Aerotech - 29mm RMS Motor Motor

Manufacturer: Aerotech
Product Type: Motor
Tags: Motor:Hardware
  • Aerotech 29mm RMS Motor By Geoffrey Kerbel

    (by Geoffrey Kerbel - 12/12/06) Brief: The AeroTech 29MM RMS is a reloadable motor casing for mid-power flights with "E" through "G" power reloads. This is a system that allows the flier to put their own motors together with the power requirements to suit their rockets power capabilities. AeroTech calls this their hobby loads and no special certification is needed ...

  • Aerotech 29mm RMS Motor By Alex Rothchild

    This is a 29mm aluminum motor casing, for motors with 40-120 Newton Seconds total impulse (ranging from E to G). It is a bit pricey at $50 for the casing, but a G motor costs only $10-12 instead of $20 or more for a single use motor of the same total impulse. The casing is only three pieces, a long casing, a forward closure, and an aft closure, both of which screw into place in the casing. ...

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