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Model Rocket On Board Video Camera!!! Lands in a Tree! (2011-05-29)

Launched this rocket as a Royal Rangers activity. Lost the previous two rockets that day (they went above the clouds) and very nearly lost this one. As it was floating back down, a gust of wind caught it and floated it quite some distance away. In fact, it floated back over the road I shot it over, over the baseball field, over the church, over the youth center, and very nearly cleared the entire woods (got caught in the last tree). In fact, it almost landed in a neighborhood! lol Not bad video quality for a $30 camera. :)

On-Board model rocket video--dual "E" engine cluster!! (2011-08-20)

This is a scratch built Sidewinder style model rocket flying on a pair of Estes "E" motors. The flight is quite exciting and at one point, incredibly realistic looking!

Rocket Launch Gone Wrong!!!!!!! (2012-09-19)

Shot this Estes QCC Explorer on a "D12-5". I had a friend manning the launch area while I was preparing the rocket. He was not paying very close attention and needless to say, I almost got hit by the rocket! I even felt the heat from the motor. 0_0 Launched on October 15, 2011 at a Royal Rangers Pow Wow in Brown, Summit NC. Just about everybody was there to watch the crazy get scared out of me. :)

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