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808 Camera on an Amazon Estes rocket; it worked perfectly! (2017-07-31)
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( [View]
Second rocket flight with camera (2011-06-13)
Please skip to 1:00 to see the launch. You will not miss anything by skipping forward. Estes Amazon with 808 camera powered with C6-3 engine. Explosion blasts fin assembly free mid flight, chute did ... [View]
3D Printed Cineroc 808 Overview (2018-07-24)
Full model available on Thingiverse ----------------------------- Mike Dorffler in the early 70s designed for Estes Industries the 'Cineroc' a super 8mm ... [View]
Cineroc 808 first flight unedited (2017-09-23)
The maiden voyage of the Cineroc 808 was exciting but not in the way I had hoped. The D12-7 upper stage CATOed shortly after igniting. [View]
Cineroc 808 on 2 stage Omega - flight 3.4.2018 (2018-03-07)
Another nice Cineroc 808 flight, only the first stage didn't boost as straight as I would have preferred. It landed over by the apartments in one of the few places were recovery was clean and ... [View]
Estes Magician 808 side camera side mounted and Altimeter (2019-04-10)
Estes Magician launched at Lucerne dry lake Ca. on a cloudy day with a storm on the way. A 2 payload flight with Estes Altimeter and 808 Camera mounted sideways. [View]
Estes Magician rocket / 808 Camera/Altimeter (2019-04-10)
Estes Magician rocket flown 3 times at Lucerne dry lake ca. Payloads include #808 camera and Estes Altimeter Estes E9-6 and D12-5 engines were used to compare the flights. The ground camera used was ... [View]
Estes Solar Warrior F44-8 Complete Onboard Video 7/8/2019 (2019-07-09)
My modified Estes Solar Warrior with onboard MateCam 808 camera...flying on a Aerotech Economax F44-8 White Lightning. Launched by my sweetheart Crystal...thank you baby! [View]
Estes Solar Warrior- Aerotech Economax F44-8 (3 Video Sources) 8/4/2018 (2019-03-07)
Here's my Estes Solar Warrior which I built modified, to launch on E sized BP engines. This launch is on an Aerotech Economax F44-8W (White Lightning). 3 video sources. Onboard video from one of my ... [View]
Estes Ventris on an Aerotech E30-4T (2016-08-28)
Launch of my Estes Ventris on a single-use Aerotech E30-4T. This is an excellent low-end motor for this rocket. Plenty of kick off the pad with a very loud quick burn. Altitude for this flight was ... [View]
Falcon 9 First Launch and Parachute Failure (Model Kit) (2018-04-22)
First launch Falcon 9 and Fairing Model Kit with D12-5 rocket engine. Camera: - Gopro Hero 5 Black - Iphone 5C - DJI Mavic Pro - Mate 808 HD 1080p #18 Music: David BOWIE - Starman [View]
Loc Precision 3.90 V-2 Modified for Dual Deploy (2013-09-16)
Loc Precision V-2 model rocket flies to 3,373' on CTI I170 motor at Lucerne Dry Lake ROC launch September 14, 2013. Recovery uses Missile Works RRC3 altimeter in nose cone and Archetype cable ... [View]
Long Tom 1st flight at NARAM 60 - K750 Red Lightning (2018-08-07)
Long Tom had a successful flight on 8/4 at NARAM 60. The K750 Red Lightning motor by Cesaroni performed perfectly and sent it to an averaged altitude of 6975'. I have data processing and analysis to ... [View]