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High-Power Certification Flights

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Full scale AMRAAM rocketrejma04152011-06-252008-05-01
My NAR Level 3 certification flight on a Aerotech M1315W. Loaded weight is 52 pounds, 12 feet long, 7.5" in diameter. Altitude was 5610', max velocity was 423 mph in 3.3 seconds.
Midnight Express rocket on L820 Skidmark and M1230 L3 flightsBoris Katan2012-10-302012-07-28
Cool 3.4x upscale Big Daddy rocket flies twice at LDRS XXXI. Lifted off first on a huge shower of fire and sparks on a L820 Skidmark.Then flown on a M1230 for a successful L3 cert flight.
CTI M2250 C-Star BuildJMZawodny2011-12-082011-11-17
This documents the build of a 75mm 4-grain CTI M2250 C-Star motor for my Level 3 certification flight. I plan to fly this in my Extreme WildMan at Red Glare XI this weekend. I never built a motor ...
Tripoli Launch..inspirationalwairoarockets2011-10-052010-02-14
Tripoli level three cert flight. wonderful
AA's NAR Level 1 Certification Flight, LOC-IV Rocket Maiden Flight , H125-9 Motor5ky5urfer2014-01-172013-07-14
This is the LOC-IV maiden flight and my successful Level 1 certification. The project was built for my NAR Level1 Certification flight. It was built as a zip...
Bad Boy K550 L2 cert flightMysticlambo2011-09-182010-08-09
Bad Boy, 10ft tall. 4" dia. fiberglass. 12.68lbs on the pad. Aerotech K550. Sucsessfull L2 cert.
BRB Rocket Launch Equipment & HPR L1 Cert Flight.georgegassaway2011-06-282008-12-14
A brief review of how the Birmingham Rocket Boys (BRB) Launch Equipment operates. Plus, a HPR Level 1 Cert Flight by Brandon Kirkland, on December 13, 2008 (With pad load assistance by Kim ...
ContourGPS 1080p - Williams Australia from 12100ftmep07162011-08-072011-08-07
Initial footage of Mike Passaretti's Tripoli level three high power rocket certification flight in Williams, Australia on August 6th 2011. Footage was obtained using a ContourGPS HD action camera ...
My L3 flight in Orangeburg, SC..I am not the greatest in taking videos, in fact, I SUCK..I did get the take off and some of it in flight, but, most of the 3 minute video is of the blue sky..There ...
Duane Boldt Rocket Certification Launch (Music)javapda2013-03-112009-08-23
Duane Boldt Rocket Certification Launch The "RoboRocketryOne" rocket was actually made from a Semroc SLS Brighton kit. It's a pretty cool kit that has changeable motor mounts. It can flight on one ...
Estes Leviathan Level 1 Certification Flight2xzess2014-01-182013-02-17
This was my successful Level 1 Certification Flight flown on a Estes Pro Series II Leviathan on a CTI H87 motor. Flight was at our Edmonton Rocketry Clubs hi...
Failed Level 1 Cert Flightsogiddy2011-06-252011-01-11
Bottom view of High-Power rocket launch. Nothing happens until 3:13. I don't own editing software.
Finally a successful Level One Certification Flightspsjunky2011-06-032011-04-14
Successful flight of a LOC IV (Think Pink) on an AeroTech H128W
Frenzy Massive Level 3 Certification Flight4FlyRockets2014-01-182012-11-06
A model rocket from Madcow Rocketry called \'Frenzy Massive\'. This was my level 3 certification attempt flying on a Cesaroni M-1560 White Thunder. Flight occu...
Giant 12 foot rocket launchAzoghlin2011-08-202011-05-08
Level 3 cert flight Giant Leap Nuclear Sledgehammer. CTI 1810 Redline rocket engine Richard Bong State park, Wisconsin May 7th, 2011
High Power Rocket CertificationTestwainzwhirled2013-03-112011-10-06
A 5-foot tall, 4-inch diameter Aerotech G-Force Rocket was converted to a high-power rocket enabling it to use an H128 reload engine. The results were impressive. Even in windy conditions, the ...
High Power Rocket flown in Ca.drdkccd2011-06-252006-12-29
This is an L3 cert. flight of Zoid. It was flown at Dairy Aire '06.
High Power Rocket Launch w/ Slow MotionUnboxTechnology2011-06-192011-02-10
My brother launches his high power rocket. This launch got him his level 1 certification.
High Power Rocket Level Three Certification Attempt - M1297mep07162014-01-172011-07-22
Mike Passaretti's level three certification attempt at the 3rd annual Williams Wildfire Westernationals in Western Australia on June 5th 2011. Rocket is a scratch built design "Aerobi 1" flying on ...
High Power Rocketry1339Andrew2011-05-292009-05-06
Here is a video of my successful Level 1 flight i certified as a Junior (I am 14) on a 1/4 scale patriot withan H-123 38/480 casing. Keep an eye out on my next video i will try to show you my new ...
High Powered Rocket Launch in Princeton, Il on March 13, 2010cteubert2011-05-292010-04-07
My Level 1 High Powered Rocket Launch in Princeton, Il on March 13, 2010
High Powered Rocket Test Flightmep07162011-07-022011-05-01
Successful test flight of Michael Passaretti's L3 rocket 'Aerobi 1' on an Aerotech K700. Flight took place at the first CGN Rocketry, Grass Valley, WA launch of the 2011 season. Reported altitude ...
High Powered Rocket: Level one certificationSpaceboundrocket2011-07-132011-06-14
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
High Powered Rocketry NAR Level One Certification launchgormanfly12011-06-032010-03-28
This was the first launch of my Giant Leap Liberty 4 rocket. 4" diameter, 58" tall. This qualified as a Level One certification flight (out of 3 levels) for the National Association of Rocketry or ...
IIXTREEME Rocket on a M650W to over 22000 feetstiffy3572011-08-312009-11-14
My Tripoli L3 cert flight and President's Challenge Entry (20000+ feet) @ Plaster Blaster 8 November 7th 2009 in Plaster City, California This rocket was constructed using LOC paper motor mount ...
J's Travel's - Model Rocket Launch 5/9/09ThePinkLadyJ2011-06-192009-05-11
J and Dickie head to the desert where Dickie receives his Level 1 Rocketry Certification
Jolly Roger Flysjtangredi2011-06-242010-11-17
Roger Balling's NAR Level I Certification Flight with a scratch built PML Spitfire Rocket with an Aerotech I284-W motor at ROCstock XXXII, Lucerne Dry Lake Bed, November 13, 2010.
Kevin Fraser's Escape Velocityjeffmensch2011-07-132010-12-04
Kevin's level 2 certification attempt with his Escape Velocity on a J335 Red Lightning. Nice straight boost and apogee event but the main didn't come out as planned. He'll get it next time. ...
L1 Certification attemptrcelr2011-05-292011-05-15
A brief video of my first L1 cert attempt. A PML Io on an Aerotech H123W. A beautiful flight up and down. Sadly, the nosecone ring failed and detached. Recovered it all and look forward to my next ...
