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Flights flown in March 2017:

2017-03-25Dick Stafford's Heavenly Hobbies Resistor 224Heavenly Hobbies - Resistor 2242XC11-3- 
2017-03-25Dick Stafford's Estes Crayon-B4-2- 
2017-03-25Dick Stafford's Estes Crayon-C6-5- 
2017-03-25Dick Stafford's Art Applewhite 6" Mirror Gold Delta Saucer-E9-4- 
2017-03-25Dick Stafford's Estes Super Alpha-C11-3- 
2017-03-25Dick Stafford's Sacrificial Bertha-E16-8- 
2017-03-25Dick Stafford's The Launch Pad RapierThe Launch Pad - RapierE20-4- 
2017-03-25Dick Stafford's Half-Ass-Tron SuperRoc-C6-3- 
2017-03-25Dick Stafford's Estes Majestic-E16-6- 
2017-03-25Dick Stafford's Estes Leviathan-G74-6- 
2017-03-24Jeff Boldig's Dog Whistle DDScratchI-371 EX2824 feet 
2017-03-23Greg Moore's LOC Precision Vulcanite H76LOC/Precision - Vulcanite H76G40-4-
2017-03-19Eric Lofgren's Odd'l Rockets Breakaway (The Joker)Odd'l Rockets - Break AwayB6-4- 
2017-03-19Eric Lofgren's Estes Photon Probe (Foton Sond)Estes - Photon ProbeC6-5358 feet 
2017-03-19Eric Lofgren's Estes Big DaddyEstes - Big DaddyE11-3517 feet 
2017-03-19Eric Lofgren's Estes Mega MosquitoEstes - Mega MosquitoD12-3340 feet 
2017-03-18Bob Bernatchez's The Launch Pad Exocet AM.39The Launch Pad - Exocet AM.39E18-5- 
2017-03-18Bob Bernatchez's Aerotech BarracudaAerotech - BarracudaF15-6- 
2017-03-18Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mega MosquitoEstes - Mega MosquitoE9-4- 
2017-03-18Bob Bernatchez's North Coast Rocketry - Quasar NG-H128-7-
2017-03-18Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Nike SmokeEstes - Nike SmokeG53-5- 
2017-03-18Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Challenger IIEstes - Challenger IIC6-5- 
2017-03-11Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Solar Warrior (1)Estes - Solar WarriorEstes D12-5750 feet
2017-03-11Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Solar WarriorEstes - Solar WarriorEstes D12-5750 feet
2017-03-11Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Odd'l Rockets F-16 Fighter-Estes C6-5525 feet
2017-03-11Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Quest X-15Quest - X-15Quest German m <b>...</b>325 feet
2017-03-04Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Flying Motor MountScratchEstes A10-0t75 feet
2017-03-04Hans "Chris" Michielssen's RRR StarlinerRed River Rocketry - Starliner DSTEstes A8-3175 feet
2017-03-04Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Dr. Zooch Ares 1-Estes A8-3150 feet
2017-03-04Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Super Alpha-Estes B6-4250 feet
2017-03-04Mike Caplinger's Darkstar 3-K445-177723 feet
2017-03-04Mike Caplinger's SubZeroLeading Edge Rocketry - SubZeroG40-71370 feet 
2017-03-04Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Odd'l Rockets F-16 Fighter-Estes A8-3150 feet
2017-03-03Mike Caplinger's Fiberglass DX3-I1255159 feet
2017-03-03Mike Caplinger's Aerotech ArreauxAerotech - ArreauxG64-102300 feet
2017-03-03Mike Caplinger's SubZeroLeading Edge Rocketry - SubZeroG54-72380 feet

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