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1. Interceptor

Contributed by Rich DeAngelis - Brief Estes re-issue of the original Interceptor. This flies using standard sized 18mm motors. Any other description of this model would be fruitless - just take a look at the photographs showing the design of the rocket and the decals - that pretty much says it all. This is not an easy kit to build, you should have some practice gluing and finishing balsa fins before attempting this ... [More ...]

2. Dark Star Dual Deploy

Contributed by Mason Hazzard - Brief A 4" diameter bare bones kit tht is all fiberglass and sports a split fin kit. Runs on 54mm motors, and can be flown single and dual deploy. Roughly 7.5" tall and 11-12 pounds fully built. Includes a beautiful Von Karmen nose cone, three rings, six fins, and five bulkheads. All sheet parts are .125" thick. Components Includes a beautiful Von Karmen nose cone, three rings, ... [More ...]

3. Super DX3

Contributed by Mike Caplinger - Brief: The Super DX3 is a 4" 38mm version of the Madcow DX3. It's a 3FNC with a large payload section. Construction: The kit includes a pre-slotted body tube, a payload tube, plastic nose cone, 3 laser-cut 1/4" plywood fins, 38mm x 18" cardboard MMT, 1/4" plywood centering rings, a cardboard coupler with plywood bulkhead, a Nomex chute protector, a 12-foot tubular nylon shock cord, eye ... [More ...]

4. D-Region Tomahawk (2037)

Contributed by John R. Brandon III - Brief: Nice single-staged one-fifth scale model of the Thiokol D-Region Tomahawk sounding rocket. Construction: KIt was made up of two long body tubes, a plastic nose cone with nice detailing, a plastic fin can, four plastic fins, a long stuffer motor mount tube, two plastic 5mm launch lugs, a twist-lock motor retainer, a plastic detail piece representing the prototype launch lug, a long ... [More ...]

5. Leviathan

Contributed by Curt Hillier - Brief Curt Hillier's Flaming Leviathan Components Standard build of the Estes Pro Series II kit. Elmer's carpenters wood glue as adhesive. Construction Kit instructions were clear. Migrating to mid-power using Estes Pro Series II kit was easy. Finishing I didn't use the kit decals as the style was a bit boring. I painted the body black and then looked up ... [More ...]

6. Saturn V

Contributed by Frank Casey - Brief: This is the classic Estes Saturn V kit, No. 2001. I purchased this kit off of eBay for a very good price. The kit was started. The single 24mm motor mount had been installed (using crazy glue), the fins and fin fairings had been partially assembled, the engine nozzles had been completed and secured to the cardboard nozzle disk holder, and the capsule and tower had been assembled. Other ... [More ...]

7. Ventris

Contributed by Bas Dickson Leach - Brief Part of the Pro Series II line of 29mm mid power kits, the Ventris is a payloader with a larger diameter paylod bay and stylish curved fins. I liked the look of it and found the enlarged payload bay interesting and wanted to build one, received as a birthday present and waited less than a fortnight to get cracking. Components The Pro Series II kits are all bagged. It had ... [More ...]

8. Super Alpha

Contributed by Dillon Frazier - Brief Stands about 20 inches tall with a BT-60. Large nose cone. It's a pretty fat rocket, but quite easy to assemble and fly. Components Balsa wood fins, BT-60 body tube, engine hook retainer, engine mount components, very long rubber shock cord, 18-inch parachute. Construction and Finishing This rocket really doesn't have many cons. I would say the only one ... [More ...]

9. V2

Contributed by Ken Hubal - Brief A semi-scale, D and E motor powered model of the German V2 Rocket Components Plastic nose and tail cones, balsa fins. Construction This kit is lacking in several aspects. As a 40-plus year veteran of rocketry, I've seen far better instructions that came with Estes kits of years past. I've noticed a severe decline in the quality of the instructions included ... [More ...]

10. Alien Space Probe

Contributed by Bill Eichelberger - Brief This was on my cloning list for several years after I bought a bunch of Fat Boy nose cones, but the white in the decal always discouraged me. OOP for years, this turned up as a "Buy It Now" on the Penn Valley Hobby Ebay page, and the price was right, so I availed myself of the opportunity to build an original for a change of pace. Similar in size and profile to the later Fat Boy, the ... [More ...]