L1 Rocket LaunchKamishimi2011-06-032007-05-16
A quick video of my L1 Certification launch from 5/12/2007. There's little video of the boost itself since it accelerated so quickly (as you can see). For more info, see or
L3 Certification Flightsflorig2011-09-202010-06-30
This a collection of videos from my third attempt for L3 certification. I modified my unstable L3 rocket by shortening it and putting on bigger fins. The on-board video lost picture when the main ...
L3 or Shred - Sam's NAR L3 Certification Attemptsfineberg2012-03-152012-03-08
Flight of Sam's Gizmo XL on a CTI M2250 and the resulting CATO (catastrophic motor failure). The motor failed due to a weak liner which caused the aft (nozzle) end of the casing to burn through. The ...
LDRS 29 High Powered Rocketallen26882011-05-292010-06-24
LDRS29 at lucerne dry lake bed 6/12/2010 Me and my dad built an awesome rocket that flies for not just level 1 cert but also level 2 in the same day!!! Level 1 had a just a little H123W that went ...
Level 1r12ski2011-06-252010-10-19
This is my successful L1 attempt at NARCONN un-invitational,10/17/10 The rocket is a LOC Precision Minie Magg (in GTI livery) going on an Aerotech H148R-M motor.
Level 1 Cert Launchmusictreeastro2011-08-192011-08-14
My NAR Level 1 Cert Launch with a PML Callisto on a CTI Pro38 H143SS. Here's some of the flight info: Peak Altitude: 3155ft Top speed: 435mph Burn Time: 1.8s Peak Acceleration: 19.2g Average ...
Level 1 Cert. Madcow Patriot (H-165R)GenoKatz42011-05-312011-01-17
the first attempt blew up. but the second time was a charm. the motor didnt burn as long as i wanted it to, but oh well. now that we have the certification, we can put lots more motors in it.
Level 1 Certification FailureGenoKatz42011-07-022010-10-11
My level 1 certification. Madcow Patriot. I ran it on an H-180. But the spacer i borrowed from someone was faulty and didn't hold the motor in place. In turn, the motor shot right through the top ...
Level 1 Certification Flight - Onboard VideoJimmyZNJ2014-01-182011-11-06
Successfully achieved my Level 1 High Power Rocketry Certification flying a Madcow Patriot on a Cesaroni H143 Smokey Sam 38mm motor. The flight was at METRA\'...
Level 1 High Power Rocketry Cert Flightcaseybarker2011-05-292011-04-04
On-Board my NAR Level 1 High Power certification flight at the LUNAR Snow Ranch launch on April 2, 2011. This is a custom-built rocket based on Performance "Little Dog" fiberglass with Telemetrum ...
Level 1 High-powered Launchkeithlegrand2011-06-192010-10-18
The launch of "Leslie," a Mad Cow Super DX3 high-powered rocket on a Cesaroni H-152 motor. The flight was a successful Level 1 Certification attempt.
Level 2 Cert Flight, Thumper, Jr. - Flight 1caseybarker2011-08-072011-08-03
Ground video and photos from my NAR Level 2 Certification flight. This is a Polecat Aerospace "Thumper Jr." kit, flying on an AeroTech J350W-M up to 2232 feet AGL. After failing to get Level 2 on my ...
Level 2 CertificationInverThrillsUSLITeam2011-06-192010-10-14
This is an example of a high power rocket flight, similar to what our team will be building. This is Caleb Boe's PML Tethys rocket on a J350W-M for his Level 2 HPR Certification flight. L2 HPR ...
level 2 certification flightGuppiesGoneWild2011-06-252010-10-18
my lvl 2 cert flight. its a scratch build tubefin rocket. its 6'6" tall and 3.25" dia. it flew on a aerotech J350 white lightning. everything went perfect and got my lvl 2
Level 2 Certification Flighttechnodog142011-07-132011-07-11
Launched at SWEATY BALLS III at Kloudbusters in Argonia, KS Rocket flew ~ 1 mile on a CTI K500 red lightning. Dual deploy with a 3' drogue at apogee, followed by a 9' at 900'. I used a Perfect ...
Level 2 High Power Rocketry Certificationstealthfixr2011-05-292009-02-10
This was my first attempt at a Tripoli Level 2 certification. This launch was on 8 Feb 09 at the ICBM Orangeburg SC launch. The rocket is a stretched BSD 38 Special flying on a Pro38 J285 motor. The ...
Level 3epickett632011-06-282010-11-09
High Power rocketry TRA Level 3 flight:November 6, 2010 at Three Oaks, Michigan. Scratchbuilt Crayon rocket on a CTI M3100 White Thunder to 4440 feet.
Level II Cert Flight - JPX Gets HighJPX20002011-06-262007-11-23
NARAM 38, Evansville, IN - JPX (hey, that's me!)with a LOC Magnum burning an AeroTech J275 reload for a successful Tripoli Level II certification. This was a great gathering of the KRA group for the ...
Life of a Binder Raptor Rocketwolflaircreations2011-08-172008-04-22
Perth Advanced Rocketry Club - various launches of the Binder Raptor.
Little Dog Dual-Deploy Rocket - Flight 2caseybarker2011-08-072011-08-03
Ground video and telemetry from my failed NAR Level 2 certification attempt at the NAR National Sport Launch on June 12, 2011. This is a custom-built rocket based on Performance "Little Dog" ...
Lvl 1 High Power Certgosborn14802011-05-292007-07-25
This is my Lvl 1 High Power Cert flight. It was an LOC Minnie Magg with a Cesaroni Pro 38 H153-8. I did get the rocket back to cert. Thanks Scott Miller for the motor & thanks to all at JMRC.
Madcow PRION, Cert Level 2tommieshoes2011-06-262010-10-18
Madcow PRION (69 * 4 inches) Dual Deploy, Level 2 Cert Flight Engine J250FJ Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) 17 Oct 2010
Maiden Flight of the Supreme Endeavour (On-board video)RocketMan71502011-06-202009-06-22
On-board video of the first flight of my Supreme Endeavour, a scratch-built 7.7 inch diameter 12.5 feet long rocket built for my Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) Level 3 Certification. The motor ...
My NAR High Power Rocketry Level 1 Certificationbrupp531502011-05-292011-05-21
5/21/2011 at Bong Recreation area, WI. The rocket is a 3" Wildman flying using a Ceseroni 38mm H400 Vmax motor. This one of the highest velocity H impulse motors available. The flight was perfect! ...
My NAR Level 1 certification flight on a H133 Blue Streak CTI load in a modified Big DaddyBeerorkid2014-01-182013-05-18
My NAR Level 1 certification flight on a H133 Blue Streak CTI load It recovered fine and I got my L1 cert :)
NAR HPR L1 Certification FlightSportRocketry2011-06-262010-10-07
Sport High Power Rocket - NAR L1 Certification Flight - Giant Leap Rocketry Firestorm 54 - AeroTech H123W-M Motor - Apogee 2249' - Jeff Estes - MC2 / HARA - Southern Thunder 2010 - Manchester TN - ...
