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Flights flown in August 2017:

2017-08-20Dick Stafford's Mercury Redstoned-4xC6-5- 
2017-08-20Dick Stafford's Shai-Hulud-G74-6- 
2017-08-20Dick Stafford's Sweat-Stained Clifton Tracking Station Hat of Death-G74- 
2017-08-20Dick Stafford's Landshark 3.0-G125-6- 
2017-08-20Dick Stafford's New Way Mini Higgs Farm Square Rocket-C11-3- 
2017-08-20Dick Stafford's New Way Mini Higgs Farm Square Rocket-D12-5- 
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's ScionEstes - ScionG68-8-
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's NORADLOC/Precision - NoradG80-7-
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's PointSemroc - PointB6-2-
2017-08-19Rick Barnes's Der V-3 1.85xEstes - Der V-3 (Scratch)H163-91500 feet 
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's Fat BoyEstes - Fat BoyE9-6-
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's Flat BoySquirrel Works - Pie In The SkyB6-0-
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's Square In the AirNew Way Space Models - Square In the AirB6-0-
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's Micro Fat BoyScratch1/8A-
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's Bohica's Dead Ringer-B6-4-
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's SaberStarlight Rockets - SaberB6-4-
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's Big BlinkaScratchC6-5- 
2017-08-19Richard Holmes's Cherokee-DEstes - Cherokee-DD12-5-
2017-08-19Edward Chess's Estes - Expedition-D12-5- 
2017-08-19Edward Chess's The Launch Pad - Nike Ajax MIM-3AThe Launch Pad - Nike Ajax MIM-3A3XD12-5- 
2017-08-19Edward Chess's FlisKits - US TOGFlisKits - US TOGD12-5- 
2017-08-19Rick Barnes's Der V-3Estes - Der V-3D12-3400 feet 
2017-08-19Rick Barnes's Der V-3 1.85xEstes - Der V-3 (Scratch)H163-91500 feet 
2017-08-19Rick Barnes's Der V-3Estes - Der V-3D12-3400 feet 
2017-08-12Edward Chess's Scratch - A Payload AltitudeScratchA8-5149 feet 
2017-08-12Bill Dzurilla's Nike Smoke-G64-71245 feet
2017-08-12Edward Chess's Scratch - A Streamer DurationScratchA8-5- 
2017-08-12Edward Chess's Scratch - 1/2A Parachute Duration ModelScratch1/2A3-4T- 
2017-08-12Mark S's Alien Green-b6-4- 
2017-08-12Mark S's Alien Green-b6-4- 
2017-08-12Mark S's LeviathanEstes - LeviathanF40-10W- 
2017-08-12Bill Dzurilla's LOC Expediter-J180-103896 feet
2017-08-12Bill Dzurilla's Wildman Darkstar Jr-J3502296 feet 
2017-08-12Edward Chess's FlisKits - Rose-a-RocFlisKits - Rose-a-RocA8-3- 
2017-08-12Edward Chess's Estes - LeviathanEstes - LeviathanF50-6T663 feet 
2017-08-12Edward Chess's Estes - GuardianEstes - GuardianB6-4220 feet 
2017-08-09Greg Perez's flutter by-B6-4- 
2017-08-09Greg Perez's Hornet-B6-4- 
2017-08-09Greg Perez's Baby BerthaEstes - Baby BerthaB6-4- 
2017-08-09Greg Perez's Mega MosquitoEstes - Mega MosquitoD12-5- 
2017-08-09Greg Perez's SS Barracuda-B6-4- 
2017-08-05Bill Dzurilla's LOC Tweed B-H1351242 feet
2017-08-05Bill Dzurilla's LOC Expediter-J270-103564 feet
2017-08-05Bill Dzurilla's LOC Weasel-F15-61050 feet
2017-08-03Robert A. Morstadt's Air Show Launch SetEstes - Air Show Launch SetC6-3300 feet 
2017-08-02Edward Chess's Estes - LeviathanEstes - LeviathanF50-6T- 
2017-08-02Edward Chess's Estes - Mini MaxEstes - Mini MaxA3-4T- 
2017-08-02Edward Chess's Estes - Xarconian CruiserEstes - Xarconian CruiserC6-3- 
2017-08-02Edward Chess's Fliskits - Celtic ThunderFlisKits - Celtic ThunderB6-4- 
2017-08-02Edward Chess's Excelsior Rocketry - Goonybird ZeroExcelsior Rocketry - Goonybird Zero (Plan)B6-4- 
2017-08-02Edward Chess's Sirius Rocketry - Interrogator-GSirius Rocketry - Interrogator GF59-5A- 
2017-08-02Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileSemroc - Launch MissileB6-4- 
2017-08-01Edward Chess's Wildman Rocketry - Darkstar Dual DeployWildman Rocketry - Dark Star Dual DeployK805G(P)- 

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