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By 2101Striper

Aerotech K2050ST-P RMS 54/1706 in a Madcow Level2 Rocket (2016-12-01)
Aerotech K2050ST Super Thunder November 19th, 2016 TCC Launch Event Helm/Maddox Dairy Farm California 40 g peak launch acceleration Reached Mach 0.71 in 0.7 seconds! Apogee was 5,400 feet AGL Rocket ... [View]

Apogee Madcow Level-2 Rocket, Aerotech J415W, TCC Helm CA Maddox Dairy Farm July 2016 (2016-07-18)
A full 1280 N-s J Impulse White Lightning motor in an 11.5 lb rocket... Launch Event: TCC July 2016 Launch Location: Maddox Diary Farm, Helm CA Rocket: Madcow/Apogee "Level-2" Motor: Aerotech RMS ... [View]

Chris' L3 Punisher AeroTech M1297, TCC October Skies 2016 (2016-10-18)
Wildman Punisher 4" Fiberglass with modifications. See build thread here: Motor was an AT M1297 Notice how stiff the ... [View]

Estes Leviathan NAR L1 Certification Flight AeroTech H128W-M, Snow Ranch CA, April 2nd 2016 (2016-04-04)
I built an Estes Pro Series II Leviathan Kit with the intent to attempt a NAR Level 1 Certification Flight using an H class motor. The only modifications made fromt eh stock kit were: 1. Installed a ... [View]

Level2 High Power Rocket Certification Flight, May 21st, 2016 -TCC Dairy Aire Launch Event (2016-05-25)
This video captures the maiden and L2 certification flight of my new High Power Model Rocket. It was build from an Apogee/Madcow kit called the "Level-2'. I used an AeroPack 54mm to 38mm adapter to ... [View]

LOC Athena3 AeroTech H250G M - Whistle (2016-08-24)
This was the maiden flight of a LOC Athena 3. Thank you Jay for the video! It was modified for dual deployment with a motor backup for the drogue. It has a StratoLoggerCF on board powered by a 1S ... [View]

LOC Athena3 Rocket, Aerotech H210R-M (2016-12-07)
LOC Athena3 Rocket Dual Deploy with StratologgerCF Aerotech RMS 29/240 H210R-M LUNAR Launch Event Snow Ranch, CA December 3rd, 2016 [View]

LOC Athena3 Rocket, H210R-M (2016-12-07)
LOC Athena3 Rocket Aerotech RMS 29/240 H210R-M Motor Dual Deploy using StratologgerCF Altimeter LUNAR Launch Event Snow Ranch, CA December 3rd, 2016 [View]

Madcow Frenzy XL L3 Certification Flight, M1297W (2017-10-26)
Tripoli Central California (TCC) October Skies High Power Rocket Launch 10/21/2017 Helm, California This is my Level 3 HPR Certification Flight. Rocket: Madcow 4" Fiberglass Frenzy XL Motor: ... [View]

Madcow Level-2 Rocket, Aerotech RMS 38/720 J500G, April 15th 2017 (2017-04-23)
April 15th, 2017 Tripoli Central California High Power Rocket Launch Helm, CA My Madcow Level-2 Rocket launched on a small J reloadable motor.. Aerotech RMS 38/720 J500G-14A (Used an Aeropack 38-54 ... [View]

Madcow Level2 High Power Rocket Launch, Aerotech K550W (2016-11-13)
LUNAR Chapter of the National Rocketry Association Snow Ranch Launch, near Farmington CA November 5th, 2016 Rocket: Madcow Level-2, 4-inch All Fiberglass Airframe Loaded Weight: ~12.8 lbs Motor: ... [View]

Madcow Level2 Rocket Launch, AeroTech J800T (2016-09-03)
A full 1280 N-s J800T Blue Thunder motor in an 11.5 lb fiberglass rocket. I love the separated Violet/Blue Flame some feet behind the rocket. Launch Event: TCC August 20th 2016 Launch Location: ... [View]

Madcow Level2 Rocket, Aerotech K1103X (2017-03-09)
The Aerotech K1103X packs quite a punch with more than 1800 N-sec total impulse. Snow Ranch, CA December 3rd, 2016 [View]

Madcow Level2 Rocket, Aerotech RMS 38/720 I600R, Snow Ranch CA November 5th, 2016 (2016-11-09)
Location: Snow Ranch, Farmington CA Date: November 5th, 2016 Rocket: Madcow Level2 Motor: Aerotech RMS 38/720, I600R-14A This was a lower altitude shakedown flight for my Eggfinder Tx / Rx / LCD ... [View]

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