NAR HPR L2 Certification FlightSportRocketry2011-05-292010-10-07
Sport High Power Rocket - NAR L2 Certification Flight - LOC Minie-Magg - Cesaroni J285-12 Motor - Apogee 1874' - Jeff Estes - MC2 / HARA - Manchester TN - 14 Aug 2010
NAR L1 Cert Flightrcelr2011-08-162011-05-17
A brief video of my first L1 cert attempt. A PML Io on an Aerotech H123W. A beautiful flight up and down. Sadly, the nosecone ring failed and detached. Recovered it all and look forward to my next ...
Naram 52 04 00 My L1 Cert Flightnaramlive522011-08-212010-08-03
Naram 52 06 06 Mark Wise L1 Cert Attempt ICBM Launch Naramlive comnaramlive522011-06-252010-08-05
NERRF2 Level certVooDooRocketry2011-06-252006-11-05
Here Greg successfully launches his level 3 rocket and can now spend a fortune for big motors. Well done lad!
My successful Level 1 attempt. LOC-Precision Minie Magg on an Aerotech H123 White Lightning reload in a 38mm Special case. At the TCC October Skies launch near Fresno, CA. October 16, 2010
Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC. June 2009wolflaircreations2011-06-282009-06-15
The Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC. Rocket launches for June 2009. First Junior HPR Certification in Australia.
Polecat Aerospace 4" Extended Goblin J350 L2 Cert @ Rocstockkonoctipirate2011-05-292007-02-27
I added an extension to the 4" Polecat Aerospace Goblin to take an electronics bay and a small USB camera to record the flight (a multipod).
Polecat V2 on a H123WAksrockets2011-11-242011-09-17
a successful L1 certification flown at Uroc September 17, 2011 Filmed by AKS rockets Please subscribe!
Renovatio - L3 Certification flight on M1810RLjeffmensch2011-07-132010-11-21
Renovatio is Latin for rebirth. This rocket had CATO'd before but this time was a perfectly executed level 3 certification flight. Launched November 6th, 2010 on a CTI M1810 Red Lightning motor. The ...
Rich Bremer's Level 1 Tripoli Certification.rbbremer2011-05-292010-03-01
Rich Bremer launches his PML Io rocket at OROC's Rocknech Launch on February 28, 2010 in Tillamook, Oregon. An Aerotech H97J-M Blackjack reloadable motor was used to successfully launch and recover ...
ROB level 1 NAR CERTIFICATION October 17th Hurley, NYSPIRITHARVESTER2011-06-252010-10-18
Brooklyn in the house, Rob showed up to obtain his NAR LEVEL 1 and he accomplished his mission. Best part was his family came to witness his flight, this is what sport rocketry is all about! LOC ...
Roc Lake IX - Ken Baldwin Level 4 Certificationswstrider2011-05-292007-07-04
This is the launch of Ken Baldwin's level 4 high power certification rocket at Roc Lake IX in June 2007 near Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Rockets Experimental Tripoli cert 2 attempt 20 Feb 2010jetmanflyhigh2011-10-052010-02-22
Tripoli rocketryTampa Florida Cert 2 attempt 20 Feb 2010 Experimental Rocket
Ryerson Rocketry Club March 2010RyersonRocketry2011-07-092010-06-13
Launching for L1 rockets in March. Armen Meras, Cindy Hok, Clayton Wozney, Gira Asadinik, Jared Nicholson, Jenna Wilkinson, Martin Marciniak, Paul Marji
Saturn V L1 CertificationDryWhitStudio2013-04-042012-01-09
Bert McClure's L1 Certification on a Saturn V Rocket at Austin's AARG event on January 7th 2012.
Sullivan Lake 15 - Lawrence Tulissi - Level 4swstrider2011-06-202008-09-23
Lawrence Tulissi's Level 4 flight at Sullivan Lake 15.
Threedom High Powered Rocket 09_11_2010Joelgep2011-06-252010-09-16
M. Koppelman's high powered rocket that went up to 12000 feet for a level 3 certification. Parachute deployment issues caused it to end-up 12 feet underground. Poor video skills, but you get some of ...
Tripoli Level 1 Certificationtomcroxton2011-05-292010-04-03
Launch at Battlepark, Culpepper VA on March 27, 2010. 3 in. Blue Tube rocket with H123W-7 motor.
triptechb Dairy Aire L3 cert.m4vtriptechb2011-05-292010-05-18
Flying at Dairy Aire with TCC near Fresno California, first up is my dread skeet in another trilogy. all cesaroni I-impulse flights- 255, 287, 303. and for the grand finally, my NAR level three ...
USRocketShips - Level 1 Certification Flightusrocketships2011-07-092008-11-03
This is my first high power model rocket launch. It was built using a Public Missiles Limited Callisto rocket kit and flown using and I 161 motor to estimated altitude of 5000 ft. The video ends ...
Vince's Level 2 Cert Flightrocket10172011-09-022010-11-23
Vince flys his DART rocket on a Cesaroni J335 Pro38 5 grain motor for a sucessful NAR level 2 certification. Flight was on sunday Nov 14, 2010 at the CTRA NARCONN invitational.
World's longest burning I300TIRrocketry2011-05-292010-05-05
At Tripoli Idaho Rocketry's launch on april 24th.
Jon Chrisman's "Ultimate Wildman" Level 3 Certification FlightLeosLeisureSite2012-10-102012-09-26
Jon's successful level 3 certification flight with his rocket "Ultimate Wildman". Flown at Freedom Launch 2012 on September 1st in Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA. Technical Adviser was Tom Binford. ...
Level 3 Certification: Extreme WildMan on M2250 C-StarJMZawodny2012-03-052011-11-23
This is the video for my Level 3 Certification flight. I flew an Extreme WildMan on a Cesaroni 75 mm 4-Grain M2250 C-Star motor to 13,250' apogee. Max speed was Mach 1.2. The flight took place at ...
Advanced Rocketry Workshop & Level 1 Certification FlightLeslieB852011-06-262009-07-13
1/4 scale Patriot Missile kit Height: 55" Diameter: 4" Weight: approximately 6 lbs Parachute: b2 Rocketry SkyAngle II, 36" (motor ejection) Motor: Aerotech I284W-M I used a Perfectflite altimeter, ...
EARS - Andy's Level 3 "M" Rocket - Casio EX-F1 High Speed Pad Camhartrockets2011-06-262010-05-15
Pad Cam video of Andys Level 3 attempt on 15th May 2010 filmed with Casio EX-F1 camera at 300fps (10x slower)
Onboard a Level 1 Flightrockytysonrocketman2011-05-292010-06-28
My CAR Lvl.1 cert flight. This is a Dual Deployment modified BSD 38 Special on an Aerotech H123W. Flawless flight! Success!
V14 Rocket Launch, Tripoli Cert Level 3jetmanflyhigh2012-08-242012-07-15
Cert 3 Rocket Launch 2nd attempt, Jun 17, 2012 Tampa, Florida. 11,000 feet at 920 mph or 1.2 mach Own design all PVC, no carbon fiber or fiberglass. Aerotech M1315 motor Launched at TTRA Tampa, ...
