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TitleManufacturerPart NumberShapeBase
black_hole.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0906 in18.5039 in
daedalustailcone.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0906 in15.4528 in
black_hole_ext.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0906 in15.0000 in
betelgeuse.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0906 in15.0000 in
rim66standard_65.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6535 in13.2677 in
thunderhawk_65_loc.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6535 in9.0000 in
rim66standard_65_loc.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6535 in9.0000 in
messier_65.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.5591 in12.7953 in
enceladus_65.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6535 in9.0000 in
desdemona_65-srl.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6500 in10.0000 in
arcas.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6535 in9.0000 in
red_shift.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2283 in11.1417 in
portia_sr1_54.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2490 in12.5000 in
mach1_viper_54_tsr.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2047 in11.0236 in
mach1_industries.rkt Nose ConeParabolic Series3.0906 in15.0000 in
mach1_viper_tsr.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0945 in15.0000 in
SaturnV.rkt Nose ConeConical3.0000 in2.2500 in
EST2113.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.7500 in
K@@ Nose ConeOgive1.9685 in7.8740 in
AMW 4" Parrot Nose ConeOgive4.0025 in21.8211 in
AMW Hummingbird Nose ConeOgive1.6000 in8.7500 in
unchained_lightning.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in15.0000 in
x_agm-76.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0945 in15.0000 in
black_brant_bt55.rkt Nose ConeConical1.3425 in6.9375 in
warhead_76.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0906 in11.2000 in
black_brant_bt50.rkt Nose ConeConical0.9724 in5.0000 in
skye_shredder.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0906 in15.2000 in
nike_xii.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0906 in15.4528 in
messier_76.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in15.0000 in
firehawk_54.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2697 in12.0000 in
black_hole_54.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2283 in11.1417 in
alien_interceptor_54_min_dia.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2600 in11.2500 in
blackbird.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3425 in6.2500 in
pulse_bt_55.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3425 in6.5000 in
xcelerator_bt55.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3425 in6.6142 in
alien_interceptor_bt20.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.7480 in3.7402 in
amraam_aim_120_bt50.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9843 in3.2500 in
patriot_bt_50.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9843 in2.6875 in
saberhawk.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3386 in6.3750 in
x-agm-bt55.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3425 in6.3750 in
karman_line_transport_bt55.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3583 in6.7500 in
tycho_ii_bt50.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9843 in4.7500 in
triton_bt60.rkt Nose ConeParabolic Series1.6370 in8.0000 in
callisto.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9724 in4.7500 in
MPC Duck Dodgers Star Traveler Nose ConeOgive1.1732 in4.6457 in
nike_xii_bt60.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6339 in8.5000 in
rim-66_standard_mr_bt55.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3425 in6.2500 in
starlight_38.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6339 in8.3750 in
daedalus_bt60.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6339 in9.0000 in
antimatter_bt60.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6339 in8.6250 in
omicron_bt60_dd__min_dia.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6339 in8.0000 in
doppler38_29.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6339 in7.6250 in
alien_interceptor38.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6339 in8.3750 in
dead_ringer.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.7480 in3.0000 in
razer_bt_50.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9724 in4.0000 in
antigravity.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.5748 in7.8740 in
boost.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9685 in4.5000 in
decimator.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3425 in6.2500 in
Estes - Nike Smoke Nose ConeConical1.7000 in9.5000 in
devil_ray.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3425 in6.3750 in
Estes Colossus - modified the maxi alpha 3 Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in8.1500 in
AMW Scalded Tiger Nose ConeOgive1.0000 in2.6142 in
Scratch Mach 2 Attempt (54mm MM) Nose ConeConical3.0000 in19.0000 in
Estes - Converter Nose ConeParabolic Series1.3460 in6.3750 in
Big Daddy.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in9.0000 in
"E" Cluster Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.14Ogive2.3000 in9.5000 in
Estes Clipper Number 1979 Nose Cone"Estes""BNC-50Y"Ogive0.9800 in4.3500 in
Estes Astro #1937 Nose Cone"Estes""Reliant/Viking BT-20"Ogive0.7362 in2.8346 in
'Scuse Me (originally just GlassRoc) Nose ConeConical1.5250 in8.5000 in
1-2PatriotRedlineEllis.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.7500 in
1-2_Patriot_L3_Cert_Rocket.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPML FNC-7.51Ogive7.7000 in29.2500 in
1-4PatriotLOC.RKT Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in12.7500 in
1.3X_EAC_Viper.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1353Haack1.3400 in5.3000 in
1.68x US Skywriter Nose ConeConical1.6400 in7.9670 in
1.91x_Screamer.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1045Ogive1.0400 in4.5000 in
1.91x_Screamer.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1045Ogive1.0400 in4.5000 in
1/10 scale Nike-Herc Nose ConeParabolic2.2500 in5.3100 in
1/2 Scale NIKE-HERC Nose ConeParabolic11.2500 in26.5500 in
15inch Scratchpad 2.rkt Nose ConeOgive15.2000 in60.5000 in
1972_0810_130X.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1126 Nose cone tip -- AParabolic0.3300 in0.1300 in
1:42.12 Scale WASP Nose ConeConical0.7590 in2.2440 in
1:52 Saturn V Nose ConeConical3.2500 in2.5000 in
2 stage Simple rocket Nose ConeApogee ComponentsParabolic0.4460 in0.7500 in
2 stage take 2.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.2000 in
2-cluster 4-fin Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3250 in5.4030 in
2-Stage Complex Model Nose ConeApogee ComponentsBNC-50 Cone 2.75 inchesConical0.9760 in2.7500 in
2009design_starburst_2-stage.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceCENBC79Conical1.3000 in6.5000 in
20k.rkt Nose ConeConical1.2500 in6.0000 in
29mm Estes 2.6 V2 Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
29mm Generic Design Nose ConeApogee Components19114Ogive1.1770 in4.2520 in
2SQRT Minus 1 Nose ConeApogee Components19050Elliptical0.4460 in0.8500 in
2x Meanie Nose ConeOgive5.5000 in21.0000 in
2x_Goblin.rkt Nose ConeSemrocElliptical2.8400 in10.0000 in
2x_Goblin.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-735Ogive0.7590 in3.5000 in
3 Stage N Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.5000 in18.4500 in
3" Black Brant X Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in11.0000 in
3" Mystic Buzz Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive3.1000 in11.2500 in
3" Spunik Satellite Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceElliptical3.0000 in1.5000 in
3-Demon (Final).rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.2500 in
3D Rocketry - Dark Comet 3D Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionPNC-2.14Ogive2.2600 in9.5000 in
3D Rocketry Circulus 3 Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.2500 in
3D Rocketry Dark Pyramid Jr 3D Nose ConeEstesPNC-60NAOgive1.6370 in4.7500 in
3D Rocketry Ion Challenger 3D Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AOgive1.6370 in4.7500 in
3FNC 3" Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in13.2000 in
3X Hawkeye.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHElliptical1.6400 in6.5000 in
4 inch Photon Disruptor II Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Elliptical4.0000 in16.5000 in
4" Public Enemy Extreme Performer Dual Deploy Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-3.90Ogive3.9000 in16.2500 in
4" Upscale Nuke Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive3.9600 in16.8000 in
5.5 Sprite Nose ConeOgive5.6250 in10.2500 in
58mm JATO Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.2500 in9.5000 in
6 Inch BSD THOR Upscale/Zipperless Booster Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-6.00Ogive6.1000 in24.0000 in
7.5 Amram Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-7.51Ogive7.7000 in29.0000 in
741_Demo.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-853Ogive0.9080 in5.3000 in
83148.rkt Nose ConeHaack4.0400 in22.7500 in
91926.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-5.38LOgive5.5000 in21.0000 in
???? Nose ConePublic MissilesOgive4.0000 in15.0000 in
AA-10 Alamo Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBMSOgive1.3250 in4.5000 in
AA-9 Amos Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.9280 in
AAA Model Aviation Fuels - Magnum Pennsylvania Crude Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in12.8000 in
Aardvark Nose ConeOgive2.2500 in6.8750 in
Aardvark Rockets AA-5 Ash Nose ConeElliptical0.9760 in1.4830 in
Aardvark Rockets AGM-65 Maverick Nose ConeElliptical0.9760 in1.4800 in
Aardvark Rockets AIM-9M Sidewinder Nose ConeParabolic0.9760 in0.6875 in
Aardvark Rockets Al Hussein (SCUD) Nose ConeConical0.9760 in2.9280 in
Aardvark Rockets American Dream (2.6") Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Aardvark Rockets Astrobee D Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.8800 in
Aardvark Rockets BT-55 AIM-4C Falcon Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.3250 in1.8600 in
Aardvark Rockets BT-55 Asp Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.1000 in2.0000 in
Aardvark Rockets BT-55 Black Brant II Nose ConeConical1.3250 in6.5500 in
Aardvark Rockets BT-55 Gadfly Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Aardvark Rockets BT-55 Rheinbote Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.7360 in2.7500 in
Aardvark Rockets BT-55 Skywriter Nose ConeAardvark RocketsNC-bt50-OG-3Ogive0.9760 in2.9280 in
Aardvark Rockets Harpoon (Sea Slam) Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in1.3000 in
Aardvark Rockets Hawk Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.9040 in
Aardvark Rockets Pershing Nose ConeConical0.7360 in2.2080 in
Aardvark Rockets SA-1 Guild Nose ConeBlackhawk R&DBHOgive0.9760 in2.9280 in
Aardvark Rockets SA-11 Gadfly Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in2.2080 in
Aardvark Rockets SH-5 Griffon Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in1.9520 in
Aardvark Rockets Sky Arrow Nose ConeBlackhawk R&DPC-50AOgive0.9760 in4.1250 in
Aardvark Rockets Terrier Sandhawk Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.9280 in
AAW-Bic Stick rocket Nose ConeSemrocConical0.2362 in0.3750 in
Advanced Rocketry Corporation - 1824 PSR Nose ConeOgive1.6400 in5.1250 in
Advanced Rocketry Group Ltd. Evolution Three (EV-3) Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive4.0000 in12.7500 in
Advanced Target Drone 1913.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in3.7500 in
adventurer3.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.1250 in15.5000 in
Aero-Rock-3 Nose ConeElliptical2.2500 in4.5000 in
Aerobee 150 Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in6.7500 in
Aerobee 300 Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.5440 in1.5000 in
Aerobee 350 Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.8800 in
Aerobee-Hi.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive0.9080 in4.8000 in
Aerobee-Hi_60.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-60LOgive1.6400 in8.3125 in
Aerobee-Hi_60.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-50JParabolic0.9760 in1.3750 in
Aerocon Flippifin Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.4030 in
Aerospace Speciality Products D-Region Tomahawk Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in1.8169 in
Aerospace Speciality Products Eggstravaganza 18 Nose ConeElliptical1.7492 in2.7913 in
Aerospace Speciality Products Eggstravaganza 24mm Nose ConeElliptical1.8750 in3.0000 in
Aerospace Speciality Products F.O.T.L. (Follow On To Lance) Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.0461 in
Aerospace Speciality Products RAM-B Nose ConeConical0.7360 in2.4693 in
Aerospace Speciality Products Sonda II B Nose ConeConical0.9760 in4.7319 in
Aerospace Speciality Products WAC Corporal (24mm) Nose ConeConical1.3252 in5.5650 in
Titan 34D.rkt Nose ConeAerospace Specialty ProductsBNC80SPower Series2.6102 in3.0000 in
Thor-Agena B.rkt Nose ConeAerotechParabolic0.7500 in0.1000 in
Little Joe I.rkt Nose ConeAerotechConical0.5250 in0.2500 in
Aerotech Arreaux Nose ConeAerotechAerotechOgive1.9000 in9.5000 in
Aerotech Astrobee-D Nose ConeAerotechAerotechOgive2.6000 in13.0000 in
Aerotech Barracuda Nose ConeOgive1.9000 in9.0000 in
Aerotech Cheetah Nose ConeOgive1.9000 in9.1250 in
Aerotech G-Force Nose ConeHaack4.0320 in15.7500 in
Aerotech HV Arcas Nose ConeAerotechAerotechOgive2.6000 in12.5000 in
Aerotech Initiator Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in13.0940 in
Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk Nose ConeAerotechAerotechOgive1.9000 in9.1250 in
Aerotech Mirage Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in13.0000 in
Aerotech Mustang (Bronco) Nose ConeOgive1.8300 in9.2500 in
Aerotech Mustang Nose ConeOgive1.9000 in12.6250 in
Aerotech Strong ARM Nose ConeAerotechAT11261Ogive2.6000 in13.1250 in
Aerotech StrongARM Nose ConeOgive2.6378 in12.9921 in
Aerotech Sumo Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive4.0000 in16.0000 in
Aerotech Wart-Hog Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in13.0000 in
AGM-114 Hellfire Nose ConeElliptical1.3250 in4.0000 in
AGM-57x HeatSeeker Nose ConePublic MissilesIC-3.0-2.1Ogive3.1000 in13.2500 in
AGM-57X Heatseeker Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-2.15Ogive2.3000 in9.5000 in
AGM-65 Maverick #2 Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
AGM-65 Maverick Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
AGM-65B Maverick with camera Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
AGM-65B Maverick with camera Nose ConeEstesParabolic1.0000 in0.5000 in
AGM-84D Harpoon w/Booster Nose ConeElliptical2.6320 in4.0000 in
AGM-88 HARM Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive4.0000 in12.7500 in
AGM-88A HARM Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-7.51Ogive7.6750 in22.5000 in
AGM-88A HARM Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in12.0000 in
AGM256-38mm.rkt Ogive Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-2.56Ogive2.7000 in11.2000 in
AGM600-54mm-A.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-6.00Ogive6.1000 in24.0000 in
AIM-4C Falcon Nose ConeElliptical0.9760 in1.3700 in
AIM-54 Phoenix Nose ConeBlackhawk R&DBHOgive0.9760 in1.9520 in
AIM-54 Phoenix Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.6000 in8.1500 in
AIM-9B Sidewinder Nose ConeElliptical2.2760 in0.5000 in
Airship R-100 Nose ConePower Series2.2500 in3.7500 in
Airspike Nose ConeAerotech11191Ogive1.9000 in9.1250 in
Al Hussien Nose ConeConical2.6320 in6.1250 in
Alan's Semroc Marauder Nose ConeSemrocBC-848Ogive0.9080 in4.8000 in
Alarm Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.14Ogive2.2600 in9.5000 in
Alien Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-2.15Ogive2.3000 in9.5000 in
Alpha 70 (3 Seperate Fins with Overlay).rkt Nose ConeApogee Components19470Ogive2.2165 in10.7480 in
Alpha A Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.5440 in1.5000 in
Alpha D Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
alpha1.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in13.2500 in
Alpha_Goon.rkt Elliptical Nose ConeEstesPNC-60MSElliptical1.6400 in2.5000 in
Altitude Burner Nose ConeConical0.4460 in1.5000 in
Always Ready Rocketry - Basic Blues 3 Nose ConeBB3Ogive3.0650 in15.2500 in
Always Ready Rocketry - Predator Jr Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-54Ogive2.2800 in9.7500 in
Always Ready Rocketry Basic Blues Nose ConeOgive3.0650 in15.2500 in
Ambassadors_Transport.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1052Ogive1.0400 in5.2000 in
Amos AA-9 Nose ConeSemrocBNC-50CConical0.9760 in1.2700 in
AMW Bigger Daddy Nose ConeAMWOgive4.0360 in11.1800 in
AMW Blue Baboon Nose ConeAMWOgive3.1300 in15.3000 in
AMW Blue Baboon Nose ConeOgive3.1300 in15.3000 in
AMW-ProX 38mm Purple Parrot Nose ConeAMWPurple Parrot Nose ConeOgive1.6110 in8.7830 in
Ana Cana Puna Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-1.52Ogive1.6000 in8.0000 in
Andromeda 29mm ADPTRMAC-8.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.7500 in
Andromeda Nose ConeElliptical4.0000 in4.0000 in
Anger_Management.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.9760 in2.7500 in
Angstroms_Arrow.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-60AHElliptical1.6370 in6.7500 in
Angstroms_Arrow.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-20Ogive0.7362 in2.8346 in
Antares Hawk Nose ConeApogee Components19114Ogive1.1772 in4.2520 in
Antares.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
Antares.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7360 in2.0000 in
Anti-Crambaster Nose ConeParabolic4.0240 in9.0000 in
Anubis Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6370 in6.7500 in
Rocketarium - Alamo Air-to-Air Missile Nose ConeApo11oAPN-60BOOgive1.6370 in5.5000 in
Apogee 1/70th Scale Saturn 1B Nose ConeConical2.2430 in1.8000 in
Apogee Aspire Nose ConeApogee ComponentsApogee P/N 19110Haack1.1760 in3.0000 in
Apogee Centrix with Super Centrix Staging Unit Nose ConeElliptical0.4460 in0.8500 in
Apogee Components Heli_Roc Nose ConeApogee Components19078Haack0.5440 in1.0004 in
Apogee Components Saturn V (1/70th) Nose ConeConical2.7500 in4.7504 in
Apogee Components' Blue Streak Nose ConePNC-18A 18 mm Dia ParabolicParabolic0.7360 in2.2500 in
Apogee Hydra Nose ConeParabolic1.8850 in3.9480 in
Apogee SR-72 Darkbird Nose ConeApogee ComponentsConical0.4200 in0.5120 in
Katana-54mm.rkt Nose ConeApogee Components19493Ogive4.0000 in19.8080 in