11. Leviathan

Contributed by Robert H. - Brief This is the Rocket that I have chosen to do my level 1 NAR cert with. Components A Pro series kit, it has nice wood fins and sturdy construction. Construction I built this rocket with the intention of flying large 29mm reloads in it so I used epoxy on everything. I made a aluminum ring that sits about 2\3 down the body tube with a hole in the center. I have ... [More ...]

12. Stealth

Contributed by Lester Anderson - Brief This is a Futuristic style kit, aparently meant to look like a interceptor/fighter capable of atmospheric and space flight. Skill level 3 due to the plastic body. Components This build was actually part kit, part cloning for me. I got the original plastic body form a fellow BAR in Arizona, but the rest of the parts I had to copy myself. The motor mount is standard 18 mm ... [More ...]

13. Sky Writer

Contributed by Dillon Frazier - Brief A 26-inch long rocket designed to look like a pencil. Made by Estes. An E2X model that is powered by standard engines (B6-4, C6-5, ect.). Components 2 main body tube sections Engine moun tbuilding components plastic nose cone 4 inter-connected plastic fins rubber shock cord 12 inch preassembled parachute Construction Very easy to build, ... [More ...]

14. Nike Smoke

Contributed by Mike Caplinger - Brief The Nike-Smoke sounding rocket flew hundreds of times in the 1960s, used to measure high-altitude winds by ground photography of its smoke trail. It has also become one of the most popular subjects in model rocketry history -- the first kit I know of was the Centuri 1.6" version introduced in 1969. With kits covering the size range from tiny Micromaxx to high-power full scale, almost ... [More ...]

15. Big Daddy

Contributed by Nick Esselman - In keeping with my likes of "stubby" rockets, I decided to build three more that were around three inches in diameter to compliment my 2.6" and my 4" collection. So, I set off to get a LOC Onyx, a RocketVision Grymm, and the Estes Big Daddy. See my 3" Stubby Rocket Comparison Page The Estes Big Daddy qualifies as a "stubby" rocket because it is 19" long and has a 3" diameter giving it a less ... [More ...]

16. Flutter-By

Contributed by Bill Eichelberger - Brief The Flutter-By is an Estes reproduction of a classic Centuri kit. It's a two-piece rocket with break apart recovery, and seemed to be a perfect kit to take along for an afternoon of B6-4 Field flying. I picked mine up during the Great Christmas Sale of 2013, almost as an afterthought. (The price was give-away cheap.) Although it was an afterthought, it was the first kit out of the ... [More ...]

17. Bullpup 12D

Contributed by Rich DeAngelis - Brief The Estes Bullpup 12D is a sport-scale model of a 30-some year old air-launched guided missile. The real thing came in several varieties that outwardly appear different; the 12D is just one of those types. The real thing was guided by a "pilot" who remotely steered this missile onto the target. This particular model of the 12D is a relatively small "Alpha" sized rocket, just over a ... [More ...]

18. Striker AGM

Contributed by Rich DeAngelis - Brief The Quest Striker AGM is a fictional Air-to-ground missile. Since it is decorated with 'US Army' decals, I assume it is to be launched from a helicopter, as the US Army doesn't have planes, jets, blimps or other such aircraft. If you forget about the 'AGM' part of the name, it looks more like a surface launched tactical-range missile or SAM. Either way, I recommend this kit if it is ... [More ...]

19. Mega Vortico

Contributed by Donald Besaw Jr - Brief The Rocketarium Mega Vortico is a 24mm oddroc that is a bit different than a typical oddroc - saucer, pyramid, etc. This one resembles the rotor blades of a helicopter and spins very rapidly during ascent and descent. Components This kit includes seven light ply components that make up the blade assembly as well as the motor mount tube and launch lug. No decals are ... [More ...]

20. Jetliner

Contributed by Steve Lindeman - Brief I ordered this kit on eBay on Sunday 9/16/12 and just received in the mail today (9/19/12). Fast service. This is the newest kit from Estes and is not yet listed in there 2012 catalog but available on eBay. It looks to me to be based on Boeing's 737 line of jetliners. Components The Jetliner comes with the following parts: A-1 Engine mount tube B-1 Engine ... [More ...]