"Max Attack" High Power Rocketry FlightTheBayourat2011-08-192006-11-24
The flight of the "Max Attack" at LDRS 25 in Amarillo, TX July 1st 2006. This was my Level 3 Cert. flight. The motor is a Loki M1882.
Bullpup aero-tech M1939HPRaddict2011-06-232007-07-03
CAR L4 cert. attempt.
FITS Attempted Level 2 Certification Flightnwcafesurfer2011-06-262007-05-29
This video starts with a brief interview I had with Rockets Magazine on the launch pad then goes on to my attempted Level 2 Certification flight on a scratch built rocket of my own design. Liftoff ...
High power rocket level 3 attempt LDRS 19accesselectricaprent2011-06-252007-07-12
My level 3 high power rocket "Flight for Life" flew on an "M" 1939 in July of 2000 at LDRS 19 in South Carolina. I packed everything well and used plenty of wadding, or I thought so, until the ...
High Power Rocket Onboard Video Sept. 19, 2009- Tripoli Level 1 Cert. Flightjmomenee2011-05-312009-09-21
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. Maiden flight for "Cinema 4" scratch-built rocket with Aerotech H180-10 motor. Separate parachutes, custom-made by Phylachutes, for ...
High Power Rocketry - NAR Level 1 Certificationswdev2512011-06-192009-03-23
I flew my NAR Level 1 Certification flight on March 21st, 2009 in Palm Bay , Florida. I built this rocket as the test bed for my computer engineering senior design project which was an electrical ...
JPX Level III Cert FlightJPX20002011-07-052007-12-01
Sorry for the crappy quality video. Scratch-built model burning a Kosdon M1130 TRS, using an Adept ALTS2 for dual deploy, Rocketman 6' drougue, Rocketman 14' main parachute. Big thanks to Ross at ...
Level 3 Cert Flight - C. Trebbigatorfanfl2011-06-282008-12-04
My high-power rocketry project, from construction to ground testing, to the day of the flight, for Tripoli level 3 certification. Launched at Tripoli West Palm / Florida Spacemodeling Association's ...
Level 3 CertificationRocketMan71502011-06-202009-07-07
TRA Level 3 Certification Flight was flown at LDRS-28 in Potter, NY on July 5, 2009. The flight was powered by an Aerotech M1850W. The apogee was 6381 ft (AGL) with peak velocity of 445 mph and ...
Level 3 Certification Attempteastvoltresearch2013-03-012011-03-20
My level 3 certification attempt in Maryland. This first certification attempt failed due to a faulty recovery harness. Rocket tail section fell to ground sustaining minor damage. M1350W Solid ...
Level 3 Nike SmokeBushmaster732011-05-292007-07-15
Nice level 3 cert flight of a nike smoke
Maiden Flight of the Supreme EndeavourRocketMan71502011-06-162009-06-22
Ground-based video of the first flight of my Supreme Endeavour, a scratch-built 7.7 inch diameter 12.5 feet long rocket built for my Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) Level 3 Certification. The ...
Mighty Mo - The MovieLaneKG2011-06-212007-05-27
The Mighty Mo rocket was sucessfully flown for my Level 3 Certification at the 2007 Florida Winter Nationals
Public Missiles Intruder NAR Level 1 Certification300zoom2011-06-032008-03-20
Launch of a High Power Public Missiles Intruder on a Level 1 NAR Certification Flight.
Spike L3 CertFireHoundProductions2011-09-182009-06-14
Rob Grygar's Level 3 certification flight with the rocket 'Spike'. Flown at the Tripoli Minnesota June 13th launch at North Branch. Technical Advisers, Dave Leininger, and Ron Freiheit.
Terry Johnson's Level 3 Flightzephod1002011-06-232009-07-20
Terry Johnson's level 3 certification flight. He is flying a 7.5" Fatboy on a Gorilla M1665WC.
Tripoli Cert 2 flight TTRA Tampa, Floridajetmanflyhigh2011-05-312010-08-27
Aug 21, 2010 Tripoli Cert 2 flight, 2nd attempt. Previous cert 2 flight attempt flew excellent with great recovery, post flight inspection, however, revealed the lower fin can/body coupler had ...
"Don't You Dare" Level 3 Certification Attempt on Loki M3000 at AIRfest 16ccdunsworth2011-08-282010-11-27
10" Thumper Level 3 rocketahansom2011-06-032009-01-26
Sucssesfull NAR Level III launch. Flying a 10" Polcat Thumper using a Aerotech M-1850W
2009 DOOMSDAY @ Dowerin Rocket Launch Part Awolflaircreations2011-06-282009-10-17
The Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC's 2nd Annual DOOMSDAY @ DOWERIN 2009. Launches from size A to M motors. First Level 3 Certification flight in Western Australia, Highest Altitude flight for PARC ...
Bob's Level 3 Nike Smoke Rocketjeffmensch2011-06-262010-05-01
Bob Dickenson's Tripoli Level 3 certification flight. His Nike Smoke was launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. This was my favorite flight of the ...
High Power Rocket Faildman1239012011-05-292011-01-10
A teen attempts his Junior Level 1 High Power Rocketry Certification on a Loc IV with a H-123-W motor to 2000 feet at Snow Ranch, California on 1/8/11. The nose cone and parachute separated from the ...
Level 3 Cert LaunchDaveTheYellowDart2011-06-282007-10-05
High-power rocketry Level 3 certification. I built this rocket in about 2 months. It's powered by a Loki M1882. It went closer to 7000' than the 9000' I was hoping for, but what can you do.
My Tripoli level 2 certification flight!tdstr6662014-01-172009-06-14
Tripoli North Branch MN 6/13/09 launch. Performance Rocketry G3 Perfectflite HiAlt45K AMW/PRO-X J745 Wild Wolf Rocketman 6' chute Altitude 5909' Perfect flight, perfect recovery! That cheesy smile ...
Level 3 modelrocket practice launchlouevans2011-06-202007-04-21
This is my Level 3 certification model rocket practice launch
Panda - High Power Rocket Launchdmitriyp132011-06-282008-05-04
My second launch of the day and its good enough for a level 1 certification (Tripoli). The motor is an H144.
Rocket HPR Certificación Tripoli L1AlcoyOscar12011-05-292011-05-11
Es un pequeño montaje fotográfico de mi certificación tripoli de nivel L1 . El cohete es un D-Region Tomahawk de Public Missiles y la recarga utilizada es ...
Tripoli Level 1 Cert flight Sept 19, 2009jetmanflyhigh2011-06-282009-09-21
My level 1 Tripoli Rocket certification flight...successful on Saturday Sept 19, 2009 TTRA is the Tampa Bay prefecture (#17) of the the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Our mission is to provide a safe ...
First attempt at a Level One Certification with an AeroTech Sumo on a H128Wspsjunky2011-06-032011-04-14
Stealth Jr. Aerotech G80sddds132014-01-172010-04-12
First launch of my level 1 cert rocket, altitude was about 1400 feet. Temp was 65 degrees, wind slight 2-4 mph breeze, beautiful day. Rocket landed about 75 yards from launch tower. DIAMETER : 2.6 ...
