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Flights flown in June 2017:

2017-06-26Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Odd'l Rockets F-104 StarfighterScratchEstes A8-3
2017-06-26Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Odd'l X-15 GoonyScratchEstes A8-3
2017-06-26Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Orange (Q Cobalt Kitbash)Quest - CobaltQuest German m <b>...</b>
2017-06-26Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes MosquitoEstes - Mosquito1/4A3-3t
2017-06-26Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Flying Porta PadScratchEstes B6-2
2017-06-25Edward Chess's Excelsior Rocketry - Goony GoblinPlanC6-5- 
2017-06-25Edward Chess's Excelsior Rocketry - '57 GoonyExcelsior Rocketry - '57 Goony (Plan)B4-4- 
2017-06-25Edward Chess's Estes Mega Der Red MaxEstes - Mega Der Red MaxH123W-10 
2017-06-24Chris Halinaty's Estes Flying Colors-C6-5- 
2017-06-24Edward Chess's Estes LeviathanEstes - LeviathanF50-6T- 
2017-06-24Edward Chess's Pemberton Technologies King KrakenPemberton Technologies - King KrakenH123W-10 
2017-06-24Edward Chess's Excelsior Rocketry - Honest GoonExcelsior Rocketry - Honest Goon (Plan)B6-4- 
2017-06-24Edward Chess's FlisKits Deuce's WildFlisKits - Deuce's Wild2XB6-4- 
2017-06-22Greg Perez's Baby BerthaEstes - Baby BerthaB6-4- 
2017-06-22Greg Perez's Der Red Max-B6-4- 
2017-06-22Greg Perez's PointSemroc - PointB4-2- 
2017-06-22Greg Perez's America-B6-4- 
2017-06-22Greg Perez's Silver StreakEstes - Silver StreakA10-3T- 
2017-06-17Greg Perez's Baby BerthaEstes - Baby BerthaC6-5- 
2017-06-17Greg Perez's Super Alpha-C6-5- 
2017-06-17Greg Perez's Mega MosquitoEstes - Mega MosquitoD12-5- 
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Hi-FlierEstes - Hi-FlierA8-3
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's FSI - HornetFSI - HornetA8-3
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Mini Fat BoyEstes - Mini Fat BoyA10-3
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Comet ChaserEstes - Comet ChaserA8-3
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Semroc - WAC CorporalSemroc - Wac CorporalA8-3
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's MPC - Nike Patriot (1)MPC - Nike PatriotB6-4
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Estes - MosquitoEstes - Mosquito1/4A3-3
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Super Alpha (Silver & Black)Estes - Super AlphaB6-4
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Custom Rockets - Dynamic CarrierCustom Rockets - Dynamic CarrierA8-3
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Fishhead Rocketry - Rogue 1.3ScratchA8-3
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Estes - ConverterEstes - ConverterC6-3 
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Tau Zero Rocketry - Scram JetCenturi - Scram-JetB6-4
2017-06-16Bill Eichelberger's Semroc - StarfireSemroc - StarfireA8-3
2017-06-11Alan Libert's Estes Quark-Estes A3-4T- 
2017-06-11Alan Libert's Estes RiptideEstes - Riptide Launch SetEstes B4-2- 
2017-06-10William Beggs's CAM ExtremeScratchI161-ALTIM 
2017-06-10Edward Chess's Balsa Machining Service - School RocketBalsa Machining Service - School RocketB6-4- 
2017-06-10Edward Chess's CyclonePlan1/2A3-2- 
2017-06-10Edward Chess's Estes Mini MaxEstes - Mini Max1/2A3-2- 
2017-06-10Edward Chess's Dr. Zooch - Soyuz 19-A8-3- 
2017-06-10Edward Chess's Excelsior Rocketry - Goony GoblinPlanA8-3- 
2017-06-10Bill Eichelberger's Centuri Engineering Co. - Alien Scoutship Flying SaucerCenturi - Alien Scoutship Flying SaucerC6-3
2017-06-10Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Comet (Ebay)Estes - CometB6-4
2017-06-10Bill Eichelberger's MPC - AquariusMPC - AquariusB6-4
2017-06-10Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Crossbow SST-A8-3
2017-06-10Bill Eichelberger's Estes - SequoiaEstes - Sequoia1/2A3-4
2017-06-10Bill Eichelberger's Estes - EquinoxEstes - EquinoxA8-3
2017-06-10Bill Eichelberger's Starlight Rockets - F-32 AvengerStarlight Rockets - F-32 AvengerA8-3
2017-06-10William Beggs's Performance Rocketry Arcas-
2017-06-09Rob Hoffman's Quest X-15Quest - X-15B8-5- 
2017-06-09Rob Hoffman's ExecutionerEstes - ExecutionerD12-3- 
2017-06-09Rob Hoffman's Firestreak SSTEstes - Firestreak SST1/2A3-4T- 
2017-06-09Rob Hoffman's Atomic Sky-A8-3- 
2017-06-09Rob Hoffman's BanditEstes - BanditB8-5- 
2017-06-09Rob Hoffman's Mega MosquitoEstes - Mega MosquitoE9-4- 
2017-06-09Rob Hoffman's ProwlerEstes - Prowler Launch SetD12-3- 
2017-06-08Dick Stafford's Estes Crayon-B6-2- 
2017-06-08Dick Stafford's New Way Mini Higgs Farm Square Rocket-C11-3- 
2017-06-08Dick Stafford's Art Applewhite 13mm Stealth-A10-P- 
2017-06-08Dick Stafford's I Build Rockets Ballistic Chicken-B6-4- 
2017-06-04Alan Libert's Estes RiptideEstes - Riptide Launch SetEstes B4-2- 
2017-06-04Alan Libert's Estes RiptideEstes - Riptide Launch SetEstes B4-2- 
2017-06-03Chris Halinaty's MPC Lunar Shuttle-B6-4- 
2017-06-03Chris Halinaty's Estes Tercel-A3-4- 
2017-06-03Chris Halinaty's Alpha/Tercel-B4-4- 
2017-06-03Chris Halinaty's Estes Hornet-C6-5- 
2017-06-03Chris Halinaty's Estes Big Bertha-C6-5- 
2017-06-03Chris Halinaty's Estes Flying Colors-C6-5- 

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