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The following is a list of all the products starting with H.

ManufacturerKit Name
Thrustline AerospaceHank
Aardvark RocketsHarpoon (Sea Slam)
Aardvark RocketsHawk
The Launch PadHawk MIM-23A
Madcow RocketryHawk MIM-23B
EstesHelio Copter
Shrox IndustriaHelios/DRSP
The Launch PadHellfire AGM-114A
LOC/PrecisionHi-Tech H45
U.S. RocketsHi-Test 1680
U.S. RocketsHi-Test 2225
U.S. RocketsHi-Test 2225 (Sustainer)
U.S. RocketsHi-Test 3100
U.S. RocketsHiTest 2650
Madcow RocketryHoJo 31
Madcow RocketryHoJo 50
EstesHonest John
EstesHonest John
EstesHonest John
Madcow RocketryHonest John (Fiberglass)
Madcow RocketryHonest John Style M31
BSD High Power RocketryHorizon
BSD High Power RocketryHorizon 54
Art Applewhite RocketsHourglass (18mm)
Vincent HobbiesHughes AIM-47A
AerotechHV Arcas
Apogee ComponentsHydra
LOC/PrecisionHyperLOC 835
North Coast RocketryHypersonic 1100
North Coast RocketryHypersonic 1800
North Coast RocketryHypersonic 2300
Fat Cat RocketsHypersonic Transport

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