"A Thin Blue Line" - Memorial Rocket Flight for Officer Chris Kilcullenrbbremer2011-05-292011-05-24
This video depicts the launch and recovery of an ARR Predator 10K Rocket that was built by Richard Bremer and launched in memory of his friend, and former co-worker Officer Chris Kilcullen of the ...
1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (1)RocketmanNX012011-10-222011-10-03
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ...
1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (2)RocketmanNX012011-10-222011-10-03
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ...
1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (3)RocketmanNX012011-10-222011-10-03
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ...
1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (4)RocketmanNX012011-10-222011-10-03
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ...
1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (5)RocketmanNX012011-10-222011-10-03
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ...
1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (6)RocketmanNX012011-10-222011-10-03
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ...
10 25 08 LaunchMTSURocketTeam2011-05-292009-03-25
Joseph Prince: Tripoli Level 2 Certification Flight
12-05-10 NWIC RezRider Frankenrocket.mpgNWICSpaceCenter2011-07-312010-12-06
T Doyle's attempt at NAR L1 - nose cone separated and was lost. NWIC Space Center USLI RezRider's competition rocket, Frankenrocket on its madien flight. No science payload and flown with a ...
1st attempt level 1 failedcrapsack10002011-06-252010-10-18
1st attempt on a 38mm Aerotech H242T- medium delay failed because delay was shorter then SIM prediction and rocket was zippered. Lost about a foot off the top. See second attempt on a back-up ...
2009 krawczyk level2 rocket certificationrocketreviews2011-05-292009-09-29
This video chronicles the Level 2 Certification of Tom and Ken Krawczyk. The highs...the lows...and everything in between. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and body tubes, so I hope you ENJOY!
AC Level 1 Certification - Lucerne Dry Lake 8/14/2010allencoleman462011-06-282011-04-05
Video documentation of Allen Coleman's National Association of Rocketry Level 1 Certification at Lucerne Dry Lake, CA on 8/14/2010
Aerotech Mirage Level 1 Certification Flight (successful)sschnege2011-07-052011-07-05
This was second flight of the day... after first test flight on a G motor failed to open the chute, and broke a fin. A little bit of 5-minute epoxy, and the Mirage was flight-ready again, for a ...
Aether - 7.5 ft rocket on a J360 level 2 cert attemptsasprr2011-06-282010-10-25
This is my scratch built 'Aether', a 7.5 foot rocket that I launched on 10/23/2010 at MDRA in Price, Maryland on a CTI J360 Spitfire. It was my level 2 certification attempt and was dual deploy. It ...
Alex's Jr. L1 cert (H163)Aksrockets2011-11-192011-08-09
Thanks for everyone who helped. The rocket was flown at Hellfire 16 in Utah on a CTI H163 White Thunder.
AMW M1350 ZookeeperDgardei2011-11-192008-08-21
My "Zookeeper" takes off with an AMW M1350 White Wolf motor at Nerrf 3 (June 07). This was my first attempt at my Level 3 certification, which failed because the parachute never deployed. The video ...
Andy's Prowler 3/4 Scale Launch 1946 ftrocketcracker2011-10-092010-01-20
Andy Mosley's NAR Level 1 Certification Flight
My Level 3 Cert back on June 10, 2001. Motor was a Kosdon East M 2240 Fast 76mm Altitude: just shy of 6,000ft.
August 2013 Dave Level1David Greger2014-01-172013-11-28
NAR Level 1 Cert Flight, Madcow Sam Adams Patriot on a CTI H225 White Thunder MDRA August 17,2013
Bad Boy K270. RIPMysticlambo2011-09-022010-11-14
RIP our L2 rocket Bad Boy. K270. failed deployment lead to a ballistic landing. Operator error of the G wiz LCX system, still trying to figure out where I fouled up.
Bad day at North BranchFireHoundProductions2011-09-222010-06-07
Two certification flights gone terribly wrong on the same day.
Bald Moms Rock flight #1 RIP Frank...TIRrocketry2011-12-052011-05-15
first flight of the Wildman Extreme Darkstar called Bald Moms Rock. For my dad's L2 on a Kosdon L630. We were expecting 10,000 feet, but do to the winds, it weathercocked severely and only went ...
Bill Pleban's Purple Quest flying on an Aerotech M1297W - SANY0095nerys712011-06-032011-04-14
Bill Pleban's Purple Quest flying on an Aerotech M1297W - Successful L3 Certification - Red Glare X
Black Sneer lancio 2newaysfactory2011-06-032010-07-25
Secondo tentativo per la certificazione L2. Sciolto il nodo che teneva la sezione inferiore del razzo. Motore Aerotech J350W. Grazie a Piero per il filmato.
Bob Scott's NAR High Power Rocketry Level 1 Certificationskookum422011-10-022011-09-25
Cadenza 12-13-08BalsaBob2011-11-192008-12-15
Level 3 certification 7.5" x 9.5' x 45 lbs. AT 1297W
Chuck Haislip's L3TomB06672011-12-262011-12-12
Chuck Haislip launches his 10" Nike Smoke on an Aerotech M2100G for Level 3 certification.
Dale's first Flightkirby11862012-01-112011-09-08
Dale's Level One Certification
Danger Zone Launch 4/9/11p828902011-07-312011-04-21
A video of my NAR Level One Certification Experience. Music is The Pines of the Appian Way by Ottorino Respighi.
Dback L3 LaunchNuclearSledgehammer2011-09-082011-09-03
Dback L3 RecoveryNuclearSledgehammer2011-09-082011-09-03
Disaster Onboard a High Power Rocketrockytysonrocketman2012-04-152010-06-28
This was my CAR Lvl. 2 attempt at Roc Lake 12 in June 2010. I am/was flying a dual deployment modified BSD 38 Special on an Aerotech I284W. The flight was perfect and straight up but as it ...
Dr Mike's L1 Cert 7 May 2011PamelaG442011-08-192011-05-08
Dr. Mike Cerminaro attempted his Level One High Power Certification with this awesome Honest John. Unfortunately, what the video does not show, is that the clip holding the shock cord broke, causing ...
Edward Medina - TRA L3 Attemptemedina662011-05-292010-06-12
Tripoli Rocketry Association - LDRS 25 Amarillo, TX Scratch Built - Black Brant III CTI M1400 Average altitude was 13874 ft. reported by the two BlackSky AltAcc2c altimeters. Main Out @ Apogee - No ...
EMiR's HyperLOC300 AT-J350W - Ground ViewEMiRsrockets2011-06-282010-04-11
High Powered Rocketry EMiR's HyperLOC300 AT-J350W Ground View HyperLOC 300 - TRA Cert 2 Flight - J350W
Eric's Pzzycho Killer M1230 L3 flightTomB06672011-12-012011-11-14
Eric Foster has a perfect L3 certification flight on a CTI M1230 Imax. He completely scratch built the 6.6" diameter rocket with hand rolled fiberglass tubes and CNC machined aluminum centering ...