Astrocam.rkt Nose ConeApogee Components19999Ogive0.9800 in5.0000 in
Apogee_Aspire.rkt Nose ConeApogee ComponentsApogee P/N 19110Ogive1.1760 in4.2500 in
apogee_avion.rkt Nose ConeApogee Components19400Parabolic0.9764 in3.0000 in
Aqua Lander Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionHaack1.1250 in0.1250 in
AquaBottleBat Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionOgive3.1250 in2.7500 in
Aramis II Nose ConePublic MissilesPML FNC-6.00Ogive6.1000 in24.0000 in
Arapahoe E Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6370 in5.2500 in
Arcas Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.9606 in
Arcas Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.7500 in
arcas.rkt Nose ConeHaack2.6800 in10.5000 in
arcas.rkt Nose ConeMadcow RocketryFNC-80YHaack2.6500 in10.5000 in
Arcus Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in10.2500 in
ARG T222-24 Sounding Rocket - Rocksim file by Steve Naquin, Email Nose ConeOgive2.2200 in7.0000 in
Ariel_29mmMAC-8.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPML IC-3.9-2.1Ogive4.0000 in16.7500 in
Aries BT80 Nose ConeVaughn BrothersVB-PNC-80Ogive2.6000 in8.2500 in
ARIES Nose ConeOgive3.1102 in10.0394 in
Armageddon Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.14Ogive2.3000 in9.5000 in
Armageddon Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive5.5000 in21.5000 in
Army Hawk (4) Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.7500 in
Arreaux 3 Nose ConeOgive3.1250 in15.5000 in
Arrow Nose ConeApogee ComponentsApogee 19001Elliptical0.4460 in0.8500 in
Arrow_2d_mk1 Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in5.0000 in
Ascender_18.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-17585Ogive1.8400 in8.5000 in
Ascender_18.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-733Ogive0.7590 in3.3000 in
ASM 3in.rkt Nose ConePower Series3.1000 in4.5000 in
ASM-1 Nose ConeSemrocBNC-80HBBElliptical2.6400 in4.0000 in
Asp (2/3 scale) Nose ConeOgive4.0240 in20.5000 in
Asp Nose ConeElliptical0.0630 in0.9010 in
ASP.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.5440 in2.8000 in
ASP.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1052Ogive1.0400 in5.2000 in
Asroc 1/6 sport scale Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-70Ogive2.2170 in2.5000 in
Astrocam Nose ConeElliptical1.3460 in4.0000 in
Astrocam Nose ConeEstesOgive1.3460 in2.0000 in
astrocam.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3750 in2.5000 in
Astron Beta K-45 Nose ConeEstesBNC-5WOgive0.5440 in2.8000 in
Astron Ranger BT80.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-80BBElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
ASWACK Nose ConeEstes71070Ogive1.3250 in5.3940 in
Athos (dual recovery) Nose ConePublic MissilesPML FNC-7.51Ogive7.7000 in29.0000 in
Atomic Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.6250 in
ATW - Anti-Tank Weapon Nose ConeConical0.4610 in0.3693 in
Aura Nose ConeOgive1.6200 in8.0000 in
Avatar Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.14Ogive2.3000 in9.5000 in
B-2 Smart Bomb Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6370 in4.6250 in
B2 Bye-Bye Nose ConeOgive0.4700 in0.8500 in
B914 Nose ConePower Series3.2500 in1.2500 in
Baby Thor Nose ConeOgive0.4460 in1.7900 in
Baby_Cherokee.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3200 in5.4000 in
Badd Azz Rocketry - Mizz Rhonda Nose ConeAMIAMI-NC-OGIVEHaack3.2000 in16.0000 in
Ballistic Surplus Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.7360 in1.7000 in
Balls to the Wall Nose ConeElliptical2.0000 in1.0000 in
R-7 GRAU.rkt Nose ConeBalsa MachiningBNC20RConical0.7300 in2.5000 in
Bandit Nose ConeOgive1.0811 in4.5850 in
Bandit Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-2.56Ogive2.7000 in11.2500 in
Batray - Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved Madcow Rocketry Nose ConeMadcow RocketryBNC-70AJOgive2.2450 in4.4000 in
Battle Axe Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in2.7559 in
BBII.rkt Nose ConeConical2.6300 in13.1400 in
BBVC.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6300 in7.8000 in
BEER 'n PRETZELS Nose ConePower Series7.0000 in2.2500 in
Bell X-1 (1/20) Glamorous Glennis Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.6000 in8.2500 in
Bell X-1 (1/20) Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.6000 in8.2500 in
Bell X-1 Nose ConeHaack1.3250 in5.0000 in
Bell X1 Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-1.52Ogive1.6000 in3.0000 in
Big 70 w ALTIM1.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-70AJElliptical2.2200 in4.0000 in
Big Bad Bertha Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
Big Bad Bumble Bee Nose ConePublic MissilesUNC-1.145Conical0.9760 in5.0000 in
Big Bad Daddy Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive7.6750 in22.0000 in
Big Bertha Nose ConeAerotechAerotechOgive0.1970 in1.0000 in
Big Bertha Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6370 in2.5000 in
Big Betty Nose ConeElliptical1.5902 in2.6358 in
Big Brute Nose ConeHaack4.0000 in15.7500 in
Big BS Nose ConeOgive2.3400 in9.5000 in
Big Daddy Mamma Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in11.9000 in
Big Daddy Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in9.0000 in
Big Fizz - Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved Madcow Rocketry Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC-101AJOgive4.0000 in9.5000 in
Big n' Fat Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-11.4HRPNConical11.7000 in23.0000 in
BigBertha-ThreeStage.rkt Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
Bigger Brutus Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive5.5000 in20.0000 in
Billy Bob Joe Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-1.52Ogive1.6000 in8.0000 in
Binary Star.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC55CConical1.3200 in4.5000 in
Binder Design - Excel 38mm with Dual Deploy kit Nose ConeBinder DesignPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.7500 in
Binder Design Bat 38mm Nose ConeBinder DesignPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.7500 in
Binder Design Excel 54mm Nose ConeBinder DesignPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.7500 in
Binder Design Exocet.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in7.0000 in
Binder Design Gangsta (2.6) Nose ConeBinder DesignNC-2.6Ogive2.6000 in13.1250 in
Binder Design Samurai 38mm Nose ConeBinder DesignNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.7500 in
Binder Design Stealth Jr. Nose ConeBinder DesignNC-2.6Ogive2.6000 in13.0000 in
Binder Sentinel Nose ConeBinder DesignNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.4000 in
binder_design_excel_jr.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6800 in10.5000 in
binder_design_velociraptor_single_dply.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.0000 in
Birdhouse V1.0 Nose ConeConical6.6250 in3.5000 in
Birdhouse, Version 2 Nose ConeConical5.6875 in4.0000 in
Black Ninja Nose ConeEstesPNC-20Ogive0.7360 in2.8350 in
Black zombie 1-B Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical2.6000 in3.3750 in
Blackbird Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.14Elliptical1.2500 in9.5000 in
BlackBrantIII.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-55BBConical1.3250 in6.5000 in
blackbrintI.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesConical1.3250 in5.4030 in
Blackhawk R&D AGM84 Standard ARM (38mm) Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.8000 in
Blackhawk R&D SAAB RB-05A Nose ConeRWW3" NoseconeOgive3.1000 in12.6000 in
Blackhawk R&D Smokescreen Nose ConeBlackhawk R&DNCP-3.90OOgive4.0000 in16.7500 in
Blackhawk29.rkt Nose ConeConical1.2697 in6.1250 in
Blackhawk_38.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryHaack1.6100 in8.0500 in
BLT Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.7360 in0.9500 in
BLU-97B Cluster Bomb (12) Nose Conecust-12.75x9Elliptical12.7500 in2.7500 in
Blue Bird Zero Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-55AOParabolic1.3250 in5.0000 in
Blue Blade 3X Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.3000 in9.5000 in
Blue_Sneek.rkt Ogive Nose ConeSemrocBC-1052Ogive1.0400 in5.2000 in
BNC-R1 Nose ConeHaack2.1000 in4.2500 in
BNC-R2 Nose ConeOgive2.0000 in3.0000 in
BNC-R3 Nose ConeElliptical1.3750 in3.2500 in
Bob's Big Stick Nose ConeOgive7.7000 in30.0000 in
Bobcat Special RockSim File Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Bobcat.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-524Ogive0.5430 in2.4000 in
Boca Grosso Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.8000 in
BOMARC, 1/24th Scale Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.0000 in
BoRocks Flechette 60P Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6400 in7.0000 in
BoRocks_Hellbender_III.rkt Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.6000 in
Boyce Aerospace Hobbies Pershing 1A Nose ConeConical1.0000 in2.5000 in
Bright Hawk Nose ConeQuestQuestParabolic1.3780 in4.1250 in
Broken Arrow Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7360 in2.8350 in
Broken Arrow.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2800 in12.0000 in
Bruiser EXP3_v7_5.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-7.51Ogive7.6750 in22.0000 in
BSD 54 Special Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in13.0000 in
BSD Canadian Sprint 38mm Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.2500 in
BSD High Power Rocketry Diablo 5.5 (Big Diablo) Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-5.38LOgive5.5000 in21.0000 in
BSD High Power Rocketry Gila Monster (3) Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in12.5000 in
BSD High Power Rocketry Sprint (Mjollnir II) 64mm Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.5000 in
BSD High Power Rocketry Thor Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-3.90Ogive3.9370 in16.4173 in
BSD Horizon-5.5 inch Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-5.38LOgive5.5000 in21.0000 in
BSD Intrepid Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
BSD Little John Kit - Rocksim file by Steve Naquin, Email Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
BSD Thor Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-3.90Ogive3.0000 in11.0236 in
bsd_38special.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in11.0000 in
Bucky Jones - Space Cadet Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.2000 in
Bull Pup 12D Nose ConeEstes71070Ogive1.3250 in5.3937 in
Bullpup 12D Nose ConeEstes71070Ogive1.3248 in5.3941 in
Bullpuppy_38mmRedlineEllisMAC-8.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPML UNC-1.525Conical1.6000 in8.0000 in
Bumble Bee RockSim file Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.8000 in
Bumblebee.ork.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.1520 in3.3000 in
Bunker Buster RS, Mark 4 Nose ConeElliptical3.2000 in4.1250 in
Cadet.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-50XElliptical0.9760 in3.2500 in
Cadet.rkt Nose ConeEstesElliptical0.9760 in3.2500 in
Callisto_38mmRedlineEllis.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-2.56Ogive2.7000 in11.2500 in
Canadian Arrow.ekc Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.6000 in8.1500 in
Canaroc Scorpion Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.9760 in2.5000 in
Captain Electric's Saturn Screamer Nose ConeQuestConical0.3100 in3.0000 in
Cargo_Star_Transport.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.5440 in0.7500 in
Carrot Top Nose ConeHaack4.0000 in14.5000 in
Cawabunga Nose ConeEstesOgive4.0000 in9.6250 in
CDD-4.rkt Nose ConeBARCLONEPNC-400-1625SHaack4.0000 in16.2500 in
CDD-75-PL40.rkt Nose ConeQuestQuestHaack0.9840 in3.1500 in
Centuri - Astro-1 Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceCENBC107Haack1.0400 in5.0000 in
Centuri - Gabriel (upscale) Nose ConeSemrocBNC-60AHElliptical1.6370 in6.6250 in
Centuri - Hummingbird Nose ConeEstesBNC-20YElliptical0.7590 in1.7500 in
Centuri - Mach 10 Nose ConePower Series0.1500 in0.0500 in
Centuri - SST Shuttle-1 Nose ConeApogee Components19085Haack0.7362 in2.2480 in
Centuri - Starfire Nose ConeSemrocBC-848Ogive0.9060 in4.7500 in
Centuri Astro 1 Nose ConeOgive7.5100 in30.0000 in
Centuri Engineering Co. Groove Tube Nose ConeOgive0.9080 in4.6000 in
Centuri Engineering Co. Jayhawk Nose ConeOgive0.9080 in4.6000 in
Centuri Engineering Co. Long Tom Nose ConeOgive0.9080 in4.2520 in
Centuri Excalibur Nose ConeSemrocBC-730Parabolic0.7590 in3.0000 in
Centuri Groove Tube Nose ConeOgive0.9080 in4.6000 in
Centuri Point KC-13 Nose ConeEstesBNC-20RConical0.7500 in2.9000 in
Centuri Taurus.ekc Nose ConeEstesParabolic1.3400 in2.7500 in
Centuri Thunder Roc (Clone) Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6370 in6.7500 in
Centuri_Probe.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1330Ogive1.3400 in3.0000 in
Cerberus.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-60MSConical0.7400 in1.0000 in
Ceres A Fat Man.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-70AJElliptical2.2200 in4.3500 in
Ceres A ICU.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHParabolic1.6400 in6.7500 in
Ceres A ICU2.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-70AJElliptical2.6000 in3.8250 in
Ceres B Fat Man.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-70AJElliptical2.2200 in3.3500 in
CES (Crew Exploration Saucer) Nose ConePower Series0.6250 in0.3750 in
Cetus Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-6.00Ogive6.1000 in24.0000 in
Challenger_III.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-56-6375Haack1.3400 in6.3750 in
Chaparral II Nose ConeOgive2.2600 in4.5000 in
Check-Six Nose ConeOgive1.1250 in4.2500 in
Cheetah Nose ConeFlisKitsNCB-50XParabolic0.9760 in3.2697 in
Cherokee D Estes K-47 Nose ConeEstesEstesConical1.3250 in5.5000 in
Cherokee-F Rocksim file Nose ConeApogee Components19470Ogive2.2165 in9.3250 in
Cherokee_II.rkt Nose ConeBARCLONEPNC-520-2050SHaack5.3000 in20.5000 in
Chubby boy Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
Chunga's Revenge Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
Circulus -2.26in (Final).rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionPNC-2.14Ogive2.2600 in9.5000 in
Circulus 3in V2(Final).rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionPNC-3.00Haack3.1000 in11.2500 in
Clipper.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-833Ogive0.9080 in3.3000 in
Cloned Estes The Orion II Nose ConeOgive0.3750 in1.3125 in
Cloud Warrior Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.3024 in
Cluster Bomb 5" Nose ConeElliptical1.2500 in0.7500 in
Cluster Bomb BLU-97B Nose ConeElliptical0.6250 in0.1250 in
Cluster UP PC Nose ConeOgive2.2170 in11.0850 in
Cobra 11 Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.9760 in4.1250 in
Coffin Nose ConeEstesPower Series2.6000 in2.0000 in
Colin's Folly Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-7.51Ogive7.7000 in29.0000 in
Columbia Challenger Nose ConeApogee Components19080Elliptical0.5440 in1.2200 in
Commanche-3 Nose ConeHaack0.9760 in4.2913 in
Commander Kip Quasar's Galactic Zephyr Nose ConeConical8.0000 in24.0000 in
Commander Nose ConeOgive0.7870 in2.5646 in
Commander_II.rkt Nose ConeQuestQ-2025-OSHaack0.7870 in2.5000 in
Competitor 4/Performance Rocketry Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in20.0000 in
Competitor_3.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryHaack3.1250 in17.1880 in
Competitor_4.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryFNC4.0-5-1-VK-FW-MTHaack4.0250 in22.1380 in
Competitor_5.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryHaack5.1500 in28.3200 in
Composite Dynamics CD2650 Nose ConeOgive2.3000 in5.7500 in
Cone_Itchy_Way.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive0.9080 in3.3000 in
Contender Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.7360 in0.5000 in
Corporal - 18mm Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in1.6480 in
Corporal - 24 Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in2.4969 in
Cosmic Cobra Nose ConeParabolic1.3460 in6.3780 in
Cosmo Probe Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.7360 in2.0000 in
Cosmodrome Rocketry Aerobee Hi Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in15.8000 in
Cosmodrome Rocketry Delta E Nose ConePower Series0.5000 in0.2500 in
Cosmodrome Rocketry Nike Smoke Nose ConeConical2.7900 in14.7400 in
Cosmodrome Vostok Nose ConeApogee ComponentsConical1.4000 in4.8750 in
cosmodrome_nikesmoke2.6.rkt Nose ConeConical2.6000 in15.7500 in
Cougar 660 Nose ConeFlisKitsNCB-20BParabolic0.7360 in1.6780 in
CraterMaker Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1250 in13.3750 in
Crayon 29 Nose ConeConical4.0000 in8.5000 in
CrayShipOne Nose ConePower Series1.1250 in0.1000 in
Crazy Train Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Crazy Trzy (v0) Nose ConeEstesConical1.3200 in6.5000 in
CrazyDiamond.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-20YConical0.7360 in0.9500 in
Crossbow SST Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC20NOgive0.7300 in2.3750 in
Crusader Nose ConeLOCOgive4.0000 in17.0000 in
CSL_Douglas.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1331Elliptical1.3400 in3.1000 in
CSL_Murray.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1667Elliptical1.6400 in6.7500 in
Cuello Largo Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7360 in2.8346 in
CUL8R Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.0000 in
Estes Gemini Titan IIIE Nose ConeParabolic2.1875 in2.7500 in
Gary T Minion 6.rkt Nose ConeOgive6.1700 in26.2500 in
Composite Warehouse ARCAS Nose ConeHaack4.5000 in20.2500 in
Madcow Rocketry Viper Nose ConeOgive2.2441 in10.7480 in
Saturn V - EST 2001.rkt Nose ConeConical2.1250 in3.2500 in
Estes - Space Crater Nose ConeElliptical2.2913 in1.4606 in
Madcow Rocketry Nike Smoke (4") Nose ConeConical4.2299 in22.5000 in
AGM-12C Bullpup.rkt Nose ConeConical1.2500 in3.0000 in
Composite Warehouse LOTUS Micro Nose ConeConical2.2770 in12.2808 in
511087-4-Inch-Estes-Red-Nova-7266.rkt Nose ConeElliptical0.2453 in0.0123 in
Composite Warehouse IBEX Nose ConeHaack2.2300 in10.7000 in
Estes - Solo Nose ConeHaack1.3386 in6.6929 in
Phoenix Bird - CEN 5407.rkt Nose ConeElliptical1.3200 in6.5000 in
Composite-Warehouse-354-XL.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.1250 in15.5000 in
LOTUS Micro Composite Warehouse.rkt Nose ConeConical2.1259 in12.5000 in
Estes - Mercury Redstone Liberty Bell 7 Nose ConeConical0.1700 in0.1700 in
Rocketarium - Hydra Sandhawk Nose ConeHaack1.6400 in5.5000 in
Quest - Starhawk Nose ConeOgive0.7870 in2.5646 in
MPC - Duck Dodgers Cadet Cruiser Nose ConeOgive1.3504 in4.7244 in
Concept98_custom.rkt Nose ConeHaack4.0250 in19.1000 in
Estes - Gemini Titan Nose ConePower Series0.5230 in0.0050 in