21. Bomarc

Contributed by Ken Lord - Brief I built this kit several months ago. It was a challenging, but fun, kit with a lot of pride when completed. I have not launched it yet but plan on soon with the G77R-7 . Construction Pro: Very challenging and a lot of balsa carving, however with patience looks great Con: The white strip decals for the forward section are several small pieces with a few long. It's ... [More ...]

22. Phoenix (4")

Contributed by Devon Edwards - Brief A high power, scale model of the AIM - 54 missle. Components 38 mm motor mount Thru the wall fins. 4" diameter tube 1/4 inch plywood fins and centering rings 36" chute and parachute protector included Rail buttons 9" length nose cone Construction Construction is solid and relatively easy. Through the wall fins and heavy duty ... [More ...]

23. Endeavour

Contributed by Gene Wolski - Brief 4" Quantum tube version of the PML Endeavour configured for dual deployment. Components PML Endeavour Kit (Quantum Tube version) Add-ons PML 54mm motor tube (17") PML centering ring (4" to 54mm) PML 4" bulkhead plates and coupler bulkhead plates (2 each) LOC stiffy tube coupler Rail buttons 1/4" All-thread (two 12" pieces) G-10 altimeter sled ... [More ...]

24. Battlestar Galactica Laser ...

Contributed by Bill Eichelberger - Brief The Laser Torpedo was essentially a shortened Photon Disruptor with different decals and a Wolverine nose. Envisioning a fleet of Wolverines, I had bought several of the cones at NARCON from BMS , then found that the Wolverine didn't fly well enough to make a fleet. Checking John Brohm's Estes nose cone reference , I found that I had the option of building a Teros or the Laser ... [More ...]

25. STM 012

Contributed by Barry Harmon - Brief The Estes STM 012 is a tall, slim sport rocket designed for E impulse motors. It stands an impressive 44.4" tall whan completed. Components Kit contents include: 2x slotted body tubes 2 sheets of laser cut balsa fins Estes red coupler Moulded plastic nose cone 24mm motor tube 2 card stock centering rings Engine hook Engine block Spacer for D ... [More ...]

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1. Ariane

Contributed by Dale E. Miller - Brief Very nice looking scale rocket. Components Two body tubes, four cardboard fins and plastic fin pods, plastic nose cone, 1/16 cloth braided round elastic shock cord, 3D self-adhesive decals. Construction Pros - Very nice scale rocket. Pleasure to build. Cons - Instructions very vague. Were translated from German to English. Must have good rocket building ... [More ...]

2. Recruiter

Contributed by Graeme Cooke - Brief Single stage scale-like B or C powered rocket. Components Interesting Nosecone and expansion coupler. Has a faux rocket nozzle. I think the nosecone and coupler are the same as what the Estes "Beta" kit has. Construction I built this when I was about 10 back in the '80s. Followed the instructions and it's still flying today. Finishing Well, I was ... [More ...]

3. Launch Missile

Contributed by Steven Gill - Brief This is a kit by Semroc. This was the first time I have assembled a rocket like this. Assembled March 2018. Kit was dated February 2, 2009 Components 1 Balsa Nose Cone BC-720 1 Balsa Reducer BR-713 1 Body Tube ST-760 1 Body Tube ST-1380 1 Body Tube ST-730E 1 Ring Set CR-KN-4 4 Laser Cut Fins FN-4 1 Engine Hook EH-28 1 Chute Pak CP-12RY 1 ... [More ...]

4. Mustang

Contributed by David Urbanek - Brief: Good entry level rocket for Mid-Power. There's one on every shelf on every hobby shop in America. Construction: Solid stuff through out. Thick body tube, plastic fins, plastic motor mount cage. It has a baffle and a motor clip. Initially I thought about deleting the motor clip so I could use H motors in it. Typical lack of perspective thought. I'm glad I suppressed that ... [More ...]

5. Kadet

Contributed by Bill Eichelberger - Brief This was a project that came out of a cleaning session in my build room. I had been looking for a project in the plan collection at YORF. I clicked on the Kadet plan and realized that I had everything I needed laying around my build room. The fin can was one of the few parts I salvaged from a B6-4 CATO in an Estes Skywriter, the body tube came from ... [More ...]

