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The following is a list of motors made by Estes.

Estes1/2A3T13.0mmsingle-use7.62 N3.03 N0.36 s1.09 Ns75% 1/2A
Estes1/2A618.0mmsingle-use7.86 N3.42 N0.33 s1.13 Ns81% 1/2A
Estes1/4A3T13.0mmsingle-use4.95 N2.36 N0.25 s0.59 Ns89% 1/4A
EstesA10T13.0mmsingle-use12.64 N2.35 N0.85 s2.00 Ns60% A
EstesA3T13.0mmsingle-use5.83 N2.20 N1.01 s2.22 Ns78% A
EstesA818.0mmsingle-use9.73 N3.18 N0.73 s2.32 Ns86% A
EstesB418.0mmsingle-use12.75 N4.17 N1.03 s4.29 Ns72% B
EstesB618.0mmsingle-use12.14 N5.03 N0.86 s4.33 Ns73% B
EstesC1124.0mmsingle-use21.73 N10.86 N0.81 s8.80 Ns76% C
EstesC518.0mmsingle-use21.85 N5.26 N1.73 s9.10 Ns82% C
EstesC618.0mmsingle-use14.09 N4.74 N1.86 s8.82 Ns76% C
EstesD1124.0mmsingle-use26.01 N9.40 N1.86 s17.49 Ns75% D
EstesD1224.0mmsingle-use29.73 N10.21 N1.65 s16.84 Ns68% D
EstesE1224.0mmsingle-use32.89 N11.17 N2.44 s27.25 Ns36% E
EstesE1629.0mmsingle-use26.40 N15.71 N2.10 s33.00 Ns65% E
EstesE30T24.0mmsingle-use49.30 N32.90 N1.02 s33.56 Ns68% E
EstesE924.0mmsingle-use19.47 N9.02 N3.09 s27.87 Ns39% E
EstesF1529.0mmsingle-use26.75 N14.37 N3.40 s48.87 Ns22% F
EstesG8029.0mmsingle-use102.20 N71.60 N1.81 s129.45 Ns62% G

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Click on the Designation to view additional motor data including the time/thrust curve.

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