Estes (Hobby Lobby) Olympus Nose ConeParabolic1.8000 in5.5000 in
Upscale Goblin Nose ConeElliptical3.0000 in12.3750 in
Rocketarium - Tank Buster 5 Nose ConeOgive1.6320 in5.5280 in
Rocketarium - Daedalus Nose ConeOgive1.6402 in5.5118 in
Boyce Aerospace Hobbies Mercury Redstone Builders Kit 1/17.5th scale Nose ConePower Series1.8750 in12.0000 in
Boyce Aerospace Hobbies SpaceX Falcon Heavy 1/89th Scale Nose ConeParabolic2.2201 in2.0000 in
Aerotech - G-Force Nose ConeHaack4.0000 in16.2500 in
Quest Micro Roc Boingo Nose ConePower Series0.3937 in0.1969 in
LOC Photon 185.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.8504 in9.0000 in
Boyce Aerospace Hobbies 4" Maxi Pershing 1A Nose ConeConical1.5000 in3.7500 in
Saturn Skylab - EST 1973.rkt Nose ConeElliptical0.3600 in0.0920 in
Nike Apache - EST 7254.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.1250 in
Glen\'s kitbash.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.0000 in9.6250 in
Rocketarium - Arcturus Nose ConeOgive1.6417 in5.5118 in
Estes - Interceptor Nose ConeElliptical0.1100 in0.0500 in
QU8K.rkt Nose ConeConical1.6400 in8.7500 in
Black Brant II - EST 7243.rkt Nose ConeConical1.3250 in6.5000 in
Micron CEN KV-8.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.7400 in1.9000 in
Doorknob.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in8.9000 in
Black Widow - CEN KB-6.rkt Nose ConeElliptical0.7400 in3.0000 in
Mini Honest John - EST 2446.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.2598 in4.1732 in
Juno II.rkt Nose ConeConical1.2100 in2.4600 in
Honest John - EST 7240.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.0000 in7.0000 in
Sidewinder AIM-9 - EST 2125.rkt Nose ConeElliptical0.6975 in0.2500 in
Bull Pup 12D - EST 7000.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.3937 in
Rocketarium Jayhawk Nose ConeOgive1.6402 in5.5000 in
Little Joe II - EST 7227.rkt Nose ConeElliptical0.1200 in0.0650 in
Nike Smoke - EST 7247.rkt Nose ConeConical1.7500 in9.2500 in
Rocketarium - KSR-420S Nose ConeOgive1.6339 in5.5118 in
Estes - Goblin Nose ConeParabolic1.3252 in5.0000 in
Vanguard TV-4.rkt Nose ConeConical0.9760 in3.0000 in
Screaming Eagle - CEN KF-3 .rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9080 in4.5000 in
Custom Bullet Nose ConeParabolic1.3250 in5.2500 in
Custom Elite #10025 Nose ConeEstesParabolic1.8750 in4.0000 in
Custom Rockets - Ion Pulsar Nose ConeElliptical0.9760 in2.6250 in
Custom Rockets - M320 Nose ConeOgive0.9600 in2.0500 in
Custom Rockets - Nomad Nose ConeApogee Components19114Elliptical1.1772 in0.2500 in
Custom Rockets - Serval Nose ConeElliptical0.2500 in0.0700 in
Custom Rockets Engage Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACPower Series1.3200 in5.4000 in
Custom Rockets Matra Nose ConeOgive0.9900 in4.0000 in
Custom Rockets Oasis Nose ConePower Series1.3250 in5.4000 in
Custom Rockets SAM-X Nose ConeOgive1.0000 in2.7500 in
Cyclops Nose ConePublic MissilesPML IC-3.0-2.1Ogive3.1000 in13.2500 in
D'Artangan (dual recovery, video payload) Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.7500 in
D-Region Tomahawk Nose ConeElliptical1.1800 in3.5000 in
Dark Knight (2 Stage) - Ray King Nose ConeEstesBNC-20BParabolic0.7360 in1.7000 in
Darkstar_jr.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryFNC2.1-5-1-VK-FW-CTHaack2.2500 in12.3750 in
Darkstar_lite.rkt Nose ConeHaack2.2350 in11.2500 in
DarkStar_lite.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.3000 in11.2500 in
Darkstar_mini.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesOgive1.6200 in8.1350 in
Dart Nose ConeOgive2.1600 in9.5000 in
Dart Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.5440 in2.8000 in
DART.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive1.6400 in6.0000 in
Dartus Maximus Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive1.6000 in8.0000 in
Das Modell V1 Nose ConeOgive1.7717 in5.1181 in
Day-Glo Tiger Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Dayglo Missile Nose ConeEstesElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
DC Pod Racer Nose ConeEstesConical0.7500 in2.0000 in
Deanston Marauder Nose ConeEstesConical0.7500 in0.7500 in
Death Star Nose ConeElliptical5.0000 in2.5000 in
Deep Surface Probe Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.2500 in
Delta E Nose ConeElliptical0.5000 in0.1140 in
Delta X-15 Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHElliptical1.6400 in6.2500 in
Deltoid_Starliner.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Denny's Nose ConeEstesOgive3.0000 in2.7500 in
Denton - Estes Payloader II.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Der Goony Max Nose ConeEstes71020Elliptical1.6400 in2.0000 in
Der Patriot Max Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6400 in4.6875 in
Der SchwarzenEGGer Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.2169 in4.4000 in
Derecho Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.7360 in1.7000 in
Der_Dopple_Max.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in12.8000 in
Der_Dopple_Max.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6400 in6.7500 in
descon_gbu_16.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesConical1.6370 in1.7500 in
descon_its_miller_time_beer2.rkt Nose ConeConical3.2500 in0.5000 in
descon_mercury_transport_29mm.rkt Nose ConeElliptical4.0000 in5.5000 in
descon_spaceliner_100.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.56Ogive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Deuce's Wild 38 AT Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in12.7500 in
Diab-Glo Ver#002 Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.0000 in
Diablo 3" Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in13.0000 in
Diamond Ring Nose ConeRed River RocketryBNC55Parabolic1.3200 in1.5000 in
Diaper_Loader.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6400 in2.5000 in
dominator3.rkt Nose ConeHaack3.1250 in16.7700 in
dominator4.rkt Nose ConeHaack4.0250 in22.5000 in
Don't Quit Your Day Job Nose ConeConical7.7500 in4.7500 in
Double Barrel Nose ConeSemrocBNC-20AElliptical0.7360 in0.8100 in
Double Digital Nose ConeApogee Components19001Elliptical0.4460 in0.8500 in
Double Shot Nose ConeRad RocketsRR NC 1Haack1.6400 in7.7500 in
Double Up! Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.2228 in
Double-D Nose ConeOgive1.3460 in6.5000 in
Dr. Ace! Nose ConeNorth Coast RocketryNC-30LOgive3.0000 in12.3000 in
Dr. Zooch - Mercury Atlas Nose ConeDr ZoochConical0.2812 in0.1562 in
Dr. Zooch - Mercury Little Joe Nose ConeConical0.0937 in0.3750 in
Dr. Zooch - Saturn 1B Nose ConeConical0.9760 in0.6250 in
Dr. Zooch - Vanguard Eagle Nose ConeDr ZoochElliptical0.7150 in0.3750 in
Dr. Zooch Model Rocket Ares 1 Nose ConeConical0.1860 in0.3000 in
Dr. Zooch Model Rocket Discoverer Thor Nose ConeDr. ZoochnaElliptical0.3750 in0.1875 in
Drago RockSim File Nose ConeOgive2.2870 in8.7500 in
Dragonfly Nose ConeSemrocBNC-80BBElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Dragons Claw Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.6000 in4.0839 in
Drakken.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-830Ogive0.9080 in3.0000 in
Dreaming#3 Nose ConeElliptical0.9760 in0.2000 in
Duane Boldt - Semroc - Texas Firefly Nose ConeSemrocBC-1331Elliptical1.3400 in3.1000 in
Duece's Wild Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in3.2500 in
Duster Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.5035 in
dx3.rkt Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC-80KOgive2.6400 in8.2500 in
dx3massive.rkt Nose ConeHaack5.5000 in31.0000 in
dx3xl.rkt Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC-101YHaack4.0250 in24.0000 in
Dynacom Komet Nose ConeOgive2.2620 in11.1880 in
Dynacom Yellowjacket Nose ConeDynacomYellow Jacket NoseconeParabolic Series2.2600 in11.3000 in
Dynastar Grappler Nose ConeApogee ComponentsOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
DynaStar Stonebreaker Nose ConeApogee Components19470Ogive2.2170 in10.5000 in
E.G.G.-3 Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.9760 in0.7500 in
EAC Hyperion Nose ConeEstesOgive0.7362 in2.9500 in
Eagle_Claw_4.rkt Ogive Nose ConeWildman Rocketry4" 5:1 Fiberglass OgiveOgive4.0625 in20.0000 in
Eagle_Claw_Mini.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryHaack1.6100 in8.0500 in
Earnhardt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in2.7300 in
Earth Quaker Nose ConeParabolic4.7600 in3.7500 in
Earth, Wind, and Fire, Fantasy Rocket Nose ConeEstesBNC-50JParabolic0.9700 in5.0000 in
EAT Tri-Roc-1 Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6370 in6.5000 in
Echostar Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.0000 in
Egg-citable Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.2170 in4.4000 in
Eggs-ample Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.5440 in1.3750 in
Eggscaliber Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.3000 in
Eggsterminator Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.2170 in4.4000 in
Eiffel's Nightmare Nose ConePower Series0.7500 in0.7500 in
El Lubbo Nose ConeConical4.0000 in10.0000 in
El Tubo Loco Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.2500 in
Eliminator Nose ConeOgive1.3460 in6.3465 in
Elipse Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-3.00Ogive3.0650 in15.0000 in
EMR Special Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in2.7350 in
EMRR Elevate 11 Rocket Nose ConeEstesBNC-5SOgive0.5440 in1.2000 in
EMRR Spaceship D15 Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.6000 in4.0000 in
EMRR2 Nose ConeOgive0.1250 in2.0000 in
EnerJet (Centuri) Aero-Dart Nose ConePower Series2.0670 in3.2280 in
Enerjet - 1340 Sounding Rocket Nose ConeApogee ComponentsPower Series0.2500 in0.1500 in
Enerjet 1320 Sounding Rocket Nose ConeApogee ComponentsElliptical2.0420 in2.5000 in
Enerjet 1340/20 Sounding Rocket Nose ConeElliptical2.0420 in2.5000 in
Entac Nose ConeElliptical3.1875 in5.0000 in
Eros.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-5WOgive0.5440 in1.2500 in
Estes - Nike-X Nose ConeEstesHaack1.3200 in5.4370 in
Estes - Tigres Nose ConeEstesOgive0.9642 in2.8346 in
Nike_Hercules_1-14th_Scale - Full Kit.rkt Nose ConeEstesParabolic Series1.5542 in3.7500 in
Estes #0809 Gauchito - X-Prize Scale Model Rocket Nose ConeEstesConical1.5400 in1.2500 in
Estes #0865 Mini Mean Machine Ha Nose ConeEstes70228Haack0.7360 in2.5000 in
Estes #1261 Baby Bertha.rkt Nose ConeEstes071020Elliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
Estes (centuri) Mercury Redstone Nose ConeConical0.1800 in0.1500 in
Estes - A-20 Demon Nose ConeElliptical0.2000 in0.1000 in
Estes - Air Commander Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive1.3200 in5.4000 in
Estes - Alien Invader Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YHaack0.9760 in3.7500 in
Estes - Alpha Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Estes - Andromeda Nose ConeEstesBNC-50JElliptical0.9700 in1.3700 in
Estes - Centuri Nose ConeEstesBNC-50KAOgive0.9760 in5.5000 in
Estes - Chrome Dome (Silver or Gold) Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.3460 in6.4961 in
Estes - Crossbow SST Nose ConeEstesPNC-20Ogive0.7362 in2.6575 in
Estes - Explorer Aquarius Nose ConeApogee Components19209Haack2.6750 in2.8750 in
Estes - Firestorm Nose ConeEstesOgive1.6400 in7.6000 in
Estes - Flip Flyer Nose ConeEstesBNC-50KAOgive0.9760 in2.3750 in
Estes - Flip Flyer Nose ConePower Series0.1000 in0.0500 in
Estes - Flutter-By Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YHaack0.9760 in2.7500 in
Estes - Freefall Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHElliptical0.4750 in0.1600 in
Estes - GeoSat LV Nose ConePower Series0.2000 in0.0500 in
Estes - Hyper Bat Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.2500 in
Estes - Indicator Nose ConeEstesBNC-5WOgive0.7409 in2.8000 in
Estes - Long Tom Nose ConeOgive1.0000 in4.2500 in
Estes - Marauder (Polaris) Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9800 in4.4050 in
Estes - MaxTrax Nose ConeElliptical1.3460 in2.7500 in
Estes - Mega Der Red Max Nose ConePower Series4.0000 in16.5000 in
Estes - Mega Sizz Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6402 in8.4252 in
Estes - Mini Comanche 3 Nose ConePower Series0.0800 in0.0300 in
Estes - Mini Fat Boy Nose ConeEstes071020Elliptical1.4500 in2.3000 in
Estes - Mini Honest John Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.2598 in4.1732 in
Estes - MX Missile Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHPower Series0.2000 in0.0500 in
Estes - Nike Apache Nose ConeEstes072600Elliptical0.1000 in0.0500 in
Estes - Orbital Transport Nose ConeEstesBNC-20BElliptical0.7360 in1.7000 in
Estes - Phoenix Bird Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACElliptical1.3200 in5.0000 in
Estes - Prowler Launch Set Nose ConeEstes072866Ogive2.0000 in9.6250 in
Estes - Python Nose ConeElliptical1.0400 in0.4850 in
Estes - Python Nose ConeElliptical1.0400 in0.4200 in
Estes - Recruiter Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionConical0.5512 in0.1969 in
Estes - Red Nova Nose ConeSemrocElliptical0.1000 in0.0050 in
Estes - Renegade-D Nose ConeEstesBNC-50KAOgive0.9760 in2.7299 in
Estes - Saturn V Nose ConeConical0.2500 in0.4338 in
Estes - Screamer Nose ConeEstesBNC-5SOgive0.5400 in2.2500 in
Estes - Sizzler Nose ConeOgive1.6142 in4.7244 in
Estes - Sky Twister Nose ConePower Series0.2800 in0.0900 in
Estes - Sprite Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7670 in1.5000 in
Estes - SR-71 Blackbird Nose ConeApogee ComponentsConical0.8125 in1.1875 in
Estes - Star Orbiter Nose ConeEstesPower Series0.1400 in0.0700 in
Estes - Star Stryker Nose ConeEstesBNC-50KOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Estes - STM 012 Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHOgive1.6400 in8.4375 in
Estes - Super Flea Nose ConeEstesBNC-5EHaack0.5430 in1.3750 in
Estes - Top Shot Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive1.6400 in9.2500 in
Estes - Trajector Nose ConeElliptical0.6875 in1.7500 in
Estes - Vector Force Nose ConeEstesBNC-20BParabolic Series0.7360 in2.3750 in
Estes - Ventris Nose ConeEstesOgive2.5000 in9.7500 in
Estes - Xarconian Cruiser Nose ConeEstesHaack1.3200 in3.0625 in
Estes 220 Swift Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in1.3039 in
Estes 260 Space Booster Nose ConePower Series0.9760 in1.5000 in
Estes 36D Squared Modified Nose ConeEstesPNC60 - OgiveElliptical1.6400 in2.5000 in
Estes A-20 Demon Nose ConeParabolic1.3250 in4.2000 in
Estes A.S.P. (Atmospheric Sounding Projectile) Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in3.2500 in
Estes AGM-57 Heatseeker Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in4.5000 in
Estes AGM-57X Heatseeker EST 2158 Nose ConeOgive1.0938 in4.5625 in
Estes Airborne Surveillance Missile (upscale) Nose ConeElliptical2.2170 in4.5000 in
Estes Airborne Surveillance Missile Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.9760 in1.3700 in
Estes Alien Space Probe Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Estes AMRAAM AIM-120 Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55FOgive1.3250 in4.2000 in
Estes Argosy Nose ConeEstesBNC-50spConical0.9760 in4.6250 in
Estes Aries II Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in2.0000 in
Estes Arrow-C Nose ConenoneElliptical0.9760 in3.2500 in
Estes Astron Beta Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC20NOgive0.7300 in2.7000 in
Estes Astron Mark II Nose ConeEstesDARTOgive0.7360 in2.8800 in
Estes Astron Ranger Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
Estes Astron Scout Nose ConeParabolic Series0.7669 in1.0669 in
Estes Astron Trident Nose ConeEstesOgive0.9760 in3.8750 in
Estes Astrovision Nose ConeEstesPower Series0.2900 in0.1450 in
Estes Aurora II Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.4030 in
Estes Avenger OOP Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
Estes Banshee, EST 2132 Nose ConeOgive1.1020 in4.6060 in
Estes Big Bertha Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6370 in3.1250 in
Estes Big Daddy Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in8.9375 in
Estes Big Daddy Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in8.9380 in
Estes Black Brant C.A.R.D.E. Nose ConeConical1.3250 in6.0000 in
Estes Black Brant II Nose ConeConical1.3250 in6.5000 in
Estes Blue Ninja with "Stretch" Modification by JST Nose ConeEstesEstesHaack1.6370 in6.7500 in
Estes Cherokee-D Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3460 in6.3750 in
Estes Cloud Buster Nose ConeEstesEstesHaack0.7360 in1.5000 in
Estes Colonial Viper Nose ConeConical0.7450 in0.0010 in
Estes Constellation Nose ConeEstesParabolic0.9760 in3.2500 in
Estes Corkscrew Nose ConeOgive1.0900 in4.6000 in
Estes Dark Star Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHParabolic1.6370 in6.7500 in
Estes Dark Zero Nose ConeOgive1.0900 in4.6200 in
Estes Der Big Red Max Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6400 in6.7500 in
Estes Echostar Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.0000 in
Estes Eggscaliber Nose ConeEstesBNC-50KAElliptical2.2500 in1.3750 in
Estes Enduring Freedom Patriot M104 Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6370 in4.7500 in
Estes EPM-010 Nose ConeHaack0.7358 in2.3622 in
Estes Farside-X Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in3.1250 in
Estes FatBoy Nose ConeElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Estes FatBoy Nose ConeElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Estes Fire Flash Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.1250 in
Estes Fireaero Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
Estes Firebird EST 2138 Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.2500 in0.0625 in
Estes Firehawk Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6400 in8.3750 in
Estes FireStreak EST 2107 Nose ConeElliptical0.2500 in0.1250 in
Estes Flash EST 2137 Nose ConeElliptical0.1000 in0.0950 in
Estes Flash EST 2137 Nose ConeElliptical0.1250 in0.0313 in
Estes GBU-24 Paveway III Nose ConeEstes60567Elliptical0.7360 in0.7500 in
Estes Gemini DC Kitbash (S. V. Gemini c) Nose ConeApogee Components19400Ogive0.9760 in4.0000 in
Estes Gemini DC Nose ConeEstesOgive0.9760 in4.1250 in
Estes Heatseeker BT-70 upscale Nose ConeOgive2.2170 in10.5000 in
Estes Hi-G Payloader Nose ConeEstesPNC-20Ogive0.7360 in2.6570 in
Estes Hijax Nose ConeElliptical1.0000 in3.1250 in
Estes Honest John (maxi-brute) Nose ConeOgive3.5000 in11.5000 in
Estes Honest John Nose ConeOgive3.5000 in11.5000 in
Estes Honest John Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.1250 in2.7350 in
Estes Interceptor E Nose ConeApogee ComponentsElliptical0.2000 in0.1000 in
Estes Iris Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
Estes Javelin 0815b Nose ConeEstesBNC-5AXOgive0.5410 in2.2500 in
Estes - Leviathan Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in9.0000 in
