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Apogee Aspire (5024)(3-Fin Mach 1 Mod) OpenRocket Design File

Comments: A modified Apogee Aspire sim based on the information contained in Apogee's Technical Publication #29 (written by Tim Van Milligan)

"The Apogee Aspire has 4 fins for aesthetic reasons. If you want a little more speed out of the rocket, you can turn it into a three-fin model. The stability of the model drops slightly from 2.65 calibers to 2.44. But this is still plenty of margin, so the model will still fly nice and staight. According to RockSim’s simulations, the rocket will pick up another 13mph (0.02 Mach) of speed. It doesn’t sound like much, but every little bit will help."

Designer: Apogee
.ork File: Jim Parsons

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To use the design file above, you need a copy of OpenRocket, a rocket design and simulation program.

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