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ALRS XI (2012-02-07)

Our larger flights at ALRS XI: - X-Roc on L850W, unfortuntately a line of the pilot chute around the deployment bag blocked the main chute inside. - Atlas-Centaur SLV-3D on M1850W and 2 x J350W, note the two small A motors immediately before the main motor comes alive. This part includes footage from a camera a bit further away where one can see the two J350 much better - Carroc on M1500G, unfortunately, the primary chute was too large, and the wind too strong, so it landed far away on a tree top. It had later to be recovered with special tree climbing equipment.

ARGOS Flugtag Kaltbrunn 2009-11-07 (2011-10-19)
AtlasCentaur (2011-08-31)
Fabien's Camera Rocket at ALRS XII (2012-02-03)

Video from the on board Flip HD camera of Fabien's camera rocket, recored at ALRS XII on october 1st, 2011. The rocket is based on a PML Miranda. First flight on an Aerotech I115W, second flight on an Aerotech I229T.

SRM 2011 (2012-02-03)

Some large launches and some small impressions at SRM 2011 Olivier Labrevoir: Raptor Jose Luis Sanchez: Taurus Eduard Garrell: Barcuda Joaquim Gaya: Tartar

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