Estes Leviathan.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.1000 in9.0000 in
Estes Loadlifter 1-A Nose ConenonePower Series0.9760 in1.5000 in
Estes Longshot #2128 - Rocksim file by Steve Naquin, Email Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.3400 in6.3750 in
Estes Longshot Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
Estes Magnum Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in8.5000 in
Estes Maniac Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in6.2500 in
Estes Mark II Nose ConeEstesBNC-30EOgive0.7650 in2.2500 in
Estes Mark-IV Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.5440 in1.5000 in
Estes Mars Lander Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBMS StockParabolic1.6370 in1.0000 in
Estes Mars Snooper Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7360 in2.8750 in
Estes Maxi V2 Nose Coneoo1Ogive4.0000 in12.7500 in
Estes Mean Machine (1295) (E Powered Mod) Nose ConeElliptical0.5000 in0.2500 in
Estes Mean Machine Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6370 in6.7500 in
Estes Mercury Redstone -1921 Nose ConeConical2.2170 in8.2500 in
Estes Midget - 13mm engines Nose ConeAerospace Specialty ProductsBNC50JElliptical0.9760 in1.3750 in
Estes Mini Cobra Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.5440 in2.8000 in
Estes Mini Max Nose ConeEstes73001Parabolic0.9760 in3.8500 in
Estes Mini-X Nose ConenonePower Series0.9760 in1.5000 in
Estes Missile Command Navy Nose ConeOgive1.1024 in4.6063 in
Estes Modified Silver Comet Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in8.1500 in
Estes Mosquito TK-1 (EST 0801) Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.5440 in0.7500 in
Estes NASA Pegasus Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.3200 in5.0000 in
Estes Nike Ram Nose ConeElliptical1.3400 in2.6200 in
Estes Nike-Apache Nose ConeEstesPNC-5AOgive0.5440 in2.1250 in
Estes Nike-X Nose ConeEstesHaack1.3200 in5.4370 in
Estes Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.1311 in
Estes Omega Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHParabolic1.6370 in6.7500 in
Estes Omloid EST 2078 Nose ConeElliptical0.5000 in0.1875 in
Estes Oracle Nose ConeApogee ComponentsPower Series1.6400 in4.3750 in
Estes Orange Bullet Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.7360 in1.7000 in
Estes Outlander Nose ConeEstesParabolic Series4.0000 in3.7500 in
Estes Panavia #9715 Nose ConeElliptical0.2500 in0.1000 in
Estes Panavia Nose ConeElliptical0.2500 in0.1250 in
Estes Patriot RTF Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55AAOgive1.3250 in4.7500 in
Estes Pegasus Nose ConeEstesBNC-20ROgive0.7360 in2.7500 in
Estes Pershing 1A (maxi-brute) Nose ConeConical3.9380 in19.6250 in
Estes Photon Disruptor II Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.3250 in5.0000 in
Estes Photon Disruptor Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3268 in4.9375 in
Estes Photon probe Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3250 in5.0000 in
Estes Pop-Fly EST2027 Nose ConeEstesElliptical2.4500 in1.2250 in
Estes Porta Pot Shot Nose ConeEstesElliptical3.6320 in0.9375 in
Estes Pro Series II Argent Nose ConeEstes072653Ogive1.9950 in9.6750 in
Estes Pro Series II E2X Majestic Nose ConePower Series2.0000 in7.5000 in
Estes Pro Series II Nike Smoke Nose ConeConical3.0000 in17.3196 in
Estes Pro Series II Partizon Nose ConeOgive2.5000 in9.5000 in
Estes Pro Series II Prowler kk stock build CA & Epoxy & Nose Weight wJLCR.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.0000 in9.6250 in
Estes Prowler Nose ConeParabolic1.6370 in4.7500 in
Estes Python - Stock Nose ConePower Series1.8100 in7.5000 in
Estes Python 4 ASRAAM Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.3250 in1.2165 in
Estes QCC Explorer Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionHaack1.6400 in8.0000 in
Estes R2-D2 Nose ConeElliptical3.7500 in2.4000 in
Estes Rain Maker Nose ConeParabolic0.5440 in1.7500 in
Estes Rampage (Much Ado) Nose ConeOgive1.0940 in4.0630 in
Estes Ranger Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
Estes Rascal Nose ConeEstesElliptical1.6370 in2.4803 in
Estes Red Rider with BT-55 Booster Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive1.3200 in5.3000 in
Estes Renegade Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6400 in5.7500 in
Estes Ricochet Nose ConeEstesOgive0.7360 in2.3750 in
Estes RTF Tidal Wave Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3250 in5.3940 in
Estes S.W.A.T. Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6370 in8.0000 in
Estes Satellite Interceptor Nose ConeConical0.9760 in4.7500 in
Estes Satellite Interceptor Nose ConeEstesBNC-50BBConical0.9760 in5.5000 in
Estes Saturn V (Icarus) Nose ConeParabolic Series1.5400 in1.2280 in
Estes Saturn V 1/100 scale 30th Anniversary Nose ConeConical1.5000 in1.5000 in
Estes Saturn V K-39 Nose ConeConical0.1560 in0.1900 in
Estes Saturn V.rkt Nose ConeConical1.5000 in1.5000 in
Estes Savage Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive1.3200 in6.7500 in
Estes Scamp #1286 Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.9760 in3.2500 in
Estes SDI Satellite Nose ConePower Series0.3400 in0.2500 in
Estes Sentinel Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3250 in8.3750 in
Estes Sidewinder EST2125 Nose ConeElliptical0.6975 in0.2500 in
Estes Sidewinder Nose ConePower Series1.3130 in2.7600 in
Estes Sizzler #2127 (Original Design) Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6370 in8.5000 in
Estes Sizzler model 1906.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
Estes Sky High Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.7360 in1.7000 in
Estes Sky Hook Nose ConeEstesEstesHaack0.7360 in2.7500 in
Estes Sky Writer Nose ConeConical0.9760 in5.7500 in
Estes Skylance Nose ConenoneOgive1.3250 in3.8750 in
Estes Sly Bolt Nose ConeEstesEstesHaack0.7360 in1.5000 in
Estes Solar Flare Nose ConeEstesPNC-50YParabolic0.9760 in4.3500 in
Estes Solar Sailer II Nose ConeOgive2.2500 in4.5000 in
Estes SpaceShipOne Nose ConeEstesPNC-80KOgive2.0000 in3.1250 in
Estes Sprint Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.9760 in4.3500 in
Estes Star Rider Nose ConeApogee Components19400Parabolic0.9760 in4.0000 in
Centuri Star Trooper (Estes version).rkt Nose ConeEstes070212Ogive0.5430 in1.5625 in
Estes Starship Excalibur Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC55FElliptical1.3200 in4.2000 in
Estes Storm Cluster Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6370 in4.5000 in
Estes Super Neon Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in4.1250 in
Estes Super Neon XL Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBMS60V2COgive1.6300 in5.5700 in
Estes Taser Twin Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC20NOgive0.7300 in2.0000 in
Estes The Cloud Buster Nose ConeOgive0.7650 in1.3750 in
Estes Tomahawk Nose ConeHaack1.6370 in4.7500 in
Estes Tornado Kit #2004 Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in2.8750 in
Estes U.S.S. Hyperion Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in5.0000 in
Estes USS Atlantis Nose ConeEstesPNC-50KOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Estes V-2 K-22 Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3300 in3.9000 in
Estes Vertex Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.7360 in2.7500 in
Estes Viking Nose ConeEstesReliant/Viking BT-20 (balsa)Ogive0.7362 in2.3622 in
Estes Wolverine Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryConical0.4000 in0.5000 in
Estes Wolverine Nose ConeSemrocBC-50BC -- Part AConical0.3750 in0.5000 in
Estes X-16 Nose ConeEstes71001Power Series0.9760 in4.7244 in
Estes Yankee #1381 Nose ConeEstesBNC-20YConical0.7360 in1.1000 in
Estes-Maniac-Kit Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in6.2500 in
Estes/NCR Eliminator Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in12.5000 in
Estes/NCR Lance Beta Nose ConeNorth Coast RocketryNC-30SOgive3.0000 in9.0000 in
Estes Olympus Nose ConeEstes030110Power Series0.4200 in0.1200 in
Estes - Cherokee-E Nose ConeEstes071070Ogive1.3100 in5.4000 in
Estes - Super Big Bertha Nose ConeEstes072080Elliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Estes - SA-2061 Sasha Nose ConeEstes072665Elliptical0.2900 in0.1200 in
Estes - Sea Dart Nose ConeEstes71038Conical0.4400 in0.5000 in
Estes - Cobra 1500 Nose ConeEstes71075Ogive1.3200 in5.0000 in
Estes - Epic II Nose ConeEstesBNC-20ROgive0.7360 in2.7500 in
Javelin.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-50JParabolic0.9760 in1.3700 in
Model Rocketeer Magazine - Calypso 2 Nose ConeEstesBNC-50KOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
BlackBrant3.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YPower Series0.9760 in4.7244 in
Estes - Protostar Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
Rocketarium Black Brant IV Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YConical1.0236 in4.9606 in
Katana-D II.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.0625 in
Estes - Fireaero Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
Estes - Luna Bug Nose ConeEstesBNC-5VElliptical0.5400 in0.7500 in
Trailblazer-1.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-5VParabolic0.5440 in0.7500 in
FlisKits - Bull's Eye Nose ConeEstesBNC-70AJOgive2.2200 in4.2500 in
Estes Space Corps Corvette Class Nose ConeEstesNose Cone 073012 and Nose Cone PHaack1.3201 in6.6929 in
Estes - Dragonite Nose ConeEstesPNC-50Ogive1.0906 in4.6063 in
Estes Yellow Jacket 2008 1.00X Nose ConeEstesPNC-50YROgive0.9760 in4.1250 in
Estes - Magician Nose ConeEstesPNC-50YROgive0.9760 in4.3701 in
Estes - Tazz Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive0.9800 in5.3000 in
Estes - Spirit Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive1.3201 in6.4961 in
Estes - Chiller Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive1.3201 in3.9370 in
Centuri - Russian SAM-3 Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive1.3250 in6.2500 in
Space Station Aquarius.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive1.3250 in5.0000 in
MPC Invader X-2 Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACParabolic1.1535 in1.3780 in
Estes - Hi-Flier XL Nose ConeEstesPNC-60 Long BOgive1.6400 in8.5000 in
Estes - Citation Patriot Nose ConeEstesPNC-60 Long COgive1.6400 in8.0000 in
Russian SS-1C SCUD-B.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-60 Long CConical1.6400 in4.6500 in
Estes - Citation Patriot Nose ConeEstesPNC-60 Long COgive1.6402 in8.0000 in
Estes - Cloud Hopper Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHElliptical1.6400 in2.5000 in
Estes - Hi-Flier XL Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHParabolic1.6400 in8.5000 in
Estes D.A.R.T. Number 1981 Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHConical1.6400 in4.7500 in
Estes - Vapor Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHParabolic1.6402 in8.4252 in
Estes - Mini Shuttle Nose ConeEstesPNC-60MSElliptical1.6400 in2.5000 in
Space Transporter America.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-60MSElliptical1.6400 in2.5000 in
The Launch Pad - TAN-SAM (Type 81) Nose ConeEstesPNC-80BBParabolic2.6000 in4.0000 in
SAAB 372.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-80BBPower Series2.6000 in3.0000 in
AGM1313-Lucky-Striker-w-Alt.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-80KOgive2.6000 in8.1500 in
MIM-104C Patriot PAC-2 GEM.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-80KOgive2.6000 in8.2500 in
Exocet AM.39.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-80KOgive2.6000 in5.2500 in
Kormoran AS.34.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-80KParabolic Series2.6000 in8.5000 in
Estes - Checkmate Nose ConeEstesReliant/Viking BT-20Ogive0.7362 in2.8346 in
Estes - 3 Bandits Nose ConeEstesReliant/Viking BT-20Ogive0.7362 in2.8346 in
estes_220_swift.rkt Nose ConeEstesOgive0.5440 in1.2810 in
Estes_Alpha_Ex.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-50KOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
estes_bandito.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7360 in2.9000 in
estes_crossfire_isx.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.9760 in5.4500 in
estes_hornet_2030.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.0625 in
estes_maxtrax_(rsim6).rkt Nose ConeElliptical1.3460 in2.3000 in
estes_vagabond.rkt Nose ConeEstes072305Ogive1.6400 in8.5000 in
etses_solar_warrior_1_36_upscale.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in3.6106 in
Exocet MM40 B3 V1.rkt Nose ConeParabolic Series3.0000 in4.0000 in
EXP1 Nose ConeElliptical0.9760 in2.5000 in
EXP2 Nose ConeElliptical2.2170 in3.2500 in
Extend Nike Smoke Nose ConeConical4.5000 in24.7500 in
Extreme Paralyzer Nose ConeOgive6.7500 in24.0000 in
Extreme Test Vehicle (ETV) - Mach flight 1126 f/p/s Nose ConeHawk Mtn.3.91 FNCOgive4.0300 in17.0000 in
Eye Catcher.rkt Nose ConeConical1.3250 in6.5000 in
F-104 project Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC20YConical0.7300 in1.0500 in
F-52_Thark.rkt Nose ConeAerospace Specialty ProductsBNC60TBOgive1.6378 in8.3125 in
F087 Public Missiles Pterodactyl / Pterodactyl "The Beastie" Nose ConePublic MissilesPML FNC-7.51Ogive7.7000 in29.0000 in
F19 Night Figter Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.5146 in
FabToy Nose ConeElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Falcon AIM-4C Air to Ait Missle Nose ConeElliptical0.1250 in0.1250 in
Falcon Nose ConeQuest20200Ogive1.3780 in4.1250 in
Farside Nose ConeSemrocBNC-50YOgive1.0570 in4.6250 in
Fat Man Do Nose ConeElliptical5.6250 in8.5000 in
Fat Oat Cholesterol Buster Nose ConeOgive5.0000 in3.5000 in
Faux Talos Nose ConeEstesParabolic1.0000 in1.0000 in
Fiberglass Little John 54mm Stretched Nose ConeBinder DesignPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in20.5000 in
fibreglass lil goblin.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6400 in8.2500 in
Fiesta Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.9760 in2.6378 in
Final Phase Nose ConeOgive1.6000 in3.7500 in
Finless Roc Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.2500 in
Finless Wonder Nose ConeParabolic0.7360 in2.5000 in
Fire and Forget Nose ConeOgive1.2100 in3.5000 in
Fireball XL5 Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.6000 in4.5000 in
FireFox-SHX Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
FireStorm 54 - Giant Leap Nose ConeOgive2.2690 in10.7500 in
Fireworks Rocket Nose ConePower Series0.8130 in1.0000 in
Flea Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.7360 in1.9685 in
FLICS Lucky 13 Nose ConeElliptical0.5440 in0.7500 in
Flight Systems (FSI) Mach 1 Dart Nose ConeOgive0.9210 in2.8000 in
Flight Systems (FSI) Megatron Nose ConeOgive1.6400 in6.0000 in
Flight Systems (FSI) OSO Nose ConeOgive1.1700 in3.5000 in
FlisKits - Journeyman Nose ConeCustomConical0.4500 in0.5000 in
Fliskits - Petite Praetor Nose ConeFlisKitsNCB-2.5ADOgive0.2810 in1.1480 in
FlisKits ACME Spitfire Kit Number FK-SP007 Nose ConeConical2.5980 in3.1500 in
FlisKits Corona Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.3700 in
Fliskits Drake Nose ConeFlisKitsNCB-60DWElliptical1.6370 in3.1250 in
FlisKits Praetor Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3250 in5.4030 in
FlisKits Rhino Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in3.9500 in
FlisKits Tres CL003 Nose ConeConical1.3250 in5.2500 in
FlisKits Tumbe Weed Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.5440 in0.7500 in
fliskits-starload.rkt Nose ConeFlisKitsNCB-65-07-1Ogive1.8280 in6.1252 in
fliskits_cougar_440.rkt Nose ConeFlisKitsNCB-5-0125-PParabolic0.5409 in1.2500 in
Flux Probe Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in2.7516 in
Flyin' Fightin' Irish Nose ConeHaack6.7500 in5.5000 in
Flying Frog 3 Rocksim File Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.2000 in
Flying Pumpkin Rocksim File Nose ConePerformance Rocketry5.5" EllipticalElliptical5.5000 in8.5000 in
Flying Syringe Nose ConeConical0.3750 in4.5000 in
flying-phantom54-29.rkt Nose ConeConical2.2770 in11.7000 in
For Nose ConeOgive0.2165 in0.2756 in
Fork.rkt Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-54Ogive2.1260 in11.0000 in
formula150.rkt Nose ConeHaack6.1700 in34.0000 in
formula54.rkt Nose ConeHaack2.2200 in11.4000 in
Formula98.rkt Nose ConeHaack4.0250 in22.1000 in
Freedom Forge Missile Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in3.1000 in
Freedom II Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.2500 in
Freedom Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in2.6378 in
frenzyxl30.rkt Nose ConeHaack3.1000 in17.0000 in
Frog 1 Nose ConeConical2.6320 in5.3750 in
FSI Echo 1 - Rocksim file by Steve Naquin, Email Nose ConeOgive1.3400 in5.2500 in
FSI Nova MRK-III Nose ConeSemrocBC-8F28Elliptical0.9210 in2.7500 in
G125 Nose ConePublic MissilesPML UNC-1.145Conical1.2700 in6.0000 in
Gabriel III Nose ConeSemrocBNC-60LElliptical1.6370 in3.1250 in
Galactic Wave Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3760 in6.2500 in
Galadriel - smallest motor Cesaroni K650SS Nose ConeHawk Mtn.98 NCOgive4.0000 in16.7500 in
Galileo Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in1.6181 in
Gary T PAINKILLER 3.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.1250 in15.6000 in
Gaussius 1 Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.7360 in2.7500 in
GBU-24 Paveway III Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.7360 in0.7358 in
Gemini Titan II Nose ConePower Series1.3400 in0.2500 in
Generic E2X Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.8750 in
GI Joe Nose ConeEstesPNC-20Ogive0.7360 in4.5000 in
Giant Leap Rocketry Crossbow Dual Deploy Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-3.90Ogive4.0200 in16.4000 in
Giant Leap Rocketry Elipse Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionOgive3.0600 in15.1400 in
Giant Leap Rocketry Escape Velocity Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-2.56Ogive2.7000 in11.2500 in
Giant Leap Rocketry Mariah 38 Nose ConeGiant Leap Rocketry1.5" Pinnacle Nose ConeOgive1.6250 in8.7500 in
YikStik.rkt Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryPinnacle 3.90Ogive4.0600 in19.8000 in
giantleap_talon2.rkt Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-54Ogive2.2700 in11.0000 in
giantleap_vertical_assault.rkt Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-3.00Ogive3.1250 in15.2500 in
Gizmo_5.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryOgive5.1500 in15.4500 in
Gizmo_XL.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryOgive8.0050 in24.0000 in
Gladiator 4in.rkt Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Global Flyer Nose ConeConical1.3250 in5.4370 in
Gnat Nose ConeQuestQuestElliptical5.0000 in7.0000 in
Gnome Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.1250 in