Estes Leviathan on H90 for L1 CertificationImpulseControl160N2013-03-112012-07-15
My High Power Rockety Level 1 Certification Flight. Flown with an Estes Leviathan on a CTI 29mm H90 with 9 seconds delay.. The rocket was modified to include an ejection baffle, paracord shock cord, ...
Exciting external fillets for Bald Moms RockTIRrocketry2011-12-052011-04-17
How this for exciting?
failed cert flight with Think Pink H128W.movspsjunky2011-06-032011-04-14
Another failed flight with a LOC IV on an AeroTech H128W
Flight of a rocket "Black Sneer" with Aerotech J 350 WM on MIR 2010IvanBonic1232011-06-282010-09-15
Certification Level 2 atempt by Adriano Arcadipane on "MIR 2010" in Italy, 11.07.2010., "Black Sneer" rocket, L=220cm, D=100mm, m=4200g, Aerotech RMS J 350 WM motor, total impulse 700Ns, apogee = ...
Full Beardmattieshoes2011-09-222010-06-03
Art Applewhite's Level 2 cert flight.
Gary's level 2 cert flightvagossoap2011-09-282010-04-12
This was my level 2 cert flight. The Bronco Torpedo II weighs 22.3lbs and is 120" long. The rocket flew to an altitude of 2206' on an Aerotech k805. The drouge opened fine but one of the two main ...
Grimracer Level One CertGrimracer12011-10-202010-11-07
high power model Rocket Launch 2009 Level 2jadepond71722011-06-302010-01-09
Level 2 certification flight at Jacskon Model Rocketry Club. Michigan International Speedway Brooklyn MI.
High power rocket launch (Ground Camera)rickrules0072011-06-192010-07-17
This is my first high power launch for my Level 1 high power certification. Launched from Jean dry lake bed, las vegas, NV with the las vegas tripoli group. Motor used was a reloadable H128 medium.
High powered rocketAriel.AVIbukowskiredsox2011-12-272010-12-12
Lvl 1 cert on an I245 Green Mohave...I should have used a "H" to play it safe (as far as getting the rocket back) but this is just not my style. Was a very long walk.....
High Powered rocketry: Level One Certification!Spaceboundrocket2011-08-312011-07-29
My first high powered rocket :) successful flight MAX ALT 2300ft Motor: I285RED thunder
Hope-N-Pray (LOKI M-1882) at Midwest Power 8rfjustin2011-09-082010-12-20
HPR Level 1 Cert Flightjbwebst2013-03-012012-08-20
Scratch-built 2.6" dia. rocket @ 2lbs 6oz on an Aerotech H123W Dual-Deploy with motor back-up on the drogueless separation. Successful flight to 2814ft.
HyperLOC L3 19 April 2008ericksonjc2011-05-292009-04-19
My 1st of three Level 3 attempts. While the flight went perfect, the rocket suffered some pretty good damage getting drug post landing. Under the rules at the time, that was disqualifying.
James' Patriot Level 1 recertification flight at Plaster Blaster 9sesdiego2011-06-242010-11-10
James' 4" Patriot launch on an Aerotech I154J. The certification attempt was successful.
Javelin XL on AT H165RmarkII129862012-06-272011-07-15
My Level 1 certification flight on 5/19/2011. Shot with a P&S camera in video capture mode, so the video quality isn't the greatest. You have to watch really closely to see the upper part of the ...
jesse hall level1qquake2k2014-01-172012-11-11
Jesse Hall's successful Level 1 flight. PML Black Brant Vb on an Aerotech H128. Nice flight! SARG Launch, 11/10/12.
Jim Jarvis L3 N4000Jiminaus502012-06-292007-05-16
Successful L3 Certification flight on HighCarbYen.  Scratch carbon fiber rocket.  16 lb without motor, 45 lb with motor.  Just under 35,000 feet.  ...
John Metcalf certs L2TomB06672011-08-272011-07-06
Jon M1810TomB06672012-10-302012-09-04
Jon Chrisman's Ultimate Wildman on a CTI M1810 L3 Attempt.
Joseph Vegh's first L1 cert attemptartvanapple2013-03-112012-08-12
Joe's scale model Hawk missile on an Aerotech I211 motor. The parachute seemed to come out before apogee but did not inflate. The rocket landed hard but was repairable and Joe flew it again ...
Jr. lvl1 Peter Wetzel onboard camerabuggywetzel12012-08-092009-03-18
An I-195 , and first onbored camera
L1 Cert Flightbelfastboyca2011-10-162010-09-06
L1 Certification at CMASSpathtouch12011-12-042011-11-09
Launching my Nuke Pro Maxx on a CTI H133 to about 2800' with a top speed over 400 MPH
L2 cert with a 4" Nike SmokeTomB06672011-08-272011-07-05
L2CertFlightPhilip Bernosky2014-01-172013-07-29
At LDRS 32, Black Rock City, NV - my level 2 certification flight in high powered rocketry (NAR). Successful flight of a Wildman Blackstar 3" (dark) with a C...
Launch of my Blue Phenix Sr. rocket.gharper3142011-12-312011-12-24
Failed lvl2 cert attempt - bad things happened after takeoff.
Level 1 cert flight.movsevenstack2011-12-272011-05-14
Level 1 Cert: 4" Blue Rocket/Aerotech I-211sheeep2011-11-242008-07-15
My L1 cert flight.
Level 1 certification flight (camera 1).mpgaltavistaimages2011-08-072011-06-12
Rocket was a modified Loc Lil' Diter rocket flying a Cesaroni H152 Blue Streak motor. On-board camera, looking up the body of the rocket. This flight went to 1576 feet and was recovered with no ...
Level 1 Certification Flight - High Power rocketneond72012-04-152012-03-17
Level one certification flight, using a Mad Cow Phoenix and an RMS 38/240 H148R engine. I drilled out 4 seconds of delay. It went pretty deep in the woods, took awhile to find, but it was a ...
Level 1 certification flight at MDRAahunter102011-08-192009-08-22
Aerotech H148, 1270 ft apogee, main at 500 ft, 7/25/09
level 1 certification MADCOW SUPER DX3glenbo462011-11-052011-10-30
Successful level 1 on a CTI H152 bluestreak Apogee 1352ft.
Level 1 Certification Rocket Launchdavdue2011-10-222011-09-10
This is a video of the launch of "KC Chief" at LDRS XXX in Argonia, Ks. This perfect launch allowed me to obtain my level 1 certification. The Kloudbusters rocketry club sponsored this national ...
Level 1 HPR High Power Rocketry Certification = Success!dbryantphotography2011-06-262010-03-21
Madcow Striker riding on a Cessaroni H90 Blue Streak. Sweet! On to bigger, louder, and higher. Special thanks to Dave Chance for Technical Consulting/Motor assembly and arming, and Neil McGilvray my ...
Level 1 launchZephhyr692011-12-262011-11-27
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Level 2 Certrocketperson442013-03-112010-11-22
My (successful) level 2 HPR certification flight, in Amesbury on 11/21 Custom rocket 8.5' tall 4" booster, 3" body 9.5 pounds J500 Mohave Green motor (Aerotech) Thanks to all the CMASS people, ...