6. Patriot

Contributed by BRADLEY L SMITH - Brief This is a simple Skill Level 1 low-power build that was a fun evening. The kit couldn't be any simpler to build and the instructions were awesome. It will be a nice addition to my Patriot Battery when the weather breaks for painting. Components Nothing surprising here, a simple nine-inch body tube, plastic two-piece nosecone, a motor block, launch lug, and rubber shock ... [More ...]

7. Ring of Fire

Contributed by Dick Stafford - Brief The Ring of Fire is Art's latest kit and, as Art states, is the "epitome of Minimalism." Since the beginning, Art has pioneered the use of simple, low tech components - plastic plates, foam board and cardstock. Who else provides a kit that has been printed on a computer? However, the Ring of Fire actually uses REAL ROCKET PARTS! Exactly two of them. This kits flies on two of most any ... [More ...]

8. Striker AGM

Contributed by Andrew B - Brief Nice kit, pretty easy to build. Components Good quality parts. Construction I like everything except for the nose cone part. Construction Score: 4 Flight Used some B motors. It flew well. Nice, straight flight. Recovery Parachute held up well, nice recovery. Flight Rating: 5 Summary Pretty easy to assemble, nice ... [More ...]

9. Future Launch Vehicle

Contributed by Dale Marshall - Brief: This is Quest's highly detailed sport scale model of NASA's next big-payload launch vehicle. The kit features beautifully detailed and pre-printed body wraps. Construction: 18” White Body Tube Blue Thrust Ring Motor Clip Yellow Motor Mount Tube Die-Cut Centering Ring Launch Lug ½ oz clay (Nose Cone Weight) 3 - 6” White Booster Tubes ... [More ...]

10. ISQY Tomahawk

Contributed by John Coker - Brief The AeroTech I.Q.S.Y. Tomahawk kit was the third rocket I build and the first mid-power one. This is AeroTech kit #89014. Kit information and a full-size picture of the front of the package is here as well as a very nice drawing of the rocket by G. Harry Stine. The Tomahawk is a scale rocket, although it's clear the kit isn't meant for meticulous scalers. Finish is rough in some ... [More ...]

11. Super Neon XL

Contributed by Gareth Williams - Brief The Super Neon XL from Estes is a tube-fin rocket with a beefy appearance and an E engine mount. A taller rocket it really draws peoples attention on and off the launch pad. Components BT-60 body tube, and tube fins larger balsa ogive nose cone. smaller balsa fins attach to the tube fins. Two large decals for main body tube allow for a personal touch when ... [More ...]

12. Red Rhino

Contributed by David Hunt - Brief The Red Rhino is a small 38mm thin-walled fiberglass rocket named after one of the Animal Motor Works (AMX) reload propellant types. AMX held a design competition December 2015 and my design was selected for this kit. Components Components: Pre-Slotted Lightweight Thin-Wall Fiberglass Airframe G10 Fins (black) Black Injection Molded Polycarbonate Nose Cone ... [More ...]

13. Jet Freak

Contributed by Bill Eichelberger - Brief I found the NAR Jet Freak plan several years ago, but my history with gliders made me more than a little hesitant about attempting a build. But when a boost glide event came up in one of our club contests, I pulled it out and gave it a more serious look. The event never happened due to rain, so when I got a decent looking day at ... [More ...]

14. LDRS-XIX Video

Contributed by John Eric Thompson - Brief The Point 39 Productions video tapes of the LDRS events are the best by far. I had every VHS tape he ever produced and is well worth the time to search for them. You can get them converted from VHS to DVD if necessary but it is well worth doing. [More ...]

15. Atlas V AV551

Contributed by David Montgomery - Brief I bought this stunningly detailed kit several years ago to pay tribute to Dr. Alan Stern and his outstanding New Horizons team hard work and perseverance and remarkable success of the unmanned spacecraft, New Horizons, which on July 14, 2015 became the first man made spacecraft to make a close fly by of Planet Pluto after travelling over 3 billion miles for 9 1/2 years from Earth. ... [More ...]

16. Hobgoblin

Contributed by John C. - Brief Upscale version of the Estes Goblin. 2.6" Diameter 33" tall 4FNC Components Good quality components: Nose cone 2 cardboard tubes w/coupler. The lower tube is pre-slotted 4 1/8" plywood fins plywood motor spacers with vertical spacers/braces 29mm cardboard motor tube 3 piece shock cord mount. 1 part is a steel cable which mounts to the upper motor ... [More ...]

