Estes - Star Orbiter {Kit} (9716) [2016-?]

Contributed by Chris Flanigan

Construction Rating: starstarstarstarstar_border
Overall Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Published: 2016-10-30
Diameter: 1.64 inches
Length: 45.20 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Style: Sport


The Star Orbiter is one of the Pro Series II rockets from Estes.   It is about 46" long, 5.9 oz, and uses E or F engines.

It is a quick build that you paint yourself.    This is a high flying mid-power rocket for very cheap ($20).

That is cheaper than many low power rockets!


  • 46" rocket with cardboard tubes
  • Hardwood fins
  • Plastic cone
  • Plastic 15" parachute

5.9 ounces total weight without engines



Fast build

Easy paint job

Fins glue thru the body tube easily



The two tubes glue together, but it is extremely tight.   You should not spread glue all over the tube connector.  Use a small amount of 15 minute epoxy further up the connector so you can get it all the way on.   I ruined one by using wood glue all over the connector.  We could not even get it totally together.  It cured before we could close the gap since it is soooo tight.


We used epoxy and wood glue to build it.



Easy to paint it two colors (one for each tube)

We used black for the fins and bottom tube and a nice gold for the top tube.  The gold looks nice with the black stickers.



The stickers are the cheap type you soak in water.  I find these tough to use without folding them over.   You need to barely get them wet and get them on the rocket quick.   Don't over soak them.

Construction Score: 4



It went perfectly straight up with an estimated 2000 feet!   It came straight down...perfect flight.

We shot it twice with F15-8 Estes engines today.

No Cons



Simple to install the recovery materials

Very inexpensive model 


The parachute is plastic 

Uses paper wadding


Overall it is a nice looking rocket that flies very high.   It is very inexpensive to build ($20 kit).

The only upgrades we recommend are the 15" nylon parachute and non-flammable wadding.

Overall Rating: 5


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