Level 2 Cert flight248Rocketman2482011-08-282010-05-16
Level 2 Certification Flightneond72013-06-192012-07-29
Level 2 Certification LaunchEeeebeeeE2011-05-292011-05-15
A high school senior project. The rocket is 6" in diameter and about 12' long or so. It ended up near the SUNY Geneseo campus, and at last report, they were still trying to recover the nose cone ...
Level 2 J540 Rocket Launch at Snow Ranch, CAFizzygoo2011-06-242010-04-13
My level 2 certification launch for Tripoli Rocketry Association
Level 3 Build and LaunchBrianWhorley2011-11-192010-11-23
Level 3 Cert (NAR)tommieshoes2012-03-152012-02-14
Project Fat Bottomed Girls Rocket Big Fat Fanny Level 3 Certification Superstition Spacemodeling Society (Phoenix, Az) 11 Feb 2012 M1297W engine
Level 3 Certification Flightdixontj9362011-09-082010-11-01
Level 3 Ground Testdixontj9362011-09-082010-04-05
Level One Certmikelibassi2012-01-242012-01-08
Rocket Shoot L1 TORC 1-7-2012 on a H133w. This was the second attempt. The First shoot had a bad chute deployment and a hard landing ( Week later repairs done and it was ...
Level One Certification FlightEeeebeeeE2011-07-132011-05-15
Successful launch and recovery. Dennis has already passed his level 2 exam, so I imagine that the level 2 flight will happen soon.
Level One Certification LaunchIdRocketeer2011-05-292010-10-31
Launch of my LOC/Precision Vulcanite H76 named "Flying Colors" on my successful TRA Level 1 certification flight. Launched on a Cesaroni 38mm 538I303BS-16A.
Level One Certification Launch (Slow Motion)IdRocketeer2011-07-132010-10-31
3 seconds starting at 34.55 seconds into the original video. Slowed to 1fps from 30fps. Launch of my LOC/Precision Vulcanite H76 named "Flying Colors" on my successful TRA Level 1 certification ...
Level One Post FlightGrimracer12011-10-202010-11-07
Level Two Certification LaunchIdRocketeer2011-07-132010-10-31
Launch of my LOC/Precision Vulcanite H76 named "Flying Colors" on my successful TRA Level 2 certification flight on 10/30/2010. Launched on a Cesaroni 38mm 658J357BS-17A.
Level Two Certification Launch (Slow Motion)IdRocketeer2011-05-312010-10-31
2 seconds starting at 1:22.3 seconds into the original video. Slowed to 1 fps from 30fps. Launch of my LOC/Precision Vulcanite H76 named "Flying Colors" on my successful TRA Level 2 certification ...
Level-2 High-Power Rocketry Certification Fail #2DTHRocket2011-07-132011-07-10
In which I fail my level 2 high-power rocketry certification for the second time.
Level-2 High-Power Rocketry Certification Fail #3DTHRocket2011-08-172011-08-14
In which I fail my level-2 certification flight for the 3rd time. You know how people always say "3rd time's the charm!" Well, that's just a bunch of bologna.
Level1 Certification Flightschematicsman2014-01-182012-05-26
My Level1 Certification Flight with an Estes Pro-Series Patrizon. Motor was a CTI H133-9.
My level 3 rocket! Thats and I hope you like the video.
Little John Model Rocket4FlyRockets2014-01-182013-07-22
Greg Eilers level 1 attempt with a Little John rocket from Madcow Rocketry. It flew on a Aerotech H242 Blue Thunder at the monthly JMRC launch held at Hornin...
LOC Caliber ISP Jr. Level 1 Cert. Lil Onebandman4442011-08-272009-10-14
Loc Lil' Diter - Level 1 certification flight (camera 2).mpgaltavistaimages2011-10-132011-06-12
Rocket was a modified Loc Lil' Diter rocket flying a Cesaroni H152 Blue Streak motor. On-board camera, looking down the body of the rocket from just above the fins. This flight went to 1576 feet and ...
LVL 1 certification.wmvgetoffmylastnerve2011-12-262011-08-28
My LVL1 attempts at Red Glare IX.Full video available from rocketsmagazine [dot] com
LVL 2 certification & other launches.wmvgetoffmylastnerve2014-01-172011-09-04
Four of my launches at Fort Indian Town Gap ,Pennsylvania last being LVL 2 cert. flight with Marvin's Wild Ride LOC Precision kit on J350.
Mansfield Rocketrydeathhawk812011-06-262007-10-15
Level 2 Cert flight, Aerotech K550 motor
March Briner certs L2TomB06672011-08-272011-07-06
Markt51 L2 flightmarktp512011-11-242011-02-14
Mike Lucas L1Dingleberry123hq2011-07-092010-06-06
Mike Lucas gets his Level 1 certification at NSL 2010
Mills Level 1 Certrocketreviews2011-05-292007-06-17
This was my level 1 certification flight. The rocket is a BSD "38 Special" that is 6 inches longer than stock after some damage from a partially deployed parachute. The motor is an Aerotech H148R, ...
Moar Homemade Rocket!YOURADHERETHETANKER2013-03-112012-08-19
[Poor Audio Due to Wind] High Power Rocket Launch (Level 2 Certification Flight) Parachute got stuck inside the body tube and luckily came out at the last moment. Rocket Specs: Weight: ~7 lbs (3.2 ...
MY L2 flight NyPower 2011HotrodRocket12011-09-082011-07-28
My L3 cert flight - 5/24/2002rlolmste2011-08-082011-07-10
10 foot tall patriot rocket flying a aerotech M1315 motor. The rocket weighed about 50lbs at launch. It had two large chutes w/three altimeters.
My level 2 flightMannyskid162012-09-192012-09-04
Baby Gizmo named Fat Ass Glass on a K940 white thunder.
My level 2 rocket flightZephhyr692012-01-242012-01-09
An on board video of my rocket "Like Smoke" on a J500G. This was a successful flight to get my L2 cert.
My TRA L3 Cert FlightMrSealtee2011-07-292011-07-05
My TRA L3 certification flight. This is a mostly carbon fiber and fiberglass rocket that is 6.3 inch diameter, 8 feet tall and 37 pounds on the pad loaded with an M-745 long burning Gorilla Rocket ...
NAR L2 Cert: Polecat Aerospace Pershing 2 Models Rocketjvarric2011-11-242011-08-28
High Power Launch w/Pro38 J285 Classic engine Altitude ~2400 NAR Level 2 Certification Flight Succesfull Build Info:
NAR Level 1 Certification Flightsmapdiage92011-06-252009-04-11
04/11/09 Hearne, TX NAR Level 1 Cert Flight GLR Vertical Assault 3.0 on a CTI I-350. Perfectflite altimeter, Newton's 3rd ejection cannisters with black powder. Recovered successfully from 2420'.
NAR Level 2 flight on a Aerotech J570WRocketmanNX012011-09-202010-07-13
Hey folks this was my level 2 flight on sunday July 11th in Leonard, Ok with Tulsa Rocketry. I launched with a Always Ready Rocketry 3 inch Blue Phenix and it went to an altitude of 4995 ft on a ...
