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Intruder volo 4 (2012-03-03)
Effectiveness test of control surfaces. The first part of the fly is made with fins deflected to +9° (to reduce spontaneous rolling), at 0:32 fins were deflected to -9° to see the response ... [View]
On Board LV2.3 with Roll Stabilization (2010-10-27)
PSAS successfully launched "Launch Vehicle No. 2.3" (LV2's third airframe) with a roll control module and "spin can" on Sunday October 17th, 2010 at Oregon Rocketry's (OROC) Brothers' launch site. ... [View]
PSAS Launch 2010-06-27 (2010-08-06)
Lift off of Launch Vehicle No. 2.3 (LV2's third airframe) with PSAS' first Roll Control module took place at Oregon Rocketry's (OROC) "Summer Skies" launch. We launched on Sunday June 27th at 2:44pm ... [View]
PSAS rocket launch - onboard camera - Brothers, OR June 2010 (2010-07-01)
This is our footage from our rocket mounted camera during the launch of LV2c June 27th, 2010. We went to an altitude of 15,600 feet. The control system (the fins you see moving) were attempting to ... [View]
Quad Pod II - Launch 7 (2009-06-14)
This is the 7th launch of Quad Pod II. It was launch on June 6, 2009 at an AARG club launch. It used an Apogee F10 motor, and reached a height of about 35 feet. Quad Pod II use a gyro chip to ... [View]
Quad Pod II with an F10 Motor (2008-08-11)
This is the fourth launch of the Quad Pod II gyro-controlled rocket. This launch used an Apogee F10 motor. [View]
Dave Hein's Quad Pod II (2008-08-30)
Dave Hein's Experimental gimbaled rocket [View]
Falcon Heavy Model - Flight 2 (2019-07-31)
The 1/48th scale Falcon Heavy model is a technology demonstrator for The intention is to showcase the advancement possible at the model scale. Each of the three cores carries a flight ... [View]
All My Rockets That Didn't Work (2020-06-13)
Here's another fun tip, don't launch in a small urban space like those first few flights...  [View]
Back-to-back Silo Launched Model Rocket (2019-11-19)
Both flights were on an Estes F15 rocket motor, about 15 min apart - first flight was set to maintain ejection orientation, second flight was set to pitch over 20 degrees on the ECEF X axis. Help ... [View]
Balls 2018 On Board Video - 175,000 Feet! (2018-09-30)
This three-stage flight was performed by Jim Jarvis (with lots of help) at Balls 27 on September 21, 2018. The launch was help at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The flight reached about 175,000 ... [View]
Blip & Blop - PCB Assembly (2019-04-20)
Assembling the Blip and Blop flight computers! [View] Update - National Rocketry Conference 2019 (2019-03-06)
Presented on March 2, 2019 at NARCON in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Rocket Propulsion Elements: Structures: Arduino Tutorial: https://www.youtub ... [View]
Delta Thrust Vector Control System (2019-09-17)
Hello Everyone! I have spent months of working to make a high-performance TVC system for model rockets and the High Powered Community! It took me dozens of iteration changes before the actuation ... [View]
🚀 Barnard Propulsion Systems // ft. Joe Barnard (2018-09-26)
For Spacetember, we sat down with Joe Barnard – founder and proprietor of Barnard Propulsion Systems (aka BPS Space). You won't learn much about propulsion, but we do cover: – The Signal and Arc ... [View]
Echo - Landing Test #5 (2019-07-10)
"just call me bowling ball cause i be rollin" - Echo, 2019 Help support For more info: ... [View]
Experimental Rocket Guidance, Paul Breed (2013-02-05)
Paul Breed's experimental guidance project. Three Cesaroni K-motors were set in gimbals for vertical stabilization guidance control. Control ended when motor burn out complete. Test conducted at the ... [View]
Falcon 9 Model Rocket Flights (TVC) (2019-06-30)
First flights of my fully custom thrust vector controlled rocket.   [View]
Falcon Heavy Model Integration (2019-07-20)
The BPS Falcon Heavy Model is flying soon! We need to start putting all the parts together for it, and fix a few things along the way. For more info: Help support ... [View]
Falcon Heavy Model Tuning and Simulation (2019-07-25)
A version of this process needs to happen before each BPS flight. In order to keep the vehicle stable, we need to simulate how it will pitch, yaw, and roll. For more info: ... [View]
Flight Computer Outline - Landing Model Rockets Ep. 3 (2018-12-06)