Goblin Upscale Nose ConeElliptical2.2170 in8.3500 in
Goblin Upscale Nose ConeHaack2.2170 in8.3660 in
Goblin-4 Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in15.0000 in
God's Army Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.5000 in
Gold Rush Nose ConeElliptical0.2460 in0.3750 in
GoldmemberX v2.0 Nose ConePratt HobbiesPratt HobbiesConical0.3750 in0.7500 in
Great Googly Moogly Nose ConeHaack8.0000 in27.0000 in
Gryphon_29.rkt Nose ConeBARCLONEOgive0.9080 in2.9000 in
Guardian Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.0996 in
Guideline Nose ConeOgive1.6350 in6.5800 in
Haloweener Nose ConeParabolic8.0000 in4.0000 in
Hammertek Nose ConeOgive3.5000 in12.0000 in
Hank Nose ConeApogee Components19100Parabolic0.5433 in1.5000 in
Hank! Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.6043 in
HarGoon Nose ConeElliptical1.5700 in2.3750 in
Harpoon AGM-84A 30 Percent 4" Model Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in4.0000 in
Hawk MIM-23A Nose ConeSemrocBNC-60VOgive1.6370 in5.2500 in
Hawk Mountain Bad Attitude with 75mm MMT Nose ConeHawk MountainIC-3.9-2.1Ogive4.0000 in16.8000 in
Hawkeye x1.79 Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in4.7500 in
Hawks Hobby Super Bandit Nose ConePower Series2.3680 in8.8750 in
Hawks Hobby Super Cherokee 29 Nose ConePower Series2.3680 in9.5000 in
Hawks Hobby Super Goblin Nose ConeHaack2.3750 in9.2500 in
hawk_mountain_chriss_transsonic.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2600 in9.5000 in
hawk_mountain_raptor.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.4200 in7.0000 in
haz el era Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6370 in2.5000 in
Head On Nose ConeApogee Components19400Conical0.9760 in3.0000 in
Heat Seeker (3.0") Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in13.2500 in
Heavy Metal Thunder Nose ConeConical2.0630 in3.0000 in
Hellfire 1.6 Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6400 in2.5000 in
Hellfire AGM-114A Nose ConeThe Launch Pad10675-NCElliptical2.6100 in3.5000 in
Hermes 2 - 38mm Dual Deployment Config - Modified Aerotech G-Force Nose ConeHaack4.0320 in15.7500 in
Hermes A1.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55FOgive1.3250 in3.8750 in
Hi-Flier Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in2.8508 in
HoJo31 - Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved Madcow Rocketry Nose ConeOgive2.6400 in8.2500 in
HoJo5.5.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-7.51Ogive7.5000 in22.5000 in
Holverson Designs Wicked Winnie Nose ConeHaack1.6370 in3.1250 in
Homer 2 Nose ConeElliptical7.3750 in3.7500 in
HONEST GOON Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.2200 in4.4000 in
Honest John - Madcow Rocketry Nose ConeOgive3.4000 in11.2500 in
Honest John Nose ConeOgive0.5000 in1.3750 in
Horizon 3" Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in13.5000 in
Horizon54 Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.5000 in
HorseFly.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceOgive1.6400 in3.3400 in
Hostile Projectiles V-2 Nose ConeOgive1.6400 in5.1250 in
HS-117 Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceCENV2NCOgive1.6700 in5.5000 in
Hughes AIM-26 Nose ConeElliptical0.5440 in0.2750 in
Hughes AIM-47A Nose ConeParabolic1.6370 in3.1874 in
Hydro-1L Nose ConePower Series3.3750 in1.5000 in
HyperStager Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.9760 in1.3700 in
IBM Formatted Nose ConeDS0001Conical2.0630 in3.0000 in
Illegal Penguin Nose ConeConical0.2460 in2.0000 in
impossible_rocket_triple_18mm.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACConical1.3200 in6.5000 in
Infiltrator Nose ConePerformance Rocketry4 inOgive4.0000 in12.0000 in
InFlight Nike Smoke Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceCENBC79Conical1.7600 in9.2500 in
inflight_sonic_shark.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC55FOgive1.3200 in3.7500 in
InFligth Firehawk Clone Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6400 in8.3750 in
Inquisitor.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Inquisitor.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-60(Magnum)Ogive1.6370 in8.3750 in
IQSY Tomahawk Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.7114 in
Iron Chef Nose ConeApogee Components19020Elliptical0.4460 in0.6900 in
Iron Wombat Nose ConeHaack0.7500 in1.0000 in
Ismael Pacheco - Semroc - ThunderChief Nose ConeSemrocBC-840Elliptical0.9080 in4.0000 in
Jagger Nose ConePower Series0.7090 in3.0000 in
jart.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-2.15Ogive2.3000 in9.5000 in
Jart_5.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryHaack5.1500 in20.6000 in
Javelin Nose ConeElliptical4.0000 in2.0000 in
Javelin III Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in4.1250 in
Javelin Nose ConePublic Missiles 2.560NCOgive2.7000 in15.0000 in
Jayhawk AQM-37C Nose ConePublic MissilesPML FNC-11.41Ogive11.7000 in42.0000 in
Jumanji Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in17.0000 in
Jumpstart Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionOgive3.1800 in3.2500 in
Juno Payload.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
JX-1 Nose ConeParabolic0.9760 in2.6310 in
K&S Rockets Grey Wolf Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.56Ogive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Kami Kaze Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Kathy's 1/4 karat carrot Nose ConeOgive2.1875 in2.0000 in
Khufus_Pyramid.rkt Conical Nose ConeEstesConical7.3500 in6.5000 in
king tut pyramid Nose ConeEstesConical9.0000 in10.0000 in
Klingon Bird of Prey Nose ConeHaack1.3590 in4.6400 in
Komoran BT-80 Nose ConeApogee Components20080Ogive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Kookaburra RockSim file Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-1.52Ogive1.6400 in8.5000 in
Kraken-Up Nose ConeHaack10.0000 in34.3750 in
L3SimpleRocket75mmMotors_OR_20180731v01.rkt Nose ConeOgive6.1600 in24.0000 in
Lacrosse XM4 - Kit #1059 Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in6.5748 in
lalala.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.1654 in5.1181 in
Lamp v1 Nose ConeEstesBNC-50KOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Landshark Nose ConeConical0.7500 in1.0000 in
Landshark Rev. 1.1 Nose ConeConical1.7500 in3.5000 in
Last Ride Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in20.0125 in
launchpad bolo Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6402 in6.7500 in
Lawn Mower Nose ConeHaack1.6000 in10.0000 in
Lazarus Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.5000 in
LBrandTeJas Nose ConeEstesPNC-80KElliptical2.6000 in8.1500 in
Leading Edge Rocketry Alien Nose ConeElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Lepus.rkt Nose ConeEstesBNC-5EConical0.5440 in1.3800 in
Lets go.rkt Nose ConeElliptical2.5591 in3.1496 in
Level 3 Mighty Moe Nose ConeConical6.1600 in22.5000 in
Lg Culligan Cup Nose ConeConical2.7500 in4.0000 in
Lightning Strike Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.6476 in
Lil Spike Nose ConeAerotechConical0.7360 in1.7000 in
LilBattleAxe.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-20NOgive0.7360 in2.7500 in
Little Bucky Jones BT60 Final Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBMS60V2COgive1.6300 in5.2500 in
Little Joe I Nose ConeConical0.2500 in0.2500 in
Little John Nose ConeApo11oAPN-50YOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
little john Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.3000 in
Little Squirt (7ft. config) Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in12.7500 in
LLV Athena I Nose ConeConical1.6370 in2.5000 in
Rocketarium - Super Chief II Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionOgive1.6339 in5.5118 in
Rocketarium - Sandia Sandhawk Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionOgive1.6417 in5.5118 in
Loc / Precision - LIL' NUKE Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.2600 in9.5000 in
LOC Aura modified Nose ConeOgive1.6200 in8.0000 in
Rocketarium - Arcturus Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionOgive1.6400 in5.5000 in
LOC/Precision - Cyclotron Nose ConeLOC/Precision20113Ogive2.3000 in9.5000 in
LOC/Precision 4" Cyclotron Nose ConeLOC/Precision20117Ogive3.1000 in11.2000 in
Double Shuttle 1b.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Parabolic3.1000 in5.2500 in
AMW-ProX White Wolf 4" Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionPNC-3.90Ogive3.9200 in12.8000 in
LOC V2 5.5 Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive5.5000 in19.0000 in
LOC/Precision - Warlock Nose ConeOgive7.6700 in22.0000 in
LOC/Precision Big Nuke Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive5.5000 in21.0000 in
LOC/Precision Big Nuke Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive5.5000 in22.5000 in
LOC/Precision Bruiser Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive7.6750 in22.0000 in
LOC/Precision DuraMagg Nose ConeOgive5.3800 in13.0000 in
LOC/Precision IQSY Tomahawk Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.14Ogive2.3000 in9.5000 in
LOC/Precision Phoenix (BB-81) Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-5.38Ogive5.5000 in13.0000 in
Loc/Precision PK-30 Tri-Star 3" - Rocksim file by Steve Naquin, Email Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.14_2.260Ogive2.2600 in9.5000 in
LOC/Precision PK-34 Shadowhawk Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.6254 in
LOC/Precision Sandhawk 3.10" Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.6000 in
LOC/Precision Stovi Nose ConeHaack2.2600 in7.2500 in
LOC/Precision Syonic Nose ConeOgive5.5000 in18.0000 in
LOC/Precision V2 (7.5") Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-7.51Ogive7.6701 in22.0000 in
LOC/Precision - LOC IV Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive4.0000 in12.7500 in
V-2 24mm.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.6000 in8.1250 in
loc_fantom_mini.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.0000 in2.7500 in
loc_minnie_magg.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive5.5000 in13.0000 in
loc_warlock.rkt Nose ConeLOC pnc-7.51Ogive7.6750 in22.0000 in
Longshot Nose ConePublic MissilesIC-3.9-2.1Ogive4.0000 in16.8000 in
Longsword Starfighter Nose ConeSemrocOgive1.3200 in5.3250 in
Lord of the Rings Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.6250 in
Lost in the Ozone (Again) Nose ConeEstesEstesHaack0.9760 in4.1250 in
Louisiana Swamp Thing Nose ConeSemrocBC-1340Haack1.5000 in2.6000 in
Love Bug Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
LPR Kraken Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceOgive1.6400 in5.5000 in
Luna III Nose ConeOgive7.7000 in29.0000 in
LunarExpress_54mmRedlineEllis.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in13.2500 in
Lynx.rkt Nose ConeEstesElliptical0.9760 in3.3000 in
M2 - Mars Challenger Nose ConeAerotechAerotechOgive2.6000 in12.5000 in
Macaw Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in8.5000 in
mach 1 rocketry-alien interceptor fiberglass.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6378 in6.5000 in
Mach Noodle Nose ConeConical0.7360 in1.5000 in
Mach-C Nose ConeConical0.2460 in0.9500 in
Machbuster 29mm Nose ConeEstesconical bt55 x 6.56"Conical1.3250 in6.3780 in
MachBuster C Nose ConeConical0.5440 in1.5000 in
Madcow DX3 Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC80KHCOgive2.6400 in8.2500 in
Madcow Mini Cowabunga.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6350 in5.0000 in
Madcow Rocketry Python Nose ConeMadcow RocketryOgive2.2299 in13.0000 in
Madcow Rocketry 4" Fiberglass Super DX3 Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC-101AJOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Madcow Rocketry 4" PAC-3 Patriot Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC-101KOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Madcow Rocketry Adventurer - Fiberglass - 2.2" K-3359 Nose ConeMadcow RocketryOgive2.2450 in13.1000 in
Madcow Rocketry Aerobee 150A Nose ConeMadcow RocketryParabolic Series3.1000 in12.5000 in
Madcow Rocketry AeroBee Hi Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in12.5004 in
Madcow Rocketry Avalanche Nose ConeMadcow RocketryOgive3.1470 in14.8750 in
Madcow Rocketry Bomarc Nose ConeMadcow RocketryConical1.0000 in1.0000 in
Madcow Rocketry Hawk MIM-23B Nose ConeEstesOgive2.6000 in8.0000 in
Madcow Rocketry Honest John Style M31 Nose ConeOgive3.5000 in11.5000 in
Madcow Rocketry Momba Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC80KHOgive2.6400 in8.0000 in
Madcow Rocketry Nike-Tomahawk (5.5) Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionOgive3.1250 in7.6250 in
Madcow Rocketry Phoenix Nose ConeMadcow RocketryBNC-70GOgive2.2450 in4.4000 in
Madcow Rocketry Screech Nose ConeMadcow RocketryBNC-60TOgive1.6350 in4.4000 in
Madcow Rocketry Screech XL Nose ConeMadcow RocketryOgive1.6350 in6.0000 in
Madcow Rocketry Seawolf Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC101AJOgive4.0000 in9.5000 in
Madcow Rocketry Sensor Nose ConeOgive1.8800 in6.0000 in
Madcow Rocketry Squat Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Madcow Rocketry Wombat Nose ConeMadcow Rocketry20146Conical3.1000 in16.9291 in
Madcow Screech Nose ConeMadcow RocketryOgive1.6250 in4.2500 in
maelstrom.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3460 in6.5000 in
Magna Cum Louder Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Mallard Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceCENV2NCOgive1.6350 in5.2500 in
marlin_asp_rp_3.rkt Nose ConeConical1.3250 in2.9661 in
marlin_estes_phoenix_downscale.r Nose ConeSemrocBC-1039Ogive1.0400 in3.2000 in
marlin_first_flight_semi_sonic-1 upscaled.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55PTConical1.3250 in6.1500 in
marlin_Joint Strike Fighter.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-20AZOgive0.7360 in2.5000 in
marlin_Nomad.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1050Ogive1.0400 in5.0000 in
marlin_oop_estes_nike_ajax_24mm.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7360 in2.7500 in
marlin_Sky Torpedo.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
marlin_Stubby BT-80.rkt Nose ConeApogee ComponentsParabolic2.6000 in4.0000 in
marlin_tlp_standard_agm_78 BT-80.rkt Nose ConeApogee Components20080Ogive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Mars Lander 1.6x Nose ConeParabolic2.8000 in1.6000 in
Mars or Bust Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Mars Probe II Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.2500 in
Mars Snooper Nose ConeQmodelingunknownHaack1.3200 in5.3937 in
Mars Snooper II Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3250 in4.0000 in
MASA Patriot SS Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6370 in4.7000 in
Matra Nose ConeElliptical1.6400 in6.8750 in
Matra Nose ConeSemrocBNC-60XElliptical1.6370 in5.4600 in
Maverick 2.6 Nose ConeElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Maverick AGM-65 1/3rd Scale Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in3.0000 in
Maverick Nose ConeElliptical2.6320 in4.0000 in
maximum_thrust_mach_iii_george.rkt Nose ConeOgive9.5000 in28.5000 in
Maxi_Apogee_I.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6400 in2.5000 in
MCR Hawk - Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved Madcow Rocketry Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC80KOgive2.6400 in8.2500 in
MCR Scooter Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.2200 in4.4000 in
Mega Cobra Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.6680 in
Mega Drifter Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.6957 in
Mega Ultimate Endeavour Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-11.41Ogive11.7000 in42.0000 in
megacowabunga.rkt Nose ConeOgive8.0000 in24.5000 in
Memories of Babylon Nose ConeOgive6.1000 in24.0000 in
Mercury Atomizer (stock) Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in4.3000 in
Mercury Engineering Impulse Reactor Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in4.2500 in
Mercury Engineering RDR-2 Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.0000 in
Mercury Integrator Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.0000 in
mercury_engr_atomizer.rkt Nose ConeApo11oABN-50YOgive0.9760 in4.3500 in
mercury_grave_danger.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.90Ogive3.0000 in11.0000 in
mercury_mutantdaddy.rkt Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-3.00Ogive3.0000 in11.5000 in
Metrio Nose ConeApogee Components19400/PNC24-AOgive0.9760 in3.0000 in
Micro Phoenix Nose ConeOgive0.9724 in2.7165 in
micro V-2 Nose ConeApogee Components19200 WNC-18AOgive0.7360 in2.2500 in
Micro-Darmok Nose ConeParabolic Series0.7500 in1.8750 in
Micro-Viking Nose ConeOgive0.3750 in1.2500 in
MicroBee Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.1250 in
Microc Nose ConeOgive1.0000 in3.0000 in
MIDI-Loader.rkt Nose ConeEstes71070Ogive1.3268 in5.3937 in
MIDI-Loader_Mk_II.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.5440 in2.1250 in
Midnight Express Nose ConeConical0.8020 in1.2583 in
Mighty Mo Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-7.51Ogive7.6800 in29.0400 in
MIM-23A Hawk Nose ConeOgive2.6320 in10.0000 in
Mini Marz Lander (RTF) Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBMS StockConical0.7874 in0.6693 in
Mini Marz Lander Launcher Nose ConeParabolic0.8200 in0.5000 in
Mini Mojo Fat Boy Nose ConeOgive3.1000 in13.0000 in
Mini Pershing1a Nose ConeConical0.5000 in1.2500 in
Mini Red Max Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in2.6453 in
Mini Ten Foot Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.5440 in2.8000 in
MinieMagg_Stock.rkt Nose ConeElliptical0.6000 in0.2000 in
Minimum Diameter 2-Stage Nose ConeEstesPNC-20Ogive0.7360 in2.6580 in
minimum diameter blue tube V.3.rkt Nose ConeHaack1.6000 in11.3000 in
Miniroc 2 Nose ConeElliptical1.0000 in3.0000 in
Mini_Jet_1_[updated].rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.5440 in2.1250 in
Mini_Jet_2_[updated].rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.5440 in2.1250 in
Mini_Loader.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-20AZHaack0.7360 in2.5000 in
Mini_Toobah Nose ConeEstesEstesHaack0.5440 in2.1250 in
Minotaur.rkt Nose ConeConical0.0000 in0.0000 in
Minotaur.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive2.2200 in4.2500 in
MM-CTV Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.5440 in1.5000 in
mods_custom_superserval.rkt Nose ConeCustomRocketsPNC55Ogive1.3250 in5.3750 in
mods_loc_onyx_stretch.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.1000 in11.2500 in
mods_ncr_eliminator.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in13.2500 in
mods_yank_hawk38dual.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.0000 in