NAR Level 2 Certification flight with a Polecat Aerospace 5.5" Goblin on an Aerotech 54mm/1280 J401FJ-L motor with two Keychain video cameras NSL 2011 / ROCstock XXXIII - June 2011
NASA Workshop LaunchMTSURocketTeam2011-05-292009-03-25
Joseph Prince: Tripoli Level 1 Certification Flight
Nats Polecat Thumperwolflaircreations2011-08-082011-05-28
Natalie from the Perth Advanced Rocketry Club Western Australia and her level 3 certification project - Polecat Thumper on an M1297
NEFAR Launchjuggleguy872011-06-232010-10-11
Max Altitude: 3183 ft Location: NEFAR October Launch in Bunnell, FL The on board cameras didn't quite cooperate with this launch, but the rocket flew straight and true. This launch qualified me for ...
Nike Smoke L1 certbtrapnel2011-05-292007-12-19
Dad's successful L1 cert flight. Nike Smoke from Polecat aerospace, H motor.
NWIC Space Center HPR Launch 11-06-2010NWICSpaceCenter2011-06-222010-11-08
NAR Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Flights
OD's Level 1 Certification Flighto1ddude2011-12-082011-11-14
This was my Level 1 certification flight. It's a cloned tube fin rocket boosting on an AT H128W with a 6 second delay. Success! Rocket Science - Making everything else look simple since 1958.
Onboard my L1 Certification flight 09.17.2011scsager2011-09-192011-09-18
Onboard Video Rocket Launch- Level 1 certificationlauncheverything2011-09-162011-04-10
Oops Flight 1.EricAerospace2012-02-202012-02-19
My first high powered rocket launch and my level 1 NAR certification flight
Kit's successful Level 1 cert flight, on an H128. Great flight Kit, congratulations! SARG launch, 11/12/11.
Kit's deployment and near catastrophic recovery. All's well that ends well, though! SARG launch, 11/12/11.
Patriot Launch L1.AVIDRabvyas2012-02-072012-01-22
The L1 certification launch of my MadCow Rocketry kit built Patriot rocket.
PML 1/4 Patriot H123AlexRunsXC312011-06-032011-04-15
This is my NAR Level One Certification flight. A PML 1/4 Patriot was used flying on an Aerotech H123, drilled down to a 7 second delay. Great flight except for the parachute not inflating until 150 ...
PML Tethys on H238 for Level 1 Cert FlightScott Barbarick2014-01-172013-02-03
My first rocket motor reload at my first club launch for my level 1 certification flight. The motor was an Aerotech H238W in a Public Missiles Tethys which m...
Pzzycho Killer Launch - Badd Azz RocketryBaddAzzRocketry2011-11-242011-11-15
Badd Azz goes L3 with the Pzzycho Killer in Orangeburg,SC.
Red Glare XI Ultimate Wildmansmooresculpture2011-12-012011-11-26
A L3 attempt on an Ultimate Wildman on M power
Rob's L3 at NYPOWERVooDooRocketry2011-06-252007-01-22
Despite Murphy's law Rob got his L3 on the last flight of the weekend at NYPOWER......The Hypertek motor performed well, though if you watch closely it's blowing chunks, and landed 200 feet from ...
rocket 008.MOVawheaton142012-02-112012-02-02
Level 2 Certification Flight. LDRS Labor Day Weekend, 2009. Argonia, KS. Rocket: Endeavor. H 71". W 6 lbs 9 oz with motor. D 3.9". Recovery System Parachute. Motor Aerotech J350 Single Stage. Time ...
Rocket Launchspider141820032011-05-292007-10-18
This was my first rocket launch that got me my level one certification for the NAR so I could help on the USLI team.
Sam's Level 1 qualificationKelfam482302011-06-272010-05-27
On May 22nd Sam was finally old enough to qualify for his NAR Level 1 certification, which means he can do rockets with powerful engines. We are very proud of our Rocketeer, and as you can see from ...
Skypunch First Flight Jr. L1 H128householdrocketry2012-04-152012-04-08
Andrew got his Jr. L1 certification on April 7th, 2012. He flew his scratch-built Skypunch on an Aerotech H128 engine. The estimated apogee was about 1450', and even with some pretty fierce winds ...
Steve Tripoli Level 2 Rocket Launch 17 Oct 2009SteveUTSchulte2011-08-202009-10-17
Well 18 years after joining High Power Rocketry and nearly 50 years after launching my first 2 newton-second rocket - today in The Netherlands in a Beet Field near Emmeloord I had a successful 648 ...
Successful NAR Cert. Level 1 Flightnwcafesurfer2011-08-252007-02-09
First post / HPR flight. I safely lit off an H112J-M Aerotech motor and successfully recovered it for my Certification flight.
The "Sickness" First Flightkirby11862012-01-112011-09-18
My entry into High Power Rocketry. Level 1 Certification Flight on a Cesaroni I470 White Thunder.
Thor crashSDM19752011-11-052010-06-21
Scratch built Thor on a CTI J330 at Nebraska Heat. This was my attempt at level 2, which I did achieve later that day with another one of my rockets.
Tim's Launch 6044 ftrocketcracker2011-06-222010-01-20
Tim Morgan's NAR Level Two Certification Flight Dual Deployment Altitude: 6044 ft. AGL
TORC 12-31-11 Level 1 Attemptmikelibassi2014-05-102011-12-31
Rocket shoot L1 Attempt at TORC 12-31-11. PML Miranda kit on a H123w. Had on-board video and ground video rolling. The main chute did not deploy fully.. got tangled in the shock cord. So it had a ...
Tripoli Cert flights July 14th 2007L0rd0v3rLord2012-01-202007-07-19
Myself and two budddies doing our Cert flights and cato in Manchester TN
Tripoli Level 1 Certification LaunchR0cketman123452011-12-072011-11-29
4000ft altitude, Cesaroni I236-17A "Blue Streak" rocket motor.
Tripoli Level 1 Certification Launch OnboardR0cketman123452011-12-072011-11-29
4000ft altitude, Cesaroni I236-17A "Blue Streak" rocket motor.
Vince L NAR L2 attempt with a DG&A on a CTI 5 GRAIN J reload M2U00298.MPGSPIRITHARVESTER2011-07-132010-11-15
Wally Singletarry's L3TomB06672011-12-262011-12-12
Wally Singletarry launches Murphy's Law on an Aerotech M1297W for his Level 3 certification.
"I WAS A SUMO ACT III" L2 CERT FLIGHT-1/1jfields11132011-12-272010-11-16
Michiana Rocketry May 2010 launch. Thanks to Dave, Dave, Bert, Derrick, Michael, Wayne and all other club members who have helped me with my addiction... Still looking for an underwriter for my ...
Dave Landry's Level 1 certificationartvanapple2011-07-042008-08-11
Dave Landry's Level 1 certification with an Art Applewhite Rockets' 12 inch Original Flying Saucer on an Aerotech H73 motor.

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