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2020-01-18 - Estes Curvilinear
Kit Review by John A

Estes Curvilinear is a basic kit with one challenge.  Getting the fins in place without breaking them is difficult at best as they are extremely fragile until the ring is glued in place.  The remainder of the kit is straight forward. 

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2019-08-23 - George Gassaway Two Minute Egg
Plan Review by Chad Frey

I built the ”Two Minute Egg” on the NAR website.

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2019-08-21 - Estes Tercel
Kit Review by Mike Caplinger

Boost gliders have a long and not completely successful history as kits.  Early Estes gliders included the Astron Space Plane, Falcon, and Nighthawk, but these soon gave way to a series of kits better known for their interesting appearance than their great glide characteristics.  Larry Renger's invention of the pop-pod configuration in 1966 came to dominate competition, but there have only been a few pop-pod kits, notably the Centuri Swift and (briefly) the Estes Dragon Fly.  In ...

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2019-07-14 - Fusion Rocket Arrow X
Kit Review by Pat Chiles

After wading through a sea of mundane "Dad" presents this past Christmas (literally socks and underwear), at the end of it all my wife retrieved one final gift hidden deep in the back of a closet: a Fusion Rocket Arrow X. It was my Red Rider BB Gun moment - the box was even marked "FRAGILE" so it must be Italian... I'd recently renewed my Tripoli membership and recertified Level 1 after having been out of the hobby for several years, and I was ready to move on to something bigger for L2. ...

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2019-05-27 - Rocketarium VK-7 Sounding Rocket (Viking 7)
Kit Review by Martin's Funkworks

This was my first cluster rocket. In a attempt to mimic the real Viking 7, a few details are included, which likely increase its drag, and maybe that's part of the reason it uses two motors. But then, to compensate for the additional motor weight, it runs long at over 29". All in all, it makes for a surprisingly beautiful kit with a very unusual colour scheme.

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2019-02-25 - Estes Nike X
Kit Review by Colin Kaul

Basic rocket with 3 sets of four fins, waterslide decals.

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2019-02-16 - North Coast Rocketry Cluster Duck
Kit Review by Toby Vanderbeek

7 motor cluster by NCR. Great rocket if you can get all 7 motors lit.

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2018-08-20 - Noris Raketen Ariane
Kit Review by Dale E. Miller

Very nice looking scale rocket.

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2018-07-19 - Quest Striker AGM
Kit Review by Andrew B

Nice kit, pretty easy to build.

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2018-07-17 - Andrew's Rocketry Shop Patriot

This is a simple level 1 LP build that was a fun evening. The kit couldn't be any simpler to build and the instructions were awesome. It will be a nice addition to my Patriot Battery. When the weather breaks for painting.

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