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Today's Featured Review

Excelsior Rocketry - Goonydent {Plan}

Manufacturer:Excelsior Rocketry

Construction Rating:
Flight Rating:
Overall Rating:

Contributed by Steve Lindeman


The Goonydent is Excelsior Rocketry's Goony version of the Estes classic Trident kit [K-33, 1233](1968-1974). It was by far the most expensive kit bash I've done so far at a cost of about $45.00. However the end results were worth the investment.


For this build I used the following components:

 ♦ 1- Set of plans and decals from Excelsior Rocketry

 ♦ 2- Baby Bertha Kits (#'s 16 & 17 for those of you that have followed my Goonyness)

 ♦ 1- BNC-60 (Baby Bertha style)

 ♦ 6- BNC-5's (Mosquito style)

 ♦ 3- 18" BT-5 tubes

 ♦ 1- 24mm Motor Mount (with 2 CR's)

 ♦ 1- 18" Plastic Parachute (from an old Estes rocket)

 ♦ 1- 3'x1/4" Elastic Cord

 ♦ 2- 3/16" Launch Lugs

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Today's Featured Flyer

Sandra Edyta

Location: Columbia


Potrzebujesz roweru dla swojej pociechy? W naszym sklepie odkryjesz rowery zarówno dla najmÅ�odszych dzieci - kellys 16, a także dla mÅ�odzieży. Wyszukasz u nas wÅ�aÅ�ciwy model dla Twojego dziecka. Tak dla chÅ�opca, jak również dziewczynki. W różnorodnych barwach. Z Å�atwoÅ�ciÄ� odnajdziesz rower najlepszy do wieku Twojego dziecka. Zobacz naszÄ� ofertÄ� i wybierz rower w nader dobrej cenie.

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Today's Featured Photo

TTRA Launches

March 2012 Launch


Photo by Roger Smith

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The new Odd'l Rockets F-16 kit is almost ready! The fins have been laser cut and almost all the parts are here. After the instructions are drawn up you should build a model using them to be sure everything works and check the fit of the water slide decals on the laser cut fins. To be honest, I've made too many prototypes and wasn't excited about building another normal F-16. I decided to make a BT-60 Goony version using spare parts with the same fins and decals used in the Odd'l Rockets F-16 kit. The parts picture is different, this wasn't going to be a blog build. But the model turned ...
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Model Rocket Building: PML Lunar Express Build, Part 1, Parts
From what little I know about mid-power the parts seem to be very good quality. The gray tubing (I should call it an airframe, this is mid power and all) is Quantum Tubing. A polymer tube, it looks like gray plastic. The fins are G-10 fiberglass are .062" or about 1/16" thick. To the far right are the molded urethane landing pads. The launch lugs are 1/4" diameter brass. The 38mm motor mount (brown tube) is thick phenolic. On the low right is the ejection piston package. To check out the instructions, CLICK HERE The nose cone and tail cone are plastic. The nose cone has a well formed resin ...
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Rocketeer's Corner: What a jerk!
The Falcon Rocketeers get ready to weigh their rocket before a flight (Click to enlarge). We are now in "crunch time" - those last couple of weeks before the TARC deadline, ones in which the teams make every effort to get some practice in before setting up their qualification flights. Pegasus field hosted the Falcon Rocketeers and Hope Rising on Thursday, which tuned out to be a good day for both teams. Falcon had no catos and achieved a couple of decent flights, so they decided to make a qualification attempt. Unfortunately the rocket traveled a bit too high, ...
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Blast FromThe Past: MPC Lunar Patrol Clone Part 1
Way back in 1974, during the fledgling days of my model rocket career, I placed an order with Model Products Corporation for some rocket kits and engines. The order included the Flatcat, a Flare Patriot, a Theta-Cajun, and a Lunar Patrol. The latter intrigued me because of the pair of delta-wing gliders that served double purpose as the model's fins. I built the model and took it to one of the club meets to launch it. When the launch button was pressed, I didn't get the expected soaring flight. Instead, the model blew up on the pad! A seriously defective MPC 'A' engine ripped the booster ...
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Rocket N00b: NARCON 2017 Review
A Black Brant V sounding rocket, from Wallops Flight Facility, parked all weekend outside NARCON I'm finally back from NARCON, and what a weekend it was! Three days of presentations on all aspects of rocketry, plus museum tours, dinner, and a speech by one of model rocketry's beloved company founders, all took place at the Crown Plaza Dulles Airport hotel in Herndon, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. The hotel was conveniently located a short shuttle ride from the airport, and not far from the National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center. Plus, there was a real NASA sounding ...
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2010 NASA Student Launch

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