal engine. Dented wing on impact
2005-05-15Mitchell Small's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-4- First Flight / First Paper Rocket. Text book flight, moderate altitude.
2005-05-29Jim Rupp's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- First card-stock rocket flight ever for me. Screamed off the launch rod straight up, even though ...
2005-05-29Jim Rupp's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Second flight takeoff was a repeat of the first. Streamer deployment had a problem - the thread ...
2005-06-11Jim Rupp's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Great launch. Shot straight up into the clouds! Stripped the streamer at ejection, but no damage ...
2005-08-20Bob Harrington's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA10-3- Nice high flight on paper model Fins are beginning to burn through with all the launches on this ...
2005-11-05Bob Harrington's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA10-3-
2006-04-22Bill Ralston's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-4-
2006-05-27Chan Stevens's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-4-
2006-06-02Dwayne Surdu-Miller's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Zipped out of sight, but saw ejection and could track after that. The streamer separated from the ...
2006-08-05Chan Stevens's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3-
2006-08-20Chris Halinaty's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-4- NARTREK Bronze 30s streamer duration attempt.
2006-08-22Clive Davis's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Rocket really zooms on this motor. The streamer did not fully deploy. Maybe needs to be replaced. ...
2006-09-30Ben Shetler's FlisKits Midnight ExpressC6-5- Very good altitude. Streamer stuck in BT, but recovered without damamge anyway!
2006-09-30Tim Bookwalter's FlisKits Midnight ExpressC6-5- My son standing 100yds away couldn't track it. About 15 min later as we were packing up the car, a ...
2006-09-30Tim Bookwalter's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Test flight to see how well a paper rocket would fly. Flew better than most brand name rockets I ...
2006-10-15Clive Davis's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Rocket did corkscrew, particularly after motor burn out. Recovery fine.
2006-11-04Ivan Van+Den+Enden's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-6- Unstable Flight
2007-03-24Chris Halinaty's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB4-4- Powdered 14 parachute didn't quite make it out. Still got a 32s duration!
2007-03-24Chris Halinaty's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-6- 38s streamer duration for the first part of my NARTREK Bronze.
2007-04-15Robert Duke's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Flew 12 at a Youth group events times 2. Had one seam blow out. Recovered all 23 flights. Most ...
2007-07-06Chris Halinaty's Pink I1/2A3-4-
2007-07-06Chris Halinaty's Pink IB4-4-
2007-07-19Chris Halinaty's Pink IB6-4- Wet fins shredded during flight.
2007-11-03Taylor Lauzon's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3-
2007-11-03Kyle Papps's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-6- lost the nosecone
2007-11-03Kyle Papps's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- inside got burnt a little bit but nothing big
2010-03-13Bernard Cawley's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Wind up to nearly 15 mph avg. now. Very similar flight profile to last except off the pad much ...
2010-03-13Bernard Cawley's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA6-4- Fine flight. Good straight high boost. Good streamer this time. Landing not too far considering ...
2010-03-13Bernard Cawley's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA6-4- First flight. Great high and straight boost. Didn't eject streamer and came down nose down...but ...
2010-03-14Bernard Cawley's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA6-4- Pratt Full Boost and Q2G2 - INSTANT ignition. Then it disappeared after breaking southeast off the ...
2010-05-15Ben Shetler's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB6-3- For a free rocket made out of paper, it still flies awesome!
2010-07-18 Team Tracy's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB4-4- Nose cone separated. Recovered both body and nose cone.
2010-10-03 Team Tracy's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB4-4- Normal flight.
2010-11-07Team Tracy's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB4-4- Normal flight. Very windy. It drifted a good long distance.
2010-11-07Team Tracy's FlisKits Midnight ExpressB4-4- Normal flight. Very windy. It drifted a good long distance. I love FlisKits paper rockets!
2010-11-14Jeff Boldig's Midnight ExpressA8-3300 feet landed 20 from LCO
2011-03-26 Jeff Boldig's Midnight ExpressC6-7400 feet My first shred! Right at burnout the fins shreaded off and the rocket fell. Ejection was on the ...
2011-08-27Mark Kulka's FlisKits MiniMax Midnight Express1/8A-135 feet Much better than expected. Straight quick boost with nose-blow recovery. Landed right next to me.
2014-06-14Kyle Hancock's FlisKits Midnight ExpressA8-3- Lost fin. RIP

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