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5.5in Nike Smoke on a J500G (2011-11-04)

5(point)5in Nike Smoke on a J500G

Alex's Jr. L1 cert (H163) (2011-11-19)

Thanks for everyone who helped. The rocket was flown at Hellfire 16 in Utah on a CTI H163 White Thunder.

Little John on an H120R (2012-04-17)

Flown to about 2000 feet. Recovered without a scratch. Thanks for watching

Macey's Meat Department on an I800 Vmax (2011-12-27)

Flown at Hellfire 16 in Utah by Ken Adams. Video by A.K.S. Rockets SUBSCRIBE!!!

Main test (2013-04-04)
Making a carbon fiber tube......... (2012-08-09)

Carbon fiber tube.

Minimum Diameter rocket on a G75M (2011-12-26)

Flew my minimum diameter rocket on a G75 at Hellfire 16 in Utah on saturday. Great flight, I got it back all in one piece.

Minimum diameter rocket on a G79W (2011-12-26)

Flown at Uroc's September sport launch

Nike Hercules on four C11-3s (2011-11-24)

Flown at the UROC Oct. Sport launch.

October sport launch 2011 (2011-11-24)

Phobos on a G80 skidmark (2011-11-24)

Flown at the UROC Oct. Sport launch.

PML Phobos on an F40 (2011-12-26)

Subscribe! Flown for thanksgiving Thanks for everyone that helped! The rocket will fly again!

Polecat V2 on a H123W (2011-11-24)

a successful L1 certification flown at Uroc September 17, 2011 Filmed by AKS rockets Please subscribe!

Rocket onboard videos (2011-07-13)

The two rockets Launched was the Estes CC Express, and the Estes big daddy. The camera was a mini key-chain camera purchased for $10.

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