Blip = Blop = Blip Landing Model Rockets Series Playlist: Help support For more ... [View]
Flight Simulation – TARC Active Rocket Control Ep. 2 (2020-05-05)
Have any constructive criticism or suggestions for how I can improve? Drop them in the comments below! – Table of contents: OpenRocket/RockSim Comparison: 1:28 OpenRocket: 2:52 Fusion 360: ... [View]
Flight Software Setup - Landing Model Rockets Ep. 8 (2019-08-12)
Blip PCB Design Files: Blip Test Code: Arduino programming tutorial: https://www. ... [View]
G8ST Rocket Motor Test Flight (2018-05-11)
FLIGHT DATA: A quick note: While the motor did melt the PLA tube holding it, the rest of the TVC ... [View]
How to launch and land a model Falcon Heavy - Orbit 12.05 (2019-02-03)
Joe Barnard of joins us to talk about his work in making model rockets emulate larger, liquid fueled vehicles such as Falcon and Electron. He has created many amazing models and has been ... [View]
HTTP-3A Stage-1 & Stage-2 Thrust Vector Control Hybrid Rocket Engine Hot-Fire Test-9 (2019-05-24)
--HTTP-3A Project-- Stage-1 & Stage-2 Thrust Vector Control (TVC) Engine: 1,200 N Thrust Level H2O2 Engine H2O2/Plastics Hybrid Rocket Engine Hot-Fire Test-9: 50 seconds oops...the fuel burned ... [View]
Introducing Project Summit // An Advanced Model Rocket! (2019-11-20)
Introducing Project Summit! An advanced model rocket featuring thrust vector control, a flight computer, a parachute ejection system, landing legs and much more to be announced. I have been working ... [View]
K-9 Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control System (2019-05-28)
Hi everyone it's me Yukon! I have been working on this TVC system for model rockets for a few months now! I have poured in a ton of effort to create and perfect it, so I really hope you like it! The ... [View]
Landing Model Rockets - Rocket Motor Test 1 (2017-07-15)
My name is Jonny, and my goal is land model rockets under their own power. Joe Barnard of BPS (@joebarnard, Barnard Propulsion Systems on YouTube) has been at this for far longer than I have, so I'm ... [View]
LDRS 2019 Flight Video (2019-10-15)
This flight is of my two-stage "Test Rocket". It has vertical stabilization located at the top of the sustainer. The flight was an M1665 to M745 with a projected altitude of 22K feet. Due to coning ... [View]
Live RCS Roll Testing (2019-06-04)
Details on the RCS setup: Help support For more information: [View]
Live Scout D1 Launch (2019-06-29)
Flying on an Aerotech H13 motor. The test site has poor cell reception, hence the low quality. I have had the worst luck with live streams lately, cross your fingers we get it right this time! Help ... [View]
Live Scout D1 Launch (2019-06-11)
Flying on an Aerotech H13 motor. The test site has poor cell reception, hence the low quality. I have had the worst luck with live streams lately, cross your fingers we get it right this time!  [View]
Live: K-9 TVC Test Vehicle Assembly Part 1 (2019-08-26)
Join Yukon as he builds his TVC Test vehicle! Ask questions and maybe even help name the vehicle! We didn't quite finish the vehicle, but we did finish the TVC mount portion! Thank you to all who ... [View]
Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | 3 More Flights and "The Jump" (2019-08-11)
Warning: This video is not like normal... it's a lot of talking, but we wanted to let everyone know what the plans are for the future. Thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe for more ... [View]
Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | Flights 1 and 2! a Success? (2019-08-06)
APOLOGIES FOR BAD AUDIO-- One of these days we will get it right and have good video and audio I swear... This is our first flight test of the Spectre rocket! and it was a success!!! (kind of) ... [View]
Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | Hold Down Test (2019-04-24)
Test Fire 1 and 2 of the Spectre 0, a test vehicle for thrust vectoring in the hopes of landing a model rocket propulsively. Test Flights are scheduled for the coming months! Please consider ... [View]
Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | Hold Down Test Series 2 (2019-07-04)
APOLOGIES FOR THE BAD CAMERA QUALITY-- we were so excited to film this video and get it out that the quality is a little sub-par This is our second round of hold down tests for the Spectre series of ... [View]
Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | Spectre Adv. (2019-08-26)
