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10 Years of Rockets (2016-07-16) (NEW)
On 4th of June 2016 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in the hobby. This is a highlights video of what we got up to in that time. [View]

2 Stage Water Rocket - Part 1 - Project Introduction (2017-12-07) (NEW)
Announcing a new rocket project called Horizon. Follow this series of videos as we design and build a high performance 2-stage water rocket to try to set our new personal best altitude record. [View]

2 Stage Water Rocket - Part 15 - Bending Details (2019-09-03) (DELETED)
In Part #15 we have a look at the reasons why the Horizon sustainer bent during the last launch. We also have a look at possible solutions. Thanks to Cran from It's Rocket Science Adventures: ... [View]

2 Stage Water Rocket - Part 16 - Sustainer Rebuild (2019-09-22) (DELETED)
In this week's video we have a look at a new rebuild of the Horizon sustainer to hopefully solve the bending problem we saw last time during pressurization. We also get some interesting results from ... [View]

2 Stage Water Rocket - Part 8 - Test Pressure Chambers (2019-01-09) (NEW)
In Part 8 of the Horizon Series we have a look at how we construct a couple of test pressure chambers and then .... actually test them. This is where we buy our carbon sleeves from: https:/ ... [View]

2-Stage Water Rocket to 864 feet (2011-11-12)
For more info please visit: A big 2-stage clustered water rocket pressurised to 120psi flies to 864 feet (263m). [View]

Big Water Rocket with Boosters - Polaron G2 (2015-03-26)
After several years of development and lots of procrastination we finally fly our full size Polaron G2 rocket with the big boosters at the recent "Thunda Down Under" international launch event. For ... [View]

Daniel's Water Rocket Flight Computer (2020-08-12) (DELETED)
We test fly Daniel Veira's flight computer that can be used for water rockets to capture data as well as deploy a parachute. Full details of the flight computer can be found here: Github: ht ... [View]

Fiberglassing Boosters for the Polaron G2 rocket (2013-11-18)
A quick summary of how we reinforce spliced bottles for the Polaron G2 rocket. Follow the build progress of the Polaron G2 rocket here: [View]

Filming Rockets from a Drone (2017-11-08) (DELETED)
On launch day 191 and 192 we had a go at capturing video from a drone of a rocket deploying its parachute at apogee. [View]

Filming Water Rockets (2017-11-14) (DELETED)
This video covers the camera equipment we use to film our water rockets. It includes ground video cameras (0:29), still cameras (3:58) and on-board action cameras (5:15). GoPro Hero 3 Black ... [View]

Flour Rockets (2018-12-05) (DELETED)
We take a look at how flour rockets work. Flour rockets are just like water rockets except the water is replaced with dry flour. [View]

High Power Water/Pyro Rocket - Part 1 - Construction (2016-09-01) (DELETED)
Follow along with this 3 part series as we design, build and launch our L1 HPR rocket called L1ght Shadow that can fly on H and I motors as well as on water and compressed air. [View]

High Power Water/Pyro Rocket - Part 2 - Construction (2016-09-19) (DELETED)
Follow along with Part 2 of this 3 Part series as we design, build and launch our L1 HPR rocket called L1ght Shadow that can fly on H and I motors as well as on water and compressed air. In this ... [View]

High Power Water/Pyro Rocket - Part 3 - First Flight (2016-10-22) (DELETED)
First Flight of Light Shadow in water rocket mode. For construction details see: [View]

High Power Water/Pyro Rocket - Part 4 - Pyro flights (2017-04-19) (DELETED)
First flights of Light Shadow on solid H motors. The first flight is our L1 HPR certification attempt. For construction details see: For more ... [View]

High Pressure Launcher for water rockets (2016-01-25) (NEW)
Details of the Dark Shadow high pressure water rocket launcher. This launcher has now been used at up to 700psi (48.3 bar) For more details please visit: ... [View]

High Pressure Water Rocket Explodes (2013-02-13) (NEW)
Day 130 - Shadow II water rocket explodes shortly after launch. For more details please visit: [View]

How much water to use in a water rocket (2016-03-02) (DELETED)
How much water should you put in a water rocket? As a general rule of thumb, fill it 1/3 full of water. For more information on the precise amount please see: http://www.aircommandrockets.c ... [View]

How To Measure Altitude of your rocket (2016-05-29) (NEW)
We look at four different ways to measure the altitude of your water rocket and also why some techniques are less accurate than others. Altimeters from Jolly Logic: https://www.jollylogic.c ... [View]

