Rocketry Videos

By 69RocketBones

11 Launches in 30 seconds (2006-11-23)
11 model rockets launched to the legendary rock of Cold Chisel, "Standing on the Outside". [View]

Estes Echostar 2 stage model rocket launch (2006-11-22)
Launch of Estes Echostar with a C6-0 booster & B6-4 sustainer. [View]

Missile Command Launch (2008-05-05)
Launch of my scratch built rocket Missile Command on an Aerotech F20-7. Launched at the NSWRA club launch 3/5/2008. [View]

NSWRA 250409 (2009-04-27)
Handful of rocket launches from the NSWRA launch day 25/4/2009 [View]

NSWRA Launch 28/6/2008 (2008-06-29)
NSWRA rocket launch 28/6/2008 [View]

Robson Green talks about rockets (2008-08-28)
Interview with Robson Green about his rocketry interests. [View]

Suburban Rocketry - Big Balls (2007-03-18) (NEW)
Scratch built 24mm D engine rocket. Maiden launch. [View]

Suburban Rocketry - Bigger balls (2008-02-23)
Launch of Bigger Balls on a E9-6 [View]

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