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The following is a list of all the Estes OpenRocket design files in the OpenRocket Library.

UploadedManufacturerDesign NameFile Name
2014-11-02EstesEstes - Astron Drifter astron drifter.ork
2015-09-11EstesEstes - Big Bertha Big Bertha original.ork
2012-12-11EstesBig Bertha Big_Bertha_2.ork
2012-12-13EstesBig Bertha Big_Bertha_3.ork
2015-09-11EstesEstes Big Bertha Damon era Big Bertha Damon era.ork
2017-05-02EstesEstes - Big Daddy estes_big_daddy_rvw.ork
2017-02-23EstesEstes - Comet Chaser Comet Chaser.ork
2014-02-26EstesEstes Estes - D-Region ... Estes D-Region Tomahawk #2037.ork
2013-01-09EstesEstes Hi-Flyer XL Estes Hi-Flier XL 3226.ork
2014-11-02EstesEstes - Leviathan Estes Leviathan.ork
2014-11-02EstesEstes - Mark II Estes_Mark2.ork
2019-11-21EstesEstes Mean Machine (1295) (E ... Estes Mean Machine (1295) (E Powered Reissue).ork
2014-07-26EstesEstes - Patriot estes_patriot.ork
2014-11-02EstesEstes - Renegade (1271) Renegade.ork
2014-11-02EstesEstes - Sky Raider Estes_Sky_Raider.ork
2019-07-11EstesEstes - Sterling Silver estes-007275–STERLING_SILVER.ork
2014-07-26EstesEstes - Viking estes_viking.ork

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The above OpenRocket design files work with the OpenRocket rocketry simulation and design program.

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