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Flights flown in December 2017:

2017-12-03Chris Simmons's DaedalusRocketarium - DaedalusEstes D12-5- 
2017-12-03Bill Eichelberger's Excelsior Rocketry - Goonybird ZeroExcelsior Rocketry - Goonybird ZeroB6-4250 feet
2017-12-03Bill Eichelberger's Fishhead Rocketry - Golden KnightScratch1/2A3-4300 feet
2017-12-03Mike Caplinger's Madcow Rocketry Super DX3Madcow Rocketry - Super DX3I280-10-
2017-12-02Bob Bernatchez's Falcon 9 and DragonSpaceX - Falcon 9 and DragonC6-5- 
2017-12-02John Kelley's Binder Design DevastatorBinder Design - Devastator 54mmJ800-144669 feet
2017-12-02Mike Caplinger's Atlas V 521Scratch2xG57-12+2xG68 <b>...</b>-
2017-12-02Mike Caplinger's ExWWildman Rocketry - Extreme WildmanK540-143948 feet
2017-12-02Mike Caplinger's SubZeroLeading Edge Rocketry - SubZeroF35-5- 
2017-12-02Mike Caplinger's SubZeroLeading Edge Rocketry - SubZeroG64-7-
2017-12-02Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes CurvlinearEstes - CurvilinearEstes A8-3100 feet
2017-12-02Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Odd'l Rockets G-16 GoonyScratchEstes B6-4300 feet
2017-12-02Hans "Chris" Michielssen's AVI Nike TomahawkScratchEstes B6-4325 feet
2017-12-02Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Quest X-15Quest - X-15Quest Chinese <b>...</b>30 feet
2017-12-02John Kelley's Binder Design Excell 38-H178-102380 feet 
2017-12-02John Kelley's Aerotech InitiatorAerotech - InitiatorG53-81430 feet
2017-12-02Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Mini Honest JohnEstes - Mini Honest JohnA3-4T- 
2017-12-02Bob Bernatchez's Estes Enduring Freedom Patriot M104Estes - PatriotC6-5- 
2017-12-02Bob Bernatchez's Matra Super 530D-A10-3T- 
2017-12-02Bob Bernatchez's Helix AScratchA10-3T- 
2017-12-02Bill Eichelberger's Rocket Development Corporation - StarfliteRocket Development - StarfliteE9-810 feet
2017-12-02Bill Eichelberger's Coaster - SaturnCoaster - SaturnE9-41200 feet
2017-12-02Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Hi-Flier XLEstes - Hi-Flier XLE9-41200 feet
2017-12-02Bill Eichelberger's Enerjet - 1340 Sounding RocketEnerjet - 1340 Sounding RocketF15-61500 feet
2017-12-02Bill Eichelberger's Coaster - Space Probe ICoaster - Space Probe IF15-61200 feet
2017-12-02John Bergsmith's Fantom 438 EXLLOC/Precision - Fantom 438 EXLAerotech J3503201 feet 
2017-12-02John Kelley's Quasar One Nuclear Fusion-4xE9-61510 feet 
2017-12-02John Kelley's Shrox Hyperion clone-E28-71410 feet
2017-12-02John Kelley's Aerotech Strong Arm-G76-81670 feet 
2017-12-02Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Nike X Goon-Quest German m <b>...</b>350 feet

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