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X-15 flight one (2006-11-02)
X-15 plastic model conversion rocket on an A10-3T motor. [View]
12Flight Cluster 2stage Rocket. (2012-11-12)
Scratch built 2 stage rocket. Booster has 1x 24mm and 2x 18mm engines while the upper stage has a 18mm. This flight was on 1x D12-0 2x A10-3 staging to a B6-4. [View]
Box-o-parts Contest Rocket by Hotrod Lincoln (2008-07-06)
Box-o-parts Contest Rocket by Hotrod Lincoln. You get a random box of leftover parts and must build a rocket. Great fun! This is my entry. Launched on a cluster of Three C11-3s and Three A10-PTs. ... [View]
Launch of the Estes Hi-Flier 5/15/16 (2016-05-16)
Launching the Hi-Flier with an A10-3T adaptor.. [View]