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Today's Featured Review

Aerospace Specialty Products - V2 (24mm) {Kit} (KV2-24)

Manufacturer:Aerospace Specialty Products
Diameter:1.6370 inches
Length:14.1250 inches
Skill Level:2

Contributed by Darren Longhorn


Aerospace Speciality Products (ASP) makes a couple of different V2 Kits. This is the 1/40th scale kit, with the 24mm motor mount. The kit builds into a rocket that is 359mm long and 42mmm in diameter. Recommended engines include D12-5, E15-7 & E30-7, though the documentation states that it can be flown on B & C motors with a suitable adapter.

The kit contains the following parts:

  • Engine Tube
  • Engine block
  • Centering ring
  • Body tube
  • 1/8" Basswood fin stock
  • 1/8" Basswood strip
  • 3/32" Basswood strip
  • Balsa nose cone
  • Balsa boattail
  • 1/4" Elastic shock cord
  • Launch lug
  • 15" mylar parachute
  • Adhesive mylar tape
  • Shroud lines
  • Snap swivel

Construction/Finishing Techiniques:
The engine and body tubes are good quality cardboard with a glassine finish. The body tube has very little trace of a spiral. The basswood stock is of good quality, but is not pre-marked, a template being provided for cutting out the fins and servo pods. The nose cone has a prefitted eye hook, is pre-weighted, and is pretty heavy! The nose cone and boattail are well shaped and O.D. is slightly oversized compared to the body tube, which is good, because they need sealing and sanding if a good finish is required. The shock cord doesn't seem long enough, given the weight of the nose cone. Enough shroud line is provided to run all the way to the center of the 'chute, the mylar tape being provided to fix them in place. The snap swivel looks a little light, with the 'snap' itself being a little flimsy, compared to the weight of the nose cone.

The instructions are good, with very clear descriptions of each step, listing the parts and tools required and the operation to be performed. Diagrams are provided where required. They are particularly good when describing the steps needed to produce a good finish. Tricky details such as the servo pods and the turbine exhausts are also well described. Two different paint schemes are included in the instructions. No decals are supplied. References are given for further research.

This isn't a beginners kit. The fins and servo pods are not simple shapes to cut out from balsa, and the slots in the fins to mount the servo pods, trickier still. You are expected to shape the turbine exhausts from the basswood stock, although this is a detail that could be omitted if necessary.

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Today's Featured Flyer

Rich DeAngelis

AKA: RichD

Location: Exton - Southeast Pennsylvania

Certification Level: self certified level 0 (heehee)

Club Memberships: Southern Pennsylvania Area Association of Rocketry (SPAAR) NAR #503

Favorite Rockets: Estes Nike-X, Bandit, Andromeda & Beta


Born Again Rocketeer: Flew all sorts of Estes Kits as a kid in the '70's. Restored most of them and now building many new kits from different manufacturers. Completed a high-tech launcher and working on several other electronic applications for rockets, also doing some aerial photography missions. Mostly just building and flying a bunch of new low-power rockets. I'm creating an ever expanding data base of altitude, speed, etc. readings, as I mostly fly an altimeter in each rocket.  In this low power arena I will make all the mistakes I possibly can before moving up to higher power. I'm learing something new about building or preparing rockets with each flight. Member of Lancaster PA's SPAAR, good club.  I specialize in (read: "can only afford") smaller (up to E) rockets.  Generally a bit anal about flying rockets - never lost a model yet and hope to never loose one (since then, I've lost PARTS of rockets, but I've always got some pieces back...knock wood), I strive for perfect flights, and learn from all the mistakes (Oh, so many of them!) I will likely be getting into more powerful stuff as my budget allows: F and G at the most.


Favorite Quote:

Failure is not an option.

Personal Home Page:

Club Home Page:

Feed URL:

Facebook Page:

Google+ Page:

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Today's Featured Photo

NEFAR Launches

November 2012 Launch


Photo by Roger Smith

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Rocket Dungeon: Mini Higgs build, part 1
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