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By 2xzess

1:20 Scale Saturn V High Power Rocket (2019-07-05)
Kronos E Project (1:20 scale model of the Saturn V) Launched at Rock Lake Alberta, Canada on June 29, 2019 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 flight and moon landing. Specs: 5.5 meters ... [View]

Aerotech Arreaux Rocket With Onboard Video (2012-09-29)
Aerotech Arreaux using an Aerotech F24-7W motor. Simulated Altitude at apogee was 1078 ft [View]

Alex's Wildman Darkstar Extreme (2014-07-06)
Motor: CTI L1350 C-Star Altitude: 11500 ft Speed: Mach 1.28 [View]

Edmonton Rocketry Club Rocket Launch 7:32 AM July 16, 2019 (2019-07-19)
Video & picture collage - ERC's rocket launch at 7:32 AM, July 16, 2019. This launch was part of the Global Rocket Launch and to coincide with the same time the Apollo 11 Saturn V launched 50 years ... [View]

Estes Leviathan Level 1 Certification Flight (2013-02-17)
This was my successful Level 1 Certification Flight flown on a Estes Pro Series II Leviathan on a CTI H87 motor. Flight was at our Edmonton Rocketry Clubs hi... [View]

Estes Pro Series II, Mega Der Red Max (2013-10-07)
2 flights. First flight with a Aerotech G64W, second with a CTI G106 Skid Mark. [View]

Leviathan Rocket, Estes Pro Series II (2012-09-26)
This is the Leviathan, Estes pro Series II Rocket. Conditions were perfect, no wind, hot and sunny. The motor used was an Aerotech F40-7W. [View]

Quest Big Dog, Aerotech Arreaux, And Strong Arm Rocket Video (2012-07-17)
Three rockets were launched in this video. The first launch is my Quest Big Dog with a Estes D12-5 motor. The second launch is my Aerotech Arreaux with a Aerotech E18-4W motor. The last video is my ... [View]

Scratch built cluster 3 stage rocket (2018-11-28)
A member form our club scratch built this 3 stage rocket. The booster has 5 motors. The 2nd and 3rd stages have single motors. The 4 side pods from the booster separate after burnout and deploy on ... [View]

Wildman Darkstar Jr & Madcow 4" AGM 33 Pike (2014-04-05)
Wildman Darkstar Jr, Altitude Approx 2500 ft Madcow 4" AGM 33 Pike, Altitude Approx 2400 ft Both flights and recovery successful. [View]

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