It's here! The all-new and improved Spectre Adv. featuring a New revised TVC-- an improved Flight Comp.-- and a new chute ejection system Make sure to subscribe! Maybe one day we will pr ... [View]
Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | Static Fire Test | Landing Model Rockets (2019-01-29)
Music: HOME - We're Finally Landing Hello! We are Orion Aerospace a new youtube channel created to document our adventure in the attempt to create some of the most advanced model rockets possible. ... [View]
Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | Succesful launch of Spectre Adv. (2019-08-29)
IT FINALLY HAPPENED-- after about 3 months of work on the Spectre series of rockets, we have had a full success! Thrust vector control on the way up and successful mechanical chute ejection on the ... [View]
PCB Assembly - Landing Model Rockets Ep. 7 (2019-06-21)
Schematics, Layouts, Part Lists, and Gerber Files 🚀→ Gear used in this video: Soldering Mat: Tweezers: h ... [View]
PCB Production - Landing Model Rockets Ep. 6 (2019-04-19)
Schematics, Layouts, Part Lists, Gerber Files, everything you need to get either(or both!) of these boards built 🚀→ Tutorials for generating ... [View]
Prototype Rocket Flight Computer // Project Summit Update #2 (2019-12-11)
I planned on making a time-lapse of me making the computer although I had some camera problems, so I lost heaps of the footage. Instead here is a video of me explaining what I’ve done and how ... [View]
RCS Roll Axis Testing #2 (2019-07-14)
More testing on the RCS dev vehicle! Just a bit more roll testing today, nothing fancy. Figured I'd turn a camera on while it happens. Help support All ... [View]
RECAP | 2018-2019 (2019-10-22)
This video serves as a quick recap of all the highs and lows of our journey so far-- and as we go on and prepare to make dramatic improvements this video serves as a marker to a milestone we never ... [View]
Relay - TVC Static Fire - Mount Revision A (2017-01-08)
Actuating ±6.6 degrees on each axis, this thrust vectoring mount slightly underperforms in expected accuracy of 0.3 degrees. A second test with higher power servos will serve to qualify this ... [View]
Scout C5 Launch - Oct 4 2017 (2017-10-05)
The Signal flight computer plotted and executed a 3 degree course correction maneuver about 0.8 seconds into flight to keep itself vertical. Very hard to see in this footage; more exaggerated tests ... [View]
Scout V 0.8 Test Launch (2016-11-01)
With an entirely new thrust vectoring system, Scout V 0.8 corrected well for it's orientation with two caveats. The first being that due to errors within a computer simulation of the flight, the ... [View]
Semi-scale model rocket SPACEX FALCON 9 CREW DRAGON (2019-08-04)
Launch of model rocket SPACEX FALCON 9 CREW DRAGON, 2+ stages. Launch and booster landing filmed by drone. Air start of second stage rocket motor and air start of booster entry burn rocket motor and ... [View]
Silo-Launched Model Rocket - Thoomp Flight 1 (2019-09-20)
Lots more Thoomp coming soon :) Music by Joe Barnard Help support Second channel, mostly for KSP: For more ... [View]
SpaceX inspired edf rocket part 1: deployable landing gear and thrust vector control (2020-08-15)
This is part 1 of my SpaceX inspired edf rocket project where I design, 3D-print, build and assemble the retractable landing gear and thrust vector control unit. For those of you who say an edf is ... [View]
Stabilized Rocket Flight Hutto January 2020 (2020-01-07)
This is a flight of my vertically stabilized rocket. It has canards near the top of the rocket that guide it to vertical. The rocket was launched at a 7° angle, weathercocked to about 20°, ... [View]
The DIY Rocketeer Building SpaceX Replicas of Self-Landing Rockets (2018-12-06)
Joe Barnard left his background in videography and music production to launch his life of amateur rocketry, and he shares his DIY adventures in building rockets on his YouTube channel ... [View]
The YouTube King of Rocketeers | | Falcon Heavy Model Launch (2019-01-28)
Joe Barnard is known online for his viral video of Falcon Heavy Model rockets and attempting to land them as well. He sits down with TJ Cooney to talk about the struggles of starting a rocket ... [View]
Thoomp Vehicle Assembly (2019-08-09)
Thoomp is the silo/tube ejected model rocket I've been working on! The ejection tube is coming together well, but we need a rocket to launch out of it, that's what we're doing today! Help support ... [View]
