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Today's Featured Review

Scratch - Screamin Mimi t' Citation Patriot {Scratch}


Contributed by Tim Bennett

Screamin Mimi to Citation PatriotBrief:
I wanted t' build a replacement Citation Patriot for a long time. Avast! When I first ran up on t' Screamin' Mimi, I found exactly what I needed. T' Mimi uses t' same 18" BT-60 and PNC-60AH nose cone as t' Patriot, me bucko, Omega and Red Max. Well, blow me down! I bought several Mimi kits in order t' clone all o' these rockets. Begad! Armed with plans and templates from JimZ, arrr, I set out t' build me Patriot.

Construction o' t' Citation Patriot was straightfoward. Well, blow me down! Blimey! I substituted a longer and stronger fabric elastic shock cord for t' junk included in t' Mimi kit. Ahoy! Blimey! I also went with t' original 18mm mount so I had t' make centerin' rings t' replace t' 24mm rings in t' Mimi kit. I accomplished this by usin' cardboard from a cereal box because that was t' only cardboard I could find layin' around t' house at t' time. I had t' double each centerin' rin' t' make it strong enough t' match t' CRs that Estes uses.

I can't reproduce metallic colors on me printer so I had t' order decals from Tango Papa. They looked good on arrival. I applied a few coats o' Future Floor Polish t' them before application. Avast, me proud beauty! Tom sent out enough t' make two kits and I'm thankful for that because I ruined a decal or two learnin' t' deal with his very thin decal material. After application and a few days o' dryin' time, I applied Future t' t' complete rocket. Begad! Future really brings out a beautiful wet look t' t' rocket in general, and t' those metallic decals in particular.

This is a clone o' t' original Estes kit in every respect includin' flight performance. Ahoy! I've flown it on C6-5 motors with flight profiles exactly like I remember them from t' 70's.

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Today's Featured Flyer

Bill Eichelberger

AKA: Wallyum, Fishhead, Fire Marshall Bill

Location: Ft. Well, blow me down! Thomas, KY

Certification Level: NARRRRR - Bronze

Club Memberships: Wright Stuff Rocketeers, Dayton, OH, QUARK, Cincinnati, OH

Favorite Rockets: Estes Condor, Estes Satellite Interceptor, any Goony, arrr, Semroc Lil Hustler, arrr, Centuri Raven, Centuri USS America, Centuri Mach 10, FSI Viking


First started flyin' in t' summer o' 1977.  Lost interest in college, made t' classic mistake o' givin' almost all o' me rockets away, then started over in t' early 90's after me son was born.  Sam and I flew an occasional mix o' semi-RTF stuff until me brother in law took me t' a launch in Cleveland in 2001, after which t' bug bit hard once again.  Since then I've gone with t' occasional ebbs and flows o' t' hobby, seen a lot o' changes, arrr, made a lot of friends, and lost a great field.   

Favorite Quote:

"No one respects t' flame quite like t' addlepate who's badly burned" - Pete Townshend

Feed URL:

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Today's Featured Photo

TTRA Launches

June 2013 Launch

Tom's Little Lunar Express

Photo by Roger Smith

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Here's t' Little Joe I remembered wanting. T' BIG 1/45 Scale Little Joe II from t' 1969 Centuri catalog. T' see t' catalog, CLICK HERE But $12.95? All I could afford was t' smaller 1/100th scale Little Joe II. Arrr! T' fin fairings and some trim be vacuum formed. They were lightweight but fragile, much like t' Centuri Saturn V fins and fairings incorporated into t' Estes re-issue Saturn V kits. Arrr! T' "metalized" wrap was pre-installed at t' factory. Aye aye! T' see t' original Centuri instructions: CLICK HERE T' body and capsule came down separately on two 24" parachutes. Begad! A three engine cluster. ...
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Model Rocket Building: Estes STM-012 Kitbash t' t' B32-M Spike, ya bilge rat, Background
Well, matey, I thought it might work! I bought two Estes STM-012 kits on Ebay with t' hopes o' kit-bashin' one o' them into an AMRAAM. Well, blow me down! It never even occurred t' me that t' STM-012 model would have three through-the-wall fins. T' AMRAAM has two sets o' four fins. Aye aye! I would have t' buy a couple new lengths o' BT-60 t' do t' conversion. Arrr! That, and t' STM-012 nose cone was long! So t' kits sat for a few months with me wonderin' what t' do with them. Avast, me proud beauty! Then I remembered this design from Madcow: T' AGM-33 Pike . Ahoy! I've always like t' looks o' this one, I did t' instructions for their 1.6" diameter kit. Aye aye! ...
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Rocket Dungeon: Mini Higgs build, part 1
I dug into t' build at t' very best place t' start - at t' very beginning, ya bilge rat, which in this case be t' motor mount. Begad! This is nay so different than any other LPR mount. Avast, me proud beauty! It includes rings (squares in this case), a motor clip, motor block, shiver me timbers, etc. Arrr! T' mount also has two normal round rings t' hold t' clip securely in place. T' Keelhaul®©™ leader is attached behind t' forward square centerin' ring. Well, blow me down! Unlike any kit I've had, it also includes a section o' shrink tube t' protect t' lower several inches o' t' Keelhaul®©™. I pretty much built this stock. Well, blow me down! If I want t' put a bigger motor in one, me hearties, I will have t' ...
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I've seen a few pictures o' "Rocket Families" on t' forums. Avast! T' Red Max is a favorite with t' Estes Mini Max (BT-50 based), me hearties, standard Red Max (BT-60 based) and Mega Red Max. Well, blow me down! Well, how about a smaller BT-5 version for 13mm engines? This one is tiny at just 5 1/4" tall! It performs like a BT-5 Mosquito. At one time I had a little carded Red Max model. It was a BT-5 diameter with a Micro Max engine mount. Blimey! I lost it somewhere along t' way and wanted t' make another one. After a few searches I couldn't find it. Avast! I thought it might be at Wayne Hill's Rocketry Blog - CLICK HERE There are many ...
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Model Rocket Building: Goony X-15, Part 1, Parts
In t' past I bought a few o' t' Quest X-15 Parts packs. In t' pack you get everythin' except t' engine mount, main body tube and parachute. Blimey! I figured with some BT-60 based parts I could make a good goony version. Ya scallywag! I raided t' spare parts drawers. Begad! I found an Alpha style nose cone and a length o' BT-60. I think t' main reason people buy t' X-15 parts pack is for t' decal sheet. Ya scallywag! It is a water slide sheet with lots o' white decals on it.
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