By David Frey


3" diameter Goblin clone, upscaled from Estes Goblin kit.

I started by 3D printing the fins with notches for the centering rings (also 3d printed) on a 38mm MMT. The motor retainer, nose cone (3pcs) and the electronics were also 3D printed.

Once I got the tube slotted, I felt like I wanted additional support for the fins, so I printed a slotted sleeve for the fin can. This raised the rail button up a bit, so I printed a companion sleeve, to be attached halfway up. The plan was to launch this with an AeroTech H135, 29MM motor but with the ability to launch larger motors down the road.

I also printed a camera mount for my RunCam2 4k.

On June 25th, I flew this rocket for my L1 cert attempt with the AT H135. The first launch was successful but the landing broke the nose cone (at the threads), so the attempt was a fail. I achieved ~2900'. The delay was too long and shredded one of the two chutes I used.

The second flight, I borrowed my wife's H210 reload. It was a little squirrely off the rail but straightened out nicely and poked up to 1700' apogee. The landing was a little hard and I popped one of the fillets, but it passed. Mission accomplished!