Thrust Vector Control (TVC) Model Rocket (2020-08-16)
Date: 15.08.2020 length: 0.898m Weight (start): 0.92kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.238m (from the lowest point) Controller: PD with additional strongly limited I component Motor: 4*Klima D3-P [View]
Thrust Vector Control (TVC) Model Rocket (2020-07-26)
Date: 18.07.2020 length: 0.587m Weight (start): 0.294kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.245m (from the lowest point) Controller: PD with additional strongly limited I component Motor: 1*Klima D3-P ... [View]
Thrust Vector Control - Series A Hold Down (2017-06-01)
This test was not intended to(and does not) feature a fully stable vehicle or tuning. The purpose of Series A is to gather high resolution data from the flight computer in order to build an accurate ... [View]
Thrust Vector Control - Series B Hold Down (2017-06-29)
After building a ground-up simulation of the vehicle's behavior under thrust, I re-tuned the stability algorithm to the inertia I calculated from the results of a bifilar pendulum test. The ... [View]
Thrust Vector Control - Series C Hold Down (2017-06-29)
Once the error in the inertia calculation of the Series B Hold Down was found, a second bifilar pendulum test was conducted with newly added landing legs and grid fins to obtain an updated ... [View]
Thrust Vector Control Model Rocket (2020-05-03)
Datum: 03.05.2020 Länge: 0.904m Gewicht (Start): 0.94kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.34m (vom untersten Punkt) Regler: PD mit zusätzlichem stark limitierten I Anteil Antrieb: 4*Klima D3-P [View]
Thrust Vector Control Model Rocket (light crosswind) (2020-06-21)
Datum: 20.06.2020 Länge: 0.587m Gewicht (Start): 0.294kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.245m (vom untersten Punkt) Regler: PD mit zusätzlichem stark limitierten I Anteil Antrieb: 1*Klima ... [View]
Thrust Vector Control Model Rocket (strong crosswind) (2020-07-20)
Datum: 18.07.2020 Länge: 0.587m Gewicht (Start): 0.294kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.245m (vom untersten Punkt) Regler: PD mit zusätzlichem stark limitierten I Anteil Antrieb: 1*Klima ... [View]
Thrust Vector Control Rocket (2019-08-20)
This is my Summer 2019 summer project. All parts are 3D printed and controlled by an Arduino. [View]
Thrust Vector Control Rocket Built Part 1 (2020-06-27)
Hi guys in this video I am going to show you'll my Thrust Vector control rockets progress so I hope you'll enjoy the video and follow along me I was inspired by a YouTuber and rocket builder named ... [View]
THRUST VECTOR CONTROL!!!!! (2020-06-25)
This is our TVC Mount! Project Thrust Vector Control is Alpha Omega Rocketry’s #1 priority. We will be releasing a series of videos that show the progress of this project! Inspired by Joe ... [View]
Thrust Vector Controlled SLS Flight #2 (2019-09-05)
2nd flight of my SLS rocket and first flight of the upgraded version 2! Things didn't quite go according to plan but hey that happens. [View]
Thrust Vector Controlled SLS Model Rocket Flight #1 (2019-07-18)
This is my first thrust vector controlled rocket. I wasn't as good on recording things so there isn't as much content around it but I wanted to put it out there! The whole thing is being heavily ... [View]
Thrust-Vector Controlled Model Rocket Design - OpenRocket - Ep 01 (2020-03-29)
This is the first video in a series where I'll be designing a model rocket capable of thrust-vector control. The goal is to have a finished design by summer to begin building said rocket. This video ... [View]
TVC Tech Talk Ep.2 | The Flight Computer (2019-09-23)
Today is all about our little beep boop dude-- it uses a teensy 3.5 which is basically just a fast arduino that can be coded inside the arduino development enviroment it is then all connected to a ... [View]
Xenon TVC Test Vehicle | Assembly (2019-09-04)
Today we build the new rocket! Xenon!!! It is now fully TVC and will launch in a couple of months! The stream wasn't the best quality and we had problems with bit rate at the beginning because I got ... [View]
Xenon | Hold Down Test 1 (2019-08-19)
Hey Everyone! The Xenon rocket has finally lit its motor for the first time! It also moved the motor back and fourth on 1 Axis! This is V2 of the TVC so its not perfect n 1 Axis but pretty close! ... [View]