Monarch Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.9370 in
Mongoose Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.0000 in
Moonraker (4 in).rkt Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC3.9AJHaack4.0000 in9.5000 in
Mountain Air (Scott) Nose ConeConical0.9760 in3.5000 in
Mozzie - Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved Madcow Rocketry Nose ConeMadcow RocketryBNC-80BBElliptical2.6400 in4.0000 in
MPC/Round 2 - Star Trek USS Enterprise 1701-A Nose ConeMPCElliptical1.5700 in7.8740 in
MR 2B Nose ConeOgive0.9950 in3.0000 in
Mr Blue Nose ConeQuest20075Parabolic0.7870 in2.5000 in
Mr, Eagen (sounds like Mr. EGGen) Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical2.2170 in2.5000 in
MRS-NikeX ver0.3 Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.6000 in10.6100 in
MRS-Stilleto Nose ConeConical1.6400 in8.2500 in
Mustang Jr. Nose ConeAerotechAerotechOgive0.9760 in5.0000 in
My Mind's Eye Nose ConeParabolic5.5000 in24.0000 in
N41 Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in8.2500 in
NARAM-41 B Egg Loft Duration Prototype Nose ConeOgive1.7500 in3.0000 in
NCR Patriot Nose ConeEstesPatriotOgive3.9380 in11.2500 in
Nebulizer Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.2760 in9.5000 in
Needle Rocket Nose ConeApogee Components19001Elliptical0.4449 in0.8504 in
Negative Camouflage Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.4500 in0.5000 in
Neptune's Minus-E-9 Nose ConeAerospace Specialty ProductsBNC60TBOgive1.6378 in4.5000 in
neubauer_mercuryredstone.rkt Nose ConeConical0.5000 in0.2500 in
neubauer_micro_nike_smoke.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionConical0.7874 in4.0000 in
New Centurion Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6400 in3.1000 in
Newton's Nose Nose ConeParabolic6.7500 in2.0000 in
Nick's Nose ConeConical0.9760 in1.0000 in
Night Hawk Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.2200 in4.4000 in
Nightwing.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7362 in2.8346 in
Nike ASP Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in5.0000 in
Nike Hercules Nose ConeParabolic0.7499 in1.7700 in
Nike Smoke Nose ConeConical0.6000 in3.2500 in
Nike Smoke Prototype Nose ConeConical4.2420 in6.5000 in
Nike X Nose ConeEstesEstesHaack1.3200 in5.4000 in
Nitewing - #1039 Nose ConeConical1.3250 in6.4488 in
Nomad Nose ConeFlisKitsNCB-55ACConical1.3248 in5.5413 in
Noodler Nose ConePower Series3.5000 in4.0000 in
Norad ProMaxx.ork.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2500 in9.5000 in
Nordic Rocketry Meanie Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in8.7500 in
nordic_phaze.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.2200 in3.8750 in
Noris Rocketry Ariane Nose ConeParabolic0.7650 in2.5000 in
Noris Rocketry Soyuz Nose ConeApogee ComponentsConical0.7360 in1.7500 in
Noris Rocketry Vostok Nose ConeApogee Components19119Conical0.6700 in0.4350 in
North Coast Rocketry (NCR) Hypersonic 1100 (Cloned) Nose ConeVaughn BrothersVBOgive1.2700 in6.0000 in
North Star 54 2-Stage Nose ConeOgive5.5000 in21.0000 in
Nova Payloader Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.1118 in
NS.rkt Nose ConePower Series0.1250 in0.2000 in
Nu-B1ST.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6400 in6.7500 in
Obese Won Kenobe Nose ConeElliptical7.5400 in10.5000 in
Odd'l Rockets - Squatty Body Nose ConeSemrocHaack1.3000 in3.0000 in
Odd'l Rockets Cyclone RockSim file Nose ConeElliptical0.7400 in1.7000 in
Oh Yeah! Nose ConeApogee Components19080Conical0.2500 in1.0000 in
Omega upscaled II .rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceOmegaOgive1.6700 in3.4000 in
Omelette of Zeus Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.2170 in4.4000 in
One-Shot, Rev C (as-built) Nose ConeHaack1.2690 in5.5000 in
One_Good_Egg.rkt Nose ConeBARCLONEPNC-2057Ogive2.0400 in5.7000 in
One_Good_Egg.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive0.7590 in1.8000 in
oop_aaa_quadg.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.1000 in9.0000 in
oop_aardvark_aa9_amos.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in1.8750 in
oop_custom_dyncarrier.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.3750 in5.6250 in
oop_custom_lightnin.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.6875 in7.0000 in
oop_custom_twister.rkt Nose ConeEstesOgive0.7360 in1.6250 in
oop_eat_interstellar_probe.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.2598 in3.7795 in
oop_estes_blu_97b_cluster_bomb_7_0.rkt Nose ConeElliptical2.2000 in1.0000 in
oop_estes_broadsword.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical2.6000 in4.2000 in
oop_estes_clone_honest_john_k1919.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.0000 in4.0000 in
oop_estes_helio_copter.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesHaack1.3250 in6.2500 in
oop_estes_k6ranger.rkt Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.5270 in
oop_estes_maniac.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.3250 in6.5000 in
oop_estes_maxi_force.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.5000 in8.1500 in
oop_estes_pathfinder.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.3250 in5.0000 in
oop_estes_rattler7.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.2500 in
oop_estes_space_shuttle.rkt Nose ConeHaack1.2500 in2.1250 in
oop_missile_works_asp.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-1.52Ogive1.6500 in8.0000 in
oop_missile_works_viking7.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6300 in8.8750 in
oop_ncr_bigbrute.rkt Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.0000 in
oop_phoenix_mighty_kat.rkt Nose ConeHaack2.6000 in13.0000 in
oop_rogue_agm_3500peregrine.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.6000 in
oop_shadowaero_sprintabm.rkt Nose ConeConical0.9500 in6.7500 in
oop_vb_ext_29mm_night_rocket.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.1600 in7.0000 in
oop_vb_mini_ex.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.5441 in2.7500 in
Oracle of Prometheus Nose ConeConical4.0000 in3.2504 in
OrangeCrush.rkt Nose ConeConical4.0300 in20.0000 in
Orbital Transport Nose ConeSemrocBNC20BElliptical0.7300 in1.7000 in
Orion 38mm.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesUNC-OG-1.5Ogive1.6490 in4.3750 in
Orion Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionConical2.0000 in1.0000 in
Orion Nose ConeApogee ComponentsApogeeOgive2.2170 in10.7500 in
Orion Nose ConeApogee ComponentsApogeeOgive2.2170 in10.7500 in
Oscar, The Big Red Rocket Nose ConeElliptical6.2500 in3.2500 in
OverDrive Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.5440 in1.5551 in
P-chuter Nose ConeSemrocBC-17567Haack2.5600 in7.2500 in
Passionate J Nose ConePublic MissilesOgive7.6720 in30.0000 in
Pater Grandis Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in9.0000 in
Patriot Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6370 in4.7244 in
Pay Forward Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.5440 in1.8750 in
PE Perfomer 3" 38mm Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.2000 in
Pem - Tech Space Ark Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in13.2000 in
Penetrator Nose ConeOgive1.1800 in3.3398 in
Performance Rocketry 1/5 Scale V2 Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-11.41Ogive11.7000 in38.0000 in
Performance Rocketry 4" Nike Apache Nose ConeConical1.6450 in9.5000 in
Performance Rocketry Carbon Concept 54 Nose ConeAerotechAerotechConical2.1400 in13.0000 in
Performance Rocketry Competitor 5 Nose ConePerformance Rocketry5NCPOgive5.0000 in31.0000 in
Performance Rocketry Concept 54 Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-54Conical2.2710 in13.0000 in
Performance Rocketry Concept 98 Nose ConeConical4.0000 in24.3750 in
Performance Rocketry GIZMO Nose ConePerformance Rocketry5NCPOgive5.1250 in15.3750 in
Performance Rocketry GIZMO XL Nose ConeOgive8.0050 in24.7500 in
Performance Rocketry Half Scale Amraam.rkt Nose ConePerformance RocketryOgive3.5000 in12.5000 in
Performance Rocketry Little Dog Nose ConePerformance RocketryPNC-2.15Ogive2.3000 in11.5000 in
Performance Rocketry Mad Dog Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in20.2500 in
Performance Rocketry Mad Maxx Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionOgive8.0000 in29.0000 in
Performance Rocketry Mongoose 38 Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-38Conical1.6400 in8.1900 in
Performance Rocketry Nike Smoke (5.5) Nose ConeConical5.7400 in30.0000 in
Performance Rocketry Nike Smoke (4) Nose ConeConical4.4000 in24.2748 in
Performance Rocketry Nike Smoke 1/4 Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionConical4.3750 in22.2000 in
Pershing 1A Nose ConeConical1.7480 in4.4400 in
Pershing Nose ConeConical1.5630 in4.0000 in
Pershing Missile Nose ConeConical3.1000 in8.5000 in
Pershing1Abt101.rkt Nose ConeConical1.6700 in4.3500 in
Peter Always A-3 Nose ConeOgive1.3460 in4.7000 in
Peter Always Black Brant VI Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in3.8740 in
Peter Always Cuckoo-Boosted Skylark Nose ConeConical0.9760 in3.6500 in
Peter Always EAC Hyperion Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3250 in5.3940 in
Peter Always MX-774 Hiroc Nose ConeConical2.1860 in6.9000 in
Peter Always Super Chief II Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6370 in4.9000 in
Peter Always Taurus-Orion Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in2.1300 in
Phantom 4000 Nose ConeNorth Coast RocketryNC-39LOgive3.9800 in16.3000 in
PHASAR L3 Nose ConeOgive4.1250 in19.0000 in
phobus Nose ConePML PNC-2.15 Plastic nose coneOgive2.3000 in9.5000 in
Phoenix 2 Nose ConeEstesBULL PUP - BT-55Ogive1.3268 in5.3937 in
Phoenix 2.6 Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in6.2000 in
Phoenix AIM-54C Nose ConeConical2.0000 in3.3750 in
Physics of Flight Raptor Nose ConeOgive1.5748 in6.8110 in
Piggy Bank Nose ConeElliptical6.0000 in6.0000 in
pike.rkt Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC-101YOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
pike55.rkt Nose ConeHaack5.5000 in20.0000 in
Pip Squeak Nose ConeQuestQuestOgive0.7870 in2.5300 in
Plans The Doorknob Nose ConeConical0.0750 in0.4000 in
plausible.rkt Nose ConeQuestQuestParabolic2.0000 in5.7504 in
Point 6 Nose ConeEstesEstesConical1.3250 in6.5000 in
Pointy_Thang.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-733Ogive0.7590 in3.3000 in
Poison Arrow Nose ConeApogee Components19078Elliptical0.5440 in0.6500 in
Polaris (3.0") Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.3000 in9.5000 in
Polecat Aerospace - Goblin (5.5") Nose ConeOgive5.5000 in16.0000 in
Polecat Aerospace 4.0" Nike Smoke Nose ConePolecat AerospaceConical4.5000 in25.0000 in
Polecat Aerospace 7.5" Nike Smoke Nose ConeConical8.5000 in44.0000 in
Polecat Aerospace Goblin 4", 54mm motor mount Nose ConePolecat AerospaceHaack4.0000 in13.0000 in
Polecat Aerospace Goblin Nose ConePolecat AerospaceHaack5.5000 in16.0000 in
Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke (10) Nose ConeConical11.3630 in53.6331 in
Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke (5.5") Nose ConeConical6.2500 in27.7500 in
Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke 5.5" Nose ConeConical6.2500 in29.5000 in
Polecat Thumper Nose ConeOgive10.1250 in33.5000 in
polecat_spike.rkt Nose ConeConical3.2000 in18.0000 in
polecat_v2_75.rkt Nose ConeOgive7.5000 in24.5000 in
Pratt Hobbies Pioneer Nose ConeApogee ComponentsPNC-18AParabolic0.9760 in3.0000 in
Pratt Hobbies Super Six Nose ConeApogee ComponentsPNC-18AParabolic0.7360 in2.2500 in
pratt_d-region_tomahawk.rkt Nose ConeEstesOgive0.7360 in2.2500 in
pratt_polaris.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in2.0000 in
Prime Number Explorer -- Estes 0891 Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.3200 in5.0000 in
Privateer.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1052Ogive1.0400 in5.2000 in
Project Apollo Nose ConeConical3.0000 in2.5000 in
ProLine Rocketry HV Arcas.rkt Nose ConeHaack4.5000 in20.2500 in
Prometheus II Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-6.00Ogive6.1600 in24.0000 in
Prometheus.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-734Ogive0.7590 in3.3000 in
Public Enemy Bull Puppy Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in15.5000 in
Public Enemy Patriot (3") Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in12.5000 in
Public Enemy Ultra FatBoy Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Pug.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceOgive0.5430 in1.7000 in
Pumpkin Head Nose ConeParabolic1.6370 in6.5625 in
Punk_18.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceOgive0.7590 in2.7000 in
Punk_18XL.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceOgive1.0400 in3.9000 in
Punk_18XL.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceOgive0.9080 in3.0000 in
Punk_24.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceOgive1.6400 in3.3000 in
Purple AP Eater Nose ConeConical1.2990 in5.5000 in
Push Me Pull Me from an Estes Gemini DC Kitbash Nose ConeApogee Components19400Ogive0.9760 in4.0000 in
Qmodeling Bullpup Nose ConeApogee ComponentsOgive2.6000 in10.6250 in
QModeling Hawkeye Nose ConeApogee ComponentsOgive2.6000 in10.5000 in
QModeling Mega-Retro Series WAC Corporal Nose ConeConical1.6370 in9.1250 in
QModeling MRS-Viper Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in10.6100 in
QModeling Vega Nose ConeConical1.6370 in9.2300 in
Quasar 2.4x Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in12.7500 in
quasar_one_iced_up.rkt Nose ConeQuestQuestElliptical0.9840 in3.0000 in
quasar_one_patriot.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.56Ogive2.6000 in8.0000 in
quasar_one_storm_chaser.rkt Nose ConeApo11oAPN-50YElliptical0.9760 in3.8750 in
Queeze-Bee Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.9787 in
Quest - Future Launch Vehicle Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6400 in1.5000 in
Quest - MLAS Nose ConeApogee ComponentsPower Series3.5000 in3.4800 in
Quest Aerobee Hi Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.1807 in
Quest Astra 1 Nose ConeQuestQuestOgive0.9840 in3.2500 in
Quest Big Rage Nose ConeConical1.4290 in8.2700 in
Quest Courier Nose ConeHaack1.9300 in4.0000 in
Quest Evader Nose ConeQuestQuestOgive0.5900 in1.0000 in
Quest Falcon Nose ConeQuestQuestHaack1.3780 in4.2500 in
Quest Falcon Nose ConeQuestQuestParabolic1.3780 in2.7500 in
Quest Flat Cat Nose ConeQuest20075Ogive0.7870 in2.5000 in
Quest Full Betty Nose ConeParabolic1.5748 in1.5000 in
Quest Gamma Ray Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in3.1807 in
Quest Harpon AGM Nose ConeElliptical1.5700 in2.5000 in
Quest Nike-K-29 Nose ConeQuestQuestOgive0.9840 in3.1500 in
Quest Seeker Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.1728 in
Quest Sport (QK) Nose ConeQuest20308Ogive1.1800 in3.3000 in
Quest Sprint Nose ConeHaack0.7870 in2.5625 in
Quest Superbird Nose ConeQuestQuestHaack1.3780 in3.0000 in
Quest Terrier-Orion Nose ConeQuestQuestParabolic0.9840 in3.1500 in
Quest Tomahawk SLCM Nose ConeQuest20400Elliptical1.5730 in2.5500 in
Quest Totally Tubular Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.7860 in2.5000 in
Quest X-15 Nose ConeQuestQuestElliptical1.3780 in3.5000 in
Quest - Viper Nose ConeQuest20100Ogive0.9840 in3.1500 in
Quest - Totally Tubular Nose ConeQuestQuestParabolic0.7870 in2.5300 in
quest_full_moon.rkt Nose ConeQuestQuestElliptical1.5700 in1.7717 in
Quest_Lil-Grunt.rkt Nose ConeQuest20050Ogive1.9700 in3.8750 in
quest_triton-x.rkt Nose ConeQuestOgive0.9880 in3.1400 in
Quest_X15.rkt Nose ConeHaack1.3780 in2.7559 in
Rack'Em Up Nose ConePower Series0.8000 in1.0000 in
rackrocket.rkt Nose ConeApogee Components19207Ogive0.7360 in1.8800 in
Radical Nose ConeEstesPNC-5Ogive0.5400 in2.0000 in
Raptor Nose ConeEstesEstesConical1.3250 in5.4030 in
RAPTR_Andreas.rkt Nose ConeMadCow Rocketry - Apogee Rockets20265Ogive1.6040 in6.6300 in
Raven Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.9760 in2.6378 in
Raygun Gothic Birdhouse Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryConical2.7500 in2.5000 in
Raytheon (General Dynamics) RIM-67C Nose ConePublic MissilesIC-3.0-2.1Ogive3.1000 in13.2000 in
Razor Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.6362 in
reaper3.rkt Nose ConeProLine CompositesOgive3.1250 in15.5000 in
Red Fin Nose ConePower Series1.6370 in6.7500 in
Red Nova 7266.rkt Nose ConeSemrocConical0.8750 in0.7500 in
Red Rhino-V2.rkt Nose ConeHaack1.6250 in8.7500 in
Red River Rocketry - Diamond Ring Nose ConeRed River RocketryBNC55Parabolic1.3300 in2.7500 in
Red River Rocketry P-Chuter Xtreme Nose ConeSemrocBC-17567Elliptical1.8400 in6.2500 in
Red River Rocketry Slipstream Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3200 in5.4000 in
Red Spike RockSim File Nose ConeSemrocBNC-5SConical0.5410 in1.5000 in
Redneck Rampage Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.0000 in
Redstar Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACOgive1.3200 in5.4000 in
red_arrow_black_brant_ii.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesIC-2.6-1.5Conical2.7000 in14.0000 in
red_river_predator.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesHaack1.3200 in5.2500 in
red_river_prometheus.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.3200 in2.6250 in
red_river_red_strike.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in3.0000 in
ReMax2 Nose ConeOgive10.2500 in33.8750 in
Resistor 224 Nose ConeConical2.2700 in6.2500 in
Retribution of Zeus Nose ConeOgive0.2460 in0.5000 in
Retro Rocket Works (RRW) GIRD X Nose ConeRetro Rocket WorksRetro Rockets 19568Ogive2.7500 in7.5000 in
Reunificator! Nose ConeElliptical0.4460 in1.3750 in
Reunited Ripper Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceCENBC107Ogive1.0400 in5.2500 in
Rhino Nose ConeFlisKitsNCB-60RHElliptical1.6370 in3.9571 in
RHR2003 Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.0000 in
Ride The Lightning Nose ConeParabolic1.5748 in6.2992 in
Ring Fins Are Fun Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-11.41Ogive11.7000 in42.0000 in
Ring Thing Nose ConeParabolic1.0400 in4.1000 in
RKT File Power Series Nose ConePower Series2.1230 in1.1875 in
roachwerks_nike-hercules.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2170 in9.7500 in
Rocket Boy Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in17.5000 in
Rocket Dynamic Systems Aries Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Rocket Dynamic Systems Moon Rakker Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.2500 in
Rocket from U.N.C.L.E. Nose ConeHaack1.6000 in2.0000 in
Rocket in Pocket 3 Nose ConeLOC PNC-7.51Haack6.7500 in5.5000 in
Rocket in Pocket Nose ConeParabolic0.5440 in0.5500 in
Rocket Pad Asraam Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in8.1090 in
