Construction Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Flight Rating: starstarstarstarstar_border
Overall Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Diameter: 0.98 inches
Length: 7.75 inches
Manufacturer: Aerospace Specialty Products
Skill Level: 1
Style: Scale

ASP 13mm V2Brief:
Single stage, scale V2 kit with 13mm motor mount and parachute recovery.

This kit consisted of a nicely turned balsa nose cone and lower body section, laser cut basswood fins and servo pods, and a 9" mylar chute with eye screw already mounted in nose cone.

This kit is very small but with very detailed instructions. The mini V2 went together with no problems. Probably the most difficult part was sanding the hard basswood fins to scale. The model is very sturdy for its small size.

Finishing was like finishing any other balsa model. Make sure sealer is used on the nose and tail section and primer did fine taking out the grain on the fins. I then primed the entire rocket and sanded to desired smoothness followed by a camouflage paint scheme. When finished, it looks very impressive, just like one of the big boys, except it is only 7" tall.

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

My 7 year old son was excited about this rocket so we had to get out as soon as possible. We loaded it up with an Estes A3-4T and went out to our local snow covered golf course. The first launch was perfect--very straight and what seemed very high for its size and fat shape. Deployment was great; the little V2 came down about 100 ft from the pad with my son making a nice catch and no damage. The second launch was with the same motor. The shock cord burned through and the rocket came down in 2 pieces--the nose with the chute and the body took me about 45 minutes to find (camo worked good). We repaired and it has been perfect since.

ASP 13mm V2Recovery:
The only thing I think could be a problem is finding enough room for the wadding, shock cord, and chute in the very small area left to put it all into (I skimped on the wadding).

Recovery was very good with a safe descending speed for such a small model.

Flight Rating: 4 out of 5

I have really enjoyed this kit. It was a fun, easy to build, and educational kit. My son now can tell you all about WWII V2 rocket and the different paint schemes. The rocket for being so small turned out with a lot of great detail with very impressive flights.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

[NAR][Sport Rocketry]

The following excerpt is from "Sport Rocketry". The intention is to allow guests to get a basic feeling about a kit. We strongly suggest that you get a copy of the referenced Sport Rocketry and read the entire article. Inside you will find many helpful hints in construction as well as other useful information. For more information, use the two links above.

(Sport Rocketry - May/Jun 1998 - page 32 - by Greg Elder) 

[Rocket Pic]"The kit comes with 6 pages of very detailed instructions, complete with illustrations." 
". . . the ASP V-2 comes with a balsa tail cone which has been pre-drilled for the motor tube." 
"The balsa nose cone is already filled with the required amount of nose weight and has a screw eye attached." 
"A short piece of BT-50 size body tube goes between the tail cone and nose cone." 
"An 1/8" wide elastic shock cord . . ." 
"A fin pattern is provided for you to trace onto supplied bass wood for cutting out the fins." 
"In addition, a 1/32" thick bass wood strip is provided to make four servo pods to attach to the fins." 
"For recovery, the ASP V-2 uses a 9" diameter mylar parachute." 

The entire article gives the impression is that this is nice small scale kit for a beginner/intermediate modeler.


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