Rocketry Videos

By AeroTech Consumer Aerospace

AeroTech 98/10240 Static Test (2015-10-07)
Testing out a new enlarged nozzle for 98mm reloads. Don't blink or you'll miss it! [View]

AeroTech G138T Instructional Video (2015-08-21)
Assembling an AeroTech G138 Blue Thunder motor. [View]

AeroTech M2400 Instructional Video (2015-08-19)
Gary Rosenfield demonstrates how to assemble an AeroTech M2400 Blue Thunder rocket motor. [View]

AeroTech N2220-DM Static Test (2015-05-28)
AeroTech N2220 98mm 6 grain Dark Metal [View]

Large Scale Model Saturn V Screams off the Pad! (2018-11-06)
Over 22,000 Ns powers this 200 lb Saturn V at Midwest Power 16 in Princeton, IL. The Saturn V makes it's 5th flight, this time on an AeroTech M1850W and 4 AeroTech L850W. That's a lot of White ... [View]

RMS 98/5120 L4199N Static Test #1 (2017-05-03)
2 grains of 98mm Warp9 awesomeness for your viewing pleasure. Available Summer 2017. [View]

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