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Three rocket launches (2009-09-20)
3 model rockets. First one catches fire. Second one fly to about 150 feet in the air. Third one even better flies straight up to about 250 feet plus [View]
Matthew's model rocket - second launch (2013-02-27)
Matthew's model rocket - second launch of his rocket [View]
Rocket Launch (2011-08-15)
A rocket launch with the Estes Quark and Alpha III Rocket Models. I painted the Quark rocket lime green, black, and silver. After launching the Quark, I was unable to find it; however, the Alpha III ... [View]
Two Stage Alpha III - Onboard View.wmv (2011-07-19)
'Keychain cam' onboard video of Estes Alpha III (modified two-stage) launch. Launch was unstable, so video is pretty short. Ignore time/date stamp. [View]
ALPHA Rocket 3 Launch (with On Board camera) (2019-08-24)
ALPHA III Rocket Starter Kit C6-5 Rocket Motor Velcro On Micro Camera Model Rocket Drone Cam Parachute GoPro SQ11 Mini DV Camera [View]
c6-5 rocket test estes (2013-07-28)
Testing rocket prior to real launch [View]
Estes Alpha 3 Model Rocket Launch (C6-5 engine, 1,150 feet) (2016-03-27)
The kids doing their first serious model rocket launch. Used an Estes Alpha III with a C-class engine rated for 1,150 feet, It sure appeared to reach that! [View]
Estes Alpha III Complete Build (2017-05-29)
Full build of the popular Estes Alpha III E2X(easy to assemble) kit. Launch video coming soon. As soon as weather and opportunity cooperate that is. Some may be wondering: Why do a video for an easy ... [View]
Estes “Alpha III” Rocket Launch 🚀 (2020-08-10)
Hey guys, here’s another launch vid, this time it’s the “Alpha III” at bat. It performed perfectly and the launch went fantastically. Check out the SGRC Merch Store: ... [View]
Estes Model Rocket Blast Off (2019-08-10)
Firing off an Estes Rocket in Minnesota farm country. We were having a fun afternoon doing an Estes rocket launch on the Jager Farm with Nathan, Sue and Pete a couple of years ago. Estes model ... [View]
Estes rocket launch (2012-12-30)
Launched my Christmas present at the elementary school today. First launch burned in but the parachute deployed properly for shots 2&3 and I even caught the third one. [View]
Model rocket and Barbie Rocket test flights (2017-01-31)
will barbie fly? Estes - Alpha III model rocket test flight, followed by a barbie with a rocket engine taped to her back. [View]
Model Rocket Series Bonus Episode! (2014-02-22)
A Bounus Episode! The weather presented an opportunity to get out there and launch our C6-5 powered rockets. First up an Alpha III followed by my Metalizer and finally the missus Super Alpha (now ... [View]
The Estes Alpha III (2019-09-10) - This video is a short introduction to the Estes Alpha III rocket kit. It has a plastic fin unit, so construction is ... [View]