17. Powered FLICS

Contributed by Dick Stafford - Brief: The Lucky 13 is a copycat of Hans "Chris" Michielssen’s Powered FLICS . Mine uses the FLICS body and the remnants of a damaged 13mm 4FNC rocket that was missing its nose. Modifications: I didn’t have any 13mm tubing so I dug through my box-o-dead rockets and found a suitable 13mm one. After I removed two of the fins, I held it up to the assembled FLICS body and liked what I ... [More ...]

18. Tea-Bird

Contributed by Jewel B. Butler Jr. - Brief: This rocket is a replic of the great rocketeer Larry Brand designed called the Tea Bird. Got the idea off the EMRR web site. The rocket is a tube-fin stubby that flies really nice and is relatively cheap to build. Construction: I started with three container that my Sugar-Free KoolAid comes in, a Bt-80 nose cone fits perfectly as Mr Brand stated in the Tea Bird article. Got the balsa ... [More ...]

19. TriBar

Contributed by Brian Mardirosian - Introduction: This is the rocket that started it all, my first scratch-build of my BAR career. I wanted to use BP motors, but also felt the desire to build something more than just a 3FNC rocket. Clustering seemed the perfect way to go. Nose Cone: An old friend of mine who is now on the opposite coast somehow left an Estes payload section and nose cone in my range box over 10 ... [More ...]

20. MIM 23X Superhawk

Contributed by Andrew Bronfein - This is quite an easy project compared to some of the rockets I have designed which will all be posted here. It will be a nice start for the novice who wants to get into mid-power rocketry. Click above image for full size pic. Parts List: 1 2.6" Body Tube (I use Vaughn Brothers BT 2.6) 2 Estes BT80a Nose Cones (Phoenix Style) 1 10" section of BT-50 Body Tube 1 Estes BT-80 Tube Coupler 1 Estes ... [More ...]

21. Interdictor

Contributed by Darren Longhorn - Brief: Described as a 'futuristic fighter craft' the Interdictor is not your typical 3fnc kit. With six fins/wings two 'air intakes', under wing pods and wing tip laser cannon, this is a cool looking model. The finished kit is approximately 20" long, with a wingspan of approximately 10". The kit has an 18mm engine mount and the recommended engines include A8-3, B4-4, B6-4 & C6-5. The kit ... [More ...]

22. Monarch 24mm

Contributed by Jeffrey Spidle - Brief: Converted an Estes Monarch to a 24mm x 95mm motor mount. Modifications: The need for SPEED: Leave out the motor tube, aft CR, and engine hook. Use an old E9 engine to set the remaining CR 3.7 inches from the back of the body tube. This CR is now the motor mount. Construction: You may want to use thin CA to harden the aft part of the body tube so it can deal with the abuse of having ... [More ...]

23. Der Red Bird Max Zero

Contributed by Brian Ray - Brief: A scratch, goonified homage to both the Der Red Max and Blue Bird Zero. Construction: My primary components were: PNC-60 (Big Bertha NC) 18” Aluminum foil tube – it was a virtually perfect BT-60 BT-50 – 3” for motor mount Cardstock centering rings 4 balsa BBZ fins, drawn and cut by hand. Elastic shock cord. Hartle Engineering parachute ... [More ...]

24. Qubit 13mm (Plan)

Contributed by John Lee - Brief: This is a 13mm, paper rocket designed with an aerobrake recovery. The 13mm Qubit is one of Art Applewhite's free downloads. It can be found in several versions including this plain version on his website . Pick the version you want and download it as a PDF. Construction: This rocket is made from a single sheet of card stock. You download the PDF, put a peice of cardstock in the ... [More ...]

25. Powered FLICS

Contributed by Dick Stafford - Brief: When I read that Hans "Chris" Michielssen had converted a Quest FLICS rubber band powered rocket to MicroMaxx power, I immediately gave it a try. I too have had a stash of these freebies with no plans for what to do with them. I wasn't going to review but, when I saw his review of a 13mm version, I thought, "why not?" I've also built a 13mm version but haven't had a ... [More ...]

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