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The following is a list of all the products from Sunward Aerospace.

ManufacturerKit Name
Sunward AerospaceArachnid
Sunward AerospaceBox racer
Sunward AerospaceBug Me Not
Sunward AerospaceCFX-3
Sunward AerospaceDaddy Long Legs
Sunward AerospaceEruption
Sunward AerospaceExplorer
Sunward AerospaceFlat Foot
Sunward AerospaceFlechette
Sunward AerospaceGrasshopper
Sunward AerospaceInterplanetary Shuttle
Sunward AerospaceKhufu's Pyramid
Sunward AerospaceLightning Fury
Sunward AerospaceMercury Lander Jr.
Sunward AerospaceMoondance
Sunward AerospacePhoenix
Sunward AerospaceSkyBender
Sunward AerospaceSolar Eclipse
Sunward AerospaceStar Watcher
Sunward AerospaceThe Screamer

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