By Percy Grady


Both are to be made from 2'' PVC pipe. The measurements of each are listed here:


  • 16in Body tube

Canis Major

  • 24in Body tube

Both will have 3/16 inch basswood fins. The adhesives that I plan on using are still unknown, but I want to learn how to use epoxy. As of today, I have 2 rockets from Apogee coming in the mail, so I'll experiment with epoxy then. Liquid Cement doesn't work as well as I'd hoped. I've started to prefer wood glue.

Also, I picked up a dark purple spray paint that I will most likely put on Canis Major and another project that is nameless but will be on a 1 1/2'' PVC tube. It's two feet long too, so I'll look into a multipack of nose cones for these 3. To wrap this up, I'll state that I plan on attaching an airtag and possibly an altimeter to these rockets.