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Air Force To Launch First X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (2010-04-22) (DELETED) Courtesy Department Of Defense The 45th Space Wing is set to launch an Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle from Space Launch Complex 41 on April 22, 2010. The rocket will carry the ... [View]

Antares Rocket Launch (2013-04-22)
Credit: NASA NASA PARTNER ORBITAL SCIENCES TEST LAUNCHES ANTARES ROCKET Sun, 21 Apr 2013 05:26:33 PM EDT RELEASE: 13-114 WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. -- NASA commercial space partner Orbital Sciences ... [View]

Lifting Body Aircraft (2003) (2012-02-19) (DELETED)
Credit: NASA LaRC Office of Education NASA Destination Tomorrow Segment exploring the origins of the design of the space shuttle called the lifting body design shape. Click to subscribe! ... [View]

Man In Space (1977) (2011-02-01) (DELETED)
Credit: NASA/JSC A creative choreographic production using a music sound track with no narration. JSC-716 — (1977) — 14 Minutes Click to subscribe! The most ... [View]

Matt Hall Skims Water - Red Bull Air Race Qualifying (2010) (2010-06-08) (DELETED)
Credit: Red Bull Air Race © Red Bull Media House WINDSOR, Ontario - Australia's Matt Hall had a scare during the first Qualifying session at the Red Bull Air Race in ... [View]

USAF X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (2010-04-23) (DELETED)
Courtesy: United States Air Force/DoD The air force has taken its unmanned aerial system program to the next level - space. On earth day, the x-37b was launched into space from cape canaveral in ... [View]

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo SS2 in Hangar (2009-12-07)
Video courtesy: VIRGIN GALACTIC SpaceShipTwo (SS2) and its mothership, WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) herald a new era in commercial space flight with daily space tourism ... [View]

X-43A Scramjet B-52 Takeoff And Launch (2004) (2010-06-03)
Courtesy: NASA Langley Research Center, Dryden Flight Research Center NASA's X-43A Scramjet Breaks Speed Record11.16.04 RELEASE: 04-59 NASA's X-43A research vehicle screamed into the record books ... [View]

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