Rocketry Tools And Calculators

Design Tools

Tube Fin Calculator

Determine the size of tube fins for tube-finned rockets.

Transition/Shroud Calculator

Calculate the dimenisions for a shroud or template.

Motor Tools

Choose Motors

Use the Rocket Motor Guide to determine the right motors to use in your rocket.

Compare Motors

Select two motors and compare their time-thrust curves and specifications.

Combine Motors

View combined time-thrust curves and specifications for staged and clustered motors.

O-Ring Reference

View a list of the o-ring sizes used by reloadable motors.

Recovery Tools

Descent Rate Calculator

Enter the weight of your rocket and the size of the parachute to estimate the rate at which your rocket will descend.

Calculate Parachute Size

Estimate the size of the parachute to use for your rocket.

Calculate Streamer Size

Calculate the size of the streamer to use for your rocket.

Other Tools

Generate Rocket Names

Get help picking the best name for your rocket.

Print Flight Cards

Print flight cards before a launch to save time during the launch.

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