Rocket Pad Asroc Nose ConeElliptical2.6000 in3.6560 in
Rocket Pad Delta Star Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in2.7000 in
Rocket Pad Shooting Star Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
Rocket R&D Corporal Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in15.7500 in
Rocket Vision Grymm Nose ConeElliptical2.8800 in3.2500 in
Rocket Vision Mach-Buster (Cracker) Nose ConeOgive1.1020 in4.2500 in
Rocket Vision Pegasus Nose ConeElliptical2.8800 in3.1810 in
Rocket Vision Six-Pack Nose ConeOgive1.1250 in4.3300 in
Rocketarium AIM-120 AMRAAM Nose ConeApo11oAPN-60BOOgive1.6370 in5.5000 in
Rocketman Enterprises Explorer 7 Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in17.0000 in
Rocketman Enterprises Wah-hoo Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in17.0000 in
Rocketman Enterprises Wah-hoo Nose ConePNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in17.0000 in
rocketpad_shark.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in6.6250 in
Rocketry Warehouse Adventurer 3 Nose ConeOgive3.1250 in15.5000 in
Rocketry Warehouse AGM-58 Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in15.0000 in
Rocketry Warehouse Broken Arrow 4 Nose ConePerformance Rocketry5:1Haack4.0250 in20.0000 in
Rocketry Warehouse FIRE FLYER 2.6 Nose ConeOgive2.6500 in13.0000 in
Rocketry Warehouse Flying Pumpkin Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryElliptical5.5000 in8.7500 in
Rocketry Warehouse Lil Rascal Nose ConePerformance Rocketry4 inOgive4.0250 in12.0000 in
Rocketry Warehouse Rogue Nose ConeHaack4.0250 in22.1000 in
Rocketry Warehouse Sublime Nose ConePerformance RocketryOgive4.0250 in22.0000 in
Rocketry Warehouse X-Celerator Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.0000 in
RockSim - Endeavour (dual deploy with 17" motor mount) Nose ConePublic MissilesPML PNC-3.90Ogive4.0240 in16.7500 in
Rocksim 9 file Nose ConeConical0.7583 in2.6000 in
Rocksim File Nose ConeHaack3.1250 in16.5004 in
Hellfire.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesAParabolic2.2500 in1.1250 in
Rocksim for dual deploy Bobcat Special Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Rogue Interdictor.rkt Nose ConeApo11oABN-05VParabolic0.5440 in0.5000 in
Rogue.rkt Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in14.6000 in
Romulus.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-55ACParabolic1.3200 in5.0000 in
SA-14 Archer Nose ConeEstesPNC-20Ogive0.7360 in2.8346 in
SA-5 Gammon Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Ogive4.0000 in16.2500 in
Sabre_Dart.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7360 in2.7500 in
Sam-X Nose ConeQuestQuestElliptical0.9760 in2.1880 in
Sand Gnat Nose ConeElliptical0.5440 in0.5000 in
Sandia Sandhawk Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in1.4591 in
Saturn 1B (1/35) Nose ConeConical4.4860 in3.6000 in
Saturn IV Nose ConeOgive2.6300 in12.0000 in
Saturn V Nose ConeConical1.3250 in1.0000 in
Saturn V Sport Scale Nose ConeConical1.3460 in0.9000 in
Scale Kits Amraam D-Series Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.6780 in
Scale Kits Apex D-Series Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in2.4640 in
Scale Kits Apex Nose ConeOgive1.6350 in3.0850 in
Scale Kits Sidewinder Nose ConeElliptical1.6350 in0.9500 in
Sceam.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesUNC-1.525Conical1.6000 in8.0000 in
Scimitar Flames Nose ConeApogee ComponentsOgive2.6000 in8.2500 in
Scrambler Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.9760 in1.3700 in
Scrap Pile 1 Nose ConeEstesBNC-50KAParabolic0.9882 in3.1496 in
scratch_4in_v2sept.rkt Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in14.1250 in
scratch_baby_phoenix_down_scale.rkt Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.0500 in
scratch_bop_outlandish_final.rkt Nose ConePower Series1.2500 in1.0000 in
scratch_boxoparts_salvage_90.rkt Nose ConeSemrocConical1.6370 in1.2500 in
scratch_box_rocket.rkt Nose ConeOgive8.2900 in0.1000 in
scratch_descon_214fiberglass.rkt Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.1600 in9.5000 in
scratch_design_blast.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
scratch_design_contest_iss_pluto.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6400 in1.8500 in
scratch_design_contest_solar_flare.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.9760 in4.3500 in
scratch_explorer_1_c_engine.rkt Nose ConeParabolic1.4350 in2.7860 in
scratch_hermes_a_3a_54mm.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2750 in10.5000 in
scratch_interstellar_cruise_liner.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-944Ogive0.9980 in4.3750 in
scratch_julianas_javelin-bt70-long.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.2200 in9.5000 in
scratch_little_cluster_ff.rkt Nose ConeApogee Components19119Conical1.6378 in2.9488 in
scratch_machword.rkt Nose ConeConical1.1600 in6.0000 in
scratch_morbidly_obese_boy.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical3.7000 in3.6250 in
scratch_stafford_twelve_pack.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.00Power Series1.0000 in0.7500 in
scratch_stage_tree.rkt Nose ConeOgive1.2300 in3.0000 in
scratch_transonic.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesUNC-1.145Conical1.2700 in6.0000 in
scratch_upscale_159_red_max_24mm.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.6000 in10.7500 in
Screamin' Mimi Nose ConeParabolic1.6370 in6.7500 in
Seeker! Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in4.3543 in
Semi-Centipede of Zeus Nose ConeElliptical4.0000 in40.0000 in
Semi-Sonic Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YHaack0.9760 in4.5000 in
Semroc - Arcon Nose ConeSemrocBC-1039Ogive1.0400 in3.9000 in
Semroc - Astro-1 Nose ConeSemrocBC-1052Ogive1.0400 in5.2000 in
Semroc - Astro-Jr Nose ConeSemrocBC-837Ogive0.9060 in3.7000 in
Semroc - Astron Nose ConeSemrocBC-837Ogive0.9080 in3.7000 in
Semroc - Defender Nose ConeSemrocBC-516Conical0.5430 in1.1000 in
Semroc - Goliath Nose ConeSemrocBC-1631Ogive1.6400 in3.1000 in
Semroc - LaunchLogo Nose ConeSemrocBC-720Ogive0.7590 in4.0004 in
Semroc - Lil Hercules Nose ConeSemrocBC-716Elliptical0.7590 in1.6000 in
Semroc - Lune R-1 Nose ConeSemrocBC-1051Conical1.0400 in5.1000 in
Semroc - Magnum Hornet Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55ACParabolic Series1.3250 in5.5000 in
Semroc - Mark II Nose ConeSemrocBC-1020Power Series1.0400 in0.5000 in
Semroc - Micron Nose ConeSemrocBC-719Ogive0.7590 in1.9000 in
Semroc - Point Nose ConeSemrocBC-728Conical0.7590 in2.8000 in
Semroc - Rawhide Nose ConeSemrocBC-723Ogive0.7590 in2.3000 in
Semroc - Recruiter Nose ConeSemrocBC-838Power Series0.9080 in3.8000 in
Semroc - Saturn 1B Nose ConeSemrocBC-08542Conical2.2170 in1.6000 in
Semroc - Sky Hook Nose ConeSemrocBC-727Ogive0.7590 in2.7000 in
Semroc - SLS Arcas Nose ConeSemrocBNC-70HACPower Series2.2500 in9.1500 in
Semroc - SLS Brighton Nose ConeSemrocBNC-80HLElliptical2.6400 in5.1100 in
Semroc - Squire Nose ConeSemrocBC-837Ogive0.9080 in3.7000 in
Semroc - Swift Nose ConeSemrocBC-721Ogive0.7590 in2.1000 in
Semroc - Triton Nose ConeSemrocBC-714Ogive0.7590 in1.4000 in
Semroc April Dancer Nose ConeHaack1.5000 in2.6000 in
Semroc BatRoK Nose ConeSemrocBC-731Elliptical0.7590 in3.1000 in
Semroc cc: Space Plane Nose ConeSemrocBC-722Power Series0.7590 in2.1870 in
Semroc Centaur Nose ConeSemrocBC-1329Elliptical1.3400 in2.9000 in
Semroc Centurion Nose ConeSemrocPC-1626Elliptical1.6400 in2.6000 in
Semroc Competitor Nose ConeSemrocBC-830Ogive0.9080 in3.0000 in
Semroc Cyber III Nose ConeSemrocBC-739Conical0.7590 in3.5000 in
Semroc Excalibur Nose ConeSemrocBC-730Elliptical0.7590 in3.0000 in
Semroc Firefly Nose ConeSemrocBC-821Elliptical0.9080 in2.1000 in
Semroc Gee'hod Nose ConeElliptical1.8400 in3.7500 in
Semroc Hydra VII Nose ConeSemrocOgive0.7590 in1.2500 in
SEMROC Iris Nose ConeSemrocBC-1180Ogive1.1700 in8.0000 in
Semroc Laser-X Nose ConeSemrocBC-524Ogive0.5430 in2.4000 in
Semroc LAUNCH Missile Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBMS20V2CElliptical0.7299 in2.0472 in
Semroc Mars Lander Nose ConeSemrocBC-60ALPower Series1.6350 in1.0000 in
Semroc PSC Infinity Nose ConeSemrocBC-1646Ogive1.6400 in4.6000 in
Semroc SLS Aero-Dart Nose ConeSemrocBC-17567Haack1.8400 in6.7000 in
Semroc SLS Aero-Dart Nose ConeSemrocBC-17567Ogive1.8400 in6.7000 in
Semroc Snipe Hunter Nose ConeSemrocBC-821Power Series0.9060 in1.8000 in
Semroc ThunderBee Nose ConeSemrocBC-522Elliptical0.5430 in2.2000 in
Semroc ThunderRoc Nose ConeSemrocBC-1650Ogive1.6400 in5.0000 in
Semroc V2 (XKit, clone of Estes K-22) Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3200 in3.8750 in
Semroc- OSO Nose ConeSemrocBC-1135Elliptical1.1700 in3.5000 in
Semroc- SLS Hustler Nose ConeSemrocBC-22567Ogive2.3400 in6.7000 in
Semroc-Aerobee 150.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-58ABOgive1.5400 in8.7800 in
Semroc-Aerobee 300.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-40SPConical0.8250 in2.3000 in
Semroc-Aerobee-Hi.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-4045Ogive0.8250 in4.5000 in
Semroc-Arcas.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-58ACPower Series1.5400 in6.0900 in
Semroc-Arcon-Hi.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1045Ogive1.0400 in4.5000 in
Semroc-Baby Orion.rkt Nose ConeParabolic0.3400 in0.1150 in
Semroc-Bandit.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55AOElliptical1.3250 in5.0000 in
Semroc-Blue Bird Zero.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55AOElliptical1.3250 in5.0000 in
Semroc-Booster-18.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1845Haack1.8400 in4.5000 in
Semroc-Centurion-F.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1636Haack1.8400 in4.0000 in
Semroc-Centurion.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1636Haack1.6400 in3.6000 in
Semroc-Cherokee-C.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1042ACOgive1.0400 in4.2000 in
Semroc-Cherokee-D.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55ACParabolic1.3250 in5.4000 in
Semroc-Constellation.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-50XElliptical0.9760 in3.2500 in
Semroc-Der V-1.5.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55KPOgive1.3250 in4.2000 in
Semroc-Egg Crate.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-2025Elliptical2.0400 in2.5000 in
Semroc-Firefly.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-821Elliptical0.9060 in2.1000 in
Semroc-Geehod.rkt Nose ConeSemrocSemrocElliptical1.8400 in2.8000 in
Semroc-Gemini-Titan.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-20104Conical0.5320 in0.0100 in
Semroc-Goblin.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55AOPower Series1.3250 in5.0000 in
Semroc-Golden Scout.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-30DEOgive0.7670 in1.3800 in
Semroc-Hydra One.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1122Ogive1.1700 in2.2100 in
Semroc-IQSY Tomahawk.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-846OOgive0.9080 in4.6300 in
Semroc-Launch.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-720Elliptical0.7590 in2.0000 in
Semroc-Lil\' Centauri.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1023Haack1.0400 in2.3000 in
Semroc-Little Joe II.rkt Conical Nose ConeSemrocBNC-3ETConical0.3760 in0.7000 in
Semroc-Mark.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-30EHaack0.7670 in2.3000 in
Semroc-Mars Lander.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-60ALPower Series1.6350 in1.2500 in
Semroc-Midget.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-50JPower Series0.9760 in1.2600 in
Semroc-Mini Aero-Dart.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1038Haack1.0400 in3.8200 in
Semroc-Mini Centurion.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1023CHaack1.0400 in2.2800 in
Semroc-Mini Explorer.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1038BHaack1.0400 in3.8200 in
Semroc-Mini Hustler.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1338Ogive1.3400 in3.8300 in
Semroc-Mini Omega.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1024Power Series0.4630 in0.1800 in
Semroc-Mini Optima.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1033Ogive1.0400 in3.3000 in
Semroc-Moon Glo.rkt Nose ConeSemrocElliptical0.2500 in0.1700 in
Semroc-MX-774.rkt Nose ConeConical1.1420 in3.5070 in
Semroc-Nike-Tomahawk.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-827Ogive0.9080 in2.7000 in
Semroc-Nomad.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1045PHaack1.0400 in4.5000 in
Semroc-Omega Payload.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-60AHElliptical1.6370 in6.6300 in
Semroc-Omega.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1834Power Series0.7300 in0.2900 in
Semroc-Orion.rkt Nose ConeParabolic0.6800 in0.2300 in
Semroc-Penetrator.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-8F28Ogive0.9210 in2.8000 in
Semroc-Ranger.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-60LVElliptical1.6370 in3.1600 in
Semroc-Red-Eye.rkt Nose ConeSemrocParabolic0.2000 in0.1000 in
Semroc-SAM-3.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-734POgive0.7590 in3.4000 in
Semroc-Satellite Killer.rkt Nose ConeSemrocConical0.9980 in0.0010 in
Semroc-Saturn V.rkt Nose ConeSemrocConical2.0300 in3.4700 in
Semroc-Scrambler.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-65AFElliptical1.7960 in4.0000 in
Semroc-Shrike.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.4000 in
Semroc-Sky Hook II.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1037NOgive1.0400 in3.7000 in
Semroc-SLS Jaguar-29.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-11560Ogive1.2200 in6.0000 in
Semroc-SLS Javelin-29.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-12561Ogive1.3400 in6.1000 in
Semroc-SLS Laser-X.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-08542Ogive0.9400 in4.2000 in
Semroc-SLS Scorpion-29.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-12555Ogive1.3400 in5.5000 in
Semroc-SLS Sky Hook.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-12547Ogive1.3400 in4.7500 in
Semroc-Spartan.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-846Ogive0.9080 in4.6000 in
Semroc-SPEV.rkt Power Series Nose ConeSemrocBNC-3ETPower Series1.0140 in1.5000 in
Semroc-Sprite.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-715DOgive0.7590 in1.5000 in
Semroc-SST Shuttle-1.rkt Ogive Nose ConeSemrocOgive1.0400 in5.0000 in
Semroc-Starlight.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.3000 in
Semroc-Starship Excalibur.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-55FOgive1.3250 in3.8000 in
Semroc-Starship Vega.rkt Nose ConeSemrocElliptical0.1600 in0.0700 in
Semroc-Start.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1039Ogive1.0400 in2.9000 in
Semroc-Taurus.rkt Elliptical Nose ConeSemrocBC-1327Elliptical1.3400 in2.7000 in
Semroc-ThunderStorm.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-2080Elliptical2.0400 in8.0000 in
Semroc-ThunderStrike.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1352Elliptical1.3400 in5.2500 in
Semroc-Trident.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-5EElliptical0.5430 in1.3800 in
Semroc-USS America.rkt Nose ConeSemrocConical0.5150 in0.3000 in
Semroc-Vector-V.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-730Ogive0.7590 in3.0000 in
Semroc-WAC Corporal.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1155Conical1.1700 in4.9000 in
Semroc-X-Ray.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-50KOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
Semroc-XK-23.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1024Ogive1.0400 in2.4000 in
Semroc-Yung\'un\'s Nuke.rkt Nose ConeSemrocSemrocElliptical0.9570 in0.9000 in
Centuri - Screaming Eagle Nose ConeSemrocBC-847WOgive0.9080 in4.5000 in
semroc_magnum_sprint.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC55O61Power Series1.3200 in5.5000 in
Serin Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.6480 in
Serval Extreme High Power Nose ConeOgive3.2000 in10.0000 in
Shadow Composites Raven Nose ConeHaack1.7300 in8.5000 in
Shadow Composites Sprint ABM Nose ConeConical1.0000 in5.4000 in
Shai-Hulud Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive2.6000 in5.2000 in
Shake Your Tail Feathers Nose ConeApogee Components19020Ogive2.2170 in3.0000 in
SHR 1/48th Scale Saturn V Nose ConeConical3.5000 in2.7500 in
SHR LJII Nose ConeConical0.8700 in1.4700 in
Shrox Industria BolAeroZ Nose ConeApogee Components19400Parabolic0.9760 in3.0000 in
Shrox Industria Helios/DRSP (Deep Solar Research Project) Nose ConeApogee Components19110Haack1.1760 in4.3750 in
SHX-15 Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3250 in5.3937 in
Sidewinder 60 Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in5.5000 in
Silver Comet Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in8.2500 in
Silver Streak - 002b Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.6957 in
Simply Brilliant Nose ConeConical0.7500 in0.1800 in
Sirius Rocketry - S.S. Cestris Nose ConeSirius RocketryPower Series2.8750 in3.5000 in
Sirius Rocketry - Saturn V Nose ConeApogee ComponentsConical2.4000 in1.9000 in
Sirius Rocketry Interrogator G Nose ConeAerospace Specialty ProductsBNC70SOgive2.2165 in4.5000 in
Six-Pack Nose ConeOgive1.1250 in4.2500 in
Skinny Minni Nose ConeParabolic0.5440 in2.1250 in
Skunkworks Skeeter Nose ConeElliptical5.6250 in8.3750 in
Sky CZ-2E Satellite Launch Vehicle Nose ConePower Series0.4780 in0.1700 in
Sky CZ-2E Satellite Launch Vehicle Nose ConeConical0.0950 in0.1600 in
Sky East Wind Nose ConeElliptical0.8700 in2.9300 in
Sky Long March 3 Nose ConeParabolic0.9440 in0.6600 in
Sky Pirate Nose ConeOgive1.1500 in5.5000 in
Skybird Nose ConePNC50Elliptical0.9760 in2.5984 in
Sky_Marshal.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.5440 in2.8000 in
SLAM ER Nose ConeOgive1.6350 in2.7559 in
SM-1 1/6 sport scale Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-70Ogive2.2170 in5.2500 in
Small Fin Fastie Nose ConeOgive2.2520 in10.0000 in
Small Mercury Transport Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6370 in2.0000 in
Small Scale SA2 Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.7358 in1.7000 in
Smoke and Fire Nose ConeParabolic1.6370 in6.6260 in
Smokin' Rockets Black Brant II 6" Nose ConeConical6.2500 in32.0000 in
Smokin' Rockets Mega-Nuke Nose ConeOgive7.5100 in29.0000 in
Smokin' Rockets Tomahawk (6) Nose ConeOgive6.1000 in25.5000 in
Snipe Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-2.56Ogive2.6000 in13.0000 in
Snitch_324.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive2.8400 in13.5200 in
SolarEclipse.rkt Nose ConeSunward AerospaceTBA BT70Parabolic2.2200 in4.4000 in
Solar_Flare.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive0.7590 in3.4000 in
