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Browse an index of the best rocketry blogs.


Read about other's rocketry projects and tell us about your own.

Center of Pressure Library

View Center of Pressure (CP) information for rockets in the database.


Browse and view a database of Rocketry Clubs.


View past and present contests.


A tool to help you find and take advantage of deals on rocketry products.

EMRR Challenge 2010

Rocketry Encyclopedia

View the Rocketry Encyclopedia.

Events Calendar

View or update the Rocketry Events Calendar. Find local rocketry clubs and launch sites.

Flight Logs

Browse and search records of flights by members.


View definitions of rocketry phrases and acronyms.


Get help using


Browse a directory of rocketry product manufacturers.


View information including time-thrust curves for motors in the database.

OpenRocket Library

Browse and search a large collection of OpenRocket design files.


Browse a database of the parts used in the Rocksim Designs in the database.

Photo Albums

View albums of rocketry photos created by members.


Browse and view a database of rocket plans and instructions.


Browse and search the rocket kits and other rocketry products in the database.


Browse and search the rocketry reviews in the database.

Rocket Gallery

View photos and information about rockets created by members.

Rocksim Library

Browse and search a large collection of Rocksim design files.

Tips and Tricks

Read and share tips for better building and flying of rockets.

Tools and Calculators

Find tools and calculators designed for rocketry hobbiests.

Rocketry Videos

Browse and view a collection of rocketry videos.

Web Search

Search the World-Wide Web for rocketry information.

Web Services

View a list of Web Services.

Who's Who

Browse and search biographies of members and others involved in rocketry.


Create and manage widgets to use in your web pages or in discussion forums.

Fun Stuff

Charity Auctions

View a list of rocketry auctions benefiting non-profits.

Random Review

Display a review chosen at random.

Random Slide Show

Display a slide show of a randomly-selected Photo Album.

Random Video

Display a random rocketry video.

Top Reviews

Display a list of the most popular (and least popular) reviews.

Weird, Wacky, and Way Cool eBay Auctions

Browse a list of weird, wacky, and, sometimes, "Way Cool" eBay auction listings.

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