The Launch Pad - Anubis Kit

Manufacturer: The Launch Pad
Product Type: Kit
  • The Launch Pad - Anubis {Kit} By Jeff Cowles (March 1, 2011)

    The Anubis is the first time I've attempted a kit from a company other than Estes. It arrived in the common long clear plastic bag, and upon inspection all of the parts were there, although there was no actual parts list with the kit. The instructions are basically two pages. The first page being a diagram of the rocket, fins, and motor mount. The second page was instructions on how to assemble ...

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  • Anubis (Clone) By Bill Eichelberger

          Brief  With The launch Pad possibly in permanent hiatus, I had no way of satisfying my craving for cool scale-like kits.  Bummer, but since the website and all the face cards from the kits were still online, I decided to try building something using just the dimensions and kit pics, and settled on the Anubis as my first project.  It wasn't until ...

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