Rocketry Videos

By allenp3

Competitor 4 2nd Flight - CTI L265 Mellow Yellow - Onboard Video (2014-10-01)
This video was taken with a Mobius Action Cam HD. The flight took place in Potter NY with the URRG rocket club. The rocket reached about 6300 feet and landed about 1.25 miles away in light winds due ... [View]

Competitor 4 Rocket - CTI L265 Mellow Yellow, Ground Video (2014-09-29)
This video was taken through my cell phone. There was too much weathercocking, even in the light winds. Altitude was about 6250 feet. It landed 1.25 miles north of the launch site. HD onboard video ... [View]

Competitor 4 Rocket First Flight, Ground Video (2014-07-21)
The flight took place on 7-19-2014 in Potter, NY, with the URRG rocketry club. It was a perfect flight on a CTI J1520 Vmax and reached about 2800 feet and 330 mph. The rocket flew "naked" for this ... [View]

Competitor 4 Rocket, CTI K600 White, 24Jun2017 (2017-06-26)
This was the 3rd flight of my Competitor 4 rocket, from Performance Hobbies, although it was the first flight since I painted it recently. Here is my blog write up for this flight: http://a ... [View]

Competitor 4, CTI M1101 White, URRF 6, Onboard Video (2019-06-24)
The rocket reached 13,400 feet and Mach 1.14. It recovered about 1500 feet away.   [View]

High Power Rocket Onboard Video - L2375 WT (2011-07-04)
My scratch built rocket called Positive Ascent flying on a Cesaroni Pro75 L2375 White Thunder Motor with 4878 Newton-seconds of total impulse, 91% of a full 'L' motor. The event was Muck Fest 2 in ... [View]

Nypower 14 onboard rocket video 2 (2009-07-28)
My PML Ariel flying with a Vado video camera in it. This time the motor is an Aerotech I161W-12. Another nice flight, this time it went about 2600 feet. [View]

Nypower 14 onboard video 1 (2009-07-28)
Vado video camera in my PML Ariel flying on an aerotech H123W-10. Altitude was about 1200 feet. Video replays at 1/3 speed after recovery. [View]

Positive Ascent 19th Flight: K675 Skidmark Ground Video 2 (2014-08-18)
This is the 19th flight for this rocket. It reached 2085.5 feet. The flight took place on 8-16-14 in Geneseo NY with the Monroe Astronautical Rocket Society (MARS). Onboard video here: ht ... [View]

Positive Ascent 20th Flight - CTI L3200 Vmax - Ground Video (2014-09-30)
This flight took place in Potter NY with the URRG rocketry club. The altitude was about 4600 feet. Onboard video here: [View]

Positive Ascent 8th Flight Boost Video 2, M1540 Imax (2011-08-08)
Altitude was 10558.5 feet. 5.5" diameter 9 feet long Pad weight was 40 pounds  [View]

Positive Ascent 8th Flight Pad Cam, M1540 Imax (2011-08-08)
This is the pad cam of my high power rocket called Positive Ascent. It was the eighth flight for this rocket. The event was PYRO's (Potter Youth Rocketry Organization in upstate NY) family picnic ... [View]

Positive Ascent CTI L2375 White Thunder Boost Video (2011-07-07)
Boost video of my rocket called Positive Ascent. Unfortunately, the camera is on a tripod, zoomed all the way out, and the rocket was 1000 feet away. The sound quality is really good so turn it up. ... [View]

Positive Ascent Flight #18: CTI M1300 Imax Dual Thrust (2013-09-29)
The rocket reached an altitude of 10455 feet and top speed of 686 miles per hour. It landed only a few hundred yards away despite the breezy conditions. The flight took place in Potter, NY (home of ... [View]

Positive Ascent L805 White Onboard Video at LDRS 31 (2012-07-17)
The 11th flight on my scratch built rocket originally built for my level 3 certification in 2010. This was on 7-15-2012 (Sunday of LDRS 31). With the addition of the camera bay, the rocket is 10.5 ... [View]

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