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Today's Featured Review

Estes - Cosmic Explorer {Kit} (2421)

Diameter:1.3300 inches
Length:24.0000 inches
Skill Level:1

Construction Rating:
Overall Rating:

Contributed by Jonathan Burton


A very nice, sturdy, solid, and pretty looking rocket. This kit is based off of the Centuri Centurion. Its skill level is 1, but it was a challenging build for me regardless. It was the first one that I had to sand, cut, and do specific detailing like fillets and proper fin alignment. This kit was made for performance since the components featured in it are a lot more sturdy and solid than the standard Estes rocket kit. This kit also features through-the-wall fin construction.


It's components are as follows;

  • Two very sturdy and solid body tubes, with very thick walls
  • A classic nose cone
  • Thick balsa wood fins.
  • A very thick and very long rubber shock chord, longer than the rocket itself.
  • An 18" plastic red transparent parachute with very sturdy shroud lines
  • Water slide decals
  • Standard engine mount
  • Thick and sturdy thrust rings
  • Standard launch lugs.

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Today's Featured Flyer

Lance Alligood

AKA: lalligood

Location: Orlando, FL

Certification Level: L2 NAR TRA

Club Memberships: SRA

Favorite Quote:

"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." — Carl Sagan

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Today's Featured Photo

ROCK Launches

June 2013 Launch


Photo by Roger Smith

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John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Alone in the Universe: Why Our Planet Is Unique$25.95$16.5936.07%

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Model Rocket Building: Estes Apollo Little Joe II, Background
Here's the Little Joe I remembered wanting. The BIG 1/45 Scale Little Joe II from the 1969 Centuri catalog. To see the catalog, CLICK HERE But $12.95? All I could afford was the smaller 1/100th scale Little Joe II. The fin fairings and some trim was vacuum formed. They were lightweight but fragile, much like the Centuri Saturn V fins and fairings incorporated into the Estes re-issue Saturn V kits. The "metalized" wrap was pre-installed at the factory. To see the original Centuri instructions: CLICK HERE The body and capsule came down separately on two 24" parachutes. A three engine cluster. ...
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Model Rocket Building: Estes STM-012 Kitbash to the B32-M Spike, Background
Well, I thought it might work! I bought two Estes STM-012 kits on Ebay with the hopes of kit-bashing one of them into an AMRAAM. It never even occurred to me that the STM-012 model would have three through-the-wall fins. The AMRAAM has two sets of four fins. I would have to buy a couple new lengths of BT-60 to do the conversion. That, and the STM-012 nose cone was long! So the kits sat for a few months with me wondering what to do with them. Then I remembered this design from Madcow: The AGM-33 Pike . I've always like the looks of this one, I did the instructions for their 1.6" diameter kit. ...
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Model Rocket Building: Carded Red Max Build, Part 1, Parts
I've seen a few pictures of "Rocket Families" on the forums. The Red Max is a favorite with the Estes Mini Max (BT-50 based), standard Red Max (BT-60 based) and Mega Red Max. Well, how about a smaller BT-5 version for 13mm engines? This one is tiny at just 5 1/4" tall! It performs like a BT-5 Mosquito. At one time I had a little carded Red Max model. It was a BT-5 diameter with a Micro Max engine mount. I lost it somewhere along the way and wanted to make another one. After a few searches I couldn't find it. I thought it might be at Wayne Hill's Rocketry Blog - CLICK HERE There are many ...
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Model Rocket Building: Goony X-15, Part 1, Parts
In the past I bought a few of the Quest X-15 Parts packs. In the pack you get everything except the engine mount, main body tube and parachute. I figured with some BT-60 based parts I could make a good goony version. I raided the spare parts drawers. I found an Alpha style nose cone and a length of BT-60. I think the main reason people buy the X-15 parts pack is for the decal sheet. It is a water slide sheet with lots of white decals on it.
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Rocket N00b: North Coast Rocketry SA-14 Archer - Unboxing
I recently received a little gift - one of the rockets on my wish list - from Matt Steele, of North Coast Rocketry . North Coast, who make mid power rocket kits and some accessories, is a sponsor of The Rocketry Show podcast, and as part of that sponsorship, Matt sent us some rockets to try out. I've had my eye on an SA-14 Archer for a long time. I'm doing a video build series on The Rocketry Show's YouTube channel . I started with the following unboxing video. I'm uploading the first build video later tonight, once I'm done editing. Here's the first video. Follow me on Twitter . Like my ...
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Aero-TV: AIA's Audrey Koehler - Launching Our Next Generation Pt. 1

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