Rocketry Videos

By aaupton

Odd Rockets at JMRC's MIS launch (2006-12-30)
Fun with odd model rockets at the Jackson Michigan Rocket Club's launch. [View]

Rippin' The Fins Off A Rocket (2006-09-08) (DELETED)
The Fins Shred off a 12 foot tall high power rocket flying on an N motor. It exceeds the fins ability to hold up. The fins waive at you, bend around and then fly off in real time as the rocket ... [View]

Rump Aerospace's M to M flight to ~ 50,000 feet (2006-12-29)
Rump Aerospace takes a two stage 3" diameter rocket to almost 50,000 feet in the rich, colorful and exciting black rock desert. Feel the excitement, this video will put you right there, in the mix ... [View]

Two Stage Rocket on Booster Vision (2006-12-30)
Clayton has a two stage rocket spin like a dryer on the first stage and then spin the other way on the second stage. Very good sound and great staging video. [View]

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