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The following is a list of all the products from U.S. Rockets.

ManufacturerKit Name
U.S. Rockets265 Super
U.S. Rockets265 Super Fiberglass
U.S. RocketsAero-Roc
U.S. RocketsAero-Roc 3
U.S. RocketsAll Weather
U.S. RocketsAll Weather Easy J
U.S. RocketsAR 2B
U.S. RocketsAR 2B (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsArcon
U.S. RocketsArcon 1.2
U.S. RocketsBanshee
U.S. RocketsBerlinetta
U.S. RocketsBig Bertha 6
U.S. RocketsCCV-1
U.S. RocketsColossus Goblin
U.S. RocketsColossus Stinger Two
U.S. RocketsDream Machine
U.S. RocketsDream Machine 38mm
U.S. RocketsEasy Rider 38mm
U.S. RocketsEasy Rider 75mm
U.S. RocketsEl Lubbo
U.S. RocketsFire and Forget
U.S. RocketsGigantor Goblin
U.S. RocketsHi-Test 1680
U.S. RocketsHi-Test 2225
U.S. RocketsHi-Test 2225 (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsHi-Test 3100
U.S. RocketsHiTest 2650
U.S. RocketsInterRoc
U.S. RocketsInterroc 2
U.S. RocketsInterroc 3
U.S. RocketsLong Tall Sally
U.S. RocketsMaurder
U.S. RocketsMega-Roc
U.S. RocketsMicroc
U.S. RocketsMiniroc 1.2
U.S. RocketsMiniroc 2
U.S. RocketsMiniroc 2 (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsMongrel 2.1
U.S. RocketsMongrel 7
U.S. RocketsMosquito 2.2
U.S. RocketsMR 2B
U.S. RocketsPiston Stager
U.S. RocketsPiston Stager (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsRapier
U.S. RocketsScout
U.S. RocketsScout Plus
U.S. RocketsScreamer
U.S. RocketsSentra SRB
U.S. RocketsSentra SRB (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsSniper
U.S. RocketsSonic 100 Fiberglass
U.S. RocketsSonic 125 Fiberglass
U.S. RocketsSonic 160b
U.S. RocketsSonic 165 Fiberglass
U.S. RocketsSonic 2200
U.S. RocketsSonic 2200 (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsSonic 225 Fiberglass
U.S. RocketsSonic 2700
U.S. RocketsSonic 2700 (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsSonic 2700 (V2.0)
U.S. RocketsSonic 3100
U.S. RocketsSonic 3100 Phase 2
U.S. RocketsSonic 3100 Phase 2 (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsSonic 75 Fiberglass
U.S. RocketsSonic Microc
U.S. RocketsSonic Sounder
U.S. RocketsStar
U.S. RocketsStarfire
U.S. RocketsStarfire (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsStart
U.S. RocketsStiletto
U.S. RocketsStinger Two
U.S. RocketsStinger Two (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsSTUB 6.1
U.S. RocketsSuper Mega_Roc
U.S. RocketsSupersonic
U.S. RocketsSwarm
U.S. RocketsSwarm Junior
U.S. RocketsTall Tail 10
U.S. RocketsTerminator
U.S. RocketsTomahawk
U.S. RocketsTomahawk 1.2
U.S. RocketsTommy's Hawk
U.S. RocketsTransformer
U.S. RocketsTroposphere Seeker
U.S. RocketsTwo-the-Limit
U.S. RocketsTwo-the-Limit (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsUprated Mongeral II
U.S. RocketsWarp 1
U.S. RocketsWarp 1-5
U.S. RocketsWarp 3
U.S. RocketsWarp 4
U.S. RocketsWarp 7
U.S. RocketsWarp II
U.S. RocketsWeightlofter

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