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Published: 2015-06-12
Diameter: 1.34 inches
Manufacturer: Enerjet
Style: Sport


This rocket is actually a clone of the Enerjet 1340 using the Estes Eliminator (or Eliminator XL) kit.  You can also use the Centuri MARS Project kit, the Estes Challenger II kit, the Centuri Phoenix Bird, Estes Maniac, or the Estes Longshot for making this clone.

I used resources such as this reference.


There's also a build article posted at


There are various threads about the Enerjet 1340 on the rocketry forums that you can find and read.


All components were stock with the payload bay tube being cut down a little to have the kit match the dimensions of the original kit.

The 24mm x 95mm stock motor mount was used from the Eliminator kit.  The original kit used a 29mm motor mount so it could fly  F motors.


Construction was easy and quick with the only change was adding some Kevlar to the rubber band shock cord.  The Kevlar was attached to the motor mount with a loop on the other end to attach the rubber band shock cord to.



The rocket was finished using Monokote that is normally used on model aircraft.

For the Enerjet 1340 decals I downloaded the graphic file free from Ye Olde Rocket Plans' "Decal and Templates" section.

Construction Score: 5


This model flew very, very well straight up.

The first flight was with a C6-3 using a motor adapter in 2014.  Great flight, no damage.

The second flight was flown on 1MAR2015 using a D12-3.  A 24mm adapter included with the kit was used.  Excellent flight.

The third flight occurred on 19APR2015 using an E9-6.  The flight was perfect.  There was a bit of wind and had a walk to retrieve it.  Next time I'll use a small parachute.


Recovery system was fine for the rocket.  I would use a smaller parachute for the higher flights.

Flight Rating: 5


A great kit with no real cons I can think of.

Overall Rating: 5


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