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pratt_polaris.rkt Trapezoid Fin Trapezoid Fin Set

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Style:Trapezoid Fin Set

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Root Chord:2.0000 inches (50.8000 mm)
Tip Chord:0.0000 inches (0.0000 mm)
Sweep Distance:2.0000 inches (50.8000 mm)
SemiSpan:2.0000 inches (50.8000 mm)
Point 1:(0.0000 mm, 0.0000 mm)
Point 2:(50.8000 mm, 50.8000 mm)
Point 3:(50.8000 mm, 50.8000 mm)
Point 4:(0.0000 mm, 50.8000 mm)
Width:2.0000 inches (50.8000 mm)
Height:2.0000 inches (50.8000 mm)

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