Inverter Water Rocket - Second flight (2013-02-13) (DELETED)
Second flight of the Inverter water rocket with very slow take off. For more details please visit: Music: "Improvisation On Friday..." by Alex Beroza ... [View]

Mobius Mini V2 Camera for Rockets (2020-03-06)
A quick review of some of the features we find useful on the Mobius Mini V2 camera. We've been using the old 808 #16 camera for a few years and with Josh's recommendation we finally decided to get ... [View]

NSWRA Doonside Launch 14th October 2012 (2012-10-18)
Highlights from 14/10/12 launch at Doonside. Includes David B's L1 certification flight. [View]

Polaron G2 water rocket with boosters (2017-01-05) (DELETED)
Highlights from Day #180. We fly the Polaron G2 again a couple of times at Mullaley. The second part of the video also includes club member's HPR rockets also flown on the same day. [View]

PolaronG2 water rocket highlights (2017-06-23) (DELETED)
Highlights from day #186 Polaron G2 flights. For more details from the day please visit: [View]

Testing Light Shadow Electronics (2016-10-11) (DELETED)
Testing L1ght Shadow's electronics before first flight. For full details of the testing please visit: [View]

Thunda 2019 High Power Rocket Launch (2019-04-30)
These are some highlights from the Thunda Down Under 2019 High power Launch in Queensland. This event took place at Funny Farm on 18th-21st April 2019.  [View]

Two-stage Praetor model rocket (2011-12-30)
This was Paul's "Pod-2" Praetor rocket flown on a C6-5 as a single stage first and then as a C6-0 staging to a C6-5.  [View]

Water rocket - boom cam (2012-09-11) (DELETED)
Filming rockets from below on a rotating boom. This video shows a water rocket and 3 pyro rockets filmed with the boom cam. Day 124 highlights. [View]

Water Rocket - Flying above fog (2012-02-02) (DELETED)
Flying a water rocket on a foggy morning gave us an opportunity to see if we could get the rocket above the fog. For more details please visit: [View]

Water Rocket Altitude World Record (2019-10-07) (DELETED)
In part #18 of the Horizon series we test fly the rebuilt second stage a couple of times. The first flight started at 1000psi and the second flight at higher pressure went to a new altitude world ... [View]

Water Rocket CRASHES!!! (2013-06-16)
Over the last 7 years we've had plenty of opportunities to learn from our mistakes. To date around 1 in 10 of our launches results in some kind of off-nominal performance, so here is a small ... [View]

Water Rocket flies to 1752 feet (534m) (2015-04-05)
This is a highlights video of our high pressure water rocket called Dark Shadow flown at "Thunda Down Under" in Westmar, Queensland on 13th and 15th March 2015. The video shows the 3 flights flown ... [View]

Water Rocket flies to 1941 feet (591m) (2015-10-06)
Recently we launched the second Dark Shadow water rocket that we had build for Thunda Down Under about 6 months ago. This launch was conducted at NSWRA's HPR launch site at Mullaley, NSW. This video ... [View]

Water Rocket foam flights (2014-03-18) (DELETED)
Highlights from day 142 including a number of foam flights and a good roll corrected flight. For more details see: This was our last launch at Doonside. [View]

Water Rocket Launch Procedure (2012-11-08) (DELETED)
This is how we prep and launch our water rockets. [View]

Water Rocket Launch to 2,269 ft (691m) - Personal Record! (2019-05-09) (DELETED)
This video covers a couple of Dark Shadow flights that set our new personal altitude records at the recent Thunda 2019 high power rocket launch event. Launch #1 2:30 - 2,066 feet (630m) Launch #2 ... [View]

Water Rocket with Boosters - Axion G2 (2014-10-29) (DELETED)
In preparation for flying the Polaron G2 rocket we flew the smaller Axion G2 a couple of times at NSWRA's new HPR launch site. For more information please visit: http://www.AirCommandRocket ... [View]

Water Rockets - Reefing Parachutes (2011-12-06) (DELETED)
This is a highlight video from Day #114 looking at two different ways of reefing a parachute to prevent it opening too fast. For more information please visit: http://www.AirCommandRockets.c ... [View]

Water rockets Day 119 hightlights (2012-05-04) (DELETED)
Highlights from day 119. For more information on the flight day please visit: [View]

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