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High Power Rocket Onboard Video - L2375 WT (2011-07-29)

My scratch built rocket called Positive Ascent flying on a Cesaroni Pro75 L2375 White Thunder Motor with 4878 Newton-seconds of total impulse, 91% of a full 'L' motor. The event was Muck Fest 2 in Potter, NY with the PYRO club. It was a perfect flight, landing about a half mile south of the flightline. It was the 6th flight for this rocket. Specs: Diameter: 5.5" Length: 9' Pad weight: 38 pounds Altitude: 7633 feet Electronics: Perfectflite HiAlt45K, Co-Pilot V2.0 backup

I-Roc Extreme on a K Motor (2011-07-05)

A modified Loc-Precision I-Roc launching at Muck Fest 2010 on a K motor in Potter NY. This is not my rocket.

Main Charge Test, Loc "Super" Weasel (2013-12-10)

A half gram charge with a 2-56 shear pin. The pin did not shear but instead bent out of the way. Either way I don't think the nose will shake loose with the ...

Positive Ascent 8th Flight Pad Cam, M1540 Imax (2011-08-08)

This is the pad cam of my high power rocket called Positive Ascent. It was the eighth flight for this rocket. The event was PYRO's (Potter Youth Rocketry Organization in upstate NY) family picnic launch. Altitude was 10560 feet (exactly 2 miles up) according to the Co-Pilot V2.0 altimeter and 10557 feet according to the Perfectflite HiAlt45K altimeter. Top speed was about 730mph.

Positive Ascent CTI L2375 White Thunder Boost Video (2011-07-13)

Boost video of my rocket called Positive Ascent. Unfortunately, the camera is on a tripod, zoomed all the way out, and the rocket was 1000 feet away. The sound quality is really good so turn it up. Altitude was 7633 feet. Onboard video here:

Positive Ascent First Flight - Pro54 K820 Blue Streak (2014-01-17)

The first flight of my Level 3 Project. This was on a 6 grain Cesaroni Pro54 motor. It was a perfect flight to 3316 feet. I can't wait to do my Cert 3 flight...

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