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AKS Rockets Blog

The AKS Rockets Blog documents Alex, Kaelan, and Simon's model, mid, and high-power rocketry projects.

Alex Zoghlin's My Level 3 Blog

Alex Zoghlin documents his effort to obtain Level 3 Certification from the Tripoli Rocketry Association.

Andrew's Rocketry Shop

Andrew's Rocketry Shop is the blog of a young man starting his own rocket kit manufacturing company.

Bayourat Aerospace and Rocketry Blog

The Bayourat Aerospace Blog covers space exploration, hobby rocketry, and amateur rocketry.

Beyond Blue Aerospace Blog

Beyond Blue is an aviation and space company.Model rocketry posts often appear in their blog.

Black Aero Blog

Kyle Gossett's rocketry blog.

Blast From The Past

Edward Mitton's rocketry blog

BYU Rocketry Association Blog

The BYU Rocketry Association provides students with hands-on experience that will enable them to become leaders and innovators in the space industry. Members take on complex engineering problems and face the challenges of collaborating with other students on an interdisciplinary project, as well as working to meet timeline goals and stay within a budget. These important skills, along with the ability to solve unique engineering problems, allow members of BYU Rocketry to stand out among the crowd of engineering students online, at job fairs, and in interviews.

David McCann's Rocketry Blog

David McCann's attempt to "to save people from having to see endless FB and TRF posts about my adventures."

Dick Stafford's Rocket Dungeon Blog

Dick Stafford's Rocket Dungeon includes articles on rocket construction, the history of rocketry, and, of course, rocket girls.

DTH Rocket Endeavors Blog

The DTH Rocket Endeavors Blog covers low and mid-power rocketry.

Future 5000 x

A rocketeer in Norway builds hybrid rockets.

Gorge Rocket Club Blog

GRC is an officially chartered section (#790) of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and is operated as a non-profit organization to promote the hobby of rocketry in the Columbia Gorge area of Washington.

Greg Smith's quest to spend even more money on rocket science Blog

Greg Smith is certified Level 3 and is a Level 3 TAP.

Grover Aerospace Blog

Posts about high power and experimental rocketry from James Grover's amateur rocketry site.

Heart of Virginia Association of Rocketry

Information about the Heart of Virginia Association of Rocketry, NAR section 704.

R2K's High Power Rocketry Blog

Articles on high-power rocketry, astronomy, and other topics.

I Build Rockets

Amateur Rocketry, Model Rocketry, RCandy Rocket full, Nixie clocks, nixie tubes (Nixie Rohren) and dekatrons. Fire calls and homebrew beer. And a bit of electronics just for good measure.

Improbable Ventures Blog

Follow David Cszostak's progress from model rockets to Level 1 certification. Blog

Sales, specials, and new product info from

Meatball Rocketry Blog

Josh and Jess Tschirhart's blog covers the building and flying of scale models of rocket vehicles for NAR competition. The site includes descriptions and photos of their scale model projects, articles about Research and Development projects and model design, dimensioned scale data, photos of real rocket hardware, and a portfolio of 3D CAD models and related 2D design projects.

Model Rocket Building Blog

Chris Michielssen's Model Rocket Building Blog is an excellent resource for rocketry hobbyists. Chris is an expert modelerer and his blog is full of excellent tips on building and finishing rockets.

Model Rocketry Club of India Blog

The Model Rocketry Club of India is non-profit association which provides a platform for students to participate in Rocket Competitions and encourage participation in international competition.

Neurotic Ape Rocketry Blog

Experiments in low and mid-power rocketry. Scratch build, kit built and kit bashed rockets all flow to learn and expand my understanding of the rocketry hobby with a goal of moving into high-power flight.

Odd'l Rockets Blog

The Odd'l Rockets blog covers the latest odd-rock creations from the mind of Chris Michielssen.

Orlando Rocketry Blog

Orlando, Florida, Rocketry News Blog

Roger Smith's personal rocketry blog.

Randy's Rocketry Blog

Randy Dorman's blog discusses amateur and experimental rocketry.

Rawkit Gurl's Blog

Kris Olmstead, alias Rawkit Gurl blogs about her high power rocketry adventures.

Rich's Rockets

A rocketry blog by Rich Holmes, "a human who knits, morris dances, plays melodeon and clarinet and ukulele, but not simultaneously, has a family, likes science and math and Macintoshes and Android, builds and flies model rockets, dabbles in electronic music, makes bad jokes, and generally consumes oxygen."

The Rocket N00b Blog

Daniel J. Petrie's blog presents rocketry topics from a beginner's point of view.

Rocketeer's Corner

Bill Cooke's rocketry blog. Blog

Rocketry news and information about

SEARS Magazine

Shroudlines Blog

Stuart Powley flies with the Dallas Area Rocketry Society.

Sirius Rocketry

Sirius Rocketry's blog.

The Thrifty Rocketeer

Kirk Groeneveld's rocketry blog.

Value Rockets Blog

Value Rockets blog covers new product announcements and other information from Aerotech.

Waterloo Rocketry Team Blog

The Waterloo Rocketry Team is a student design team composed primarily of undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario.

Wayne Hill's Rocketry Blog

Wayne Hill's blog features "Rocketry History, Paper Rockets, Space, and the tales of a Rocketeer."

XPRS 2011 Blog

The XPRS 2011 Blog documents the XPRS 2011 launch at Black Rock, Nevada, of September 12-18, 2011.