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Flights flown in October 2017:

2017-10-14William Beggs's Performance Rocketry Intimidator 3Performance Rocketry - Intimidator 3J275-ALTIM3536 feet 
2017-10-14Jeff Boldig's Public Missiles CallistoPublic Missiles - CallistoH128W-M2076 feet 
2017-10-14Jeff Boldig's Public Missiles CallistoPublic Missiles - CallistoG53FJ-71000 feet 
2017-10-14Dick Stafford's House of Blues Tetrahedron-4xA3-4- 
2017-10-14Dick Stafford's Sweat-Stained Clifton Tracking Station Hat of Death-F15-0- 
2017-10-14Dick Stafford's Fett Boy-F59-5- 
2017-10-14Dick Stafford's THOY SnipeTHOY - Snipe3XE9-4- 
2017-10-14Dick Stafford's Gene Wilder Fronkensteen Memorial Hat-G74- 
2017-10-14Dick Stafford's DG&A High Power Rocketry - Lazarus-H182-8- 
2017-10-09Dick Stafford's House of Blues Tetrahedron-A10-3- 
2017-10-09Dick Stafford's My Little Cupcake-MicroMaxx II- 
2017-10-08Edward Chess's Wildman Rocketry - Patriot 2.6-F50-6T587 feet 
2017-10-08Edward Chess's Balsa Machining Service - School RocketBalsa Machining Service - School RocketB6-4- 
2017-10-08Edward Chess's Fliskits - Celtic ThunderFlisKits - Celtic ThunderB6-4- 
2017-10-08Skyviper Aerospace's The Red RocketPerformance Rocketry - G3k2708771 feet 

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