Son of the Grand Whazoo Nose ConeConical4.0000 in6.0000 in
Sorta Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.7500 in
Sounder II Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in5.3750 in
Space Needle Nose ConeConical0.2460 in0.5000 in
SpaceShipSqrt(-1) Nose ConeApogee ComponentsParabolic Series0.6750 in2.0000 in
SpaceX - Falcon 9 and Fairing Nose ConeParabolic2.2201 in2.2441 in
SpaceX - Falcon 9 and Fairing Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionParabolic2.2201 in2.2441 in
Spectral_Queen.rkt Nose ConeSemrocElliptical1.3250 in5.0000 in
Spike.rkt Nose ConeEstesConical0.5430 in2.6000 in
Spikor Nose ConeParabolic0.1250 in0.1250 in
Spin Fin Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.1807 in
Sport Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.6480 in
Sprite Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in12.7500 in
Sputnik Nose ConeElliptical4.0000 in2.0000 in
square one.rkt Nose ConeConical22.0000 in24.0000 in
Squirrel Works - Tuber Nose ConeSquirrel WorksParabolic Series1.3400 in5.6250 in
Squirrel Works Goblin Nose ConeElliptical1.3250 in5.0819 in
Squirrel Works Spacecruiser FFE Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.4201 in
Squirrel Works X-RV Nose ConeSquirrel WorksConical0.7591 in1.0625 in
squirrelworks_gremlin.rkt Nose ConeParabolic1.3200 in5.1250 in
SR1 (Scrap Rocket #1) Nose ConeElliptical2.7500 in1.6250 in
SR2 (Scrap Rocket #2) Nose ConeElliptical2.7500 in2.2500 in
Stanard Missile - RIM 66a Nose ConeOgive2.1250 in6.0000 in
Standard AGM-78 Nose ConeThe Launch Pad10675-NCOgive2.6100 in5.8750 in
Standard ARM AGM-78 Nose ConePublic MissilesFNC-6.00Ogive6.1000 in14.0000 in
Standard ARM Nose ConeOgive1.7500 in5.8000 in
Star Hauler Nose ConeElliptical0.9760 in1.2500 in
Star Legionaire Nose ConeOgive1.0400 in5.1000 in
Star Torpedo Nose ConeElliptical1.3250 in5.4030 in
Starchaser.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-55FOgive1.3250 in4.2000 in
Starfighter Nose ConeParabolic0.7360 in1.7000 in
Starlight Rockets Apogee Nose ConeElliptical0.9760 in2.5730 in
Starlight Rockets Firestar Nose ConeParabolic0.7360 in2.7953 in
Starlight Rockets Nano Nose ConeParabolic0.7360 in1.6240 in
Starlight Rockets Nimbus Nose ConeParabolic0.7360 in2.8220 in
Starlight Rockets Seiron 3 Nose ConeSemrocBNC-20AElliptical1.0000 in1.3750 in
Starlight Rockets Whiplash II Nose ConeParabolic0.7360 in2.0000 in
starlight_f-32.rkt Nose ConeApogee Components19400Parabolic0.9760 in2.5000 in
starlight_hyperon.rkt Nose ConeEstesElliptical0.7087 in2.2500 in
Star_Ranger.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1331Elliptical1.3400 in3.1000 in
Steel Raptor Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.5440 in1.6254 in
Stiletto Nose ConeOgive2.7000 in8.0000 in
Stiletto_II.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive0.9080 in4.5000 in
stinger.rkt Ogive Nose ConePERFORMANCE ROCKETRTYOgive6.1700 in25.0000 in
Stormbringer Nose ConeOgive2.0680 in2.0000 in
Stormcaster Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.6370 in4.5000 in
Stratosphere Nose ConePower Series0.2500 in9.0000 in
Stuperroc Nose ConeOgive0.5440 in1.2200 in
Styro-1 Nose ConePower Series1.8750 in0.2500 in
Sunard Moondance Nose ConePower Series1.3490 in6.2500 in
Sunward Aerospace Arachnid Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBMS60V2COgive1.6300 in3.0000 in
Sunward Aerospace Bug Me Not Nose ConeQuestQuestParabolic0.9840 in3.0000 in
Sunward Aerospace Explorer Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.9760 in3.0000 in
Sunward Aerospace Flat Foot Nose ConeSunward Aerospace05 060Parabolic0.9764 in3.0000 in
Sunward Aerospace SkyBender Nose ConeSunward AerospaceTBAParabolic1.6378 in3.2480 in
Sunward Aerospace Solar Eclipse Nose ConeEstesOgive2.2200 in3.5000 in
Sunward Areospace Ltd. Tri Force Nose ConeAerospace Specialty ProductsBNC60TBParabolic1.6378 in3.2480 in
Sunward Mini-Moondance Nose ConeQuestQuestOgive0.9840 in2.7500 in
Sunward Phoenix Nose ConeParabolic1.3400 in6.5000 in
Sunward The Screamer! Model Rocket Kit Nose ConeSunward AerospaceTBAParabolic1.6378 in3.4375 in
sunward_cfx_3.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesUNC-1.145Parabolic1.3500 in6.2500 in
sunward_cfx_six.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive1.3500 in5.4000 in
sunward_star_watcher.rkt Nose ConeApogee ComponentsParabolic1.2598 in6.2992 in
Super Loki-Dart Nose ConeApogee ComponentsOgive1.5800 in9.8800 in
superdx3.rkt Nose ConeMadcow RocketryPNC-101AJOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Superneon by Estes Nose ConeEstesEstesOgive0.9760 in3.7504 in
Switch Blade.rkt Nose ConeQuestQuestOgive1.3800 in4.0000 in
Talk Radio Nose ConeOgive0.6250 in0.1250 in
Tall Boy Nose ConeParabolic1.6370 in2.6563 in
Talon 3 Nose ConeGiant Leap RocketryNC-3.00Ogive3.0650 in15.2500 in
Tangent Nose ConeParabolic1.6370 in3.2169 in
TARDIS Nose ConeEstesConical3.9370 in0.3937 in
Semroc - Tau Zero Nose ConeSemrocBC-760 -- Part A (BC-1052)Ogive1.0400 in5.2500 in
Temporary Insanity Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-7.51Ogive7.6700 in22.0000 in
Terrapin Nose ConeConical1.6370 in7.8580 in
Terrapin Scale Model paper design. Nose ConeEstesConical0.5512 in1.6535 in
Terrier Rim-2 (with booster) Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in5.5000 in
Texas Twister Nose ConeApogee Components19085Parabolic0.7360 in2.2500 in
That Tube Rocket! Nose ConeElliptical2.2170 in3.3720 in
The *** Whooper Nose ConeParabolic0.7360 in1.7000 in
The Black Shadow Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.5551 in
The Dark Side of the Moon Nose ConePower Series2.2500 in5.7500 in
The Deplaquenator Nose ConeEstesPower Series2.2500 in2.2500 in
The Flash Nose ConeParabolic0.7870 in2.5646 in
The Garderobe Nose ConeOgive3.9000 in16.7000 in
The Grand Whazoo Nose ConeOgive8.0000 in33.5000 in
The Happy Birthday Party Napkin Rocket of the Apocalypse Nose ConeConical1.7500 in0.1000 in
The Launch Pad - Matra Magic R.550 Nose ConeElliptical2.6000 in1.5000 in
The Launch Pad Alarm Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in4.0000 in
The Launch Pad Bullpup Nose ConeConical1.2500 in3.0000 in
marlin_LP_Harpoon AGM-84.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBNC-80HBBElliptical2.6400 in4.0000 in
The Launch Pad Hawk MIM-23A 1.6 Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHOgive1.6400 in4.7244 in
The Launch Pad Hellfire AGM-114A Nose ConeEstesElliptical2.6000 in3.0000 in
The Launch Pad Matra Magic R.550 Nose ConeSemrocBNC-60MSElliptical1.6370 in2.6000 in
The Launch Pad Nike Ajax Nose ConeOgive1.6929 in7.0079 in
The Launch Pad Rapier Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive2.6000 in10.2500 in
The MAXX Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in2.7500 in
The Rocket Formerly Known as Black Nose ConePower Series1.2500 in2.6250 in
The Shiv Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.5700 in
The Stinger Nose ConeParabolic0.9760 in3.3079 in
The Sword Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in7.9630 in
The Tube Nose ConeConical1.3250 in7.2500 in
The Whole Enchilada Nose ConeOgive1.1250 in1.8750 in
Thin Man Nose ConeApogee Components19050Ogive0.2500 in2.0000 in
This End Up Nose ConeConical1.3250 in6.0000 in
thor-38.rkt Nose ConeBSD RocketryNC38Ogive1.6000 in8.0000 in
Thor-Agena B Nose ConePower Series2.6840 in4.2500 in
THOY Accentor Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-2.56Ogive2.7000 in13.2000 in
THOY Falcon Nose ConeACEACE3.9Ogive4.0000 in15.7500 in
Thoy Phoenix Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in15.5000 in
THOY Robin Nose ConeTHOYTHOYOgive1.6000 in8.0000 in
Thrustline Aerospace Alien Troop Mover Nose ConeParabolic2.2170 in4.6047 in
Thrustline Aerospace Astron Drifter Nose ConeParabolic0.9760 in2.8319 in
Thrustline Aerospace Mighty Mick Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in8.7500 in
Thrustline Aerospace Nike-X Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.5000 in
Thrustline Aerospace Tribute II Nose ConePublic MissilesOgive2.6000 in8.2500 in
Thrustline Mighty Mike Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic1.6370 in5.5000 in
Thrustline Mike IX Nose ConeCustom ThrustlineParabolic2.6000 in7.6875 in
Thrustline Scorpion ATGW Nose ConePower Series0.9760 in3.7500 in
Thunder Nose ConeOgive5.6250 in26.8750 in
ThunderAuk.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.3400 in6.3750 in
Thunderbird 3 Nose ConeOgive3.1496 in9.4488 in
Thunderbird Nose ConeOgive2.1400 in9.5000 in
Thunderscreech - 38mm Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOC PNC-3.00Ogive3.1000 in11.2500 in
Thunder_Dodo.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-60AHElliptical1.6400 in6.7500 in
Thunder_Pig.rkt Nose ConeEstesPNC-80BBElliptical2.6000 in4.0000 in
Thunder_Stick.rkt Nose ConeSemrocBC-1364Elliptical1.3400 in6.4000 in
Tigger Trouble.rkt Nose ConeApo11oAPN-55BBConical1.3250 in6.5000 in
tlp_alarm.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.5600 in8.0000 in
tlp_perseus.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical1.6370 in2.5000 in
TLR001 Nose ConePower Series0.3750 in1.2500 in
tmrk_merlin.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.9760 in3.7500 in
Tob-Sim II Nose ConeApogee Components19400Parabolic0.9760 in3.0000 in
Todd Mullin's Log Nose ConeEstesConical0.7360 in0.2000 in
tomach.rkt Nose ConeHaack2.2600 in13.0000 in
too rollin red stoned.rkt Nose ConePower Series2.7500 in2.5000 in
Toypedo Nose ConeEstesElliptical2.0000 in5.7500 in
Trace Nose ConeSemrocBNC-60XElliptical1.6370 in5.4600 in
Tribute II.rkt Nose ConeApo11oAPN-80EXOgive2.6000 in8.1500 in
Tricarrow Nose ConeApogee Components19470Conical0.7480 in2.0472 in
Trinity Nose ConeOgive2.2600 in9.5000 in
triskelion (fliskits) Nose ConeFlisKitsNCB-55ADOgive1.3252 in5.5909 in
Triton.rkt Nose ConeSemrocElliptical0.9080 in3.3000 in
Tropospheric_Explorer_18.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive0.9080 in3.3000 in
Typhoon.rkt Nose ConeSemrocOgive0.5430 in3.5000 in
U.S. Rockets 265 Super Fiberglass Nose ConeU.S. RocketsWNC-26Ogive2.7000 in4.5000 in
U.S. Rockets 265 Super Nose ConeOgive2.7000 in6.8750 in
U.S. Rockets AR 2B Nose ConeOgive2.2500 in4.5000 in
U.S. Rockets Big Bertha 6 Nose ConeElliptical6.0000 in8.2500 in
U.S. Rockets Hi Test 2225 Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic2.2170 in4.4000 in
U.S. Rockets Hi-Test 1680 Nose ConeOgive1.6800 in3.5000 in
U.S. Rockets Long Tall Sally Nose ConeOgive1.0000 in3.0000 in
U.S. Rockets Mosquito 2.2 Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical2.2170 in4.4000 in
U.S. Rockets Screamer Nose ConeOgive1.1400 in2.5000 in
U.S. Rockets Sniper Nose ConeOgive1.0000 in3.5000 in
U.S. Rockets Sonic 100 Fiberglass Nose ConeU.S. RocketsWNC-9Ogive1.0000 in4.0000 in
U.S. Rockets Sonic 125 Fiberglass Nose ConeU.S. RocketsWNC-11Ogive1.2100 in4.0000 in
U.S. Rockets Sonic 165 Fiberglass Nose ConeU.S. RocketsWNC-16Ogive1.6200 in4.0000 in
U.S. Rockets Sonic 225 Fiberglass Nose ConeU.S. RocketsWNC-22Ogive2.2500 in4.5000 in
U.S. Rockets Sonic 2700 Nose ConeOgive2.7000 in8.0000 in
U.S. Rockets Sonic 75 Fiberglass Nose ConeU.S. RocketsWNC-7Ogive0.7600 in2.0000 in
U.S. Rockets Sonic Microc Nose ConeOgive1.0000 in2.5000 in
U.S. Rockets Start Nose ConeOgive2.2500 in4.5000 in
U.S. Rockets Two The Limit Nose ConeElliptical2.2500 in4.5000 in
U.S. Rockets Warp 1 Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in7.8000 in
UFOh-Oh Nose ConePower Series1.5000 in3.0000 in
UFO_Invader__Centuri5308_oop.rkt Nose ConeEstesPower Series0.7600 in1.0000 in
Ultimate Interceptor modified 13FT.rkt Nose ConeWildman Rocketry6" Fiberglass ogiveOgive6.1870 in33.0000 in
Ultimate.rkt Ogive Nose ConeWildman Rocketry6" Fiberglass ogiveOgive6.1870 in30.0000 in
ultimate_Darkstar.rkt Nose ConeWildman RocketryHaack6.1700 in33.9400 in
UPS-Courier Nose ConeApo11oAPN-60BOOgive1.6370 in4.5000 in
Upscale Deuce's Wild! Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in20.0000 in
Upscale Lil Ivan BT-80 Nose ConeSemrocPC-1626Elliptical2.6400 in5.1000 in
USR Tall Tail 10 Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.0000 in
V-2 (13mm) Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in3.0378 in
V-2 6Inch Scratch Nose ConeOgive6.1000 in19.0000 in
V-2 Silver Comet Conversion Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in8.2500 in
v-32 Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in3.3125 in
V-Raider Nose ConeElliptical0.5440 in1.2200 in
V2 - 18 Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in4.1728 in
V2 Currell Nose ConeOgive1.8900 in5.9055 in
Vaughn Brothers - Blobbo Nose ConeOgive2.6000 in8.2500 in
Vector-V Centuri Catalog Number KB-2 Nose ConeEstesEstesElliptical0.2500 in0.1250 in
Vega Nose ConeBNC-50 Cone 2.75 inchesConical0.9760 in2.7500 in
VELOCITY Nose ConeOgive1.3250 in5.0000 in
Velum Valor Nose ConeOgive0.7200 in2.2500 in
Ventris.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.5000 in9.7500 in
Venture Nose ConeApogee Components19400Parabolic0.9760 in2.7500 in
Venus Probe Nose ConeParabolic1.7500 in0.2500 in
Vidar Nose ConeApogee ComponentsApogeeOgive2.6000 in9.0000 in
Viking I FSI clone Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC50XParabolic0.9760 in3.3000 in
Viking Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in2.8390 in
Vincia Nose ConeEstesBNC-5VElliptical0.5440 in0.7125 in
Vindicater 4in.rkt Nose ConePerformance Rocketry4" filiment wound nose coneHaack4.0250 in20.3339 in
vindicator.rkt Nose ConePerformance Rocketry54mm filiment wound nose coneHaack2.2772 in11.2500 in
Vireo.rkt Nose ConeBalsa Machining ServiceBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.3750 in
Vizier Nose ConeAerospace Specialty ProductsBNC70SElliptical2.2165 in3.2480 in
Vogon Wildman Poetry.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.1000 in17.0000 in
VRCX Nose ConePublic MissilesPNC-3.90Conical4.0000 in0.8754 in
WAC Corporal - 18mm Nose ConeConical0.9760 in4.1512 in
WAC Corporal K-11 Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.7360 in2.7500 in
WAC Corporal Nose ConePower Series2.7400 in10.7500 in
asp_wac_corporal_w_tiny_tim_18mm.rkt Nose ConeEstesConical1.3200 in5.6250 in
Wacky Nose ConeApogee Components19078Elliptical0.5440 in0.6500 in
Wacky Wiggler Nose ConeOgive1.0811 in4.5811 in
Warp II Nose ConeEstes72057Ogive1.6400 in4.8000 in
WARP Kraken.rkt Nose ConeOgive4.0139 in19.8000 in
warrior.rkt Nose ConePerformance Rocketry54mmHaack2.2772 in11.2205 in
Wasp.rkt Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.4375 in0.4375 in
What If 29mm Funnel Rocket Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCConical1.2680 in8.5000 in
What If AAGM (Advanced Anti-Gravity Missile Nose ConePublic MissilesPML UNC-1.145Conical1.2700 in6.0000 in
What If Alpha II Nose ConeOgive1.2700 in4.0000 in
What If BGM-71 TOW (Amateur) Nose ConeParabolic1.3250 in3.0000 in
What If BGM-71 TOW (Large) Nose ConeLOC/PrecisionLOCOgive4.0000 in12.7500 in
What If BGM-71 TOW (Medium) Nose ConeNorth Coast RocketryNC-30SOgive3.0000 in9.8000 in
What If Bullseye 6000 Nose ConeElliptical1.6370 in4.0000 in
What If FatBoy Bunker Buster Nose ConeElliptical1.2000 in1.0000 in
What If Gee-Man Nose ConePower Series10.0000 in7.0000 in
What If Jeremy's Killer Nose ConeOgive2.1400 in9.5000 in
What If Long Shot Nose ConeOgive1.6370 in4.5000 in
What If Man Lifter Nose ConeConical48.0000 in72.0000 in
What If MeLofter Nose ConeOgive20.0000 in75.0000 in
What If MMX Big Brute Nose ConeCustom ScaledHaack0.2810 in1.0889 in
What If Smart Cray-Bomb Nose ConePublic MissilesPML UNC-1.525Elliptical1.6000 in2.0000 in
What If Tomahawk Fighter Nose ConeSemrocBC-15044Conical1.5900 in4.4000 in
What If USS Enterprise Nose ConePower Series0.9760 in0.5000 in
What If VidRoc Nose ConeOgive9.5000 in24.3750 in
Whirlatron Nose ConeApogee Components19091Elliptical0.7650 in1.9000 in
Who Needs a Name? Nose ConeEstesEstesParabolic0.5440 in1.3750 in
WildChild.rkt Nose ConePublic MissilesOgive1.6200 in8.1350 in
Wildman Modified Ultimate Interceptor-2.rkt Nose ConeOgive6.1870 in33.0000 in
Wildman Rocketry - Shape Shifter Nose ConeHaack2.2770 in12.7500 in
Wildman Rocketry 3'' Black Darkstar Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in18.0000 in
Wildman Rocketry Black Hawk 29 Nose ConeWildman Rocketry5:1 Carbon Fiber ConeConical1.2795 in6.2500 in
Wildman Rocketry Darkstar Mini Nose ConePublic MissilesOgive1.6000 in8.1350 in
Wildman Rocketry Darkstar Nose ConeWildman Rocketry54mm 5:1 Fiberglass OgiveOgive2.2800 in11.4375 in
Wildman Rocketry Draco EX Nose ConeHaack4.0250 in16.1000 in
Wildman Rocketry Extreme Wildman Nose ConeWildman Rocketry4" 5:1 Von Karmen NoseconeHaack4.0551 in19.7500 in
Wildman Rocketry Jart 3 Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in13.2500 in
Wildman Rocketry Patriot 2.6inch Nose ConeOgive2.6400 in8.7500 in
Wildman Rocketry Wild Child Nose ConePublic MissilesOgive1.6600 in8.1350 in
Wildman Rocketry Wildman Rocket Nose ConeWildman Rocketry3" 4:1 Fiberglass OgiveOgive3.1250 in12.5000 in
Wildman V2 4 Inch Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in18.0000 in
Wildman_Mach 2.rkt Nose ConeOgive2.2362 in13.2500 in
WishBone Nose ConeEstes71070Power Series1.3250 in0.6250 in
Woody Nose ConeParabolic4.0000 in10.5000 in
Wotan's Spear Nose ConeApogee Components19207Haack0.2500 in0.7500 in
Wotan's Wrath Nose ConeConical0.2500 in1.0000 in
WRS_Prisoner-Transport-Rocket_v2_24mm.rkt Nose ConeSemrocPC-1626Elliptical1.6400 in3.5000 in
X-10 Express Nose ConeConical0.7360 in1.5000 in
X-15 Nose ConeParabolic0.4370 in1.2500 in
X-17 Nose ConePower Series2.2300 in6.6600 in
X-Dart Nose ConeEstesEstesConical0.7360 in0.5000 in
X-Ray Nose ConeEstesPNC-20Ogive0.7360 in2.6570 in
Xebac Kaku- Rapid Deployment Colonization Starhip Nose ConeElliptical3.0000 in1.5000 in
XFY-1 Pogo Nose ConeConical0.3000 in0.1250 in
XOCet Nose ConeOgive0.5441 in0.8752 in
XR71 Greenburd Nose ConeEstesBNC-50YOgive0.9760 in4.0000 in
Yank Enterprises (LOC) Astrobee D (2") Nose ConeOgive2.2500 in9.5000 in
Yank Enterprises (LOC) Black Brant X (4") Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Yank Enterprises (LOC) Black Brant X (2") Nose ConeOgive2.3000 in9.5000 in
Yank Enterprises (LOC) ISQY Tomahawk (4") Nose ConeOgive4.0000 in16.5000 in
Yank Enterprises (LOC) ISQY Tomahawk (3") Nose ConeOgive3.1000 in11.5000 in
Yankee Nose ConeConical0.7360 in0.9862 in
yank_3_genesis.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in11.5000 in
yank_3_iris.rkt Nose ConeOgive3.0000 in11.5000 in
Yellow Fellow-24 Nose ConeOgive1.1400 in5.0000 in
Yellow Fellow-29 Nose ConeConical1.1600 in7.0000 in
YO BATF Nose ConeParabolic14.4000 in21.5700 in
Zack Attack Nose ConeOgive0.7360 in2.7354 in
Zenit Nose ConeOgive0.9760 in5.1000 in
Zooch Saturn V Nose ConeConical0.1970 in0.1250 in

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