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Extreme Darkstar J1520 Vmax (2011-07-13)

A Wildman Extreme Darkstar flying on a CTI J1520 Vmax motor. The kids screaming in the background were boyscouts. Our club hosted approximately 250 scouts for a large "Rocket-ree" event. This was the Grand Finale to the launch. I think they liked it!

Level 2 Cert flight (2011-08-28)
Nick DeBrita 1/6th Scale Mercury Redstone flight (2012-06-10)

The second flight of my 1/6th Scale Mercury Redstone on April 13th, 2012 at Red Glare XII. She flew to 5,760' on a central M1939W and four K550Ws and was recovered with no damage.

Performance Rocketry G3 I284W (long).m4v (2011-12-29)

Inflight video of a Performance Rocketry G3 on an Aerotech I284W. This one is edited a little longer to show the spin that saved it when the apogee charge failed.

Performance Rocketry G3 I284W inflight.m4v (2011-12-29)

Inflight video of my Performance Rocketry G3 flying on an Aerotech I284W to 2,055ft. I had a bad ematch, so the drogue never deployed. Luckily, it laid flat and spun on the way down, so when the main deployed at 700ft, there was no damage.

Tethys H159G inflight (2011-06-28)

Inflight video of my Public Missiles Tethys on a Pro29 6-grain H159 Green.

Tethys H170M inflight.m4v (2011-12-29)

Inflight video of my Public Missiles Tethys flying on an Aerotech H170 Metalstorm motor. It landed in the trees, but was easily retrieved.

Ultimate Wildman M2045 onboard video (2012-06-27)

Pictures and video from my Ultimate Wildman flying on a CTI Pro75 6G M2045BS. It flew to 8,646ft at Bayboro, NC on January 28th, 2012.

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