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 Rocketry Product: Jolly Logic - AltimeterOne {Accessory} (AltOne)

AltimeterOne Altimeter for Model Rockets, Air Planes, and Kites (2010-05-15)
The AltimeterOne is a small barometric altimeter that will tell you how high your rocket, airplane, or kit has flown (works on water rockets too!). This video tells you how to turn it on, zero it ... [View]
Chute Release Vacuum Chamber 100ft (2015-09-17)
Testing Jolly Logic Chute Release in Jolly Logic's vacuum chamber. Alongside Chute Release is a Jolly Logic AltimeterOne in realtime mode so that the current altitude is continuously displayed on ... [View]
Quest Big Dog on D12 (2012-10-31)
Launch of the Quest "Big Dog" rocket on an Estes D12-3. Camera was a Boostervision Gearcam. Altimeter is Jolly Logic Altimeter One. Rocket flew to about 525 feet. [View]